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Ovulation Symptoms While On Birth Control

Betty asks…

How Do you know if your pregnant?

I know this is probably a commonly asked question, but I would like to know what are symptoms when your pregnant? I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now and it just has not happen. My doctor told me to take birth control for 3 months to help with my irregular period and then to try and get pregnant right after that. Its been 2 months since i have been off birth control and still nothing, my doctor said i should have got pregnant within the first month. Any help or personal experience?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

When you get pregnant the first month off of birth control pills, there are quite a few complications, so most doctors ask you to try to wait 2 months or more after getting off the pill before you try. There is a slight increase in the probability in getting pregnant in your first month, but there is also an increase in miscarriages and an increase in multiples. My period was really off last time I got off the pill when I was trying to conceive. I didn’t have a period for 1 1/2 to 2 months and when it did come, it came again 2 weeks later. Getting of the pill actually messes up your regularity. Sometimes it take 6 months to a year to get your cycle back to normalcy. I think depending on how long you’ve been trying, you should ask your doctor with help from drugs like Clomid or an ovulation drug that will force you to ovulate, birth control pills are not the best action to take to get your period on track (at least for pregnancy purposes, non-pregnancy purposes they are great for that reason.)

As for pregnancy symptoms, frequent trips to the bathroom, sore breasts, nausea, cramping, extreme hunger, constipation, are all the major ones, but you can go symptom free and still be pregnant. My first sign was that I had to go to the bathroom a lot, then nausea hit in at 6 weeks pregnant. Good luck. Baby wishes your way, I hope that you get pregnant soon.

Donna asks…

What are the odds that I would get pregnant a whole week before I was fertile?

I wear the birth control patch. I took the patch off on Sunday May 27th, got my period on Wednesday May 30th, put the patch back on (it’s 3 weeks on, 1 week off) on Sunday June 3rd and then had sex (and was a bad girl, twice!) on Monday June 4th.

#1 I wasn’t set to be fertile until around June 10th – June 14th , and #2 I’m on the patch. But I’m exhibiting a lot of pregnant like symptoms.

I know that you can get pregnant anytime, no matter what, even if you’re on birth control, but what are the odds?

Thank you!
To add some details I am 115 lbs, and I have been on the patch now for about a year, and before that I was on it on and off for years.

Also, I have been on an antibiotic lately, that’s another reason why I was worried.

Thank you for your answers!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If your patch was on when you had sex, I don’t see how you could have gotten pregnant if you are using it correctly (unless, of course, you fall into that 1% who get pregnant while using it, or the patch was defective). You are not supposed to “be fertile” at all while on the patch, either, as it works by suppressing ovulation-this is what prevents pregnancy. Ovulation does not occur, not even on that week off (unless you forget to put the patch back on on the 8th day) so you are not “fertile” as long as you are using it correctly. You can’t count the days of your cycle like you would if you weren’t on birth control, because your body is not working on a regular menstrual cycle because of the synthetic hormones from the patch.

How long have you been using the patch? If you’ve started using it recently, you might just be having side effects from your body adjusting to the hormones. These can be very similar to pregnancy symptoms, and they can last up to 3 months after you start using any form of hormonal contraception.

If you are using the patch correctly, have not been on antibiotics or any other kind of drug that might interact with the patch’s hormones, and weigh less than 150 lbs (it has been proven to be less effective if you weigh over 150 lbs) I don’t see any reason why you would be pregnant. But if you really aren’t sure, I would test. It’s been more than 14 days-results would probably show by now if you were pregnant.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Mary asks…

Effects of Loestin 24 fe on an unplanned pregnancy?

If you were to take Loestin 24 fe and become pregnant while on birth control, but not know you were pregnant yet and continue taking the pills, what would that do to the fetus? Are there any negative effects on the pregnancy and fetus if you were to continue taking the pills until you missed your period? If so what are they?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

What makes you think your pregnant?? I wouldn’t jump the gun right away. The pill stops you from releasing an egg each month(stops ovulation) without this egg it is near impossible to become pregnant if your taking the pill correctly there should only be a 2% chance of pregnancy (yes i know it does still happen! But the chances are slim and usually because a pill was skipped,antibiotics were taken,alcohol was consumed,the pill was not taken at the same time every day or you were not yet on the pill for 3 months consecutively.) Or it might have just happened… Usually when you stop taking the pill it will take a year to conceive because this is how long it takes to be out of your system.

