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Ovulation Predictor Calculator Last 3 Cycles

Helen asks…

Could I be Pregnant or is this just the way you feel during ovulation?

Hello Ive been off the pill for 2 mths now and my husband and I are TTC. My last AF was 9/17/11 and I’ve been using ovulation predictor calculators on the web to tell me when I am fertile, I have a 28 day cycle. On 9/27 I started getting cramps and lower back pain. I had sex unprotected on Sept.26, 28, 29th and Oct 2, and 3rd and I’m still getting the same pain, it hasn’t stopped, today I actually feel like it’s worse. What could this be?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Cramps that continue past ovulation are early signs of pregnancy… But a test won’t bd accurate till at least 12 days past ovulation…

Sandra asks…

Can I be pregnant and how soon can I find out?

I went online and took an online ovulation predictor, I punched my last period in which was June 23,2010 and with a cycle length of 30 days. I did multiple ones and they all said around July 4-15th. I had sex and my boyfriend cam in me on the 3,4,5 and 6th. What are the chances that I will be pregnant and how soon can i find out?
I also have been feeling alittle nauseous and getting horrible headaches…. and no energy.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You usually ovulate 14 days before your period is due. Your next period would then be due July 23rd aproximately (assumign June 23rd is when you last period STARTED). That would put your ovulation closer to July 8th. (I’m not sure why the calculators gave you an earlier date or such a wide window unless your cycles last different lengths each time)
There is some variation both ways so its possible you ovulated a little earlier or a little later.

You won’t usually test positive until 2 days before your period at the earliest. There is a slim chance of testing positive sooner than that… Some women do, but its a tiny chance. The best results come on the day of your expected period.

Good luck.

Lisa asks…

Could my pain be because of ovulation. I have this weird pain in the right side where my ovaries are ?

It started about 2 days ago. my panties are a little wet, and my right boob has been sore all day. I have also had severe lower backpain. I am on cycle day 12…isn’t it too early to ovulate ? The reason I am asking that is because I had sex 3 days ago…
my cycles are usually around 34 days…but I never exactly know when I ovulate…its always weird with my body…

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It very well could be ovulation pains. I always feel little cramps on my left side during ovulation. It is also possible to ovulate early, or even later. If you had sex 3 days ago, there’s a good chance of becoming pregnant if you are ovulating today. Sperm can live in our bodies for 3-5 days.

There are many things you can do to help figure out when you ovulate and when your fertile window is. You can buy ovulation predictor kits or a fertility monitor. Fertility monitors are pricey, we paid $200 for ours, but it really helps and I would recommend it to everyone ttc. You can also chart you basal body temp, or monitor your cervical mucous. When it starts to resemble egg whites, you are most likely in your fertile window. Also, google ovulation calculators. All you need to do is put in the first day of your last period, and the length of your cycle, and they can estimate your ovulation and fertile window for you. Try to baby dance every other day, and baby dance the few days prior to ovulation. Good luck to you!

Laura asks…

a little help to conceive pls!?

did anyone got pregnant even though they have their period everyother month?
i have my period every 45-50 days can i get pregnant?
and did anyone got pregnant right after their period ended? because one of my friends told me to try right after my period since it worker for her.
i have tried to conceive once havin uprotected sex last month jan16 (2weeks before my period was due) and i got my period jan 30.
i dont see my husband that much maybe 2-3 times a month he works far away from here.
so can anyone help me?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The main thing is pinpointing your ovulation.
Find an online ovulation calculator.
Ovulations normally occurs 14 days from the first day of your period. But that is with a normal 28 day cycle.
It takes a healthy couple normally atleast 6 months to conceive. I’m on month 8.
I would go to the gyno and get a check-up just to make sure you are healthy and figure out why your periods don’t come as often as they should.
I would also get ovulation predictors if you are seriously trying.

Susan asks…

I got my period without ovulating?

I am 26 years old ttc with my husband. I’ve been using FertilAid for 2 months and FertiliTea for 5 days now to regulate my period since I have a irregular period. I’ve been spotting (or maybe its my period), its not only when I have to go to the bathroom and wipe myself, but I have to wear a pantyliner. I never get light period, my periods as always normal and last 5-7 days. I am confused if I got my period or I am just spotting. I’ve been testing to see if I have ovulated for past 3 weeks and no ovulation yet. My last cycle was on Sept. 4th and past 3 days I have been spotting/period. Does anyone else have this kind or problem? Can you ovulate without period? Can this be just spotting? What is causing this? Please help!!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You should definitely try an Ovulation Predictor Kit from early-pregnancy-tests.com
I went there and purchased a few because Iw as wondering the same thing. Also, go yo an “Ovulation Calculator” online and fill in yout personal info as to when your last period was, etc. It will then estimate your next ovulation. You can use the kit to test within these days and see if you are in fact ovulating or not. If you are not, you must go see your obgyn so that they can help determine why. You could have ovarian cysts (like I do), or even PCOS. All of these can effect your ovulation and still have a period.

