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Lh Surge And Ovulation Chart

Sandy asks…

Peak on Clearblue but bbt chart not corresponding?

I got a peak reading on my clearblue monitor on CD18 and 19 however my bbt has not yet increased.Has that ever happ to anyone?Also the other fertility signs like CM has become sticky and CP has also become medium,so i knw that im not fertile anymore….but i dont knw why my bbt is not corresponding to the other signs…Also im on Clomid for the 1st time from CD 5-9.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The PEAK reading on your Clearblue fertility monitor means that it has detected the LH surge in your urine. The LH surge is the luteneising hormone you get just before you ovulate. It means you will ovulate around 24-36 hours later from the first positive LH surge. Your temperature won’t rise until AFTER you’ve ovulated, so that’s why your BBT chart isn’t corresponding with the CBFM’s Peak days. The Peak days don’t mean you’ve ovulated – they are giving you warning that you will do so in about 24-36 hours.

Ovulation will only be confirmed by BBT once you’ve had over 3 days of consecutively higher temps. The ovulation day is normally the lower one. You may well find that after CD20 your temps will rise.

I don’t know if you are charting your BBT on the Fertility Friend website, but it is very good in telling you when you ovulated.

Sandra asks…

if you are already pregnant and its to early to get a positive result yet ?

is its possible that the ferlity testing strips will not work………..because each time I test with the fertlity tests it comes back negative ? Please help
ovulation tests?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It’s possible, but I doubt that’s the issue. Most ovulation tests will turn positive if you’re pregnant.

You may not be ovulating at all or you’re missing your LH surge. It’s easy to miss. Around the time you think you will be ovulating, take 2 ovulation stripes per day.

Also chart bbt and look for ewcm to indicate/pinpoint ovulation.

Good luck!

Sharon asks…


does it ever show you a smiley face on a certain day when you are actually not ovulating on that day? is it possible?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I use CBE digital and have always gotten the smiley face when I ovulate. I also do BBT temp charting and the day after I get my smiley face I’ve always seen a rise in my temps, which is what indicates that ovulation happened.

The OPK can tell you that your body is getting ready to ovulate by detecting your LH surge, but it can’t absoultely prove that you DID ovulate. Only that your body got ready to.

Is there a reason you’re thinking you didn’t ovulate? You might want to consider BBT charting which is the only definitive way to prove you did ovulate by your temp rise.

Much dust to ya

Mary asks…

After you get a positive OPK, then you test again and get a lighter/negative one, is that a sign you ovulated?

I am temping etc. I guess what I am asking is should I continue to test, or if I was going to ovulate I likely did….

in other words once you ovulate, does the OPK go lighter again? I think that is best way to phrase what i am asking. Hope this makes sense.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

A positive OPK means your LH is surging, and you should ovulate within 12-48 hours. The fact that the surge is going down means your should be ovulating right now.

Here’s a chart that clearly shows hormone changes in relation to ovulation, and when LH does come down in relation to ovulation.


If your temp shoots up tomorrow, then no need to take another ovulation test, if it doesnt, then it might be good to keep on taking them until you get a temp shift with charting.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

With PCOS what steps of fertility treatment do you take?

I am currently seeing Dr. Seth Katz with Reach Fertility Clinic. I have had an HSG Test, and I have also tried Clomid Estradiol and Prochieve. Please let me know what else they can do for me? I am currently overweight and i have been working to correct this problem even though it has not happened yet.. I currently take 2000 mg of metformin a day..

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Here is what I’ve found while dealing with PCOS and TTC, some of it may apply to you, some may not, just my observations/findings:

1) Chart. You need to know if you’re ovulating. With PCOS you can get the LH surge (ie test positive on an ovulation predictor strip), but not ovulate. The best way to determine if you ovulated is your basal body temperature. If it goes up and stays up you O’d (not the fun kind, but the important kind).

2) Insulin is the devil. Especially for you, because PCOS and Insulin Resistance are twin sisters and they hate you. If your insulin resistance is fair to normal, you can control it with diet. Lower carb, no sugar/flour, lots of fruits and veggies. Good book to check out is Fertility Foods by Jeremy Groll. Designed for PCOS.

3) If your insulin resistance is pretty bad and diet isn’t doing the trick, you may need some drugs to help out Metformin/Glucophage is a big helper. If that doesn’t do the trick Actos can be brought to the party.

4) Did I mention charting? You really need to know if you’re ovulating or not. Because if not, you may need some ovarian stimulation ala Clomid/Femara. It’s dirt cheap as these things go and is pretty effective with the PCOS set. I personally have gotten pregnant with Clomid and am on Femara now.