However assuming that you are pregnant which you wouldn’t be able to tell yet, not until your period does not come there are no other symptoms a missed periods the first one than usually you would take a test and than a few weeks later you may experience morning sickness around 6-8 weeks of pregnancy… Any other symptoms you think you may be feeling now would not be pregnancy related its to early since you haven’t stated you have missed a period yet.

So continue taking the pill because i do not think it would harm the baby (may not even be pregnant!) and if you were the embryo is in a protective sac and will not be getting nutrients from you until around 5 or 8 weeks im sure

Helen asks…

How is triquilar effective in treating PCOD when the primary action is inhibition of ovulation?

when the problem is irregular ovulation, how can a tablet that prevents ovulation help in regularising menstrual cyclye??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

PCOS is a basket of symptoms caused by a hormonal imbalance.

The birth control pill is a hormone treatment for PCOS. Essentially, the pill regulates your cycles and the hope is that once you stop the pill, a regular natural cycle kicks in. Many women with PCOS have cysts on their ovaries. The pill “quietens” the ovaries enough to give the cysts a chance to resolve themselves. Sometimes, the presence of cysts is a major player in the hormonal imbalance and it never has a chance to return to normalcy because the ovaries are always “working” on a natural cycle. By giving the ovaries a break, the cysts may resolve on their own and you might find that once you come off the pill (3 or 6 months later) your cycles might regulate themselves. Furthermore, some doctors believe the pregnancy rates are higher right after coming off the pill (the very next cycle).

Another common treatment for PCOSers is a drug called metformin. It is used by diabetics to help control insulin levels, but it has also been useful for PCOsers as they are often borderline insulin resistant.

If you are unhappy with your current protocol, there are medications such as Clomid and Femara that will force ovulation and regulate your cycles *while* you ttc. (they can be taken with Metformin) However, your doctor knows your history best and you should do your own research on PCOS (a more popular name but same as PCOD) and discuss your treatment options with him.

Good luck!

Laura asks…

Charting: has anyone successfully used it as a form of birth control?

The side effects of my pill are getting too serious for me, and I’d rather not be on it at all. But, my husband and I aren’t planning to have kids for a couple more years… I’ve heard you can use charting (of your cycle) for not only finding out your most fertile days, but also as birth control. Anyone have any comments/suggestions? Thanks!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Charting is the most affective form of natural birth control. No form of birth control is 100% effective, except abstinence, but charting is excellent.

BBT monitoring tells you when you have ovulated. Excellent for those who are trying to become pregnant to know that their body has done what it is supposed to do. But what you need from charting is the signs that show you are about to ovulate. Cervical mucus and cervical position can tell you if/when you are apt to ovulate. I would suggest that you use full charting for a few months, just to confirm when you are apt to ovulate and to learn the signs and symptoms. Than, once you get a handle on it, you can drop the confirmation of ovulation.

What ever you do, do NOT go with the idea that you ovulate on day 14 of your cycle! I am in the process of writing a ‘fertility workbook’ and I can tell you that this is the most effective ‘natural’ form of birth control. I used charting while trying to become pregnant, I also now use it to make sure I don’t!

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Ovulation Calendar Temperature

Ruth asks…

what are the best ways to figure out when you are ovulating?

I have tried an OKP and an online calender to get a general idea but what is really the best and most accurate way of determining ovulation? I would like to know the 2 or 3 best ways to determine it?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Don’t use online calendars. They go by an ‘average’ that you may not fit into whatsoever.

The best ways, in order, are as follows:

1.) Tracking your basal body temperature. While this cannot tell you beforehand when you will ovulate, it is the only way that you can confirm ovulation! Any other method cannot prove that you did, indeed, ovulate. After two or three cycles of tracking your BBT, you should have a good idea which day of your cycle that you ovulate. I track mine at http://www.fertilityfriend.com. It’s amazing! They have lessons and a FAQ to get you started. I’m sorry I didn’t start two years ago.