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How Long Does An Lh Surge Last Before Ovulation

Laura asks…

I have been taking OPKs for the last three weeks and they’ve all been negative-help!?

I had ovulation cramps four days ago, and still to this day no positive OPK test! I started testing the day after my period ended since my cycles have been crazy lately-sometimes up to 45 days long. Can anyone shed some light? I just don’t understand the ovulation cramps but negative OPKs.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

First, OPKs detect your LH surge, which happens a day or two before ovulation. So there are a few possibilities…

1) You didn’t ovulate this cycle
2) You missed your surge but still ovulated
3) Your surge and ovulation are still coming

You have a couple of choices…1) keep testing until you either get a positive reading or start your period or 2) stop testing, chalk this cycle up to a miss and wait for your period to start.

Since your cycles are irregular lately, you may want to do things a little different next time. First, I would try testing twice a day. Some women have to do this in order to catch their surge, especially if their surge is short. Either that, or make sure you’re testing every day between 1pm-4pm. Any earlier or later and you might miss it. Second, try charting your basal body temperature as well. Your BBT is the only way to confirm for sure you ovulated.

Good luck.

Carol asks…

how long ovulation lasts,what happens to LH and FSH levels during ovulation and list the signs of ovulation?

need help

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi. You can find answers to all your questions and more are at http://www.americanpregnancy.org/gettingpregnant/understandingovulation.html

According to the page, before ovulation, FSA stimulates follicles to develop into mature eggs (FSA is released by the pituitary gland). The LH “surge” happens when it’s time for the egg to start down the fallopian tube to be fertilized. The egg then lives 12-24 hours after leaving the ovary.

According to the FAQ on the same website http://www.americanpregnancy.org/gettingpregnant/ovulationfaq.htm some signs of ovulation include:

“• Change in cervical fluid
• Change in cervical position and cervical firmness
• Brief twinge of pain or dull ache that is felt on one side of the abdomen
• Light spotting
• Increase in sex drive
• Elevated level of the luteinizing hormone which can be detected on a test
• Body temperature chart that shows a consistent change
• Breast tenderness
• Abdominal bloating
• Heightened sense of vision, smell or taste”

I hope this helps. The websites above are very good. They’re comprehensive, well organized, and well researched. They should be a great resource.

Librarians–Ask Us, We Answer!
Find your local Library at http://lists.webjunction.org/libweb/Public_main.html

Betty asks…

positive ovulation test for numerous days?

i started taking ovulation test and was getting a lighter test line then the control line. then after a coulple of days i started to get a dark test line. i had sex for a couple of days. But its has been like 5 days now and the line is dark still, if not darker. why am i still getting a dark test line. could the test be defective? or am i just ovulating still?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You will usually get your first positive 12-72 hours before you actually ovulate. The test detects the LH surge and thats what gives the positive. Sometimes once you ovulate the LH level stays high enough to be detected so you will continue to get positives. Ovulation only lasts like 12 hours. So you probably ovulated shortly after the first positive, but you should still continue to BD as long as you get positives just in case. That way you dont miss your fertile time. Most of the OPKs say to stop testing once you get the positive. That way you dont get confused. I find it helpful to use the OPKs and chart your BBT. That way you can compare the two results and have a better idea of when you actually ovulated.

Well…good luck and lost of baby dust!

Jenny asks…

Any pointers on trying to get pregnant?

I had a miscarriage 13 months ago. I was told both my husband and myself were healthy and could conceive. No luck yet!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

So sorry for your loss
How to get Pregnant Faster – Top Ten Tips

1. Have sex three times a week.

Having regular sex is the best way to get pregnant. Couples often try to time everything perfectly for ovulation but do not have sex when they think they are not ovulating. It is true that sex that is not within the time of ovulation will not result in pregnancy. However, because women do not always ovulate when they think they will, having sex three times a week will help to a woman cover her bases, so to speak, and not miss an opportunity to get pregnant.
2. Use an ovulation prediction kit or fertility monitor.

Using an ovulation kit to predict when you are ovulating will improve your chances of getting pregnant. For many women charting or other methods of ovulation prediction are too confusing. Ovulation prediction kits work by reading LH surges prior to ovulation. They are relatively easy to use and are generally accurate for predicting ovulation. Fertility monitors, such as the Clear Blue Easy monitor, are also a worthwhile investment if you would like to get pregnant faster. Fertility monitors are similar to ovulation prediction kits in that they read changes in LH but they also read changes in other hormones and don’t require any guesswork for couples. They are easy to use and will tell you when the best time to get pregnant is.

