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Positive Lh Surge Before Period

Laura asks…

should i get pregnant tonight?? i had an abortion that i regret in march?

:( :( im really depressed because i had an abortion that i did not want 2 have and was forced by the father to do it and i wish i was stronger and just punched him and said no because now my hearts broken and all i can do is think about getting pregnant! i want to get pregnant before september the 29th because that was my due date and if i manage to get pregnant before then it somehow makes me feel less of a murdrer because if i didnt have that abortion then i wouldnt of been able to conceive the child i will try and conceive before september because i would of been pregnant? i know its sick i know its twisted but i made a mistake… anyway,, my ovulation test is positive and im meeting my boyfriend today so if we have sex i will proberly get pregnant i duno wether to do it or not :( :(:(

i had an abortion on the 15th march i was 11 weeks 4 days pregnant.. i have had no period since and i made sure my levels dropped to negative on a pregnancy test before i even started to chart for ovulation so i am ovulating today and toomorow i think because my lh surge is detected 7 weeks and 2 days after my abortion does this sound right? i have not had a period since my abortion

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It’s terribly sad that you were forced to have an abortion but I really don’t think that this is a good idea! Try and think clearly for a moment about the consequences… You will have tricked a man into having a child which isn’t fair on him. How would you feel if you were a man and someone tricked you into having a baby you didn’t want? You will then have this boyfriend in your life in the future, the man that MADE you have an abortion! Why would you want to have his child if he is obviously not mature enough to have one?
You sound very depressed at the moment, I really think you should open up to a family member or girlfriend about your feelings. A new baby will not make you heal! Trust me, you will still feel like s**t but then you will also have the worries about being pregnant, telling your boyfriend, your family, finding money for the baby… Trust me, having a baby nowadays takes a lot of time and preparation if you want to do it right, and if you can you should do it right, for the babys sake. Love isn’t always enough, not these days! But love is so important, you want to have a baby with the right man who you know will love your baby with all his heart. You need to sort yourself out before bringing a baby into all this uncertainty. Nothing is going to bring your first one back, let your mind and body heal first!

Helen asks…

Question about opks and bbts. Also on femara.?

I am on day 13 of my cycle. This month is my first month on femara and from what I can tell with opks and bbting, I have never ovulated before. This month I bled days 1-5. Days 5 through 9 I was on Femara. I started bleeding again day 8 and am still bleeding. Just for some background info.

My doc wanted me to start opks on the 10th. I have been testing am and pm because I have read you can miss your LH surge if you only test once a day. I believe they have all been negative, although the first one did have a very narrow line darker than the control, but the rest was a lot lighter. That was day 10 fmu.

Ever since I have been temping, my temps have been 96.7 at the lowest in about 8 months of testing. This morning my temp was 96.3. I know I can’t tell anything from one temp, but my the timing would be about right if I am ovulating…

My questions… Can I ovulate without a positive opk Could the test with the narrow dark line have been a positive the day after my last femara pill Would i ovulate the day of my low temp or in the days after that when my temp rises Can I ovulate even while I am still bleeding While my body is pushing stuff out, could sperm still make it’s way to an egg if i am ovulating on my period n negative, although the first one did have a very narrow line darker than the control, but the rest was a lot lighter. That was day 10 fmu.

Ever since I have been temping, my temps have been 96.7 at the lowest in about 8 months of testing. This morning my temp was 96.3. I know I can’t tell anything from one temp, but my the timing would be about right if I am ovulating…

My questions… Can I ovulate without a positive opk Could the test with the narrow dark line have been a positive the day after my last femara pill Would i ovulate the day of my low temp or in the days after that when my temp rises Can I ovulate even while I am still bleeding While my body is pushing stuff out, could sperm still make it

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Your cycle is very confusing. Did you call the Dr and talk to him about you bleeding on CD 8? I was on Clomid for 4 cycles and never had any abnormal bleeding. With OPKs some times you will get a test that is almost + and then they get lighter. When that happened to me I would just assume the almost + test was +. I dont think that you can ovulate CD 10 and that being only 1 day after the Femara. When I was taking Clomid I took it CD3-7. There is a great website that you can track your cycle on line. It is www.fertilityfriend.com. Good luck with your TTC journey

Sandra asks…

Positive, Negative, Posititve!?

