Ovulation Calculator 3 Months And Due Date

Maria asks…

Pregnancy question…?

ok. i know i should just talk to my doctor.. which i will, but the anxiety is too much to wait.

so just asking to see if anyone knows or been through the same thing.

my last “period” was on january 23, 2010. i took a test a month and a half later. when to my first appointment at the end of march. going by the size of my uterus and last period. i was 8-9 weeks and due on oct 30. and they say my conception was around the begining of febuary. which going by ovulation calculators online.. they say the say thing.
4 weeks later, i have an ultrasound. my due date doesnt change but she explains in depth about conception and says it was about the 15th,16th, 17th. the weekend before my last period. it just confuses me. the conception changed but my due date stayed the same. i believe more of the ultrasound techician because its her JOB. she knows whats shes looking at and knows what shes talking about.

anyone been through this? i have 16 weeks left and its just stressful!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

While it is true that an ultrasound tech generally knows her stuff, I think in this instance she is wrong. My cycles are irregular, and I was keeping track of ovulation while trying to conceive. I know I ovulated on Jan 8. According to my LMP, my due date is Sept 27 but according to my ovulation I should be due Oct 3. My doc refused to change my due date because it is less than a week difference between the two, even though that is the date determined by the ultrasound tech when I was only 7-8 weeks. If your conception date changed by that much (more than 2 weeks) the doc should have changed your due date.

In the long run, what does it matter? Is there a question of paternity? If so, whether the date changed or not, you should still consider a DNA test after the baby is born in order to establish paternity. If it is more of a medical reason related to either you or the pregnancy, the doc will continue to monitor you for the remainder of the pregnancy and if the baby seems to be growing too fast there may be another reason. Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

Could it have been implantation bleeding?

Hi I’m wondering if I could have had implantation bleeding on the 25th July. now here’s all the details:

1st – I was on the pill (microgynon 30 ed) for about 2-3 months, I never took it on time I was always late taking it but I never missed one pill until I stopped taking it all together midway through my pack ( I stopped after taking 11 beige pills)

2nd – with that I was having a “period” every 28 days, my last period was on the 2nd July.

3rd – After stopping the pill midway through my pack 5-6 days later I started to bleed, which I took as my period. But I noticed that this period wasn’t right and it felt strange, I was supposed to start my “period” on the 30th July, but of course it came 11 days early.

4th – I worked it out that I would have been ovulating on the 16th July, I did have sex on the 13th july.

5th – My “period” stopped 3 days later, and then 2 days later ( 25th July) I had Very light pink discharge it wasn’t a heavy flow it was extremely light, only when I wiped and it lasted a few hours. The next morning (26th July) it was a brown discharge which only lasted that one wipe on that morning. ( so to sum up I had 2 days with no bleeding at all until this very light pink discharge)

Now here’s my questions:

So could this have been implantation spotting?

When should I take a pregnancy test?

Has this ever happened to any of you.

Extra details:

. I did stop the pill halfway through the pack a few months ago and I never had this.
. Also I went onto babymed.com and put in my details of my last “period” and the implantation seems to match here’s the link to have a look http://www.babymed.com/pregnancy-due-date-calculator?event=0&cycle_length=28&weeks=5&days=0&ivf_days=3&MM=7&DD=2&YYYY=2012&showResults=1
- I did have like bubble popping sensation the other day which I’ve never experienced before and I was throwing up on the 20th July

sorry that its super long, and I would like to thank you all for replying

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You really can’t accuately calculate ovulation when you’ve so recently been on the pill. The ovulation calculator will be completely off and it will be off for a few months.

You will likely have unpredictable periods for 2-3 months after coming off the pill half way through a month.

Anytime you’re concerned, of course you take a pregnancy test.

Wishing you all the best.