2.) Getting to know your body. Observing changes in your cervical mucus and position can be greatly beneficial in determining when you are fertile during your cycle. Each day, take note of your cervical mucus, either on your panties, or by collecting it internally. Since my cervical mucus is scant, I reach two fingers up inside of my vagina and gently pinch my cervix. If the mucus is clear, slippery, and stretchy (like eggwhites), it is fertile and you should be having sex that day in order to have the best chances of conception. If it is dry, sticky, or creamy, you are probably not fertile.

You should check the position of your cervix at the same time every day, as it can change throughout the day. If it is soft, high, open, and wet, you are probably fertile. If it is low, hard, firm, and dry, you are probably not. A good position to check your cervix in is to part your feet so there is about a foot of space between them, and squat all the way down. Insert one or two fingers in the vagina, and feel up and towards your back for your cervix. It will probably take a cycle or two to get to know your body.

3.) An OPK. When you get a positive OPK, that is an indication that you SHOULD ovulate within the next 24-48 hours. However, that doesn’t always happen. Stress or illness can delay ovulation even after a positive OPK. Like I mentioned before, the only way to confirm it did happen is through a thermal shift in your basal body temperature.

Mandy asks…

On calendar day 19 and was just wondering if clomid causes hot flashes?

I’m on calendar day 19 and had hot flashes during ovulation..I know that cause I used opks..but wha t I’m asking is does clomid cause hot flashes or is it normal for body temp to get that high around ovulation with clomid?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes, hot flashes are a side effect of CLomid.

You can also experience hot flashes after ovulation because your body temperature rises by 0.5 – 1.0 deg F and stays elevated for approx. 2 weeks until AF shows (or stays up for the duration of pregnancy if you successfully conceived).

Good luck!

Laura asks…

How do I know when my periods gonna come?

My period is somewhat irregular so its hard to plan certain things because of it. Most of the time I get it 7-14 days after I’m supposed to. I’m a teen. So how should I know when it’s gonna come? When should I start wearing pads? ( I want to start using tampons soon so I can swim and it’s easier to play sports.) my flow is pretty normal. oh also, what’s the best tampon, especially for sports? Thanks!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Firstly keep a note of your periods on a calendar.
Secondly note changes to your body such as discharge.
You will eventually see a pattern.

If you wanted to you could use Fertility Awareness Method.
This is where you note cervical changes, cervical mucus and temperature daily to determine where you are in your cycle, such as when you ovulate and when you menstruate. This sounds complicated but it’s not really and it has a hell of a lot of benefits, including letting you know exactly when your period is due. This page from sex education site Scarleteen explains the basics of this method – http://www.scarleteen.com/article/body/get_with_the_flow_all_about_fam

Basically it is like this – your body changes due to hormonal changes.
If you’re fairly new to your periods you may not have noticed these changes yet, but then even many adult women don’t know about these changes because of lack of good quality sex education and a lot of shame around the subject of menstruation and women’s bodies which means often women don’t learn about these things. Things you will always get are changes to discharge – for example cervical mucus around ovulation (two weeks before your periods) will be stretchy and wetter feeling, this is one of the most obvious signs to watch out for.

You will have your own individualize signs of your period coming.
For example I know my period is due because….my urine smells slightly different, my discharge changes and smells different, my appetite lessens, my sense of smell and taste increases, I’m more sensitive to touch, my breasts get bigger/firmer/fuller, I am more creative and can think more clearly, and I am a lot more affectionate as well as feel more horny – there are lots of subtle changes that will be there if you look for them. Try to get a feel for your body and how it changes, this way you will be able to predict when your period is about to start, even if it’s later or earlier than it should be.

“Most of the time I get it 7-14 days after I’m supposed to”
In that case isn’t it possible that you’re supposed to get it 7-14 days later than you thought? Your cycles will change throughout your life, particularly in your teens, it’s normal for there to be a few days difference from one cycle to the next, but if it is consistently X number of days late or early then it is safe to say your cycles have changed in length.