5) Take your vitamins. Start your prenatals now. They help. And they do wonders for your hair and nails.

6) Exercise. I know it sucks, but it really helps with the insulin resistance. You need 150 minutes of exercise a week, preferably 100 minutes of cardio and 50 of strength training. Muscles are good for fighting insulin resistance. This is the area where I really suck at meeting my goals.

7) If you’re overweight, lose some weight. A loss of just 5% can have a tremendous impact on your insulin resistance.
8) Use full fat dairy if you use dairy at all. The lower fat dairy has a disproportionately high level of androgen hormones which can exacerbate PCOS.

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Length Of Lh Surge During Ovulation

Sandra asks…

when is a dogs heat over!?

my female and male dog are seperated right now cause my female went into heat. My male is going CRAZY! he constantly whines when in or out of the house! its driving me nutz! he was fine last week but this week he is out of control going crazy!

I know what everyone is going to say… to get her fixed. I havent because I am looking into finding a new home for her because my relationship is failing and I dont have any options and just cant care for her right now. With work and trying to find an apartment- she is a big dog and needs a backyard. So I didnt get her fixed in case the next owner doesnt want her fixed.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Sexually mature female dogs will go through a heat cycle once, or more commonly, twice a year. Each cycle consists of four stages:

1. Proestrus: Characterized by swelling of the vulva and release of a bloody vaginal discharge. Sometimes the discharge is milky and other times dark red (or somewhere in between in colour). Between bitches, there is a large variation in the length of proestrus, with an average length of 9 days, and a range of 1 to 17 days. This is the “pre-heat” during which the male is progressively more attracted to the female, but the female still rejects the male. This is a high female hormone (estrogen) stage.

2. Estrus: This phase is often termed standing heat because it is during this stage that the female will receive the male dog. Average length for estrus is 9 days, but again, between dogs there is large variation (range 3 to 21 days). At this point, the discharge may be absent, or perhaps straw coloured. This stage is characterized by an increase in progesterone hormone and an LH (luteinizing hormone) surge that leads to ovulation.

3. Diestrus: At this point, the female usually no longer stands for the male, especially further into the diestrus stage. Vaginal discharge tapers off and the diestrus phase lasts an average of about 60 days. Diestrus begins 6 days after ovulation. Progesterone hormones remain high throughout this phase.

4. Anestrus: This is the resting phase between the active portions of the cycles. It normally lasts about 5 months.

Hopefully that answers all of your questions. If not surely one of the sources that I listed below can help you out.

Maria asks…

Another Ovulation Question?

I am doing the OPK I am cd11 when do you think i should see an LH surge my cycle is usually 28-29 day cycle

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

What is ovulation?

Ovulation is the release of a single, mature egg from a follicle that developed in the ovary. It usually occurs regularly, around day 14 of a 28-day menstrual cycle. Once released, the egg is capable of being fertilized for 12 to 48 hours before it begins to disintegrate. This is the most fertile period of your cycle: during ovulation your chances of conception are highest.

When does ovulation occur?

Ovulation usually takes place 14 days after the beginning of your menstrual cycle. The time of ovulation within the menstrual cycle is determined by the luteal phase, which is usually 12 to 16 days long. You can calculate the time of ovulation within your cycle by subtracting the length of your luteal phase from the length of your cycle. For example, if your cycle is 28 days long and your luteal phase is 12 days long, the ovulation will occur on day 16 of your cycle (28-12=16). The exact time of ovulation may vary within your cycle, because ovulation can be delayed by a number of factors such as stress, illness, diet, or increased physical activity.

How does ovulation determine my fertile days?

Your fertile period starts about 4-5 days before ovulation, and ends about 24-48 hours after it. This is because sperm can live in your body for approximately 4 to 5 days, and the egg can live for 24 to 48 hours after being released. You are most fertile on the day before and the day of ovulation. Knowing your fertile days can help you increase your chances of getting pregnant, or avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Read Ovulation and Pregnancy and Ovulation and Contraception for more information.

How do I calculate my fertile days using Ovulation Calendar?

Ovulation Calendar calculates your fertile days based on your menstrual cycle data. To use Ovulation Calendar you need to enter the first day of your last period, the length of your menstrual cycle, and the length of your luteal phase if you know it. Based on these data, Ovulation Calendar generates your personal daily fertility chart showing the fertile days in green:

Read these topics to learn how Ovulation Calendar can help you:

Avoiding pregnancy
Getting pregnant
Conceiving a boy
Conceiving a girl

Can I feel ovulation?

