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Linda asks…

when did i ovulate after three consecutive positive opk?

i had a positive lh surge (smiley face) on the 15th and continued to get positives for 2 more days. i am trying to figure out when take a preg test but i m not sure when i ve ovulated, after the first positive, the second or the third? what do you think? what does it mean if you get 3 positives? thanks

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You could have ovulated on any of those days or after. If you have missed your period then take a test if not then wait and see how your period plays out.Good Luck and God Bless.

Helen asks…

Anyone taking or have ever took Prometrium?

This is my second month of taking it and TTC. I take Prometrium 3 days after I get my LH surge and have failed to get pregnant in the past 2 months. Did you ovulate on it? I am afraid I am not ovulating. Please give your experiences with this drug. I am also spotting and it’s making my cycles longer. Is this normal?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I have been on the prometrium a few times. At first when i started taking them they made me really dizzy. My last vistit with my fertility specialist he has instructed me to take them twice a day vaginally four days after i ovulate up until my AF show. He wants me to do this for three months and if i dont become prego he wants to see me again. I havent noticed any spotting or my cycles being longer like i have said only side effect that i had noticed was the dizziness when i first started to take the pills. I wish you all the luck. We have been ttc for three years now with three early miscarriages. My AF is due on Friday and i am hoping for the best.

Sharon asks…

Is it Possible my OPK is telling me after I ovulate?

I have been using OPKs for a while, I just got my ovacue and I have been religious about taking readings…. Well my ovacues numbers indicated I ovulated today the problem with that is in past months my OPKs usually come up positive 2 days later then today (today is day 13 and my OPKs usually come up positive day 15) is it possible there is a delay with my lh surge????

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Its possible. If you used a different brand of opks before that might be why its coming up different. If not then there may have been a delay or your cycles are changing. Just keep tracking them and take note. Good luck

Sandy asks…

How good do you think my chances are…getting SO frustrated?

I had my LH Surge on the 4th of this month and my husband and me had sex on the august 30th, sep.1,2,4,and6th. that’s 5 times during my fertile days. What do you think my chances are getting preg. this month. We have actively been trying for 7 months and we have not been using ANY protection or pills since october of last year. Please let me know what you think!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Assuming you are a healthy couple with no issues your chances are 20%. Nice timing on the BD =) It takes many healthy couples a year or more to conceive. Good luck!!!

Laura asks…

How do I know If I ovulate at all?

TTC for 2 yrs… hubby got lower than average motility… but has since stopped smoking etc etc

Beginning to think its me…. (already have a 9yr old daughter)

Ive been using ClearBlue Fertlity Monitor & I get 3 highs, 2 peaks every month, so Im obviously getting an LH surge…. but how do I know if I AM actually ovulating, because I was told that you can have an LH surge but not ovulate.

Any ideas?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi. There are several ways to tell or help you tell…The first, and probably most obvious is the cervical mucus. Charting your BBT will also help you tell. They do have over the counter test that are suppose to help you determine this as well. As for the previous posting saying somthing like “if you get regular periods you ovulate” This is completly false. I have a condition where I do not ovulate on my own, but I have regular periods. The misconception is this: You can ovulate with or with out regular periods, and you can have a period with or without ovulation following. I would recommened talking to your OBGYN or a fertility specialist. Most Specialist will see you after 1 yr of TTC. Good luck and Baby Dust to you.

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