Just keep what you need with you in case it comes unexpectedly.

Tampons are not a good option – they are unhygienic and unhealthy.
They’re linked to TSS and health problems such as endometriosis, can increase cramps/flow and commonly cause infections as they encourage bacterial growth, effect pH, can contain harmful chemicals, dry-out the vagina and prevent vaginal cleaning. This also means they’re pretty inconvenient due to precautions – e.g. Change every 4-6 hours, change absorbency to match flow, don’t wear before periods/during very light flow/overnight/during infections, alternate with pads – also for swimming strings show and they absorb water.

If you use tampons go for cotton tampon brands which don’t contain chemicals such as Cottons as they are easier to insert, expand more evenly and not as high risk – avoid brands like Tampax.

Consider menstrual cups.
These are internal like tampons so can be worn for swimming, but they’re far safer and cleaner than tampons so have no health risks, this means they’re more convenient as they can be worn for 12 hours during any flow, overnight, before your period (so you’d not have to use liners or pads when you think your period is due), and no need to alternate with pads, and they don’t leak like tampons or pads. Cups are also more comfortable, they can even lessen cramps and flow, and easier to use.

What are menstrual cups? – http://www.scarleteen.com/article/body/what_are_menstrual_cups

Lizzie asks…

How well does the calender method work?

My bf and i used to use condoms but after one try without one he says he hates using condoms.Since i cant get on BC pills till July(my doc has special appointments for that)he wants to use the calender method in the mean time?But my periods are slightly irregular they can change give or take a couple of days each month?How well does this method work?
Does a few days like say 4-5 days make a big difference?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The calendar method, aka rhythm method, is not the most reliable method in the world (and is a subset of Natural Family Planning). Natural family planning is pretty reliable when used correctly, but its hard to use it correctly with an irregular cycle. It takes into account your basal body temperature as well as cervical mucus, cerical positioning, and history. It works by pinpointing the time that you ovulate, then avoiding intercourse for the days days surrounding ovulation. And you won’t have enough time between now and July to get an accurate representation on a chart of your cycle.

Personally, I’d give him two options and let him pick one. First: sex with a condom. Second: no sex. And then before you’ve taken the pill long enough to rely on it as your sole method of birth control, both of you need to go and get the all clear on STDs so that you will both have the peace of mind of being sexually active with a person who is disease-free. And that’s just being a responsible sexually active person.

Sandra asks…

What is a good online ovulation calendar to use?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I like the one on http://www.babycenter.com They will even let you set it up for them to send you a text message to your cell phone of when your fertile time starts and stops that particular cycle. Do remember that these calanders are just estimates and are not accurate for all women. So it is wise to also learn to chart your basal body temperature and maybe use opk’s to help with monitoring ovulation as well. Best wishes!

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Ovulation Signs And Symptoms Trying To Conceive

Donna asks…

Is it possible for me to concieve on days 16-14 before my period? I am supposed to start in 6 days.?

I have been having light cramping, a dull backache, a little bit of slippery clear discharge. Is it possible that I am pregnant? My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 3 months…. I have 2 children already, and I have forgotten what it feels like to be pregnant. Can anyone answer my question? Thanks.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Ovulation occurs 12-16 days before your period. Your most fertile time is from 3 days before ovulation to one day after. So yes you had sex during a very fertile period.

On terms of symptoms, theres no way of knowing other than a test. Early pregnancy signs and pms are very similar. In terms of discharge, there is no set discharge that happens this early in pregnancy.

Wait a few more days and test, good luck!

Lizzie asks…

How long after conception til you started have pregnancy symptoms?

I’m just curious, but my husband and I have been TTC for 9 months and I was wondering how long after ovulation(if you conceived) was it til you started having breast pain, fatigue, and nausea. My nipples hurt badly today and I’ve been feeling exhausted for the past 3 days. So just out of curiosity…how long was it for you?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

My very first sign was breast pains. They started about a week after my ovulation date and they hurt so bad that I had to keep a heating pad on them for several hours every night. Clothes hurt to wear, and if my husband touched them or brushed them lightly I would cry because they hurt so bad.