3. Have sex before ovulation (not after).

Sometimes couples get confused about the best time to have sex in relationship to ovulation. You have a small window of time each month to get pregnant. After a woman ovulates the egg will survive approximately 24 hours. Sperm, on the other hand, will live for up to three to five days. This is why having sex two to three days before ovulation will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Don’t wait until the day you ovulate to have sex. Your partner’s sperm will last longer than your egg and you don’t want to miss an opportunity by waiting.

4. Don’t rely on the Calendar method for predicting ovulation.

A lot of couples have heard to have sex around day fourteen of your cycle. This is based on the calendar method and assumes that you have a regular 28-day cycle and ovulate mid-cycle. Although this is better than just picking an arbitrary day to have sex, it is not a very accurate way to predict when you ovulate. Many women do not ovulate on day fourteen and knowing precisely when you ovulate will help you time intercourse better. Ovulation prediction kits, looking at previous months bbt charts, or watching for body cues will help you to determine when you ovulate.

5. Charting may not be the best way to predict ovulation.

Charting is great for tracking your cycle but it does have disadvantages. By the time you can see ovulation on a bbt chart, you have already ovulated. It is good to chart so you can track your cycles, see if you ovulate the same time each month, and also so you can look back on your cycle and see if you timed things right. But if this is your first cycle trying to get pregnant or if you are not ovulating at the same time each month, an ovulation prediction kit would be more helpful.

6. See a doctor before you start trying to get pregnant.
Make sure you are in good health and have had a regular check up from your OBGYN or medical provider. Untreated infections, sexually transmitted diseases, or poor health can affect your chances of getting pregnant. Its good to see a doctor as well as start taking prenatal vitamins prior to trying to conceive.

7. Don’t smoke, drink alcohol, or abuse drugs when trying to get pregnant.
This may seem like common sense but many women do try to get pregnant while smoking, drinking or using drugs. Smoking, drugs, and alcohol can affect your fertility. It will also affect your unborn child. It is important to stop smoking or using drugs and alcohol before getting pregnant and not wait until you find out you are pregnant.

8. Have enjoyable sex.

Sometimes when couples are trying to conceive, sex becomes a job or function of reproduction and is not as enjoyable. Plan a romantic evening or try something different to spice things up. How you are feeling sexually may factor into your chances of getting pregnant. Some researchers believe that having an orgasm during sex increases your chances of getting pregnant. For women, the spasmic movements of orgasm will help pull the sperm into the uterus and for men a better orgasm may increase the man’s sperm count.

9. Have sex in positions that keep sperm inside the vagina longer.

The missionary position is a good position to use when trying to get pregnant. Avoid positions where the woman is on top. Gravity will allow sperm to leak out with these positions. Also try placing a pillow under your hips to help tilt your pelvis and keep the sperm in longer. Don’t get up right after sex. Try to relax and allow the sperm to stay in the vagina as long as possible.

10. There is no such thing as trying too hard to get pregnant.
Most couples get pregnant within a year of trying. If you have not gotten pregnant within a year consult your doctor for advice.

Mary asks…

Trying to get pregnant via sperm donor?

Please do not judge me I know that this all sounds weird. I want to get pregnant. I need a guy friend to come over and donate. Has anyone out there successfully gotten pregnant this way. How long do we have between hand off ? And, no I do not want to do it the old fashioned way.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Supplies needed:

Needleless syringe or oral medicine syringe
Collection cup, baggy or condom
(Optional) Saline without additives or preservatives
(Optional) Tube to attach to syringe
(Optional) Mild germicidal soap
You can ask your doctor for a needleless syringe or you can buy an oral medicine syringe at just about any drugstore or in Wal*Mart near the children’s thermometers. Buy the syringe with a plunger, not a bulb end (not the mini turkey baster!). The syringes work pretty much the same way. One that is maybe 4 inches long, or longer, is probably best. The oral medicine syringes have about a half inch narrow tip on the end. You can attach a catheter (thin tube) to either kind of syringe but you don’t need to and it may waste more of the semen to use one.

A) Take a clean or sterile glass or plastic cup, baggy, or collection condom and have the male ejaculate into it. You’ll probably have better luck getting the semen out of a cup since you could suck the baggy or condom up to the syringe and block the opening, but you may get a larger sample with the baggy or condom. You can use a tiny bit of saline, without additives/preservatives, to help get as much sperm as possible into the syringe, but you don’t need to worry too much about leaving a little behind. If you are using frozen sperm, you need to ask the sperm bank for directions on thawing.

B) Draw back on the syringe once with nothing but air, then push the air out again.

C) Draw back on the syringe again, but this time have the end of it in the semen — the vacuum created by pulling back on the stopper will suck the semen into the syringe.