I am using the opk one more time before I have to get on fertily drugs. And I started testing on March 22 it was defintely positive! (dh had sex that night) Decide to test on March 23 and it was negative:( then tested tonight and a BRIGHT POSITIVE! Brighter then the control line as it was on March 22. My last period was on 02/09 and my period are irregular So can you ovulate 2 times in one month? And please tell me what is going on. Thanks. Serious answer.
OPK(ovulation predictor kit)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I have heard of women ovulating twice in one month. Especially when their cycles are kinda screwy. Or maybe the one you took tonight is the positive one..since it was brighter. ALSO- are you testing the same exact time each day? If not then maybe you missed your LH Surge on the 23rd. There is a good chance you are ovulating… My advice: Baby Dance! Baby Dance! Baby Dance! Good luck!

Susan asks…

POSITIVE opk test 4days before Period. can I be pregnant?

I had a miscarriage at 22weeks on 29/6/12.had a beautiful baby girl. I then had period on the 29/07/12 I been trying since then today I took a opk and its positive how can it be 4 days before period. Could I be pregnant xx

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The short answer is: an OPK will turn positive if pregnancy hormone is present, but there are many reasons an OPK could be positive. To be sure, you should use an HPT to detect pregnancy and an OPK to detect ovulation. Mixing and matching can get your hopes up.

An OPK detects LH in your urine and gives you a positive result when it detects this surge. 12-36 hours before ovulation this will peak,

If you are trying to conceive, OPK’s can help. They are a “crystal ball” that lets you know your egg is probably getting ripe, and the time is right for snuggling! . However positive OPK does not guarantee that you will ovulate but

More info at source below

Sandy asks…

OPK test positive too early?

I had my period on the 13 of Dec ended Friday. So could this be pregnancy or whatever? If anybody can educate me that will be nice thanks

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Most OPK’s say to test once a day, around the same time each day. However, it is possible for your LH to surge and dissipate in less time than that, …
Www.peeonastick.com/opkfaq.html – Cached
Pee On A Stick ~ OPK’s as HPT’s
OPK’s as HPT’s: using an ovulation test to confirm pregnancy . Overall– yes, it can be done. Ovulation predictor tests (known as OPK’s because they are normally sold …
Www.peeonastick.com/opkhpt.html – Cached
Ovulation Facts, Testing Tips, and Understanding OPK Tests
Modus Operandi for Ovulation Testing the Right Way: Tips and Tricks for OPK Positives
www.early-pregnancy-tests.com/positiveresults.html – Cached
Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPKs) – Ovulation Calendar and …
An OPK is thus expected to be positive the day before you ovulate. … If you do not test every day from before you expect to be most fertile, you may miss the su

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Ovulation Calculator And Due Date

Sandy asks…

What do pregnancy cramps feel like to you?

So according to the ovulation calculator i was due to start ovulation sept 23. i had sex the 22nd and a few days after theovulation start date. A week after (oct 2) i started getting crampy type pains. Noticed orangish/brownish spotting on my panties. Literally spots. and when i wiped it was a light pink discharge. The cramps continued but they are not severe. more mild. In the last week i have been having like cramps but they are like stretchy type cramps. they feel like something is stretching.its weird. DOES ANYBODY know what im talking about? And why would the color of the implantation bleeding appear to have a orangish color to it? I was due for my period Oct 10th so im 3 days late and test this morning and its neg. HELP PLEASE!!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I got spotting around 9-10 DPO…it was just a little bit and rust colored..started pinkish but had a darker color stain in my underwear.