A week after that I still had those pains and then morning sickness started. About that same time I started going to bed at 7 because I was tired all the time, and I had nausea all day and night. I would wake up feeling horrible and would throw up when I got out of bed. I threw up Morning and Evening and I tried to eat things at lunch that wouldn’t make me sick because I didn’t want to throw up at work.

My husband and I tried for 8 1/2 months before we got pregnant, and that was only after taking Clomid for a week the last month that I got pregnant.

Helen asks…

What are the first symptoms of pregnancy?

Okay what I need to know would be best abswered by people who were trying to hace a baby. What are the first symptoms y’all experienced in the first 3 weeks after conception? Me and my hubby are tryong to gave a baby and I think I may be but its to soon for a test

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

See if you’re experiencing any of these top 10 signs of pregnancy:

• 1. Light Spotting – When implantation occurs, it’s possible to see light spotting before your menstrual period begins. It will bee seen in a pinkish or brownish color, but as a discharge.

When you have a normal cycle it should start light, get heavy, and then taper offer before it stops. So if light spotting is noticeable, then it’s possible that you have conceived.

• 2. Frequent Urination – When dealing with frequent urination it’s important to think about what you’ve been drinking. Water and alcohol can cause frequent urination, but it can also be a sign that you’re pregnant.

Some women experience this before they realize a period has been missed. It’s normally about 7 to 12 days before the temperature rise at ovulation.

A lot of it has to do with the changes in hormone levels. This is caused by the implantation of the embryo as well as the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Both can cause more frequent urination.

• 3. Elevated Body Temperature – When a woman is ovulating, it’s normal to see her body temperature rise. Then again, if it stays high through your period, it could be because you’re pregnant. Take the time to monitor this when it occurs – another of the 10 pregnancy signs.

• 4. Missing Your Period – This is usually one of the most common of the 10 pregnancy signs that women look for when trying to figure out if they’re pregnant. While this is true, there are several other reasons why a missed period can occur.

Whether it’s illness, stress, hormone imbalance or reactions to food or medications – any of them can be the reason a period is missed and not necessarily one of the top 10 signs of pregnancy.
5. Fatigue – Even though it’s hard to tell if your fatigue is due to pregnancy, it could be an additional sign mixed in with any of the others.

It means there is a change in the hormones, but once the body adjusts to the new ones it shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

• 6. Cramping – If you’re moving around, exercising, or having an orgasm and experiencing cramps, it might be because you’re going to have a baby.

• 7. Nausea – Another sign most women look for is nausea. We associate this as “morning sickness,” However, out of all the early signs of pregnancy here, only half of the women who are pregnant ever feel nauseated throughout the day.

8. Tender Breasts or Nipples – This is also due to the change of hormone levels in the body, but when we adjust then it will go away. If you’re pregnant it’s going to stick around for awhile.

• 9. Darker Areolas – Seven days after conception you might notice your areolas becoming darker around the nipples. It’s also possible that the bumps will look more prominent.
10. Constipation – Bowel changes can always occur during the early stages of pregnancy. Thanks to the change in hormones your intestines might decide to relax a bit and take a break.

Betty asks…

Is it possible I am having early symptoms of pregnancy?

