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Lh Surge And Ovulation Predictor

Mandy asks…

home ovulation predictor tests. HELP!?

i took a opt at home about 5:00 in the afternoon and it only showed one line which according to the box meant no LH surge. does this mean i have no chance of getting pregnant today or what? Im not sure how to use these because i am new to this. i used UTI as a birth control method and now its out. I am using this to prevent pregnancy,

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

An ovulation predictor kit CAN NOT be used to prevent pregnancy. The reason is that your LH surge (the other line on the test) shows up only 24-48 hours before ovulation. But sperm can live inside you for a lot longer than that. So lets say you have no LH surge on Monday so you decide to have sex. Your surge happens Tuesday, so you ovulate Wednesday. Sperm can live in you for 3-5 days. So the sperm that got in you on Monday is still there on Wednesday. Much better to use condoms until you can see a doctor to get a hormonal birth control or use spermicide and condoms indefinitely.

Linda asks…

ovulation predictor kit question!!!!???

i tested positive yesterday at 6 pm. today i tested at 6 pm and it was negative. does this mean I have already ovulated?

does the LH surge stay untill you ovulate? or it it just an ititial surge that goes away?

my BBT this morning was still low……. I had sex last night.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

LH surge drops as soon as you ovulate. So you had a positive yesterday, therefore you ovulated today, so any tests would come out negative. Your surge only shows up about 12-36 hours before ovulation, then disappears.

You should BD tonight and tomorrow as well.

Lisa asks…

First time using an ovulation predictor kit and kind of confused…?

I thought that you would only get an LH surge once…but this is the 4th day in a row that it says I have an LH surge. I had a positive LH surge on 4/26, 4/27, 4/28, & 4/29. We had intercourse on 4/24, 4/26, 4/27, 4/28. I don’t want to have intercouse again today in effort to not exhaust all of my husband’s sperm. Is it normal to have an LH surge 4 days in a row? And should we have intercourse again tomorrow?? Thanks so much!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I tried the CBE sticks for a couple months and they gave me LH surge indicators over the course of many days as well. If you want to narrow down the day better–spend the $175 on the Clear Blue Easy fertility monitor. If your periods are normal, the monitor should give your the one or two days of peak fertility. But yes, have sex again tomorrow!

Maria asks…

Have you used an ovulation predictor kit??

I thought that you would only get an LH surge once…but this is the 4th day in a row that it says I have an LH surge. I had a positive LH surge on 4/26, 4/27, 4/28, & 4/29. We had intercourse on 4/24, 4/26, 4/27, 4/28. I don’t want to have intercouse again today in effort to not exhaust all of my husband’s sperm. Is it normal to have an LH surge 4 days in a row? And should we have intercourse again tomorrow?? Thanks so much!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Don’t worry about that. Even in my case i have seen LH surge for three or four days. After that it went to normal color. I am also ttc . So even we have done sex all through these days (one time per day).Now i am wating for my positive result. I didn’t checked yet.My period date was on 9th April.
I think you have done everything in a perfect days. So now relax .Let’s hope for the best. I am doing that….
All the best.. Lots of baby dust..

Sharon asks…

Ovulation Predictor kits…?

okay i have the answer opks and I heard that your not suppose to drink anything like 2 hours prior to testing…is that correct??? and also should I test same time everyday?? Tell me everything else you know to make it very accurate. THANKS!
Hoping….can you tell me why its recommended not to take it in the morning??? thanx.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The hormones in your urine are more concentrated if you don’t drink for a bit. Liquid intake dilutes your urine, thus diluting the hormones you’re testing for.

You should test a couple times a day. Maybe mid morning and afternoon/early evening. Sometimes your lh surge lasts less than 24 hours and you could miss it.

LH is synthesized early in the day, and is not metabolized into your urine until later. So, as a rule, you are more likely to catch your surge later in the day. (“They” say you should test sometime around 2-4 p.m., but I’ve had fine luck at 10 p.m.-midnight.) Using FMU may not be a problem for you, but if you do not detect a surge during the cycle you use FMU, try testing later during the next cycle.