I think mine are more like twinges sometimes–like a cramp is about to start but I dont get the full cramp…just like the begining of a cramp that keeps going.

Sounds like you are pg…I got my BFP 15 DPO

good luck


Mary asks…

can i get a positive pregnancy test at 1 week past ovulation?

Me and my husband are trying to have our first child. Now a ton of due date calculators are saying i’m three weeks along and should get a positive test now, but the thing is i’m only one week past ovulation, and I’ve heard you dont even implant untill at least day 6, and then it takes like a week to get enough HCG built up to get a positive test. So I have to ask, could i get a positive test if i were to test?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You are right 6 dpo is not a good idea to test the hcg levels would be too low. I would never test until 12 dpo as you risk negative test results whether preggers or not.
Try a frer at 12 dpo or even better wait til 14 dpo you can really trust the results then.

Best of luck

Betty asks…

How soon after ovulation will the monthly period occur?

I’m not looking to get pregnant just to get that out of the way. I just want to know how soon after ovulation will the monthly period occur? I know everyone isn’t exact but a good estimation would be helpful.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It is easier to figure from the first day of your period it is usually 10-14 days after that. And depends on how long your periods are normally.

Try doing a google search on Ovulation. March of Dimes has a calculator, which also figures out due dates. But you can ignore the last part.

Helen asks…

When should we so it so that I can get pregnant and have the baby in May?

Okay I just had my period today and we plan on having the baby’s due date in may when should we do it so that I can get pregnant in september and have the baby in May? I looked it up in the internet but all the big words I don’t understand what it means I need help. I have to have the baby in May, not June , not April but May.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

According to the due date calculator online (assuming your cycle is 28 days and ovulation occurs on day 14)

Your most fertile days would be September 16-21st
But if you got pregnant during that time, your due date would be around June 11.- *NOT* May!

I looked it up using the date of your last monthly period that you said was today (September 5th) on the following website:


From the way it sounds, looks like you maybe should have planned more ahead if it was imperative to have a May baby.

Donna asks…

How do the pregnancy calculators work?

I found out two days ago that I will be having my first child and I’m so, excited!!! Lol… I used (5) E.P.T test 2 digital and 3 with the lines. Anyways, I haven’t gone to my first appointment yet because my fiance’ isn’t here. (he’ll be back home next month).

I went on-line to try and find out my possible due date going by my LMP and the results told me that I am 5wks. That can’t be right!!! Because 5/6wks ago was my LMP. Needless to say it raised an eyebrow with my fianc’e.

So, I went to another website and it said I was only 3/4wks (which is more believable).

Does anyone know how those things work and how I may have gotten those calculations? And which one is the oneis correct? Thank you so much!!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The best way to “estimate” the due date is to start with your LMP. Most women can not recall the EXACT date that they may have conceived (which is usually within two weeks after you LMP during ovulation).

On the websites they nomally include those two weeks counting your LMP to get a better average.

The best way to truly find out your date of conception is to visit the Doctor and let them do the proper blood test, U/S’s, and other necessary test.

Congratulations on the new addition!!! And good luck with everything!!!

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Positive Lh Surge And Pregnancy

Lizzie asks…

Will an ovulation test be positive if i have got pregnant this month?

So, since i only had sex four days ago, and sperm would still be alive in me, if i took an ovulation test and i was ovulating, would it be positive even if i have already became pregnant in the past 4 days? Is there a chance I could still become pregnant?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

LH does surge when you become pregnant so sometimes they will be positive when you are pregnant but ovulation tests are not reliable pregnancy tests. Also, after the egg is fertilized it takes 7-10 days to travel to your uterus and implant. Only after implantation would you actually be pregnant and able to detect it and feel symptoms. Sperm can live in your body for up to five days under ideal circumstances so yes it is possible to become pregnant but you wouldn’t get an accurate reading on a pregnancy test for about ten more days.

Sharon asks…

does it help to use first morning pee for an ovulation test?