I had unprotected sex on the 21st December and I’m experiencing a brown spot bleed. I am having extreme back aches and cramping in my stomach. I feel sick every now and then and sore breasts but I think it’s a bit early to be experiencing these symptoms. I feel pregnant and I trust my instincts but I wonder if anyone has got any information or experiences of their own?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Dear Taylor, Please read this and you Will get the information you are looking for. Here how implantation bleeding looks like. Now remember not every woman have implantation bleeding and not every woman is the same like they say to each it’s own. This type of bleeding during pregnancy usually occurs 6 to 12 days after conception-close to the time when the next menstrual cycle is expected. If the last time you had sex. If more than a month/2 has passed, then it’s unlikely that what you’re seeing is implantation bleeding. Since implantation bleeding may be confused with the normal menstrual cycle. Examine the color and quantity of the bleeding. This will help to distinguish between pregnancy implantation and the start of a regular menstrual cycle. Implantation bleeding does not usually resemble bleeding during a normal period. It will be lighter, and of lower quantity. Sometimes, implantation bleeding can just be spotting for a few hours, or even a single spot. Implantation bleeding typically consists of a discharge with a pink or brownish tint. It is often darker than period blood because it takes time for the blood to travel from the uterine wall through the vagina.The amount of bleeding is relatively light, and will only last a couple of days. For some women, the flow will resemble a very light period, which is why confusion between the 2 occasionally occurs. The majority of women find that menstrual blood is more of a red color and will become heavier within a day or two. ” AS I SAID EVERY WOMAN IS NOT THE SAME) Pregnancy bleeding from implantation may include some mild cramping as the egg implants and the uterus is changing to accommodate the embryo. However, cramping with implantation bleeding is usually much lighter than what women might experience with a regular period. The tricky thing is that the symptoms of early pregnancy are similar to the symptoms you may feel right before your period. If the abdominal cramping continues to increase, it could indicate a regular period. Sore and tender breasts are a common symptom of pregnancy. Throughout your pregnancy, your breasts will get larger and your nipples may darken and grow. However, sore breasts are also a sign that you’re about to get your period. Many women are also fatigued during the first semester of their pregnancy. If you’re feeling unusually tired while getting plenty of rest and not feeling overly burdened for any reason, then your pregnancy may be the cause. If you’re urinating a lot more frequently without any reason you can think of, or if you’re suddenly constipated while previously not having any trouble with your bowels, then you may be pregnant. Pregnancy comes with some serious hormonal changes that can have a major impact on your mood. If you trying to conceive you will experience implantation bleeding before your period is due, usually around 9 days after you ovulate. Implantation bleeding tends to occur before menstruation is expected, this is usually between six and twelve days after ovulation. Most women experience menstruation approximately 14 days after ovulation however this will depend on your individual cycle. So with this Information I hope you will know if you are or not. So All depending on your cycle how many day 28 – 36 some is more depending on age and if they have any medical issues that will cause the period to be irregular. If you are requral which trust me not all woman are and even if they are they will have an irregular period here and there. Also you can get pregnant even if you are not ovulating since the sperm lives inside you for approx.. 4 to 5 days and you will release 2 eggs every 24hrs. Almost 500000. In your life span of being able to get pregnant before menopause. But at the same time some woman get pregnant even if they are older very rare but not impossible. So I hope this will help you in what you are looking for. Good Luck Best wishes Have a very Happy fantastic New Year fill with Joy happiness success, and health for you your family loved ones and friends.

Mary asks…

Can you experience pregnancy symptoms just a week after conception?

I’ve been ttc for 5 months now & we calculated my ovulation chart and tried the day before & day of ovulation. Its been a little over a week now & I’m just wondering if there are any signs I can look for at this point that may mean pregnancy? What were your first signs and when did you get them?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

My very first sign was breast tenderness which I had as early as two days after my ovulation.as we were also TTC so I have pretty clear idea which day i ovulated. Second sign was extreme fatigue and tiredness which I start having in a week after conceiving.most of symptoms were clear as I missed my periods including nausea,darkening of nipples area and bloating.

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Lh Surge No Ovulation No Period

Susan asks…

ovulation predictor kits?

To start with, I haven’t had a period in 68 days. I’ve tested for pregnancy and all tests have been negative. I just came off birth control in September. My husband and I are trying to conceive so I decided to try vitex to regulate my cycle. I took my first dose of vitex today…3-400 milligram tablets. I got up around 2 am to use the bathroom and discovered that I had egg white cervical mucus..tmi, sorry. Out of curiosity, I took an ovulation test and it was very close to being positive. Thinking that maybe the test was a little pronounced from the dye, I did another with separate urine a while later and it came out the same. More than likely it will turn positive tomorrow (hopefully). I know vitex takes a while to start working, but I just thought that it was crazy that I took my first dose today and experienced ovulation signs tonight. Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar to this before? I know its possible to ovulate without a period. I got pregnant in 2008 with my daughter and I hadn’t had a period in 2 months. Also, i’m using the wondfo opk strips, just wondering how accurate they are? Do these sound like promising ovulation signs to you?