You may experience lower abdominal discomfort, a slight rise in body temperature, and changes in cervical mucus during ovulation. Prior to ovulation, your cervical mucus is cloudy and thicker, and a few days before ovulation it becomes clear, slippery, and stretchy like raw egg whites. Immediately following ovulation, your body temperature can increase by 0.4 to 1.0 degrees Fahrenheit. About 20% of women feel discomfort or pain in their lower abdomen as the egg leaves the ovary. This condition is known as ‘mittelschmerz’, and it usually lasts from a few minutes to several hours.

What happens in my body during ovulation?

The process of ovulation is triggered by the release of Luteinizing Hormone (LH). The levels of this hormone increase significantly about 1-2 days before ovulation, causing the egg to be released from the ovary (this increase is known as the ‘LH surge’). The egg travels down the fallopian tube towards the uterus. If fertilization does not occur within 24 to 48 hours after ovulation, the egg disintegrates and is expelled with the uterus lining at the start of your next period, usually 12-16 days later. If fertilization occurs, the egg implants itself in the lining of the uterus and begins its growth, resulting in a pregnancy.

Linda asks…

Im TTC but i got my period today(feb.10,2008).I think my two sisters got pregnant close to their periods.?

what would be the best time to have sex when ovulation occurs during my period time ? thanks.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It is physically impossible to ovulate when you are on your period. Regardless of length of cycle, every woman ovulates 14 days prior to her period. It always takes 14 days after ovulation for the period to begin, due to the hormonal changes that need to occur to bring on a period. This doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant near your expected period, it just means that you ovulated later than normal, and so if you hadn’t conceived your period will be later than expected. The best thing to do is take at home ovulation tests (purchase at any pharmacy) – just a stick you pee on at the same time every day (usually afternoon) and that will detect your LH surge (the hormone that releases the egg) so you will have a better idea of when to try. Depending on how regular your cycle is, you may need to use a lot of these (I have an irregular cycle that averages 40 days, and used 3 boxes the month I finally conceived). Good luck – I know it’s hard to be patient!

Ruth asks…

Clearblue Fertility Monitor – Programmed for 2 Peak & 2 High?

I’ve been reading a lot of the questions/answers regarding the CBF Monitor and I’ve seen this a couple of times – - – that the monitor is programmed to give you two peak days, then two high days and then go back to low. Therefore folks have stated to stop testing after your first peak day. Is this true? Reason I ask is b/c on my day 9 I was low and then day 10 & 11 I was PEAK (with no high days inbetween). Today, day 12, I’m high. Thoughts? Should I stop testing?
And one more question for you – On my first peak day (day 10), my husband & I ‘baby danced’ that night; did not on day 11. Thoughts on that as well?
Sorry for all the questions… Thanks in advance!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

An over the counter conception aid that can help you maximize your chances of conceiving your baby better than any other method. It is the most advanced technology available without a prescription. It is the first and only palm-sized electronic system that monitors your personal hormones to provide you with an unmistakable display of your personal level of fertility every day of your cycle. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor measures 2 key hormones to more accurately identify more fertile days than any other over the counter method while storing your personalized data for up to six cycles.

How accurate is the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor?
In laboratory testing, the Monitor was found to be 99% accurate in detecting the LH surge.
It is important to remember that there are no products available that can guarantee success in achieving pregnancy. The Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor is suitable for women whose natural monthly cycle normally lasts between 21 to 42 days in length. If you have intercourse during High and Peak Fertility days it can help you maximize your chances of conceiving your baby.

It is important to remember that there are no products available that can guarantee success in achieving pregnancy. The Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor is suitable for women whose natural monthly cycle normally lasts between 21 to 42 days in length. If you have intercourse during High and Peak Fertility days it can help you maximize your chances of conceiving your baby.

It is important to remember that there are no products available that can guarantee success in achieving pregnancy. The Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor is suitable for women whose natural monthly cycle normally lasts between 21 to 42 days in length. If you have intercourse during High and Peak Fertility days it can help you maximize your chances of conceiving your baby.

It tracks 2 hormones, estrogen and LH through urine samples. After inserting the test sticks into the unit, a result will given as to whether you are in a Low, High, or Peak Fertile period. This unit stores your information for several months.
Who Should Use It:

You are fairly regular
You are looking for a method that requires no self interpretation, as it does all the work for you.
You may still use the ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor if you are taking Clomid, but please be aware that the Fertility Monitor may not reliably detect High Fertility. However, it may still be possible to detect Peak Fertility. Therefore, if you are taking Clomid and trying to conceive, you may still benefit from using the ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor, but consult with your physician first. In a recent study on patients using the ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor while taking Clomid, some patients did experience more High Fertility days when taking Clomid but their Peak Fertility days were still accurately identified.
You Should Not Use It If::

Your doctor has determined that you are not ovulating spontaneously
Your cycles are shorter than 22 days or longer than 42 days.
Your cycles are erratic and very irregular
You have been diagnosed with PCOS
You have recently been pregnant, are currently/recently stopped breast feeding, stopped using hormonal contraception. You should have at least 2 natural cycles before using this product.
You have impaired kidney function
You can not reliably take the test the same time every morning.
You are on anti-biotics that contains tetracyclines
You are using hormonal contraception, certain fertility treatments (especially those containing hCG and LH) and hormone replacement therapy.