I just dont want to waste money and use an ovulation test at the wrong time of day. Does it help to use first morning pee for an ovulation test (i know the pregnancy tests are best in the morning). Oh and does it detect that you are currently ovulating, or is it jut saying that you are about to ovulate?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No, using them with FMU may cause either false negative (LH is synthesized during the day) or false positive (too concentrated urine may cause false positives since there is always some LH in your system).

There is no test to see if you are ovulating. Ovulation itself only lasts a second, it is the moment the egg is released. Ovulation tests detect the LH surge, which starts BEFORE you ovulate. If you test daily the first positive means you will probably ovulate at least 12 and at most 48 hours later.

Jenny asks…

My doctor call and said that my progesterone level is a 42 after 50mg of clomid which indicates ovulation?

My only concern is I that did OPKs for 2 weeks and never got a positive result. Has anyone had a negative OPK but still ovulated?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes, it is possible to never test positive on an OPK and still ovulate, and it’s also possible to test positive on an OPK and not ovulate.

OPK’s measure LH (leutinizing hormone) which generally surges prior to follicles erupting. LH is very close to HCG structurally, which is why some doctors give an HCG trigger shot to force ovulation. It is possible that your surge just wasn’t high enough to register on the OPK.

Progesterone levels over 20 do indicate that the follicle erupted and the corpus luteum is generating enough progesterone to support a pregnancy is conception occurs.

Helen asks…

What is happening inside my body? Anyone had a similar experience? ?

It has been eight days now since my first positive digital ovulation test. It has been positive everyday since Friday. I normally have only two positive ovulation test days during my cycle. I am not on any hormone treatments. I did a pregnancy test on Wednesday which was negative. I have scheduled a doctors appointment for Tuesday but this is soooo long to wait for an answer. Please help!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If you fail to release the egg your body will continue surging until you successfully ovulate. However, if you have more than 5 positive OPK then generally you have not ovulated but have elevated LH levels. I myself have just had 10 positive opk, 3 days after they went negative AF came!

Best thing is to just keep temping. Keep BDing every other day so you dont miss it just incase. Best of luck!

Linda asks…

Having positive OPKs for 6 days straight What does this mean?

Hi i ovulated May 31st but my opks are still positive and i am taking them right i read directions carefully they are the dollar store brand so i hope they aren’t faulty and i also heard that i could be already pregnant that’s why i keep having a surge because of my hormones but it is only two dpo does hormones happen during pregnancy that fast? I have been testing positive form May 28th-June 2nd..Please help!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I do know that you can use ovulation tests as pregnancy test, but you can’t use pregnancy test as ovulation tests. Because the LH surge is always in your body if you become pregnant, but the HCG is not in the LH surge.So I would say you might be pregnant, but it is to soon to tell yet. I would keep charting your BBT’s if you do that to see if your temp stays elevated, and on the first day of your missed period take a HPT test. Good Luck, Venessa.

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No Lh Surge But Egg White Cervical Mucus

Mandy asks…

do i baby dance…i’m confused?

well i took opk it was test line lighter but i also track my bbt on ivalliage.com fertility chart and it says i’m fertile. i just finished my af yesterday. it’s too soon to ovulate right? what do you ladies think i should do? what would be my best chance?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If you just finished your period, then you wouldn’t be ovulating this soon. If you have a regular cycle (28 days) then you normally ovulate around day 14. I would start using OPK’s around cycle day 10, and test everyday until you get your LH surge. Some women ovulate later in their cycle, so it depends on how long your cycle is. Other signs of ovulation are egg white cervical mucus, ovulation pain and increased sex drive.


Maria asks…

Ovulation Predictor Test yesterday morning was a faint line in the indicator, this morning was a strong…….