Sorry to sound so scattered, but this is the first positive signs i’ve saw since coming off birth control.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Depends what your “ovulation” tester actually tests. If it’s the LH surge, maybe you ovulate and maybe you don’t. People who are irregular or just coming off a stress like childbirth or contraceptives can have mucus patches that aren’t ovulatory. The most reliable indicator of ovulation is your temp (BBT). When it goes up, it’s too late to conceive, but it confirms ovulation. The mucus tells you that you’re possibly fertile. …You can’t ovulate without either a period or a pregnancy. You just got lucky in 2008. See the references below. The third is a book for treating problems with nutrition or lifestyle changes.

Sandy asks…

Ttc! irregular period. ovulation queston. trying for 1yr?

hi yahoo so my period was last june 24-28 i went to the doctor aug 10th doctor say i was not pregnant i took both pee & blood test. so my doctor put me on prenatel pills and pills to start my period. my doctor give me those pills on 8-24-11. and still no period so finally today my period came on so is there any chance i can get pregnant even if i have a irregular period. me nd my hubsand of 4yr beening trying for a baby for 1yr. pleae help thanks

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Since you have irregular cycles, you should look into some methods of determining when you ovulate.

OPKs- Ovulation predictor kits detect a surge of LH in your urine. When you get a positive test, ovulation is usually 24-36 hours away. You can buy these at your local drugstore.

BBT- Basal body temperature is a good way to confirm that you ovulate. It requires buying a special thermometer that you take your temperature with every morning. You can read all about it online on many fertility websites.

There are also ways of checking your cervical mucus and position, which you can also research online. A good website I suggest is fertilityfriend.com. I wish you the best of luck in TTC!

Ruth asks…

Very delayed ovulation?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 4 months now. I started using ovulation test strips last month. I ovulated around the time I expected. This time, I am over 3 weeks past the start of my period and I haven’t tested positive yet. Last month my luteal phase was 12 days, meaning that if it is the same this month then I shouldn’t expect my period until AT LEAST over a week after I would normally get it. I started testing one week after the start of my period. What could cause this? I am not any more stressed than usual or sick or anything. Thanks for any advice.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It may either be that you missed the LH surge, which is why some women test twice a day, or if you haven’t ovulated yet it may just be a fluke, most women get an occasional late ovulation even if they normally have regular cycles. I would just suggest that you have sex every other day till you get your period this month. Also, to avoid any more confusion why not start tracking your temperature. Some women say it adds stress but I like it as I know where I am after ovulation. Good luck!

Sharon asks…

ovulation question??

could it be possible to ovulate at different times every month and how many days after the first day of your period do you start counting before you ovulate.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes. If your cycle is still irregular, you can definitely ovualte on different days. My doctor told me to count 11 days after the first day of my period. Ovulation usually occurs 11-14 days after your period. It is during this week that you can use the ovulation (LH surge) tests to pinpoint ovulation. You want to have sex within 24-36 hours of ovulation to concieve. Good luck!!!

Linda asks…

Ovulation test question?

I used Clear Blue ovulation test sticks and I thought for three days I was ovulating, I had all the physical sicngs… but the test results looked like no surge like how they showed on the intructions. Well, yesterday I tested once again and this time the test had no line where the surge line should be…which got me thinking that the tests before had a bar but was faint like how they show on the instructions, indicating no surge in LH… Has this happened to anyone and if so should I assume that the three tests before were showing a surge?…luckly I ignored the the “no surge” and still kept on trying, have been since 6 days into my cycle.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I’ve tried them only once and got pregnant the same month when the test strip only showed a very faint second line, which should be interpreted as negative for surge. So much about the test! Of course you might have the same problem as i do, i drink a lot, so my urine during the day is usually diluted. If you know that is the case with you too, go ahead and count the faint line as positive or test your morning urine.
But in my opinion they don’t worth the investment. The strips are not very accurate and the digital ones are very pricey. The biggest disadvantage though is that it just makes you obsess about the whole trying to get pregnant thing. My advice is have sex in every 2-3 days starting when your period is over for about two weeks. Unless your cycle is very irregular that should work. If you are for some reason think that you are not ovulating, ask your Ob/Gyn to measure your progesterone in the second half of your cycle.

