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Susan asks…

ovulation predictor kits?

To start with, I haven’t had a period in 68 days. I’ve tested for pregnancy and all tests have been negative. I just came off birth control in September. My husband and I are trying to conceive so I decided to try vitex to regulate my cycle. I took my first dose of vitex today…3-400 milligram tablets. I got up around 2 am to use the bathroom and discovered that I had egg white cervical mucus..tmi, sorry. Out of curiosity, I took an ovulation test and it was very close to being positive. Thinking that maybe the test was a little pronounced from the dye, I did another with separate urine a while later and it came out the same. More than likely it will turn positive tomorrow (hopefully). I know vitex takes a while to start working, but I just thought that it was crazy that I took my first dose today and experienced ovulation signs tonight. Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar to this before? I know its possible to ovulate without a period. I got pregnant in 2008 with my daughter and I hadn’t had a period in 2 months. Also, i’m using the wondfo opk strips, just wondering how accurate they are? Do these sound like promising ovulation signs to you?

Sorry to sound so scattered, but this is the first positive signs i’ve saw since coming off birth control.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Depends what your “ovulation” tester actually tests. If it’s the LH surge, maybe you ovulate and maybe you don’t. People who are irregular or just coming off a stress like childbirth or contraceptives can have mucus patches that aren’t ovulatory. The most reliable indicator of ovulation is your temp (BBT). When it goes up, it’s too late to conceive, but it confirms ovulation. The mucus tells you that you’re possibly fertile. …You can’t ovulate without either a period or a pregnancy. You just got lucky in 2008. See the references below. The third is a book for treating problems with nutrition or lifestyle changes.

Sandy asks…

Ttc! irregular period. ovulation queston. trying for 1yr?

hi yahoo so my period was last june 24-28 i went to the doctor aug 10th doctor say i was not pregnant i took both pee & blood test. so my doctor put me on prenatel pills and pills to start my period. my doctor give me those pills on 8-24-11. and still no period so finally today my period came on so is there any chance i can get pregnant even if i have a irregular period. me nd my hubsand of 4yr beening trying for a baby for 1yr. pleae help thanks

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Since you have irregular cycles, you should look into some methods of determining when you ovulate.

OPKs- Ovulation predictor kits detect a surge of LH in your urine. When you get a positive test, ovulation is usually 24-36 hours away. You can buy these at your local drugstore.

BBT- Basal body temperature is a good way to confirm that you ovulate. It requires buying a special thermometer that you take your temperature with every morning. You can read all about it online on many fertility websites.

There are also ways of checking your cervical mucus and position, which you can also research online. A good website I suggest is fertilityfriend.com. I wish you the best of luck in TTC!

Ruth asks…

Very delayed ovulation?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 4 months now. I started using ovulation test strips last month. I ovulated around the time I expected. This time, I am over 3 weeks past the start of my period and I haven’t tested positive yet. Last month my luteal phase was 12 days, meaning that if it is the same this month then I shouldn’t expect my period until AT LEAST over a week after I would normally get it. I started testing one week after the start of my period. What could cause this? I am not any more stressed than usual or sick or anything. Thanks for any advice.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It may either be that you missed the LH surge, which is why some women test twice a day, or if you haven’t ovulated yet it may just be a fluke, most women get an occasional late ovulation even if they normally have regular cycles. I would just suggest that you have sex every other day till you get your period this month. Also, to avoid any more confusion why not start tracking your temperature. Some women say it adds stress but I like it as I know where I am after ovulation. Good luck!

Sharon asks…

ovulation question??

could it be possible to ovulate at different times every month and how many days after the first day of your period do you start counting before you ovulate.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes. If your cycle is still irregular, you can definitely ovualte on different days. My doctor told me to count 11 days after the first day of my period. Ovulation usually occurs 11-14 days after your period. It is during this week that you can use the ovulation (LH surge) tests to pinpoint ovulation. You want to have sex within 24-36 hours of ovulation to concieve. Good luck!!!

Linda asks…

Ovulation test question?

I used Clear Blue ovulation test sticks and I thought for three days I was ovulating, I had all the physical sicngs… but the test results looked like no surge like how they showed on the intructions. Well, yesterday I tested once again and this time the test had no line where the surge line should be…which got me thinking that the tests before had a bar but was faint like how they show on the instructions, indicating no surge in LH… Has this happened to anyone and if so should I assume that the three tests before were showing a surge?…luckly I ignored the the “no surge” and still kept on trying, have been since 6 days into my cycle.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I’ve tried them only once and got pregnant the same month when the test strip only showed a very faint second line, which should be interpreted as negative for surge. So much about the test! Of course you might have the same problem as i do, i drink a lot, so my urine during the day is usually diluted. If you know that is the case with you too, go ahead and count the faint line as positive or test your morning urine.
But in my opinion they don’t worth the investment. The strips are not very accurate and the digital ones are very pricey. The biggest disadvantage though is that it just makes you obsess about the whole trying to get pregnant thing. My advice is have sex in every 2-3 days starting when your period is over for about two weeks. Unless your cycle is very irregular that should work. If you are for some reason think that you are not ovulating, ask your Ob/Gyn to measure your progesterone in the second half of your cycle.

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