About How Long Does Lh Surge Last After Ovulation

Ruth asks…

ttc for 6 months, question about ovulation?? HELP!!!!?

Ok, so I am a little confused about these OPK’s. How long does the LH surge last? and when does ovulation occur… before or after? Does the LH surge mean I am def. ovulating? the more I read on other web sites the more confused I get. 🙁 someone please help…
btw i started my period on dec. 4th, i have a avg of 28 day cycle, i’m on cd 9.
what’s a good website to learn about the mucous changes…?

Ovulation Predictor’s answers:

I used the ovulation kits for 10 months before I finally realized what I was doing wrong. I would get the surge (Clear Blue Easy – happy face)then my husband and I would have intercourse that day, then two days later. My OB/GYN finally told me that we should wait until the next night, then again the following night. That we should not have sex that day of the surge..it’s too early. After following her advice for one month, I finally became pregnant.

Good Luck!

Mary asks…

How long does sperm live in the vagina when a woman is close to ovulation?

Here’s a rough outline of my cycle:
I seem to have a 27 day cycle. My last menstrual period was on Feb.13 and before that Jan.17. I haven’t gotten an LH surge on any OPKs but heard that they aren’t foolproof anyway.
CD11-seems to have been EWCM
BD on Feb. 14, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23, 25×2, so far…hope to again tonight?
According to mymonthlycycles.com I ovulate today, but I noticed the mucus earlier in the week, not really any today. So, did I ovulate earlier this week? Have I had sex on the right days? If I don’t have sex on the day of ovulation but BD the day before and after, it should be okay, right? Hence why I ask how long sperm can survive. I’m paranoid that the day we don’t have sex, will miss our chance. I should have plenty of spermies floating around, right. This is out 1st official month of ttc. My fiance and I are both 22. I was on pill, patch, then depo and have been off all birth control for 21 months now. My doctor says I should be okay to try. I’m sooo paranoid that BC screwed my body up. I had and ultrasound on one ovary for cysts, but everything came back normal….should be okay right? Thanks, and any feedback is appreciated. We both want a baby soooo bad! This while waiting and timing thing is torture!

Ovulation Predictor’s answers:

Sperm can live up to 5 days inside you. You DO NOT have to have sex on the day you Ovulate, actually the best day for conception is the day before ovulation because the sperm is already there just waiting for the egg to make it’s journey out of the fallopian tube. Good luck to you and you have a good chance. I am 5 weeks + 6 days pregnant and i stopped taking the pill in early January, had a period 5 days later and then fell preg during my ovulation time. It was our first try!!!! The pill does not decrease the chances of a healthy woman conceiving. It may take a couple of mths so just be patient. Good luck and i wishyou baby dust…

Lizzie asks…

A couple conception questions…?

Just a few questions about conceiving…

Question 1:
About how long does it take to get pregnant after stopping the pill (or how long did it take you)? I read that about 50% of women get pregnant within the first 3 months after stpping the pill.

Question 2:
I am thinking about purchasing an Ovulation Predictor kit. Is it possible to have an LH surge (and get a positive result on the test) but still not ovulate? Or does getting a positive result for LH in your system guarantee that you will be ovulating?

—I have been off the pill since my last period and for about a week was having some early symptoms (or what I thought were possible symptoms) that I could have conceived; nausea, sore nipples… This morning I had slight spotting that I was hoping was Implantation bleeding but it seems now to have actually been the beginning of my period… 🙁 I normally have very regular periods even right away after going off the pill (I was off for about 3 months almost a year ago and seemed to be regular right off the bat) so this somewhat concerns me that I may be irregular. Today would have only been day 19 of my cycle but apparently now its back to day 1 again… So I’m hoping that it’s only this month since I recently stopped the pill and after this I will get back to normal, or just miss my next one completly and get a positive pregnancy test 🙂
But anyway, I’ll stop rambling on, just very anxious.

Thank You all for your answers in advance!!

Ovulation Predictor’s answers:

1.) It can happen as soon as you get off the Pill or years afterward. There is no way to really tell. As soon as you have your regular cycle and begin ovulating, you can get pregnant.

2.) Yes, it’s possible to get a positive reading on an OPK and have an LH surge, but not ovulate. It’s also possible to ovulate and not have a period (because of conception, obviously) and to have a period but not ovulate.

Good luck to you!! ♥

Maria asks…

to all OPK experts !?

This is my first month tracking with OPK, I’m a little confused.

I have 31 days cycles, but my last 2 were 34 days, maybe because of TTC stress.

anyway, I tested last night (CD14) at 4 pm and it was negative, but when I tested today (CD15) at 7:30 pm I got a smiley face, which is a positive.

my husband and I BDed last night, but he left for a business trip this morning and will be home tomorrow night, so we’ll not be BDing until tomorrow late at night.

my questions are:

if I got a positive on my OPK this evening, when will ovulation starts?

how long will the LH surge be for? will it be there until after ovulation, I mean if I tested tomorrow and it is still a positive, does this mean I have not ovulated yet?

what are my chances for getting pregnant when be BDed 1 day before ovulation? and will it be any difference to BD tomorrow night again?

sorry so many questions, by I’m new to this!

Thanks in advance !!

Ovulation Predictor’s answers:

Ovulation usually happens within 48 hrs of peak LH surge (detected by OPK)

The LH surge can only be for a few hours or even couple of days. LH levels drop prior to / during ovulation and definitely almost negligible after ovulation. It may still be elevated tomorrow. As long as you still have elevated LH, continue to TTC (best to ttc BEFORE ovulation rather than waiting to time is precisely at ovulation) for at least two days past LH surge.

The chance of pregnancy is usually 15-20%. If you BD more often and closer to ovulation, it maybe closer to 20% chance and if you BD less often or day before, then it is slightly lower. However, anything is possible since only one sperm needs to make it. Doesn’t matter when that sperm came in as long as it is good.

Good luck

Lisa asks…

ovulating test positive 5 days now, is it possible?

hey i have endometriosis and have been trying to concieve so i went and got an ovulation kit, i get a positive result for 5 days now,i know ovulation is only 24-36 hours my question is how long does it take for the lh surge to go to it’s normal level, and if it’s possible i got a bad kit? also, i bought the kit a week after my period and the first day i used it it came back positive,I did the test everyday just to make sure and it still is positive

p.s the kit is called answer, got it from wallgreens and it costs $20. Also my last period was shorter than normal, and i was really sick last week got blood test done no results yet…..

any idea anyone????


Ovulation Predictor’s answers:

Once you see a definate positive there is no need to keep testing. Just have lots of sex. This month i am trying every other day to keep a steady stream of healthy sperm going in. You have a long lh surge, and thats fantastic news. Keep at it and save your tests. Good luck and millions of baby dust.

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