D) Try to tap out any air bubbles since you don’t want to inject air into your vagina. You can do this by slowly rotating the syringe until the opening is facing up. Tap the air bubbles to the top and them push the plunger in on the catheter just a small amount — enough to get rid of air w/o squirting semen out.

E) Get into a position where you can either stay comfortably for a half hour or can get into the position w/ minimal movement. Ideal is to either have hips raised or to lay on your side making sure your pelvis is canted (usually hips provide natural angle if you hips are wider than your waist, but if your bed, or wherever you are lying, is soft, you may want to put a pillow or two underneath your hip).

F) Slowly glide the syringe, or catheter, into the vagina until it is close to the cervix — but do not try to get it into the cervix and do this gently. Your goal is to coat the outside of the cervix and to deposit as much sperm as possible as close the cervix as you can get it.

G) SLOWLY inject sperm. If you do it too fast, it can squirt out of the vagina or at least spray away from the cervix.

H) If you are concerned about wastage in the syringe, you can use some saline, without additives . . . Add some to the syringe, shake it a bit, get the air out, and inject. This is not necessary since there probably won’t be enough wastage to be of concern.

I) Try to have an orgasm — Some suggest that using a vibrator for clitoral stimulation produces a bigger, more powerful orgasm. Use whatever method works best for you (unless it requires lots of water!). The orgasm helps the cervix dip into the vaginal pool and suck up sperm — it helps get more sperm up there, and may speed sperm travel. Avoid penetration (as in intercourse or with vibrator). This falls in the can’t hurt, might help category.

J) You can use water and a mild germicidal soap to clean your supplies if they will have time to dry completely before re-use, or run very hot water over them. Otherwise you can use saline to clean everything.

Timing for this kind of insemination is the same as for intercourse — if possible. The best timing is the day before LH surge (as detected with an ovulation predictor kit), day of LH surge, and next 2-3 days, the last day or two being insurance. If you don’t have all those options, the day of the LH surge and the day after are best.

The advantage to this method is that you don’t need any fitted equipment! You don’t even need a speculum (though you can use one).

The success rate is the same as with intercourse, perhaps a bit less because there are usually fewer opportunities for insemination and timing may not cover the bases as well.

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Lh Surge No Ovulation Pcos

Laura asks…

PLEASE HELP! Will my high LH levels effect my OPKs?

When I last went to my Dr. (about a week ago) she said that my blood results looked okay except for my LH levels were high. I was put on Metformin and Clomid. i have been taking the Metformin every day since my appt. because my Dr. said it would help level out the LH. AF happened to come the same day as my appt (the 8th). I have been using OPKs and the two lines are almost the same color for about 3-4 days now. I am not sure if my levels are still high or if I am just going to be ovulating early? If my levels are still high, how do I know when I get a TRUE + OPK?! Ahhh! I am worried I am going to miss my O day! Since I took Clomid CD 3-7 I am just going to start BD on CD 11 and just every other day for about a week so hopefully I wont miss it. I am just so confused!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

OPK’s don’t always work for women who suffer from PCOS precisely because of high LH levels. OPK’s detect the LH surge that triggers ovulation. Normally, LH is very low, then about 36 hours before ovulation, it spikes before falling back down to low levels. The spike is what the OPK’s detect.

If you constantly have high levels of LH, the OPK’s might not work for you.

…..in your case, its the fact that you have just finished a round of Clomid that is screwing with your OPK’s. You’re not supposed to use OPK’s until 5 days after your last pill because Clomid can give you false results on an OPK.

I would also suggest charting your basal body temperature. This will help confirm ovulation.

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

What is an ovulation kit ? ?

Does it tell you exactly what day you ovualte on or what ?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The detection of the Luteinising hormone surge indicates impending ovulation. LH can be detected by urinary ovulation predictor kits (OPK, also LH-kit) that are performed, typically daily, around the time ovulation may be expected.[7] The conversion from a negative to a positive reading would suggest that ovulation is about to occur within 24–48 hours, giving women two days to engage in sexual intercourse or artificial insemination with the intentions of conceiving.[8]

Tests may be read manually using a colour-change paper strip, or digitally with the assistance of reading electronics.

Tests for Luteinising hormone may be combined with testing for estradiol in tests such as the Clearblue fertility monitor.[9]

The sensitivity of LH tests are measured in milli international unit, with tests commonly available in the range 10-40 m.i.u.[citation needed]

As sperm can stay viable in the woman for several days, LH tests are not recommended for contraceptive practices, as the LH surge typically occurs after the beginning of the fertile window.

Mandy asks…

Help! – pcos ……………….?