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Ovulation Calendar Predictor

Mandy asks…

when do i know i’am ovulating?

first of all i have irregular periods 28-40 days. So because of this i can’t use ovulation calendars and calculators. i do not want to start taking tempertures and things like that. I can’t afford £100 for an ovulation predictor kit. So when does your body tell you that it is ready to release an egg? What are the signs of ovulation. My discharge can be white and clear for a good couple of weeks sometimes and i have sex during this time but i’am no closer to having another baby. So when is the time right? So many people have some many different answers i’am so confused. Any answers are welcome as long as they are honest. Thank you in advance.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If ur cycle falls on d 28th, u ar suppose to ovulate on 13/14. If 40days cycle or whatever d days, divide into 2 i.e 19/20. Ur sex days should be 2days to the time n 2days after. All the best

Sandy asks…

Please read, when will i ovulate?

I am starting a fertility calendar to detect my ovulation days but was just wondering how I would work it out. I have just had a miscarriage and it was uncomplicated and stopped bleeding yesterday. Would i say that is the last day of my period? My last period was on the 27th September. Do you think the best way to work this out is by Ovulation Predictor tests?


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Go to babycentre.co.uk and enter your cycle detail into thee ovulation tool and it will tell you your fertile dates, its free and really easy to use. Good luck :)

Carol asks…

Ovulation confusion! Any opinions?

I calculated my O day to be last saturday (5th)…verified by calendar and O predictor.

Side note about OKPs – they aren’t that great…for me at least…I never got a real positive…i’m assuming it was saturday based on other symptoms (i.e., cm) and the calendar

So, we did our thing on saturday (and a few days before).

Now, today and yesterday (mon/tues) – I’m having some usual O symptoms again!

My question: what’s up with this?! Can I have predicted wrong, and I am really Oing now? I am due for AF on the 16th…ish.

Thanks in advance!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

This makes no since at all .

Laura asks…

Is it good to use ovulation predictor kit?

Is it good to use ovulation predictor kit?
When should I start? soon after day 5 or Day 11? We are TTC

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Oh my yes! Especially if you are having problems conceiving.

Using the opk you can pinpoint your fertile days and optimize your chances

also try this website http://www.babyhopes.com/ovulation-calendar.html

Linda asks…

What are the best days to have sex if you’re trying to get pregnant?

I have been using OPK (Ovulation predictor kits) in order to predict when I ovulate, and got my first positive test yesterday, and one today. My husband and I have had sex the three days before ovulation. So, I am wondering if the best time is before ovulation instead of on the day of ovulation.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Try to use this ovulation calendar tool http://www.ovulationcalendarsoftware.com/ to find perfect time to conceive a boy or a girl.

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Ovulation Signs And Symptoms Trying To Conceive

Mandy asks…

PLEASE HELP!!! Did I conceive this month?

My partner and I are trying to conceive. According to ovulation predictors online, my fertile
days were Feb 7 through Feb 12. I know you can’t always rely on the online predictors, so I bought
an OPK kit and got a positive Feb 8. We had sex Feb 2,4,7,8, and 10th. My ewcm was also present
the 7th through the 9th. I’m just wondering what are the chances of us conceiving this month?
I know it’s way too early to have any signs/symptoms so I’m really anxious to know the probability.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Nobody can say for sure I’m afraid, you had sex around the time you were ovulating so you have done all you can now sperm has to meet egg and the fertilised egg needs to implant successfully and start to grow. Then you can take a pregnancy test.

All you can do is wait and see if your period arrives and take a pregnancy test if it doesn’t. If you test early and its negative you only end up having to test again a few days later.

Betty asks…

Symptoms of ovulation?

Im trying to conceive with my husband of 3 years but ive always had irregular periods so its been very difficult. Fortunately my periods have started to come regularly every month and im happy to know that now i can know when im ovulating. But does anyone know what the signs are when a woman ovulates??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Unless you are too sensitive to changes in your body, you cannot really know the symptoms.
However, most of the women’s body tempearture rises (around 4 degree F) when they are close to ovulation.

Best way to predict your fertile period or the ovulation day is through a Basal Body Temperature (body temperature early first thing in the morning at rest) charting. And also, through an Ovulation Prediction Kit.

However, not all women observe other symptoms like,

Spotting : Very thin Pink or brown discharge 14-16 days before next period
Head-ache: Eastrogen level increases highly before dropping at once (dramatic change in harmonal levels)
Right abdominal pain: (cramps in the ovaries, like period cramps)

All the best and baby dust!!

Ruth asks…

Can you get early pregnancy symptoms just days after ovulation?

