Positive Lh Surge Before Period

Carol asks…

why did i get one positive opk and one negative opk 2 hours apart?

ok, so me and my dh have been ttc for the last 5 years. I have pcos so i am used to this very frustrating process i have used opk’s in the past but have never had a positive result so i pretty much gave up. we haven’t really been trying for atleast 2 years, we just stopped caring and figured if it happens it happens but alas…it hasn’t happend.

my period ended about a week ago but for some reason the last few days my boobs were aching and i was having some mild cramps, similar to what happends when I am about to start my period. But because i know it was too soon to start again so i decided to buy the clearblue digitial opk. I also noticed that my cm was clear and stretchy. when i brought it home i decided to take one of the tests because it has been about the right time since i ended my period. I took the test and to my surprise i got a smiley face!

dh and i were so excited because I have never ovulated before (at least that i knew of) so we decided to get busy right a way. we bd i layed in bed with my butt propped up for about an hour. I got up to go to the restroom and like me and my curiosity (i regret doing this) i decided to take another test. This time i got a circle with NO smiley face! i about burst into tears, was the first one faulty? according to the package it says once you get the smiley face there is no need to test anymore during the cycle. I took one more after that and it came back negative as well. the first test that i got my positive was about 2 hours earlier and was performed with a different cup of urine than the second test.

any thoughts? was this all a mistake? I am so upset right now because dh and i were so excited.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You shouldn’t take an OPK after you get a positive because there are factors that can affect it.

1) Urine may not have been concentrated. Clearblue digital works better with first morning (or otherwise very concentrated) urine

2) LH surge may have tapered off. Since the surge happens roughly 24 hours before you ovulate, it shouldn’t matter that the subsequent tests didn’t pick up LH. They picked it up once, therefore you obviously had a surge.

You should continue to have sex once per day for the next 2-3 days.

Also, are you temperature charting? I feel like temperature charting in conjunction with OPK’s will give you a more accurate picture of when you’re ovulating. Charting temperature records the SHIFTS in fertility, whereas an OPK just predicts a hormone surge, that may or may not even result in a released egg.

By temperature charting you’ll be able to tell how your cycle changes, and if you actually did ovulate following an OPK (temperature will drop and then spike). The first month I charted my temperature in the 3 years we TTC’ed (with PCOS) was the month we conceived.

Laura asks…

Positive opk 4 days before period Is due ?

Out of curiosity I took a opk last night and got a clearly positive result. My period is due in 4 days and I already ovulated on the 23/24th of jan. Is it possible to have an lh surge before your period is due??
I know not to test with a hpt until after a missed period, and I don’t think a positive opk means I am pregnant I just was wondering what would cause a positive opk so close to my period being due

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Sometimes you can pick up a HCG level on the OPK. I would go and buy a pregnancy test and check that as well. Tentatively wishing you an early congrats!

Betty asks…

testing too early or what?

i took a test this morning it was a BFN! I also tested yesterady eveing and it was the same. my last cycle was oct 3rd and i didnt get a positive Lh surge on oct 18, so my thing is when can i test or is this the right time?
i mean that i DID get a positive LH surge on oct 18th I started testing on Oct 11 and not until the 18th is when i get my frist surge detected.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I would wait about 5days before ur next period is due! Get a First Response! That worked for me 7 days before my period was due!! Good luck and baby dust…

But I knew I was pregnant anyways….and I got a positive LH Surge

Sandy asks…

Positive OPK Questions?

My last period was June 30th and I have a 34-38 day cycle. Had positive OPK July 13th, 14th, 15th, and back to negative on the 16th. Today, July 20th, I have been feeling weird the last few days, so I tested again, and received another positive OPK. My hubby and I have been ttc for 13 months, with one MC at 5 weeks in Feb. I have found information that sometimes OPK tests can predict HCG in early pregnancy or that I may really be ovulating twice in one month. Do you know anything about this? We begin infertility testing July 29th, so I will share this info with the dr. at that time. Just wanted outside information :) Thanks

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I have never had an OPK correctly identify a pregnancy prior to a + on a HPT. However, just for giggles I did use an OPK after I found out I was pregnant and it turned +. So if you are pregnant you’ll get a + on a HPT before getting a + on an OPK.
Just because you get a + on an OPK does not guarantee ovulation. It’s only testing for the LH surge. What could have happened is that your body went to O and backed off and now it’s trying to surge again. If you test in a week and it’s negative, I’d ask your dr about PCOS. (numerous + thoughout a cycle can indicate PCOS)

Susan asks…

positive opk at 10 dpo, but neg hpt? what does this mean ?

ok well at ( 9 dpo and 10 dpo and 11 dpo ) i have gotten positive opks !!! i dont know if i am pregnant but my period is due in one day and i have heard that opks tell you your pregnant before the actual hpt does. so does anybody know if its posible to still be pregnant? i already took hpt but they are all negative, so can anyone tell me from past experiences.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I wouldn’t count on the + OPK being positive to tell u if u are pregnant. I know that people use that method quite a lot but it’s not accurate…OPk’s measure the LH surge (your ovulation) and the HPT measure HCG (aka pregnancy hormone) can’t expect one test to measure pregnancy hormones if its not made to do that…if your period doesn’t come, then take another test HPT…if it’s negative and af doesn’t show up in a week, take another test or go to the dr

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