Lh Surge 2 Days Before Period

Ruth asks…

could I be pregnant?

My last period was oct 10th and had my LH surge on the 23rd. My husband and I had sex 2 days before and the day after. I would like to be pregnant for I’m 30 and have been with my husband for over 15 years and no kids. We have been officially trying the last 3 months. last month I thought I was pregnant because I didn’t have a period for 45 days. Had an ultrasound and took test etc. My husband can’t have sex unless we have oral sex as well so I’m scared this will play a part in me not getting pregnant. Any advise is great

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

He is probably sterile…. Get you both fertility tests

Betty asks…


i need help… i had intercourse friday and then monday and tue and i detected my lh surge on monday… ive been feeling a bit crampy like im gonna get my period but not so bad.. and my boobs have been sore for like 2 days now… if this pregnancy symptoms? ive never had period symptoms this early… does anyone know any web sites where i could see peoples symptoms day by day after ovulation? thanks! we have been trying to conceive and ive never felt like this before..

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yep suuure sounds like early pregnancy symptoms to me.
*increased tiredness
*itchy or sore breasts
*light cramping
*little bit of bloating
*nauseous with or without actually getting sick
*missed period

Good luck just wait a little longer and get a pregnancy test and test in the early morning.
Good luck again =]

Laura asks…

I think I may be pregnant, this is my first month trying, What do you think?

For years my period has been irregular, after my wedding in September they regulated on their own coming on the 22nd-24th of each month however after my february cycle I didn’t get a period until 7th of April which lasted until 11th of April.

This month was our first month trying as I had to have immunisations before we could TTC. I used an OPK, and found my LH surge last Saturday 2nd of May, we had sex Monday 4th of May.

This week on Sunday and Monday I had maybe 2-3 spots of blood (implantation bleeding??) but I have a on/off sore back like my period is coming and my stomach is just a little tender….

Also last two days when I wipe I have had a small amount of yellowish mucus..

Also, normally I have period pain the week leading upto my due date AND I become a raging b!tch, this week I am so calm and happy also….

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Sounds like you could be! I ovulated the same time, no implantation bleeding but more discharge than usual. I have a nervous kind of warm feeling in my abdomen which I’ve never had before. My moods are very strange, I felt on top of the world yesterday and deflated and moody today.

Please be my month 🙂

I hope it’s yours too!!


Susan asks…

Pregnant? Been off Loestrin 3 months.TTC.?

LMP was April 15th but LH surge detected 20days later not 14. Cycle normally 28-30days. Had sex 3 days before and 3 days after. Am I really late? I have very tender, tingling breasts, fatigued and no period yet. No discharge at all. 2 Negative Pregnancy test. Any advice is appreciated.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Do another test in about 3 days time, mine didn’t show up till i was a week and a half late for my period.

Sharon asks…

FF help….Anybody experienced at charting…?

Okay, here’s my chart….


1. Does it look good in terms of temps, BD days, signs, ect for me getting pregnant this cycle?

2. I had a + OPK for 4 days this cycle (6 days last cycle) and you can see a temp rise on day 12, but then it fell on CD 13 and rose back up after that showing O. So, could my body have started ovulating on cd12 to cause the LH surge and temp rise, but then it wasn’t successful so it surged again causing 3 more + OPK’s and then successfully Ovulated? Do you think that is what has happened? What could that mean?

3. Also, I had spotting on CD 13, the day before I ovulated. It was only a tiny bit and was light brown, what could this mean?

Extra Info—I had a stillbirth in April and ever since my period has started for 2 days, stopped for 2 days and then finished. And most of the time I have multiple positive OPK’s.

Sorry this is so long, and I appreciate you taking the time to read it and help me out!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

1. Temps look good but it still very early (4dpo) to say anything. The temps need to stay elevated. If they drop and continue to drop, that usually means period is coming. Don’t worry about the fluctuation in temp before ovulation as long as temp after ovulation is higher. In order to maximize chance of pregnancy, you need to BD a lot more frequently closer to the ovulation window (daily if sperm count is not an issue). In your case, day 10 to day 15. Also remember even if you time everything perfectly, the chance of pregnancy in any given cycle is only like 20%.

2. The first OPK positive represents the LH is starting to surge (make sure you are using the OPK correctly) but that doesn’t mean you are ovulating. It means that you WILL probably be ovulating in the next 12-72 hours. LH may remain elevated for a few hours or couple of days. Don’t worry about the other 4 days of OPK positive. Start BD right away and continue to do so until the temp spikes (here day 16). In your cycle, it seems that you ovulated on or before day 14.

3. Don’t worry about the spotting if it was tiny amount. It could be anything including old blood. It is impossible to guess whether it was ovulation sign or old lining, etc.

Sorry about the loss. It can take a little time for period to normalize back to normal. If your cycles are fairly regular and you are getting OPK positive mid-cycle, no need to worry.

Good luck.

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