Solid red line, the same color as the first line next to it. We did it after work today (5.PM)….. I just took another Ovulation Predictor test 3 hours later (8 P.M.) the second line is faint now! So does that mean we missed the boat? Because I got the Strong line this morning, now I have a fain t line???? Has anyone had this happen? Confused? (kinda upset to…because the kit says after you get a strong indicator line you have 24 to 36 hours to conceive?, thus wanted to wait till after work ) We used preseed for the first time today! I would any honest advise about this and preseed. Thank You
okay… at 3:30 P.M I sneaked a OPK test and it was a very strong red line also, same as the morning one!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No, sounds like you got it right. Remember, an opk does not mean you are instantly ovulating, it means that your body is having an LH surge (lutenizing hormone that triggers ovulation). When you test positive on an opk, it means that you will ovulate between 12-48 hours so congratulations – you timed it well.

Pre-seed works. Worked for many women I know. If you have egg-white cervical mucus you don’t need pre-seed but if you feel dryer, it can help.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

After an LH surge how likely is it that you’ll ovulate?

I’m on my 2nd cycle since stopping BC and I had a (+) OPK today. I’m just wondering if it is a sure thing that I’ll ovulate or not. Does anyone have experience using these OPKs?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hey there…I used the OPK last month (2nd cycle since stopping bc too) and I did get a + result on the 20th of December. You can expect to ovulate shortly after that. This is when you have the highest amount of progesterone. Also, you can check your cervical fluid by wiping after you wipe after peeing—->see if it’s like egg white, clear like and stretces between your fingers. If you can’t see anything after wiping…try the internal exam: insert two fingers inside til you reach your cervix. Then spread your fingers touching both sides of the cervix. Next, make a “come here” movement with your two fingers toward the top of the cervix. Bring your fingers together and pull out slowly to gather your cervical mucus. Observe the texture…if it is creamy, you have not reached your LH surge, but if the OPK says you have, then check your cervical mucus. It should be between cream (lotion and slippery) and eggwhite…Hope this helps!

Mary asks…

Is it true?

First of all i have two questions

1) i’ve been using the ovulation strips and i have like a 34 day cycle so i calculated today i should ovulate, so i tested and the test line was a darker pink than the other days but still a tad lighter than the control line so does that mean i am or arent ovulating? because the directions said either the test line has to be same color or darker than the control line but can u not have a big lh surge that it wasnt fully picked up?

2) i heard some people say that when ur pregnant u get a positive ovulation strip all the time is this true or would u get a negative?

and this morning i had period like cramps and my period isnt due for a few more weeks could be from about to ovulate?

any comments would be great thanks

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:


1). The test line should always be equal to or darker than the control line to be considered a positive. If it’s lighter, it could be wrong.
Also, follow the time guidelines with the instructions to a “t”, it could make all the difference.

2). Not sure about that. I guess you would cause you’d have an LH surge all the time =)

You could definitely be having ovulation cramps. Go with your body first, then the test strips. Your body knows best. Also, do you have the egg white cervical mucus? If so, you are most likely very fertile.

I also recommend http://www.fertilityfriend.com/. It’s a FREE charting site. I love it!

Susan asks…

My cervical mucus is thick but the ovulation test was negative….?

I don’t understand. CM was thick, slippery and egg white…. Doesn’t this mean I should be ovulating? Why was the ovulation test negative? Need help. I am feeling very discouraged and sad. ttc for several months now. Thanks for your help.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The CM can start in advance of ovulation, the idea is once you have the CM, BD every other or every day that week and you should be covered. The sperm can live 2-5 days in that nice friendly CM!

The thing with opks is that your LH surge can be as short as 12 hours and if you only test once a day you could miss it.
I get my tests in bulk online and once I start getting a faint line, I’ll even test every 5-6 hours and I dont miss my positive. About 24 hours later I have the pinching light cramping signaling ovulation…also this month I tried bbt..and sure enough I had a .4 surge the day after the cramping.

If you can, test more often and also if you can try the bbt method then you will be covered and know for sure.

Best of luck to you!

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Lh Surge Symptoms Ovulation

Sandra asks…

Symptoms of Ovulation?