How am I going to get pregnant? I’ve taken clomid, I’m doing the proper days, I’m starting BBT charting when I get my period in a few days. I’m doing & have done EVERYTHING my doctor wanted me to do & suggested I should do & after FOUR YEARS trying (one miscarraige) I’m still not pregnant. I just dont know what else to do? IVF is going to be something I’ll try in the new year, but I’d prefer to do it on my own with my fiance, out of love.
Please help ………… I think I’m losing hope & all I want is to have children with my hubby to be, have our family, I feel like I’m just waiting & trying for something I’m never going to have. PCOS is stopping me from having children, anybody else thinks about getting pregnant & ….bam they are! Sorry for going on & on, did another HPT & another BFN. Thanks for listening, if you know anything that could help, i’d love to hear from you.
Thanks & good luck everyone!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Here is what I’ve found while dealing with PCOS and TTC, some of it may apply to you, some may not, just my observations/findings:

1) Chart. You need to know if you’re ovulating. With PCOS you can get the LH surge (ie test positive on an ovulation predictor strip), but not ovulate. The best way to determine if you ovulated is your basal body temperature. If it goes up and stays up you O’d (not the fun kind, but the important kind).

2) Insulin is the devil. Especially for you, because PCOS and Insulin Resistance are twin sisters and they hate you. If your insulin resistance is fair to normal, you can control it with diet. Lower carb, no sugar/flour, lots of fruits and veggies. Good book to check out is Fertility Foods by Jeremy Groll. Designed for PCOS.

3) If your insulin resistance is pretty bad and diet isn’t doing the trick, you may need some drugs to help out Metformin/Glucophage is a big helper. If that doesn’t do the trick Actos can be brought to the party.

4) Did I mention charting? You really need to know if you’re ovulating or not. Because if not, you may need some ovarian stimulation ala Clomid/Femara. It’s dirt cheap as these things go and is pretty effective with the PCOS set. I personally have gotten pregnant with Clomid and am on Femara now.

5) Take your vitamins. Start your prenatals now. They help. And they do wonders for your hair and nails.

6) Exercise. I know it sucks, but it really helps with the insulin resistance. You need 150 minutes of exercise a week, preferably 100 minutes of cardio and 50 of strength training. Muscles are good for fighting insulin resistance. This is the area where I really suck at meeting my goals.

7) If you’re overweight, lose some weight. A loss of just 5% can have a tremendous impact on your insulin resistance.
8) Use full fat dairy if you use dairy at all. The lower fat dairy has a disproportionately high level of androgen hormones which can exacerbate PCOS.

Donna asks…

Please help! I got a positive ovulation test twice last week and one today!?

When did I ovulate and what does this mean???????? Thank you and baby dust and blessings! :)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

OPKs work by detecting LH (a hormone) when it surges before ovulation. However, you can get an LH surge without actually ovulating. This is more likely when you have hormonal imbalances and illnesses like PCOS. If you track your cervical mucus and cervical position, and bbt temps then you can confirm ovulation along with the OPKs. If you determine your other syptoms match one of the LH surges then that is probably when you ovulted.

One more thing. Sometimes our bodies can rev up for ovulation, by having an LH surge, and then not ovulate. In return our bodies may rev up a second or third time. If ovulation is occuring, then the final LH surge would be the indiction of ovulation.

Susan asks…

Help pinpointing ovulation with PCOS?

Ok, so I’m currently taking provera to force a period, and when AF comes it will be CD1, I will then take clomid on cd 3-7…

BUT, I have PCOS so OPK’s don’t work for me due to my constantly elevated LH levels…

So, is temping reliable enough?

If not, what day do you suggest we start the BDing? I was thinking CD 10, and continuing to temp…but I’m so confused.

Any advice or thoughts would be REALLY appreciated!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I had the same problem with the opks – every two weeks I’d get a positive. For my clomid cycle, I charted and used an OPK to be certain of when I ovulated. Both methods worked and pinpointed the day I ovulated.

I found that with the clomid, when I ovulated, the OPK was darker than it was when I triggered positives due to LH surge with no ovulation. I started using the OPKs and charting the day after my last clomid pill. The clomid made my ovaries feel super heavy and huge, so bding was painful. But when I had that temperature dip and the positive OPK I made sure to bd.

ALSO! You should buy some PreSeed so that you can use it while bding. Clomid can dry up your cervical mucus and PreSeed is wonderful in mimicking cervical mucus in consistency and ph levels.

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Lh Surge If No Ovulation

Linda asks…

What is an Ovulation Predictor Test- LH??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It detects leutenizing hormone(LH) which surges just before ovualtion. Most ovulation predictor kits will detect ovulation 12 to 24 hours before it happens.

Donna asks…

Did this ovulation test detect the LH surge? (Picture)?

It said it detects the LH surge if the first line is equally dark or darker than the second line, but this test the first line was darker than the other tests I took over the last few days. I’m just wondering if it detected that horomone?


By passed do you mean passed as in I already ovulated, and it’s too late to get pregnant? Just curious..