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Signs Of Lh Surge

Maria asks…

Is it possible I missed my LH surge?

I’ve never had a cycle without an LH surge.

Usually get them around CD10-12. I had a negative CD 10, I could only test around 8am on CD11 and 8pm and I had a negative CD12 … I usually test with FMU, around 3pm and 8pm….I know the afternoon is the best time.

I had other fertility signs around CD11 … is it possible I had a surge between 8am and 8pm and missed it because I couldn’t test? Can they be that short?

*Using the same tests now that I’ve had luck with.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You may have missed it, but it’s very possible (and more likely) that you actually just haven’t ovulated yet and will in the next few days.

Sharon asks…

day 21 of cycle, qs about 10 ml preg test and signs..?

Hi Im on day 21 of my cycle. I got my LH surge on day fourteen , we bdd around the right days and I have got some preg tests (ULTRA SENSITIVE AT 10ml) from online. How early can i test? How early can i have signs and is copious vaginal discharge one? today i ran to loo thinking i had early period and its just white dc lots of it! My period is due in seven or eight days i think.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It is always best to wait until after your missed period before testing. This way you can avoid false negatives

Donna asks…

ttc lh surge detected!!!?

Well the opk worked! I got a light color band last night and had sex then this morning the test band was positive! Much darker both times (tried it twice). So I am going to try to have sex tonight when hubby gets home. I have spotting this morning and awful cramps. My questions are do you think I could have already conceived? Why would I be bleeding? Does the lh surge drop when the egg is released? Thank you! *******ttc********

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Spotting that occurs in the middle of your cycle or spotting that occurs some ten to fourteen days prior to the start of the next cycle is normal too. This spotting may occur during ovulation. Seeing a spot of blood during ovulation is considered an excellent fertility sign. It is thought that mid-cycle spotting occurs for one of two reasons. First reason is possibly that when the egg bursts through the follicle, a little bleeding may occur. This blood will then make its way out and show up as “spotting”. Or, during ovulation, the level of estrogens rise, and this sometimes prompts the uterus to shed a bit of lining, which shows up in the form of “spotting.” Good luck…seems like you are right on track :)

YOUR LH will drastically drop after the egg is released…this means that after you ovulate you should have a negative OPK.

Laura asks…

ovuation question=tests and signs?

at ovulation is it often easier to orgasm and also on the lh surge tests is the lighter the control line and darker the test line a good sign that the ovulation is about to occur.
thanks in advance

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No idea about the orgasm part.
I think the lines depend on the test. I know the ovulation test I used you wanted the test line equal in darkness to the control line.
But, the only perfect way to tell is through blood tests.

Mandy asks…

Is it normal to get a mini LH surge before the proper one?

I started on clomid this month. And so when my OPK was significantly darker than the previous days (though still negative) on day 10 of my cycle, I thought that the line would continue to get slightly darker each day and then I would ovulate around CD 14 (which would be brilliant as its normally CD 22ish).

But the one I did this morning (CD 11) hardly had any line at all! Why would i start to get an LH surge and then it suddenly drop off? My temp also dropped a bit this morning.

Is it normal to get a mini surge before the proper one? or am i just reading too much into the darkness of OPK test lines that aren’t even positive?!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Unfortunately OPKs are not very reliable, and especially so if you are taking clomid or have a hormonal imbalance in general (e.g. Due to PCOS). Fine to still use them to see if any change, but continue to TTC regardless of whether surge or not starting CD10 and continue till CD20 or CD22. Look for other ovulation signs (e.g. EWCM).

It is also possible that you may not get an LH surge at all (ultrasound/blood test can provide some answer i.e. Are there any mature follicle, what is estrogen level, etc.) in which case it would be anvoulatory cycle.

On the mini LH surge – yes, it is possible but i wouldn’t read too much into it. Continue to TTC regardless.

Good luck.

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