Linda asks…

is it possible i conceived?

ok my period that was 3 1/2 weeks late came on july 6th instead of june 12th (did hav sex whne ovulaitng but test came back neg) ok so i had my Late Light period on the july 6th and i had sex on the 13th 14th 15th and 21st of this month…and my period is due in about 6 -7 days my boobs have gradually became sore..which i use to get b4 a period but for the last 6-7months i havent had that symptom of pms until now..i dnt know if i have sore boobs bcuz of a possible pregnancy or just pms but i also want to kno what are my chances of being pregnant did i get the dates right? do i have a good chance of being pregnant?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Check out this site for some good info:


Based on the ovulation calculator from the link above, and using a standard 28 day cycle…you were likely to be most fertile from Tuesday, July 17, 2007 to Sunday, July 22, 2007. If you were to get pregnant during that time, your due date would be Friday, April 11, 2008.

Based on that and that sperm can live for 2 to 5 days in your uterous – then you may have conceived.

I personally would act pregnant (don’t drink, etc) and test if your period is late again.

Good Luck!

Mandy asks…

Conception & due date accuracy?

My LMP was 11/13, I don’t know the exact amount of days in my cycle, but it always comes around the same day every month give or take a few. My due date is 8/20 according to ultrasound and 8/22 according to my doctors. When I use the conception calculators they say the 27th by LMP, I did have sex on 11/25 and 12/6. I was wondering if since my doctor’s date is 8/22 it would have been too late from the act on 11/25 and the date is 12/6 and ovulation happened late? How accurate are ultrasounds and due dates using LMP?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The difference between 8/20 and 8/22 is not meaninful enough to worry about. Babies can be born within a week or more of a due date, before or after. My doctor doesn’t even give due DATES, she gives due WEEKS. As in, “The week of 8/21.” Any time that week. I think that’s what you should accept as when the baby is coming because it will make you less crazy during the final month of your pregnancy.

Just by way of comparison, here are my due dates.

Baby #1, due August 12, born July 30.

Baby #2, due June 25, born July 1.

Baby #3, due January 27, born January 9.

Hardly any babies are actually born on their due dates!

Sharon asks…

IM confused as to how many months i am! help?

im 28 weeks…which means im 7 months…Now wouldnt that mean i have 2 months left?? But according to the calender i have 81 days left. which is way over 2 months..

please help!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

{oops, the person ahead of me gave the same addy… =} well I dont want to delete my answer tho. } Great minds think a like!!

I tried to type it out and explain it but it just didnt sound right so here… See if this helps you better understand.

If you are confused, you’re not alone. While some people talk about pregnancy being 9 months long (divided into three trimesters), most health care providers refer to pregnancy as being 40 weeks long, starting with your last known menstrual period (LMP). Weeks – Months – Calculator – Convertor

A normal pregnancy lasts 280 days from your LMP which is about 266 days from conception to birth. The first two weeks of your pregnancy includes the time of your period, ovulation and fertilization. Conception occurs approximately 14 – 16 days after the first day of your period.

The date of conception is not always known and can vary between women. The date of LMP is known by most women so doctors use this date as a starting point for pregnancy. From your LMP they will add 280 days and this will give your Estimated Due Date or EDD. In general, all doctors agree that pregnancies, when using the LMP dating technique, average approximately 280 days or 40 weeks.


Trimester Calculator – The three methods of calculating trimesters are explained.
Calculate and print out a personal Time line for your Pregnancy – keep a copy in your purse!


The chart below shows how the weeks, months and trimesters break down into each other.

Have you seen the twin of this chart ?
Last seen near Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
4:37 PM Saturday (Apr 28, 2007)
with pregnant female (5 months) A.K.A. Km0804 ¶:o)

in Week 14 = you are in your 4th Month and Month 4 is in your Second Trimester
[ So - You have completed three months and are now into your forth month ]

First Trimester ends 13 weeks + 3 days ~ Second Trimester ends 26 weeks + 6 days

Trimester Calculator – The three basic methods of calculating trimesters are explained

REAL months and PREGNANCY MONTHS are NOT the same!!!! ;}

WELL if you follow my link below … There is an awesome chart that explains it ALL!!! But it wont copy over here in the right format so you need to go to that website and look at for yourself. Its right on target for what you’re asking about.

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