No Lh Surge But Egg White Cervical Mucus

Mandy asks…

do i baby dance…i’m confused?

well i took opk it was test line lighter but i also track my bbt on fertility chart and it says i’m fertile. i just finished my af yesterday. it’s too soon to ovulate right? what do you ladies think i should do? what would be my best chance?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If you just finished your period, then you wouldn’t be ovulating this soon. If you have a regular cycle (28 days) then you normally ovulate around day 14. I would start using OPK’s around cycle day 10, and test everyday until you get your LH surge. Some women ovulate later in their cycle, so it depends on how long your cycle is. Other signs of ovulation are egg white cervical mucus, ovulation pain and increased sex drive.


Maria asks…

Ovulation Predictor Test yesterday morning was a faint line in the indicator, this morning was a strong…….

Solid red line, the same color as the first line next to it. We did it after work today (5.PM)….. I just took another Ovulation Predictor test 3 hours later (8 P.M.) the second line is faint now! So does that mean we missed the boat? Because I got the Strong line this morning, now I have a fain t line???? Has anyone had this happen? Confused? (kinda upset to…because the kit says after you get a strong indicator line you have 24 to 36 hours to conceive?, thus wanted to wait till after work ) We used preseed for the first time today! I would any honest advise about this and preseed. Thank You
okay… at 3:30 P.M I sneaked a OPK test and it was a very strong red line also, same as the morning one!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No, sounds like you got it right. Remember, an opk does not mean you are instantly ovulating, it means that your body is having an LH surge (lutenizing hormone that triggers ovulation). When you test positive on an opk, it means that you will ovulate between 12-48 hours so congratulations – you timed it well.

Pre-seed works. Worked for many women I know. If you have egg-white cervical mucus you don’t need pre-seed but if you feel dryer, it can help.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

After an LH surge how likely is it that you’ll ovulate?

I’m on my 2nd cycle since stopping BC and I had a (+) OPK today. I’m just wondering if it is a sure thing that I’ll ovulate or not. Does anyone have experience using these OPKs?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hey there…I used the OPK last month (2nd cycle since stopping bc too) and I did get a + result on the 20th of December. You can expect to ovulate shortly after that. This is when you have the highest amount of progesterone. Also, you can check your cervical fluid by wiping after you wipe after peeing—->see if it’s like egg white, clear like and stretces between your fingers. If you can’t see anything after wiping…try the internal exam: insert two fingers inside til you reach your cervix. Then spread your fingers touching both sides of the cervix. Next, make a “come here” movement with your two fingers toward the top of the cervix. Bring your fingers together and pull out slowly to gather your cervical mucus. Observe the texture…if it is creamy, you have not reached your LH surge, but if the OPK says you have, then check your cervical mucus. It should be between cream (lotion and slippery) and eggwhite…Hope this helps!

Mary asks…

Is it true?

First of all i have two questions

1) i’ve been using the ovulation strips and i have like a 34 day cycle so i calculated today i should ovulate, so i tested and the test line was a darker pink than the other days but still a tad lighter than the control line so does that mean i am or arent ovulating? because the directions said either the test line has to be same color or darker than the control line but can u not have a big lh surge that it wasnt fully picked up?

2) i heard some people say that when ur pregnant u get a positive ovulation strip all the time is this true or would u get a negative?

and this morning i had period like cramps and my period isnt due for a few more weeks could be from about to ovulate?

any comments would be great thanks

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:


1). The test line should always be equal to or darker than the control line to be considered a positive. If it’s lighter, it could be wrong.
Also, follow the time guidelines with the instructions to a “t”, it could make all the difference.

2). Not sure about that. I guess you would cause you’d have an LH surge all the time =)

You could definitely be having ovulation cramps. Go with your body first, then the test strips. Your body knows best. Also, do you have the egg white cervical mucus? If so, you are most likely very fertile.

I also recommend It’s a FREE charting site. I love it!

Susan asks…

My cervical mucus is thick but the ovulation test was negative….?

I don’t understand. CM was thick, slippery and egg white…. Doesn’t this mean I should be ovulating? Why was the ovulation test negative? Need help. I am feeling very discouraged and sad. ttc for several months now. Thanks for your help.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The CM can start in advance of ovulation, the idea is once you have the CM, BD every other or every day that week and you should be covered. The sperm can live 2-5 days in that nice friendly CM!

The thing with opks is that your LH surge can be as short as 12 hours and if you only test once a day you could miss it.
I get my tests in bulk online and once I start getting a faint line, I’ll even test every 5-6 hours and I dont miss my positive. About 24 hours later I have the pinching light cramping signaling ovulation…also this month I tried bbt..and sure enough I had a .4 surge the day after the cramping.

If you can, test more often and also if you can try the bbt method then you will be covered and know for sure.

Best of luck to you!

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