Your Question
Can you get pregnancy symptoms just days after ovulation & how long does it take to conceive?!?
Im 23 yr old TTC, 1st cycl;e. Just wanna know if you can have early pregnancy symptoms like as early as 3-4 DPO,
Got AF on 20th Feb went for 4 days (normal) DTD with fiance

- 1st day of AF (Didnt know she was coming as she came early)
- 1 day after AF finished (25th Feb)
- 3 days after AF finished (27 Feb)
- 1 day before OV (2nd Mar)
- 3rd day of OV (5th Mar) Apparently that was my most fertile day.

Only started having unprotected this cycle but I swear i’ve had weird symptoms starting from 3DPO
started off with stinging tingling nipples, after a few days there just heavy and sore, my nipple itself is so tender and looks like its gotten abit bigger in size. headaches, back aches, flows of nausea, had weird dreams and 3 dreams about me having a baby lol, abit gassy and im so bloated which looks so silly because im only a small girl 103-104pounds :( tried to suck it in but cant so im wearing baggy tops!

Anyways I know these symptoms are typical AF symptoms but I started getting sore boobs 3DPO and I sometimes get sore breasts but always like 4-5 days before AF is due same with like bloating and stuff its way to early to be getting AF symptoms now.

Im currently 7DPO new symptom I have, just been really tired and fatigued past 2,3 days, & still bloated gassy and sore boobs. etc Got another 2 weeks to wait unless I get an early pregnancy test so annoying.

so 1. Can you show early signs not long after OV
2. how long does it take to concieve & implant after intercourse
3. Any one else experience anything like this? did you turn out to become pregnant?

Any information/ Stories would be much appreciated.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi, yes yes yes! And congrats.

I had exactly the same thing mid Feb. I just knew I was pg. Sore breasts, on and off queezyness, salivating a lot, bloating, gas, fatigue etc. A week or so later light cramping. Tried all the early tests and got negatives. Even after my lateperiod still negative. Then as I knew there would be, one morning a positive, well 4 positives just to check lol
So yes if u are in tune with ur body u can tell just days after conception.

Implatation happens 7-9 days after fertilisation (which takes half a day ish) u might feel light cramping like me or maybe even spotting.
A few days after this ur hormones will rise and u might be able to use a sensitive hpt like rapid response.

Or if ur unlucky like me ull have to wait another two weeks for your positive.

Trust your body instincts, congratulations and best wishes x

Donna asks…

how soon can pregnancy symptoms start?

I know that when you are trying to conceive you can imagine yourself pregnant and start looking for signs that could really just be PMS.

I think I caught the ovulation days spot on this month but no way to know if we were successful. I would guess that I ovulated a day or two ago.
How long can it take for the embryo (if there is one) to travel and implant, and when would symptoms start if we were successful?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

They can start right after conception, .. I felt cramps after conception, like i was going to have a period..few days later i spotted and i was really thinking it was going to be aperiod..but that was implantation spotting, and my breasts started to feel very tender..so the symptoms occur really fast.

Jenny asks…

Trying to Conceive, 5 days over my period, please help?

First of all It’s my 3rd time asking this question now, i really need some answers please. Me and my partner are trying to conceive, we’ve been trying now for around 8 months, i fell pregnant in November 2009 but sadly miscarried at 6 weeks (1 week after finding out) My first period after miscarrying was January 12th 2010 and my next was February 13th 2010, my periods are quite irregular ranging from around 32 days to 35 days apart, so i was expecting my period to be around 17th March 2010, but i still haven’t had my period, i have had no signs that my period is on it’s way, neither have i had any pregnancy symptoms. I have done 2 pregnancy tests, one 5 days ago and one today, both were negative. I just need to know if anyone can give me any advice, on whether you think i did the pregnancy test too early, if you know of anyway for me to work out when i’m ovulating (as my periods are irregular, i have already tried taking my temperature, working it out on an ovulation calculator and doing ovulation tests, none have worked). I am making myself really paranoid thinking that i can’t carry a baby because i miscarried and haven’t fallen pregnant since. Sorry it’s so long. Please help me out as i am beginning to feel really down about it all.. Thankyou.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Me and my hubby have been trying for 9 months so i feel your pain. I’m sorry about the miscarriage i wish i even had that much of a sign that i were able to get pregnant! I was getting excited every time i was a little late for my period and every time the test came back negative i thought i was wrong, but they were right. I’m hoping that putting it out of my mind will make it happen. I’m currently late again and i’m trying to force myself to wait until the weekend to take a test. This whole thing is driving me crazy!! Emotionally i give up, so if it happens i don’t even know how i will react. Good luck to you and try to stop stressing, i’m working on that myself.