The New And Advanced OV-Watch® is worn on the woman’s wrist while she sleeps. Women start wearing OV-Watch® on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd day of their menstrual cycle and wear it through ovulation. It measures a woman’s changes in her chloride ion levels that are secreted in perspiration every 30 minutes and records up to 12 readings per period.

OVWatch’s patented technology detects the chloride ion surge and alerts the woman to FERTILE DAY 1, FERTILE DAY 2, FERTILE DAY 3, FERTILE DAY 4, OVULATION DAY 1, and the day after. It is the ONLY device of its kind that can give you the 4 days BEFORE ovulation. That can make all the difference when you are trying to conceive.

Please see the User Reference Guide for complete instructions on “how to start your next cycle”. OVWatch® can be used for this pregnancy and subsequent pregnancies, and unlike urine based products can be shared with a friend after you are pregnant.

With OV-Watch’s Advanced Technology, you will get Advanced Notice of ovulation. It is a common misconception for couples trying to conceive that they should only have intercourse when the female is ovulating. It is true that the time of ovulation is when the sperm fertilizes the egg for conception; however, the day of ovulation is not the only day that is considered “fertile”.

According to several published medical articles the highest probability of conception occurs with intercourse on the days prior to ovulation, rather than the day of ovulation itself. Most health experts believe a woman’s cervical mucus is at its most fertile stage in the days before ovulation1. And since sperm is reported to live for 6 days in the genital tract, having intercourse on those four days before ovulation may hold a woman’s highest probability of conception for that month.

OV-Watch differs from the LH urine stick tests, in that it detects the 4 crucial days before ovulation, as opposed to the LH test sticks that simply detect the LH surge that is 12-24 hours before ovulation.

Using urine strips and charting temperature to identify when you are ovulating can be messy, inconvenient, and may lead to inaccurate results. Urine testing for the LH surge may miss ovulation in up to one third of women. A woman’s LH surge is detected in the urine only 12-24 hours before ovulation.

Only OV-Watch’s patented technology can find the 4 days before you ovulate in an easy to use, lightweight, wrist -mounted fertility predictor. Those 4 days do make all the difference when trying to conceive. Why waste any more time.

Laura asks…

why do ovulation occur from alternate ovary every month?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

What is Ovulation?
Ovulation refers to a specific phase in your menstrual cycle. Known as the ovulatory phase, it is during this time that your body releases an egg for fertilization. During the ovulatory phase, your body sends a series of signals that trigger an increase in the levels of estrogen in your body. In turn, this increase sets off a rise in luteinizing hormone (called the LH surge), a special hormone that helps you ovulate. When this LH surge reaches a certain point, one of your ovaries releases an egg. This egg will then travel down the fallopian tubes in order to be fertilized.

When Does Ovulation Occur?
It can be hard to predict exactly when ovulation occurs. This is because every woman’s cycle is different and can even vary individually from month to month. Typically, it is assumed that every woman has a cycle around 28 days in length. However, your cycle may last anywhere from 21 to 35 days in length. Ovulation occurs at different times in different women, depending upon the length of your menstrual cycle.

A good rule of thumb is to remember that ovulation typically takes place about two weeks before menstruation. This means that, if you have a 28-day cycle, you will ovulate around Day 14. However, few women ovulate like clockwork. As a result, ovulation can occur anywhere from Day 8 to Day 20 depending on the length of your cycle. In order to find out when you ovulate, it is necessary to look closely at specific signs that your body gives off.

Why You Need to Know
So why would you want to know when you are ovulating in the first place? Well, women find that knowing when they ovulate helps to provide them with control over their own fertility. Knowing when you ovulate can help you:

* Track your menstrual period: Keeping track of your ovulation will help you to predict when your menstruation is going to arrive, so you won’t be caught off guard. It is also especially useful for women with irregular periods or endometriosis, who often don’t ovulate.
* Get Pregnant: It is during ovulation that you are at your most fertile. If you are trying to get pregnant, timing intercourse around your ovulation can greatly increase your chances of conception.
* Preventing Pregnancy: Women who are sexually active but who don’t want to get pregnant sometimes monitor their ovulation in order to prevent pregnancy. By refraining from sexual intercourse around the time of ovulation, you can reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

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How Long Is Your Lh Surge Supposed To Last

Jenny asks…

Was the timing wrong?