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No, that is not a positive. By the way, you can’t compare tests with each other, only the comparison with the control line counts.

Still it is so close to positive that either you can expect a positive tomorrow, or you have just missed the surge. In other words: get busy, just in case! Even if you have missed the surge, that does not necessarily mean you missed ovulation.

Sharon asks…

what is an lh surge..and what does it mean when u don’t have one?? please help?

i want to know this because idk what it means..n i kno i dnt or didnt have an lh surge

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

LH stands for Lutenizing Hormone, and it is the hormone detected on an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) during TTC.

When you take an OPK, there are two lines, like the standard pregnancy test, but the difference is an OPK will almost always show that test line – even if it is very light and barely noticable.

The Lutenizing Hormone is always in your body in small amounts, and that is why the test will usually show that line even when you aren’t ovulating. When you get a POSITIVE on an OPK, the test line will be as dark or darker than the control line – and it isn’t a positive until the test line is atleast as dark.

Also, men also have the Lutenizing hormone for their reproductive organs.
:o )

Laura asks…

Day 16 and NO LH surge in sight…Please help?

I have normal 29-30 day cycles and I have been using the clear blue easy fertility monitor for 3 months now. The past months I have hit my “high” mark on days 12 and 13 and my “peak” days on 14 and 15.
I am 16 days into my new month and haven’t even hit a “high” day yet!
I know it’s possible to have and LH surge and NOT ovulate….But is it possible not not even have an LH surge??
Has anyone had their surge happen much later than day 15? What day did it happen for you??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hey hun! I had been using the answer ovulation kits and thought that I was supposed to ovulate on valentines! But I didnt get a positive until the 21! That was day 23 of my cycle! Out of a 31 day cycle! But my AF is now 2 days late. I got a faint positive 2 days ago but I took some more this morning and nothing! So i guess we will see! Good luck and baby dust!

Helen asks…

Ovulation test best answer ten points?

I been taking a ovulation test for the last 3 days and they all came back that I wasn’t now I just took another one so this will be my fourth one well there was a line under the c and a little pink line under the t witch still means no lh surge but beacuse there was a little pink line under the t does that mean I’m going to ovulate soon when I took it before there was only one line under the c and not one under the t but this time there is a faint pink line so does that mean I’m going to ovulate soon

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It could very well mean that there is some LH surge meaning ovulation is close. I would recommend switching to a digital ovulation predictor. I suggest the clearblue easy digitals if you are ovulating it shows a smiley and if you are not it shows an empty circle. It is way less hassel since you dont have to deal with the lines and what not! Hope this helped. I would just say keep taking them day after day until the line is clearly veiwed as a LH surge :)

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7 Mistakes Pregnancy Report

Lizzie asks…

Why is Elizabeth Edwards still standing by her man, John Edwards?

John Edwards is the father of the baby girl. A love child.

Why is EE still living with the man who cheated or is cheating on her?

Why is she still sleeping in the same bed with John?

I just don’t understand EE… why is she allowing John to cheat on her?

It is like she is saying… “oh it is okay, you can sleep with any woman you want…. as long as I am still married to you.”

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Because he isn’t a hypocrite. I assume you have some personal knowledge hidden from the rest of mankind about whether she is sleeping in the same bed with him. Personally I’m not that nosey, and I don’t care. I understand that it would be inconvenient for you to talk about Mark Sanford or John Ensign since they are Republicans. No wait, let’s do.
“What’s Worse: Adultery or Hypocrisy?”

To be honest, I don’t care about Ensign’s relationship antics, whether they are vanilla or a new Ben and Jerry’s Nevada Yucca Mountain Nuclear Swirl. People make mistakes, have complicated lives, have complicated sexual encounters..and these were consenting adults. I am not condoning or condemning. I would normally just consider these issues a matter of privacy and one to be taken up with his wife and family.

But for one thing: For Ensign, no one else’s relationships were private enough for him to offer the same consideration. No social issue was too complex not to reduce to a caricature for political gain. No marginalized group too vulnerable not to pillory.

He was a Republican moralist. He went after Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky debacle with full-force, and more-than-wagged his holier-than-thou finger at many other people who were caught out having affairs.

He is a far-righter’s fantasy Senator. According to “On The Issues,” Ensign had a 100 percent rating from the Christian Coalition on “pro-family issues,” (whatever those are according to their definition), opposed anti-discrimination legislation to protect gay, lesbian and transgender persons, opposes gay marriage, is anti-choice and has consistently voted against funding for comprehensive sex education and for services and information that would reduce teen pregnancy. Hewed to the far right line on virtually every single issue and vote. Kinda scary.