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Fertility Calculator And Due Date

Betty asks…

i get my periods once in 2months can i get pregnant within 3 months?or i need treatment?or can i go ahead?

i am married i had my last periods on january 10th and the next on march14th so i get my periods once in two months.can i get pregnant within three months on regular trying or else i need treatment?if yes what kind of treatment do i need?i am bit nervous on this.?hw can i predict my ovulation date?pls do me a favourable reply

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Don’t worry its not a problem or an issue..its very common in most of the womens so first just relax…First thing any women who is having periods can be pregnant so no problem with that…your second issue is you are not getting regular periods…in some cases (very few) some women ovulate even if they dont have regular periods…so first get it checked with a doctor.. (prefered with a fertility expert) if you dont ovulate then the first step the doc will do is bring your periods to regular may be by giving you metmorphine (glucophage) and then treat you for ovulation.. Sure you can get pregnant with in 3 months if god wills its just one time you need to have intercourse to get pregnant (right time) thats when your eggs break… Dont get nervous…once u start getting nervous its difficult for women to ovulate due to stress… Talk to a doctor its not advicible to do your own treatment as it not only your life but also a new life that you want to bring in…

Ovulation can be calculate with so many calculators available online…but in simple way they say ovulation starts from the 5th day of your periods and your egg breaks between 15 to 19th day depending on person to person..

Just relax and enjoy sex sure you will get pregnant ..but take an advice from an expert before having medication..

Take care of yourself may be god bless you with a child

Mandy asks…

can someone please give me advice on how to stop ttc and just let it happen?

i want to get it out of my head, and just let nature happen.. well at least that’s what i’m trying to do today.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

That is very hard. No matter how hard you try not to concentrate on it. It is still painful each month when you find out you are not. This is my advice to you: I went to school to become a medical assistant. However, for now I am a stay at home mom. I have been pregnant 12 times and have had 7 miscarriages. Due to Endometriosis on my ovaries and other places on my famale organs. I was told by Doctors in 2007 I could no longer have any more children and I needed a hysterectomy because I was unable to concieve. I searched the Internet. I found a product called Ovulex. Which is now called Fertility Blend. They have a product for men also. They have a cheaper brand called Fertil Aid. That has the same ingredients. But I swear by Fertility Blend since it helped me. I bought the product and was pregnant within the first month. Now me and my hubby both took it. Didnt even take it the whole month. I ended up getting the flu, so I couldnt take it at times. It worked for me. I was very skeptic. If you google it and look it up you can find lots of success stories of all sorts of people who took it with POCS and those who have tried IVF. It worked for me. So, I would check it out and see what you think. I am ttc again. And am taking Fertil Aid. Not sure if that is working. I will update everyone if it does. This is my first month taking it. My period is due the 12th. Tests are coming out negative. My hubby hasnt been taking the product this time though. But it could just be early. Also, suggest googling a ovulation calculator and putting in the first day of you last period and the length of your cycle. This will tell you the dates you should ovulate on. Again, everyone is different. Make sure to have intercourse on those dates. Every day if at all possible. This may not work for everyone but it sure did for me. Hoping it does again this time. I suggest just checking out the website and looking at the success stories. It is worth while. I am still skeptic. But I had a baby girl last September. Good luck to you. Don’t give up. I am not and didnt last time. Take care, and god bless. Good luck to you, me, and others ttc. I also suggest trying to stay away from Clomid. It is a fertility product that the Doctor can perscribe. It is cheap, the generic brand is. But I took it and had a tubal-ectopic pregnancy. It also has really awful side effects and causes lots of cysts on your ovaries that are very painful. Especially, if they burst. It can put you in the hospital it is very painful. However, that product can help you if you want to have multiples. My friend took it and had twins. But she has also had miscarriages with it also.

