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Mary asks…

why am I not having any cervical fluid?

I did get cervical fluid on the 19th but that it? I used the opk to test to see if im fertile and since the 20 i have been fertile. I got my posti ve lh surge the other day and i bd monday, yesterday and used pre-seed.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Sometimes us women do not always have a abundance of cervical mucus..as long as you are getting + LH surge then go with it..pre-seed is great also drinking Green Tea improves the mucus and also Robitussin.

I’ve posted a article for you to get some more info

Sending lots of *~* babydust*~* to ya!

Laura asks…

Could my ovulation predictor kit be wrong?

My husband and I are ttc #3. I had the nexplanon implant removed on dec 31st, had some pinky discharge a few days after and a full bleed on jan 9th. I started using my opk yesterday (jan 14th) and it didn’t detect an lh surge but today it did! Could it be wrong? My last period on the implant was dec 14th so I wasn’t expecting to ovulate untill the 23rd. Im using the clearblue digital opk which is over 99% accurate. Could it be that I’m ovulating now and everything before this was just my body settling down after the implant?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes, it can take variable amounts of time for your body to recover. Using the ClearBlue doesn’t give you a complete picture, though. Read below.

Helen asks…

How does everyone else do it?

How does everyone here calculate the DPO? Do you start on the day you get the LH surge, or the day after? I’m really confused and need an answer as to how everyone else does it?


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Welcome to the minefield of TTC! 🙂

Before you ovulate, you body temperature (basal temperature) stays fairly low. The day you ovulate is the day your temperature soars and stays high, until just before your period, when it drops significantly. Therefore, the only way you can tell the day you actually ovulated is by charting your temperatures and you can only see the rise after it’s happened.

So, if you chart your basal temperature every day, you should start to see a pattern as to when you usually ovulate each month. You can also use Ovulation Predictor Kits which will show when you start to surge and you should aim to have intercoourse for the next couple of days, but OPK’s won’t be able to tell you when you have actually ovulated.

I highly recommend fertilityfriend.com as I found it incredibly helpful. You can plot your temperatures online and any other information, and it’s free for the first month and not expensive thereafter. It will also work out when you ovulated and suggest when you will ovulate the next month. And, it can email you lessons for free for the first month, which were seriously helpful.

Good luck – it’s surprisingly scientific!

Lizzie asks…

What are my chances for this month?

My LMP was on June 13th. I am on an average cycle of 32 days. We BD’ed on friday nite which was the 27th (our 4 yr anniv 🙂 and yesterday there was an positive LH surge on the OPK. What do u guys think?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

WOW! My LMP was the 13th, too! LH surge was on saturday the 28th & that’s when we tried! You and I are in the same boat & I hope that you & I are on the right track! I am hoping the best for you & I hope to hear the happy news!!!
*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ Baby Dust to US!!! +*+*+*+*+*+

Linda asks…

Tired of living my life in 2 week increments?

Anyone who has been trying to conceive understands what I mean regarding the 2WW. It’s absolutely nerve-racking….. And I’m afraid NOT to time intercourse because I feel like if I am not paying attention to my CM and LH surge and all that, I am wasting valuable time that could be spent getting pregnant. But that’s not even rational because after almost 2 years of trying and 2 miscarriages, this 2WW nonsense is not doing me any good.

Anyone else feel the same way?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I just finished my 3rd round of clomid and progesterone. I called my doctor and told them I have to take a break. Between the disappointment and the crazy side effects of the fertility drugs I just can’t do it anymore. I feel like a zombie. My emotions are used up. I really feel crazy. I will try again. But I think I need at least 3 months just to get back to normal emotionally and physically. Trying to get pregnant, especially the 2 week wait just sucks all the life out of you. I never thought it would be this emotionally or physically draining. Before I started the medication we tried for 9 months on our own. So it’s been a year of this crap. I feel like just getting a little dog and naming it “Baby.” Really. I’m tired. It’s making me think I should just give up. This is too hard. I hope that in 3 months I’ll feel stronger and ready to try again. But after a while, it wears you down. It’s like you get your hopes up and then someone kicks your feet out from under you. And then you pull yourself back up, just to get knocked down again. And again. And again. And you feel totally alone with it. My husband can’t understand. I feel very alone. And you have to act like everything is okay everyday. It’s sucks so much. I really hope I end up with a baby after all of this. But it’s hard. And I may just have to accept that it’s never going to happen for me. My only problem is low progesterone. But even with the treatment and it being corrected, nothing has happened. I think we all feel like this. Babydust to you.

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