What is more…he is a “Promise Keeper,” who pledged to keep the 7 promises, including:

PROMISE 3: A Promise Keeper is committed to practicing spiritual, moral, ethical, and sexual purity.
PROMISE 4: A Promise Keeper is committed to building strong marriages and families through love, protection and biblical values.


So to repeat, I really wouldn’t care, but for the fact that Ensign and many of the guys like him seem to be locked in some political version of Ground Hog Day, with different lead actors. Rise, fall, redemption; rise, fall, redemption. Aspiring politician falls in line with the extreme right and toes the party line. Gets elected Senator. Moralizes and pontificates about gays, abortion, sex, marriage, welfare “constitutional purity” and so on. Starts to eye party leadership and the Presidency. Decides he is above the rules he himself has set in stone, so breaks them and has an affair. Then all hell breaks loose and for whatever reason he has to disclose it and do damage control.

Now, it appears that beyond the sexual infidelity, there may also be abuse of government funds. The Washington Post also reports today that Ensign may have improperly paid his aide, Cynthia Hampton, and her husband.

Cynthia Hampton’s salary doubled in 2008 during the time she had the affair with Ensign. Her husband got an additional two weeks of pay in April 2008 (two months before the affair ended) and their son was put on the payroll until the affair ended in mid August 2008.

So the guy who railed against those “welfare queens” was doling it out to his lover and her husband.

And to add insult to injury, he now is on the “redemption circuit,” whereby the careful manipulation of his image is intended to get him back in the Republican attack-dog position as quickly as possible.

“He was able to control the story by running to it, not away from it,” says Michael Robinson of Levick Strategic Communications in Washington.

And says the Post:

There was only the news conference, the I’m-just-a-man admissions of his own weakness, the no questions, please.

He also went solo to avoid triggering the resentment of female voters:

His solo appearance (unlike the wives of other fallen pols, Darlene Ensign conspicuously chose not to stand by her man, though her statement insists they’re reconciled) also gets a nod of approval. “We counsel men not to have their wives standing there,” Smith says. When women do, viewers “see hurt, they see pain . . . And it just makes him look that much more guilty.”

And…says the Post, “He’s even dressed in proper apology attire.”

He’s not wearing a power suit,” notes Scott Sobel of D.C. PR firm Media & Communication Strategies. “He chose vulnerability. You don’t want to walk out there with a suit and a red tie the way you might during an official conference.” It’s better to look like a private citizen: humbled, faulty, apologetic.

“Choosing vulnerability,” looking “humbled, faulty, apologetic….”.

All about the image. All about the show.

All about hypocrisy, which I am beginning to think is one of the greatest sins of all.

Is any of the redemption real? Does it make him any more sympathetic to the real plight of real people with complex lives?

How long will it take before he’s back railing about family values, promiscuous youth, fetal rights, and other contrived social ills?

Let’s wait and see.”

Sharon asks…

Quick question about condoms?

When I had Health Class in High School (it was a couple years ago) the health teacher said to leave space at the top of the condom when it was on the penis

and I recently started thinking about this and isn’t there a lot of cum when a guy ejaculates? Wouldn’t it just travel back up the condom and defeat the purpose of having one on?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It’s incredibly important to leave space at the tip of the condom- *provided* you pinch all air out of the tip. When you do that, it leaves a place for the semen to collect.

If you do not leave any space for the semen, or if you leave space but don’t pinch all the air out, the semen that comes out will, like you said, possibly travel back up the condom, or will put stress on the latex and make it more likely to break.

The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University analyzed 50 studies from 14 countries over 16 years and has written up a list of different mistakes people make when using condoms; failing to leave a reservoir for semen was reported by between 24.3% and 45.7% of respondents, and 48.1% of women and 41.6% of men reported sexual encounters in which air wasn’t squeezed from the tip of the condom (http://mybrownbaby.com/2012/02/using-a-condom-may-not-be-as-easy-as-we-thought/ )

Remember- when used correctly, condoms prevent pregnancy 98% of the time, but in typical use, we find that they’re only effective 85% of the time. Proper use is crucial!

Hope that helps!

Maria asks…

what if a pregnant woman takes birth control ??

to be exact, it is the depo shot.

thanks everyone
what happened was that my shot had to be taken today, but the shot was prob. warned out by then. and im having this pressure feeling on my bladder like i got to go to the bathroom every 30 min. then when i do, and im done peeing, i feel like i still have to go when i dont, and i get this tingly feeling. any advice ??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

This is the patient information packet that should have been given to you when you received your injection. ALWAYS ask for the patient information and read it before getting any injection. ALWAYS have the needle drawn in front of you and ensure that the DIN number on the patient info matches the DIN number on the bottle. Mistakes happen, don’t be a statistic.