Carol asks…

should i ask for a paternity test?

my girlfriend was on the pill and we had sex at the beginning of her period, i left town for work and she decided to go off the pill the day after i left. that was june 20, i didnt see her until july 14, around the 5 of august she told me she was pregnant, the doctor said he thinks she got pregnant around july 5 and the due date should be around april 5 today was the first ultra sound i couldnt go cause of work, she said that shes 7 weeks 2 days pregnant according to the ultra sound, according to the pregnancy calculator shes 9 weeks 2 days, im guessing cause the date of pregnancy and conception are 2 weeks apart, it places her fertility window between june 29 and july 9, her estimated conception date is the 4 of july, i was 1000 miles away, according to the calculator the due date is march 26 and the dr said april 9, the dr and the calculator are within 2 weeks of eachother so i believe they are accurate, i know that a girl can get pregnant up to 3 days after sex and it takes 3 or 4 days to concieve (when the egg attaches it self to the wall) but even with a weeks grace either way i cant figure how i got her pregnant, i really dont want to ask for a test cause it will harm our relationship but i dont wanna be with a cheater either, she swears she wouldnt cheat but weve all heard that before and when i ask questions about the dates she gets mad and accuses me of not trusting her, which kinda makes me wonder if i should, when i ask she sayd does it really matter? were having a baby, please help i care for her alot and id love to have a family with her but im not accepting a child thats not mine and im deffinetly not staying with a cheater

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If her due date is April 5th, then her conception date is July 14th. You are already considered 2 weeks pregnant when you conceive. If the ultrasound said she is 7 weeks, two days, that means 5 weeks and two days ago you got her pregnant. Ultrasounds in the first trimester are highly accurate.

Don’t worry, you are the Daddy. Good luck!

Using http://www.babycenter.com/pregnancy-due-date-calculator?sub=true&lmp=false&month=6&day=14&year=2011
Congratulations! Your baby is due on or around:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Right now you’re about 7 weeks pregnant and your baby is the size of a blueberry.
See your personalized calendar below for a list of exciting pregnancy milestones.
Also, learn how due dates are calculated.

Mark your calendar!

Here’s when you can expect several key pregnancy milestones to happen. (All dates are best guesses, since every woman’s pregnancy is different).

July 14, 2011 (2 weeks pregnant)

Your baby’s conceived

Doctors start counting pregnancy from the first day of your last period, so at conception you’re considered 2 weeks along.

Lizzie asks…

My husband & I have been trying to get pregnant with baby #2 for 7 months with no luck.?

The first date of my last period was June 22. I was supposed to get my period on July 20th, but so far nothing. I took a home pregnancy test on the 22nd, and it was negative. I’ve tried using ovulation calculators, but have no idea how long my cycle is or how long my “luetal” stage is. What’s the deal?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You luetal phase is how many days after you ovulate that you get your period. If you ovulate on cycle day 12 and you get your period 14 days later then you luetal phase is 14 days. Just count the days from your normal ovulation date until you get your period and average it out through all your cycles and you should come up with a number. 14 is average and if you have normal periods then it’s probably around there.

You may have ovulated later than you normally do. If that’s the case then your period may not really be due yet, and may seem late when in fact it’s not. Wait a few days and if AF (Aunt Flow) is a no show test again.
I would suggest that you keep a BBT chart to help establish when you are ovulating, this may help you get pregnant. It may also answer some of the questions regarding your luetal phase.
Fertilityfriend.com has a great free interactive BBT chart, and fertility info.


Linda asks…

how do i know it’s implantation bleeding?

I’m two weeks from my period an am bleeding. I only see it when I wipe and have been feeling cramps. am I preggers?
is ovulation spotting so common that someone who has never had it have it all of a sudden. supposedly I ovulated on saturday.
thank you for your answer. It cleared up allot of confusion.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If you’re two weeks from your period, it’s more likely ovulation spotting. Implantation bleeding is extremely rare, and would likely happen within a week of your period being due. Ovulation spotting is actually a very good sign of high fertility.

You say ‘supposedly.’ Do you know for *sure*? Are you using an ovulation calculator? Because although a calculator can make an educated guess, your body ovulates on it’s own time. Not on an average based on many women that a calculator will give you. In all my years of ovulating, I have, a few times, experienced ovulation spotting. So yes, it can indeed happen all of a sudden even if you haven’t experienced it before. A day or 2 light bleeding and/or cramping right around ovulation is normal. It is another fertitlity sign that can help us identify where we are in our cycle. Its usually the result of sudden drop of estrogen just before ovulation.