I stared my last cycle on Aug. 5 and I got a +opk on Thurs. Aug. 23. I am supposed to start my period on Fri. Sept. 5 (33 day cycle). Yesterday afternoon (12 days past opk) I tested and got a negative. I was SO sad I could barely handle it. I know I shouldn’t test until after I miss my period but isn’t 12 days after ov. long enough to wait? Is there still a possibility of being pregnant? Thank in advance for the answers.
Oops I meant I am supposed to start on Friday Sept. 7.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Well first off you are only guessing if and when you may have ovulated, as a result you are guessing if you may be pregnant and if it is time to test.

An OPK test only tells you that you may ovulate, or may may have ovulated. All it measures is the LH surge that comes about just as the body prepares to release an egg. It does not even mean there is an egg to release.

At this point we have no idea if you timed intercourse to occur the 2 days before and the day of ovulation, because we do even know if and when that occurred.

So, you may or may not be pregnant and you will not know until you have your period or a positive pregnancy test in the next week or so. Until that point, it is all just a guess on your end and even more of a guess on ours.

If you truly want to know if and when you are ovulating, you need to be charting and not relying on the OPK tests. So until it is time to know, there really isn’t much sense stressing yourself out.

Good luck, perhaps you may want to know what your body is doing and chart for your next cycle, if and when it occurs.

Mandy asks…

Cm and ovulation?

i ovulated last week (i no this as i did a ovulation test) but my cm what still white and creamy instead of the egg white type did i still ovulate successfully?? ttc and have pcos so very rare for me to ovulate so really hoping cm isnt to important.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I do not get the egg white mucus, mune stays creamy. I managed to get pregnant with my daughter the first month I tried despite this. This time around it’s taking longer, so I ordered pre-seed. It’s supposed to help with the lack of fertile cm.

Now, with PCOS, the OPK’s are not always the best thing. This is because they will come back positive because you have the LH surge but then you will not ovulate. The surge will occur over and over when you have PCOS meaning that your body is trying to ovulate. You should chart your temperature to be sure. This is really the only way to know for sure you ovulated. Good luck.


Lisa asks…

How long can sperm last inside the female body?

How long after a man ejaculates inside the woman does it stay before ovulation occurs?
I had sex on the
27th (Wed)
29th (Fri)

I was supposed to ovulate on the 29th CD16
But i did a test on the 31st cause of pain near ovaries and got a + Test.
But did not bed due to my Fiancee being ill.

Have i still a good chance of getting pregnant this month?
As i had been getting clear and yellow discharge when i wiped?

So again my question could the sperm when i had sex on friday last two/three days till ovulation occurred on the 31st or was it too late?
I had a clear cerivcal fluid which turned yellowy creamy colour before sex on the friday!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

In fertile cervical mucus (also known as the stretchy egg white CM) sperm can last UP to 7 days. Are you referring to an OPK test? Because actually ovulation occurs usually 12-36 hours after your positive LH surge. There is a possibility you could get pregnant. Your best bet is to BD every other day and the day after ovulation. Best wishes!!

Donna asks…

Wondering if pregnant?

I had my last period on June 28, and my husband and i had sex July 6 and we had sex July 10 and we had sex July 12 but he did not have a orgasm on July 12, I am supposed to be fertle between July 9 thru July 14. I was ovalulating July 11, 12, 13 and were supposed to do it again tonight. So what do you think? Thanks

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

First off as I’m sure you know, any time you have unprotected sex you can make a baby!

Also keep in mind that a man does not have to have an orgasm to release sperm. Most men have pre come that can be enough to fertalize an egg.

Since it sounds like you are trying to get pregnant I suggest starting to take a prenatal vitamin if you havent already. This can help keep you fertile and prepare you for youre new baby.

As for being pregnant right now, if you havent actually ovulated yet, you wont know if you are pregnant. Most woman can test positive with a urine test 10 days after conception (however, some woman can test negative thru their first trimester). So if tonight there is still a chance you’re ovulating I suggest trying to make your baby again to be safe. Even tomorrow for extra safety. (I’m sure your husband wont mind…ha ha)

If you are looking for more help as to when you are ovulating ClearBlue Easy makes an ovulation test that works very well! It detects your LH Surge and tells you when you are ovulating for sure.