Neonates from unexpected pregnancies that occur 1 to 2 months after injection of
DEPO-PROVERA CI may be at an increased risk of low birth weight, which, in turn, is
associated with an increased risk of neonatal death. The attributable risk is low because
such pregnancies are uncommon.9,10
A significant increase in incidence of polysyndactyly and chromosomal anomalies
was observed among infants of users of DEPO-PROVERA CI, the former being most
pronounced in women under 30 years of age. The unrelated nature of these defects, the
lack of confirmation from other studies, the distant preconceptual exposure to DEPOPROVERA
CI, and the chance effects due to multiple statistical comparisons, make a
causal association unlikely.11
Neonates exposed to medroxyprogesterone acetate in utero and followed to
adolescence, showed no evidence of any adverse effects on their health including their
physical, intellectual, sexual, or social development.
Several reports suggest an association between intrauterine exposure to
progestational drugs in the first trimester of pregnancy and genital abnormalities in male
and female fetuses. The risk of hypospadias (five to eight per 1,000 male births in the
general population) may be approximately doubled with exposure to these drugs. There
are insufficient data to quantify the risk to exposed female fetuses, but because some of
these drugs induce mild virilization of the external genitalia of the female fetus and
because of the increased association of hypospadias in the male fetus, it is prudent to
avoid the use of these drugs during the first trimester of pregnancy.
To ensure that DEPO-PROVERA CI is not administered inadvertently to a
pregnant woman, it is important that the first injection be given only during the first 5
days after the onset of a normal menstrual period within 5 days postpartum if not breastfeeding
and if breast-feeding, at the sixth week postpartum (see DOSAGE AND
7. Ectopic Pregnancy
Health-care providers should be alert to the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy among
women using DEPO-PROVERA CI who become pregnant or complain of severe
abdominal pain.

Sandra asks…

19 and want to know if i’m pregnant?

I am 19 and really scared. My period is several days late. I have sore and swollen breasts, nausiated by once favortite foods, irratiability, tiredness (am in really good shape and can’t even exercise like usual), emotional wreck, unusual heart burn and constipation (which is weird since I eat a very strict well-balanced vegetarian diet with loads of fiber). I also have a severe pain around my ovaries. Please help my fiancee is really worried since we are both in college. PLEASE let me know what you think!!
forgot to add that I have not been on birth control for 2 years.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I am a 19 year old mother of 3 and i want you to go to the doctors to get a test ok? I hope this helps you!!!

1. Tender breasts: Many women report increased sensitivity, fullness, or heaviness within a few days. By two weeks after conception, your areolas (the pinkish or brown skin surrounding the nipples) may start to enlarge.

2. Spotting: Scantier than a period and sometimes mixed with a yellowish discharge, a small amount of bleeding may occur when the developing egg implants itself in your uterine wall.

3. Fatigue: Can’t keep awake at work? If you feel tired even after a good night’s sleep, your body may be going through the changes of early pregnancy.

4. Nausea: Don’t think of it as “morning sickness,” since it can strike at any time of the day or night. It might feel like a slight case of seasickness or a full-fledged stomach virus — or you may not experience it at all.

5. Bloating: Many women mistake this early sign of pregnancy for PMS; the tip-off may come when your period doesn’t arrive.

6. Increased urination: You may need to go to the bathroom more than usual, a symptom that will return in spades during your last trimester.

7. Stretching of pelvic ligaments: During the course of a normal pregnancy, the uterus will grow to about 1,000 times its prepregnant size (imagine a pear turning into a basketball). Some women feel their pelvic ligaments stretching to make room for this growth to occur.

8. Food cravings: If you suddenly find yourself ravenous for citrus fruits, red meat (even if you’re a vegetarian), or potato chips, don’t assume it’s all in your head. Pregnant bodies may crave increased amounts of vitamin C, iron, and salt — among other things — even from the very beginning.

Helen asks…

Signs of Pregnancy??

I got my period earlier this month on the 7th a couple days earlier than usually and it only lasted 3 1/2 days compared to 5. Also within the last week I have started to have a whitish-yellow vaginal discharge, and starting yesterday I have been having some cramping in my right hip (the pain is usually from right under my rib cage to my hip). What are the chances that I could be pregnant…my period is due in about 5 days. Thanks for the help

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Early pregnancy symptoms and signs can often be mistaken for other conditions and should be followed up with a home pregnancy test. While some women experience many of these symptoms, others experience few (not in any particular order.)

o missed menstrual period

o nausea

o extreme fatigue

o frequent urination

o tender breasts

o headache

o heartburn

o constipation

o spotting

o feeling faint

Spotting is a common symptom in pregnancy. Some women report what seems to be a short light period before the onset of other symptoms. This may be implantation bleeding and not a menstrual period at all (when the egg implants itself into the lining of the uterus). If you are pregnant and you experience spotting check in with your doctor as spotting is also an indicator of miscarriage.

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