The best way to track your ovulation – and to be able to be absolutely sure of the exact date – is to track your basal body temperature. Go to http://www.fertilityfriend.com and sign up for a free account. Take their online charting test. It will give you all the in’s and out’s of tracking your cycle.

The timing you’re giving in your question lines up with ovulation, not with implantation.

I wish you luck.

**********OK hold the phone. I just read another of your questions where you said you just got off birth control. Correct? This is likely just your body becoming adjusted to not being on birth control. Your body will usually take at least 2-3 months after stopping the birth control to regulate your cycles and ovulation again. I’m sorry.

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Having Sex 18 Hours Before Ovulation

Laura asks…

18 and a little worried.?

I had unprotected sex with the guy I have been with Sunday, and he went in me twice, then again on Tuesday when he went in me once. I am almost 100% sure I ovualted Wednesday, I had a dull pain in my abdomen for a few hours and my discharge was egglike (sorry*) thursday I had a little egg like dishcharge but no pain. But there is still a chance I ovulated before this week to, my cyle has been off. Do you think there is a large chance I am pregnant? Please be honest, also if you are here to be rude, I dont need that. I realize this isn’t the smartest thing ive done… hints my name. Thank you!


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Any time you have sex there is a chance of getting pregnant. Unprotected sex means there is a higher chance, and when its around the time of your ovulation there is an even higher chance. Wait a few weeks and take a test. Itll take two weeks for a fertilized egg to implant and another few weeks to miss your period so testing now would be a waste of money.

Donna asks…

If I am fertile from March 14-18?

And my husband and I have sex on the 18th, how long do I have to wait to have sex again to become pregnant, as I remember you can have sex 2 days before ovulation and after ovulation, cuz sperm lives inside for 72 hours???

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Count from the FIRST day of your period…count to day TEN. From day ten to day fifteen are the most potentially fertile days of your cycle. Say you start your period on April 10. Your most fertile days will be from April 20 to April 25. You have a five day window to make the baby. Just FYI… If you want a girl have sex in the early days of the “window”. If you want a boy ABSTAIN from days five to twelve then GO FOR IT! Boy sperm swim faster so get to the egg first if it’s already coming on down the fallopian tube. Girl sperm live longer so if you have sex early in your fertile days they can lurk for a long time in the fallopian tube just witing for that egg.

Helen asks…

What do you think about unprotected sex 5 days before ones period?

My daughter has come clean to me that she has had sex with her boyfriend and now she is terrified. She said that she took an ovulation test before she had intercourse and it was a negative and her period is rather regular, so she said and it will be in 5 days. Her ovulation date was on the 21st. (At least she knew when she ovulated) So she had smartly done it without a condom. What should I do? Should I get her any morning after pills just in case or I have nothing to worry about? Eggs can’t be fertilized when there is no egg to begin with. And also, what should I do with her? She is only 16 and already sexually active.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Plan B (morning-after pills) should be taken within 72 hours of intercourse. It acts by either stopping ovulation (if the woman is in the first half of her cycle) or by making the uterine lining inhospitable to a fertilized egg (if the woman is in the last half of her cycle). If the intercourse was within the last 72 hours, Plan B may be appropriate for your daughter. Be advised, however, that it does not have a 100% protection rate.

Fortunately your daughter has spoken to you about this. It means that she trusts you and she feels she can depend on you in this crisis. So many teenage girls don’t talk to their mothers about being sexually active. Your daughter is 16, which is the “age of legal consent” in most states, meaning she can legally have a sexual relationship. However, since she is under 18 you are still legally responsible for her health. She needs to realize this and not conceal the fact that she is sexually active.

Ovulation can occur at any time of the month. Most women ovulate mid-cycle (day 14 of a 28-day cycle). However, young women are especially prone to irregular ovlulation. The menstrual cycle happens when the brain and ovaries send 5 different hormonal messages back and forth, all month long, and this balance can be delicate in younger women.

Ovulation tests detect one of these hormones, LH (luteinizing hormone). LH tells the ovary to release an egg. Just before the release of an egg, LH will be present in the urine. However, an ovulation kit is not a reliable way to determine whether unprotected sex is “safe”.

We cannot tell you whether you daughter might be pregnant other than to state that any act of unprotected penis/vagina contact, any time of the month, has the potential to result in pregnancy.