Most woman ovulate around the 14th day of their period, but keep in mind that if your cycle length is longer or shorter than 28 days, your ovulation date will change.

After all this sex you are doing in hopes of having a baby, I would suggest testing yourself in 10 days to see if you are positive. If not, wait until your expected start of your period and try again. However if you are 10 days late from your expected start for your period and are still testing negative you might want to check with your doctor.

I hope this helps!!! Good luck!!

Sandra asks…

long post about multiple +opks, please read!?

hi everyon,

I posted earlier this week and I just was hoping for more insight as I’ve searched the site and still don’t feel assured that I’ve ovulated.

For the last two cycles (before that I was on the pill for 2 months and prior to that had lap surgery to diagnose endo) I’ve had 32 days and 34 days respectively. This is our 14 cycle ttc.

I have a nagging feeling last cycle was a chemical pregnancy as I was the latest i’ve ever been , had some light spotting two days before AF, and I took a test on the last day on internet cheapie and I thought I saw a very very very very light second line…it was almost like someone put clear tape over the test but it was as wide as the control line…my dh saw it too. The next day Af showed up…I took another hpt test (digital) a couple days later regardless and it said not pregnant.

That brings me to this cycle…I used a digital opk on Tuesday morning (a day before I was supposed to) and it was a smiley face…I’ve taken one every morning and afternoon since and they’re still positive!!! today is Friday and I didn’t take one this afternoon but will use my last one tomorrow morning). Based on previous cycles I didn’t expect to ovulate until some time between Sunday and Tuesday (MY LMP started on May 20).

WE BD on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and this morning…

sorry it’s so long and I hope it’s not too confusing…I just feel frustrated…we’re on vacation next week and if I haven’t ovulated that would kinda be good since we’ll have lots of free time ;)

thanks ax…I used to temp but I’m not the best sleeper and my temps were always so erratic because of it I stopped…it made me more stressed because I was always over analyzing them and probably threw my cycles off even more hahaha!!!
wishful? what makes u think I’m pregnant if I had a period 16 days ago and a negative digital hpt after my period started???

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It sounds to me like you had your LH surge earlier than you expected to. Sometimes when we are ttc we stress so much that we actually alter our cycles. There is nothing set in stone that says we ovualte on a certain date every month. Sometimes we go earlier than expected and sometimes later. I would trust the test and keep BDing. Good luck!
PS You may want to consider using a temp chart also. That will give you a better idea as to when you ovulate every month.

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Ovulation Symptoms On Birth Control

Susan asks…

Can stopping birth control bring on symptoms of low progesterone or endometriosis?

I was on Yaz for almost two years, and stopped Dec. 09. Before I was on BC I always had crazy bad cramps and painful periods. After stopping BC, I started spotting between cycles a lot. It’s increased to pretty much the whole 2ww now. My cramps aren’t as bad as they used to be, although they’ve been slowly increasing each month. Now I have what feels like ovulation pains from several days before ovulation all the way through the 2ww, sometimes dull, sometimes really sharp. Some people have suggested low progesterone or endometriosis, which I’ll ask about at my dr’s appt next month. Has anyone else developed spotting or cramping after stopping BC?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Based on your description, it sounds like endometriosis is a possibility. The birth control pills would have helped with those symptoms, and when you stopped it your hormone levels began to return to their previous unregulated state.

Ruth asks…

Pregnancy symptoms? Or side effects of birth control?

I recently started taking birth control pills, within the first month I had unprotected sex (no pull out, or anything) I know you’re supposed to have a back up method, but we didn’t use one. It happened to be one of the days I was ovulating, about 14 dpo I started bleeding, a little late for implantation bleeding I thought. It started out brown but ended up as a light pink color and lasted about 5 days. I know birth control can effect your period so I wasn’t sure which it was. I’ve taken numerous pregnancy tests that came out negative, but i’ve also taken ovulation tests on days I should DEFINITELY be ovulating, and came out with negative, so it actually makes me question the tests? They were ordered from ebay, supposedly the kind they use in doctor’s offices.. I haven’t seen any dramatic side effects, I find myself getting tired, and irritable, but no frequent urination or breast tenderness. I’ve been having some extreme depression, and severe mood swings. Also, I don’t currently have medical insurance, so I’m unable to get a blood test done at this time.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Your symptoms may just be the birth control. The first time I was on birth control I had mood swings and headaches also my first period was short and not at all normal. I was bleeding very lightly. But to be sure you should deffinately go to a doctor. Although you don’t have insurance search online for a community clinic near you. They are often inexpensive and most of the time they have a payment plan so you pay as you go. I used a community clinic during my pregnancy and I was treated very professionally and its not what everybody thinks (too many people and not enough help)

Mandy asks…

How long after ovulation will you feel pregnancy symptoms?

