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Helen asks…

Question about ovulation calculators/calendars online?

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I went online to try an ovulation calculator and I tried like 5 different sites and they all gave me different ovulation dates. I used babycenter.com, americanpregnancy.com, 4women.gov, babyhopes.com, and franklypregnant.com. My question is which site is the best to use for ovulation calculators.calenders? Also I read somewhere that 14 days after the end of last period is a woman’s most fertile time is that true? Does anyone have any pointers or tips they would be willing to share for trying to conceive?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

my BF concieved her 2nd month on that website.
On the website you can add your sex days,you can try for a boy or girl.
Also I reccomend reading Taking charge of your fertility by Toni Weshler. The book will help you underdstand your body and your CM and what else to do (temp, etc)
Good luck!!

Sharon asks…

TTC….Ladies Please Help..OVULATION?

Yes I went to school and learned a lil bit about this but I just can’t understand. You ovulate 2 weeks after the first day of your cycle?? That was always my understanding. Well I have a 24 day cycle and I used a ovulation calculator and its telling me that I will be fertile 2 days after the last day of my cycle.Ladies please help me clearly I’m not understanding all the textbook talk so give it to me to where I can understand….

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The ovulation calculation sames accurate. It is saying that because 24 day cycle some how short. I know this because I also have a 23 to 24 day cycle and i ovulate shortly after my period. I have had sex 2x on the last day of my period and have gotten pregnant twice with my girls.
Just to understand ,every woman’s cycles are different and not all women ovulate 14 days before period or ovulate before period. Good Luck.

Mandy asks…

I have an Ovulation question?

I’m trying to conceive and was wondering symptoms of up coming ovulation. I’m tryin to have a girl so I need to have sex before ovulation. I’ve been a tiny bit crampy today and one time I went to the bathroom and there was discharge in my underwear. But just once all day. Does that mean ovulations coming in a few days or I’m already ovulating?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Forget the symptoms.
Check out this calculator….


I use it to help track when I’m ovulating and it will help to know when to try for a girl.

Sandra asks…

Girls and ovulating??

My girlfriend got off her period a week ago. She said the day before and yesterday she had a clear mucus discharge and she thought she was ovulating. But i dont think she is since the mucus started only 6 days after her period.. also she usually gets mucus about halfway to a week before her period which is when i think she is ovulating. she has a pretty long cycle, about a month and a week. she is also very very regular and has never missed her period…what do you think? just trying to settle an argument haha

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The mucous discharge is normal throughout the time between periods. You can see when see is ovulating by googling ovulation calender or calculator!

Sandy asks…

ovulation confusion question?

if i did the ovulation calculator online and one says i would ovulate frmo sun-wed and one says i should ovulate form sun-fri. these being my best days for ovulation. how do i know what day im ovulating? do i ovulate all of those days and which one is more correct?

also, when do you start counting days past ovulation? frmo the first day of ovulation? ugh! iono!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Some things that will help hun I ttc for 3 years !! GOOD LUCK

* You ovulate 2 weeks after the LAST day of your period so if you started on the 1 and ended on the 7 you would ovulate around the 21
*Have sex a couple days before you ovulate sperm can live up too 72 hours
*Take an ovulation test you can buy them at walmart (just like a pregnancy test)
*When you get done having sex raise your bottom up so the sperm goes upwards stay like that for at least 15 min
*Take a bath or do something relaxing before having sex
*Start eating healthy and exercising
*If you or your partner smokes stop it really decreases your chances
*Start prenatal care

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