Your daughter sounds like an intelligent young woman who trusts you. You and she should have an open, honest, adult discussion about the pros and cons of being sexually active. She and her boyfriend also need to talk about what they will do if the following occur: Pregnancy; HIV/AIDS; syphilis; gonorrhea; trichomoniasis; chlamydia; herpes; HPV (30 different sexually-transmitted types); hepatitis; yeast infections; and crabs (pubic lice). They should both be aware that these are all risks of being sexually active. This will be probably more difficult for you than for her.

Many 16-year-olds are not mature enough to be sexually active because they believe “It won’t happen to me, and if it does, I’ll deal with it then.” Your daughter needs to realize the risks and responsibilities that come with being sexually-active and to verbalize those risks to you, and to tell you what she will do if they happen. This should decrease some of the anxiety for both of you.

Once a teenager becomes sexually-active, it is often very difficult for them to stop. If your daughter is willing to accept the risks/responsibilities, you should discuss the different methods of birth control with her. My personal recommendation is that she stop having sex, but if you insist on this (and if she doesn’t want to) it may simply cause her to lie to you and sneak around.

Please share all of this with your daughter. I realize this is difficult for both of you, and I have been in the same position (as a teenager myself, and with my own daughter). I have volunteered at crisis pregnancy centers for over 10 years and have spoken to many, many (many!) teenagers, girls, women, and parents.

If your daughter’s period does not start, purchase a home pregnancy test. These detect HCG (the “pregnancy hormone”) that the implanted egg causes the body to excrete. They are most reliable about 10 days after a missed period, but some can be accurate within a few days after a missed period.

Good luck to you both. If you both work at this, you can keep your relationship with your daughter on good terms.

Mandy asks…

Girls! Birth Control! I have questions that need answers!?

Ok Hi I am a 16 year old girl and I am starting to think about sex like doing it. Honestly I am scared, like what if I did do it and I got prego then what? Anyway my question is….

Birth Control- how does it work? adn Does it work?

Does it help with your periods? Because I am like a weird period mine last like 16 days and then I get like a week and a half off then I get my period again so yea. Would birth control help with that at all like making them shorter?

Do you gain weight with the pill?

And anything else you could tell me would be great!
However I don’t want the answer “Your to young.” “Don’t do it.” Or the ” You can still get pregent with the pill” Cuz I am aware of all that!

Thank you so much and sorry for teh miss spelling’s =)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

First off, whoever is telling you that you are “too young to have sex” they need to shut up.
Over 90% of the nation has sex before age 18, and before marriage, so this is COMPLETELY NORMAL. At least your wanting to be safe about it!

Yes, the pill will definately help with your irregular periods.
And yes, i gained about 5 pounds when i was on the pill, but it cleared my skin and my boobs grew aswell, so it wasn’t so bad. Just be sure to excersize and eat decently, and you’ll be fine.

The birth control pill works by generating more tissue lining in your uterus to make it more difficult for sperm to attach to the uterus walls, and it stops ovulation, so there will no longer be an egg moving through your fallopian tubes each month, and sitting in your uterus waiting to be fertilized.

Take it every day, at the same time, at least no more then a 2 hour difference, and it will be 98% effective.

You will get your period at the end of your birth control pack where the pills are usually a different color, and they are called “reminder pills”.

Ruth asks…

Pregnancy after having sex twice?

me and gf had sex for the first time we penetrated for about 4-5 min and i pulled out just out of safety and we did other things till i finally finished (keep in mind it was not near her Vagina). Then after one hour we had sex again.. Same process as the last time penetrated for 4-5 min and finished in a area not near her vagina. What are my risks of pregnancy. I didnt feel any pre cum during the second time and i finished 20 min after pulling out from both times due to other methods.

We didnt use protection during both times ( i know its stupid of me)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You wouldn’t notice pre-c*m leaking out & it does contain sperm but whether she becomes pregnant depends on whereabouts in her menstrual cycle she was, women can only conceive if your sperm meets her egg in her fallopian tube. Ovulation happens mid cycle usually about 14 days before her next period is due. If she was due to ovulate when you had sex she has a 1 in 5 chance (20%) of conceiving & an 80% chance of not getting pregnant.

Remember if you take a risk she can always get Plan B (emergency contraception) up to 3 days after having unprotected sex or she can have an emergency coil (IUD) fitted up to 5 days after sex. Better to use condoms unless you 2 plan on raising a child for the next 18 years? Condoms also protect against STIs which both men & women can transmit to each other.

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