I went off birth control at the begining of Dec. I have had 1 period since and it was right on time. I think that I just ovulated and want to know when I would feel symptoms of pregnancy (if I am pregnant) What are some very early signs of pregnancy?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I wish we had the right answer but like all of the answers every women is different if you think you might have wait until your next period and due a test I wish you all the best.

Nancy asks…

Necon/Ortho Novum birth control-anyone else experience these symptoms?

Oh my goodness what a bad two months. I’ll start off by saying I have been on birth control for the majority of the last seven and a half years and haven’t ever felt like this. I first noticed something was wrong around the time of ovulation–I had this strange throbbing feeling on the right side of my abdomen and excessive discharge that wasn’t normal for me. I had intercourse with my boyfriend a few days later, and not even five minutes after we were finished, I experienced the worst pain of my entire life for TWO HOURS—I even ended up going to the ER!!! Doctors all thought I had a cyst rupture. I didn’t attribute it to the birth control till the pain came back around at the exact same time the next month (which is now, as I’m writing this). My boyfriend and I do long-distance, and I’m terrified to have intercourse again when I see him in six days. I can’t handle another rupture. Also, on Necon (generic Ortho Novum), I noticed upper back pain, breast swelling/HORRIBLE tenderness (though having bigger breasts was awesome and worth the tenderness), and pain in my legs that did thankfully go away after a few days. The worst part though was I was having overwhelming anxiety/nervousness for at least 3-4 hours a day, which made my heart beat rapidly and made me worry more. The only good thing I noticed (besides bigger breasts) was my sex drive was MAJORLY increased. I have unfortunately always had a low libido, but now I find myself wanting sex all the time. Come to think of it, it’s surprisingly grown a bit annoying because sometimes it’s all I can think of. I’m afraid that the pain in my abdomen, upper back, breasts and legs is not worth the increased libido, and when I am done with this pack in a week in a half, you bet I’ll be trying something different!! Too many hormones! (I’m trying Ortho-Tricyclen Lo.)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

COMMON side effects persist or become bothersome when using Ortho-Novum 1/50:

Breast tenderness; bleeding between menstrual periods; change in vaginal mucus; headache; nausea; nervousness; rash; spotty darkening of the skin (especially on the face); stomach cramps and bloating; vaginal infection; vomiting; weight or appetite change.

Seek medical attention right away if any of these SEVERE side effects occur when using Ortho-Novum 1/50:
Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); breast lumps; calf or leg pain or swelling; chest pain; coughing of blood; dark urine or light-colored bowel movements; depression; dizziness or fainting; fever; heaviness in the chest; lack of energy or fatigue; loss of appetite; loss of scalp hair; mood change; numbness in arm or leg; partial or complete loss of vision or other vision changes; sleeping problems; slurred speech; stomach pain or tenderness; sudden severe headache; sudden shortness of breath; swelling of the fingers or ankles; weakness on one side of the body; yellowing of the skin or eyes.

Sandy asks…

Are these symptoms of pregnancy or ovulation?

I got my period last month on the 16th, and had sex two days after it ended (with a condom, which didnt break and im not on birth control) and today i’ve had cramps and slight breast tenderness (ive only started to notice in the last couple of hours) but it’s only the second, i usually get period cramps a week or week and half before my period.. it just doesnt seem like it’s the right time. Am i wrong? Are these period symptoms or pregnancy symptoms? And when am i eligible to take a pregnancy test?
also ive been reeeally bloated!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms then no, it is not too early to take a test. If you have enough hcg in your system to actually feel pregnancy symptoms then there will be enough to show up on a pregnancy test.

However, it doesn’t sound like you are pregnant. It honestly sounds like ovulation symptoms as it has only been about 2 weeks since your last period and that is too early for you to be experiencing any pregnancy symptoms. It is too early for implantation to even have occured.

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Ovulation Calculator Boy

Lisa asks…

A helpful website and a question on online calculators/calendars! *please read*?

I posed this question in the Trying To Conceive section too (just some people don’t check both Pregnancy and the TTC sections).

Now, I’m one of those women that really don’t trust ovulation or period calculators.
But the tools in this one really helps more than any of the others:

The period calculator takes FIVE of your last periods (if you can remember, lol) and averages your cycles (and tells you how long each were between periods).

And the ovulation calendar/calculator shows you the whole calendar of your cycle and has labels and suggestions on each day that tells you when to start doing things and your chance for a boy/girl and what should happen on that day.