My husband and I are ttc, and I have been using the Answers Brand Ovulation tests (7 day tests). My period started on 2/14. I began testing on CD11 because I have a 28 day cycle. On 3/1, I got a positive reading and cramping in my lower left abdomen area that lasted all day on 3/2 as well. I also had lower back pains all day. My husband and I had sex on 2/24 and 25, 2/28 (2 times), and 3/1 (2 times), and 3/2 ( I know, too much info). Did a positive test mean that I should ovulate on 3/1 or 3/2? Please advise. We were trying to make sure that we had sperm available for the egg?

Also, how long did it take you other ladies to conceive using ovulation tests?
Should my cervical mucus be kinda white and watery. It is not abundant. Is this normal?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It sounds to me like you have definitely experienced Ovulation Pain, and with a positive LH surge; this very well could be your month. You had sex at the right times. Good Luck! Baby Dust!! I also, felt ovulation pains yesterday and I hoping that we also timed it well. I guess in a couple weeks, we will know! I will keep my fingers crossed for both of us!

Sharon asks…

im 21 and im scared i might not be able to get pregnant?

so i barly started having sex since like feb. and me and my boyfriend have protected frequently, weve been togther for about 5 to 6 months now and weve have unprotected sex once but i took a test and im ok im not pregnant but recently we had unprotected sex on purpose cause we want to hAVE a baby so we had unprotected sex he ejactulaed in me and i waited a day and went to the clinc to see if i am pregnant but i wasnt. im scared now because i feel i wont be able to have babies. because im the past my boyfreind has had evil girlfriends who aborted him future baby. so im just thinking it me maybe who can have babys. my last period was june 2 2013 around 12 noon. its now jubne 16,2013. please help. i want to be a mom

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You have to wait till your missed period however there are tests that can tell you up to six days before your missed period. Not trying to be mean but you should really educate your self on this, there is a specific fertile days, it is best to take an ovulation test. You can get them from the dollar store those will predict your Lh surge and you can expect to ovulate 24-36 hours following a positive test. Sperm survives 3-7 days in a womans body and will wait for the egg. So it is best to have sex 2-3 days before ovulation. As soon as you get that positive I would go for it. Also if your really trying to conceive do not use normal lube it will slow and/or kill sperm use pre-seed it is expensive about $22 but it creates a good environment for sperm to survive especially sense women’s pH balance can sometimes be off. I repeat after you ovulate and have sex you will have to wait several days till your missed period absolutely no test will predict it in your body within a day first the egg has to be fertilized then about a week after ovulation it will implant this can cause mild cramping and dark brown or red spotting however many pregnant may never experience this. Still not there yet tho after implanting your body will start to create a hormone called hcg the levels of this hormone continue to increase every 2-3 days so you need enough in your system to show up on a pregnancy test. It can be difficult to know when implantation should occur sense a lot of times women don’t experience any symptoms with it however you can go online and there are sites that will tell you most likely when implantation will occur and when it would be best to test. I would wait a few days after implantation at the very least, hope this helps . Good luck.

Maria asks…

I am trying to conceive and i have ovulation questions. Please help.?

This is the third month of my husband and i trying to conceive after having a miscarriage and last month i don’t think i ovulated because i did not have any symptoms and i obviously did not get pregnant but this month i have had any symptoms of ovulation. I have two questions. Does ovulation pains happen when the egg is being released, or before or after? Also when the stretchy ovulation mucus is present does that mean ovulation is going to happen, is happening or has ovulation already taken place. I am asking this question because i noticed CM on day 8 of my 28 day cycle and i had ovulation pains on day 12 of my cycle and according www.babycenter.com i am suppose to ovulation on day 14. I am just very confused. Thanks in advance for the answers.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Typically, for a 28 day cycle, ovulation occurs somewhere around day 14, so they say, but can occur sooner or later, depending on stress, exercise, diet, etc. And depending on your body, personally. Every woman is different and ovulates on her own schedule.