I don’t trust them completely with my cycle, but it does help me get an idea of where to start instead of having the calculate EVERYTHING myself, which sucks, because my cycles change to any number between 28-32 days.

So, this was mainly a post to help some who are ttc and for my own personal help with your past experiences with them.

My questions are, have you used an online calculator/calendar and conceived?
What one was it? (was it the one I provided?)
How long did it take to conceive?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I used http://www.askdramy.com/ovulationcalc.html
It gives a play by play of what happens throughout the month.

I used it with baby number two, and it took us two months to get pregnant with him.
I also used it with this baby, cause my hubby was in Iraq. He was coming home for a three week R and R. We decided to go on a vacation to Hawaii. I used the website above to make sure when I would be fertile. I gave him some dates, and hoped he was able to get them for R and R. Well…. He was, and you know the rest.
I had a friend of mine use it once, but lost contact with her so I do not know how it went with her.

Laura asks…

scared, worried, confused?

im scared i might be pregnant.. my boy friend and i had sex about three weeks ago. it was unprotected and i found out (on one of those ovulation calculators) that i was ovulating at the time. im a few days late for my period and im usually Always on schedule. i took a pregnancy test yesterday (two days after the missed period) and it was negative. I’m a little confused/scared/worried. any help, advice or NICE comments would be appreciated.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It could just be stress effecting our cycle. Mine does that a lot and I had to take a test 4 times to even make sure I was pregnant with the little boy I’m currently carrying. Just relax and take another test in a few days. If you still aren’t sure, go to the doctor to make certain.

Jenny asks…

Day 14 of my 28 day cycle and OPK keep coming up negative.?

I had a miscarriage in May which resulted in me having to have a d&c. Have had 2 normal periods afterwards. I started doing opk testing on day 10, now on 14 and still negative. Starting to get worried I’m not ovulating. On day 12 I started getting blobs of ewcm so I thought by now I would definately have a +opk. On the internet ovulation calculators it says I should ovulate on day 14 so now I am starting to worry. We are trying for a boy baby this time (have 2 girls already) so really want to pinpoint ovulation so we can try the shettles method, so don’t want to bed before ovulation is picked up. Should I keep testing and keep fingers crossed I will ovulate??? I am testing twice a day 10am and 5pm. Thanks
Now day 15 and still negative! Still have watery cm so still a little hopefull things may still happen this month. How late do some people ovulate? Would surely be unusual for everyone to ovulate on day 14???
Woohoo!!! a + on opk today!! Just ovulated later than I thought I would.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

First off, I am so sorry you had a miscarriage. That is a terrible thing to happen.

I have found that these ovulation tests are unreliable. You are better off taking your temperature and recording it every morning before you get up. Also, look for other signs such as watery, egg white type discharge mid cycle. This is a good indicator of ovulation as well.

Helen asks…

I know it’s early but could I be pregnant?

Could I possibly be pregnant? I have taken the First Response Ovulation Tests and my Lch Surge keeps coming up negative even though I’m in my high fertility days. I’ve checked numerous Ovulation Calculators.
But my Surge is negative, no discharge, had nausea and light fever. I know I’m not infertile I have a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old twins all girls. We are hoping for a boy. Could there be any other signs that I might possibly be pregnant. We have had sex less than 18 hours before my Ovulation time according to the First Response test instructions. And if I am pregnant I am barely 2 weeks and won’t show on a pregnancy test.

Are there any other symptoms or signs I should look for this early. I would appreciate any real advice. Thank you!
I do focus on the children I already have they are my number 1 priority!!!! I made this account before I had children!!!!
All I’m wanting to know if is I could be possibly pregnant. I take care of my children everyday!!! So what I want one more. I can afford it and take care of it. I don’t live off the government.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

A doctor can give you the best suggestion

Linda asks…

Can someone please tell me if I could be pregnant please like now???!!!!?

So I’m 16 I’ve been dating this boy for 1.5 years and we got close and one night we got *really* close and being stupid and in the moment he ejaculated in me, however I chose to prepare myself by getting nuva ring in advance to be prepared for this situation. I waited the 1 week and took an extra week to make sure the nuva ring was effective. This is my FIRST MONTH FIRST TIME using it and the day this happened was october 10 which by googling ovulation calculators is my last fertile day of this month. At this point nuva ring has been inside me for 3 weeks (since september 20 first day of my period) and im using it to skip my period do to unbareable pain. My question: if I had unprotected sex on a fertile day with nuva ring in effect for three weeks (and I know its working I felt EVERY side-effect), and he ejaculated in me what are my chances that I am pregnant? Any questions ill add in details thanks :)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I doubt that your pregnant, I believe youve had it in long enough for it to be effective.

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