What you want to do is go out and buy some ovulation tests. I got mine at Walmart and they were Answer brand. What this thing does, it’s kind of like a pregnancy test, is it measures your LH, leutenizing hormone. In your cycle, you have estrogen that rises at the start and then drops off. When it drops off, LH can then surge. It’s this surge that releases the egg. You need to have sex within 48 hrs of this surge to get pregnant. Ovulation tests that measure LH will detect this surge and let you know when an egg is about to be released.

They’re not as clear yes/no as a pregnancy test, but after a cycle or two you learn your body’s rhythm. For instance, I have a 35 day cycle, and while I should ovulate later than day 14, I ovulate on day 11 of that cycle when things are normal. So, while we were trying before that on day 17, we were missing it by a week.

Since sperm live 2-3 days, you can also try just having sex every other day to increase your chances.

Hope this helps!

Jenny asks…

menstrual cycle questions?

Match the Menstrual Phase with the Corresponding Description


a. time of highly sensitive neg feedback
b. last 14 days
c.glandular growth
d. LH surge

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The Menstrual Phase
The first day of your menstrual period is considered Day 1 of your cycle. The menstrual phase includes your period. During this time, the endometrium (the built-up lining of the uterus) is shed, along with a little blood. Many of the problems that women experience with their menstrual cycle occur during this phase. For example, some women experience menstrual disorders such as dysmenorrhea (painful periods) or menorrhagia (unusually heavy periods).

The Follicular/Proliferate Phase
During the proliferate phase, the body produces a hormone called follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Follicle-stimulating hormone promotes the growth of a follicle (egg sac) within the ovary. An ovum (egg) matures in the follicle during the proliferative phase. FSH also stimulates the ovary to produce increasing amounts of estrogen. In turn, the estrogen causes endometrial tissue to build up (or proliferate), lining the interior of the uterus.

The Luteal/Secretory Phase
Once the ovum has been released, the follicle becomes a sac known as the corpus luteum (“yellow body,” because it contains yellowish, fatty matter). A hormone called luteinizing hormone (LH) causes the corpus luteum to grow and to secrete progesterone, another female hormone.

During the secretory phase, progesterone makes the endometrial lining stronger and spongy in texture. Progesterone also stimulates glands in the endometrium. These glands produce uterine fluid, and their purpose is to support embryonic development if fertilization has occurred at or around the time of ovulation. It is in this phase of the menstrual cycle that women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) may begin to experience their symptoms. Generally symptoms are worse during the last seven to ten days of the cycle, ending at or soon after the start of the menstrual period. In a woman who hasn’t become pregnant, the level of progesterone peaks about a week after ovulation and then begins to drop along with the estrogen level. The flow of blood to the endometrium decreases, and its upper portion is broken down and shed during menstruation. At the same time, the corpus luteum withers.

Mandy asks…

Implanation? a question for all the mamas who had implantation bleeding?

I’m not due for my period until next Thursday (a week from now). I have a very regular 28 day cycle. My hubby and I had intercourse on my 5 fertile days this month.. ( I got a 3 consecutive days of LH surge on my digital OPK’s) I started having mild cramping around 2 days ago and this morning there was some brown/rust discharge in my undies and when I wiped. ( sorry if TMI) This is not normal period blood and the cramping has gone away. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I never had implantation bleeding so I have no idea how much or what to expect. I’m just concerned since my period is never early. Any feedback would be very appreciated!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I hope it is for you :-)

I get ovulation cramps when I am ovulating, so we use that as a tool. This past month I wiped and saw some brown blood which I’ve never had/noticed, but I was negative :-( I had every symptom…cramping, twinges, nausea, but it was negative :-( I don’t mean to be a debbie downer but I hate the feeling of being let down….I do wish you the best for this month though!!! If I’m not pregnant by the next 2-3 months I will be getting the pre-seed lubricant- I’ve read MANY great things about it :-)

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