Lh Surge After Ovulation

Lisa asks…

Help: Changes in body temperature during the menstrual cycle of an ovulating female?

I need help with knowing which day would be the ovulation day from this information. Ovulation occured in the data, but which day did it occur, knowing from the temperature.

Days – Temperature
5- 36.4
10- 36.2
12- 36.0
14- 38.4
16- 37.1
18- 36.6
20- 36.8
22- 37.0
24- 37.1
28- 36.6

From the body temperature, on which day did ovulation occur?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You can answer this question based on several sources of information.
From your background in the female cycle, you know that ovulation typically occurs mid-cycle, and a typical cycle is 28 days. So, mid-cycle is day 14. You can start by looking there.

However, maybe the data does not describe a typical cycle. So, using your background on the hormonal changes in the female cycle you can detect when ovulation occurs. A drop and then a rise in the BBT usually indicates the LH surge, which means that ovulation is imminent, usually within 48 hours. The day of the lowest BBT is the first day of the LH surge.

From your data, you can graph it in MS Excel (or similar program) so that you visually see where the change occurs. Without that, let’s look at the data.

Days 5 to 12, the temp drops to 36.
Then on day 14, the temp rises quickly to 38.4.
After that, the temp drops again.

It is likely ovulation occurred on day 14.

Sharon asks…

Can I be pregnant even though the ovulation predictor kit showed all negatives for 5 days straight?

I used the kit for 5 days straight, days 13-17 of my cycle. My cycles last between 28 and 31 days normally. I got all negative results, but now I’m at day 32 of my cycle and no period. Is it possible that the test just didn’t pick up on the surge? How accurate are they? Do you think I can take a HPT now?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If your late on your period then yeah take a HPT. The OPK test arent all that accurate. If you dont produce a lot of the hormone it detects from your LH surge then it comes out negative. I dont use them. I track my fertility on www.mymonthlycycles.com it really easy to use and its free. If you have irregular cycles…like you said yours are usually between 28 and 31 days it tracks all your past cycles and can accurately predict your ovulation date. Just remember that you can get pregnant anytime in the month but obviously your ovulation day and the days around that are the best times to concieve. Good luck and lots of baby dust x

Susan asks…

Is it possible to get a false positive or negative ovulation test?

My husband and I have been TTC for years and I haven’t had a positive ovulation test in a very long time. I tested today and finally got a smiley face but I was in such shock I tested again about and hour later and it was negative. 🙁 does this mean the positive test was wrong? Im not sure how that can happen, i didnt do anything different. All answers are welcome! Thanks 🙂

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The more likely scenario is that you just caught the end of your LH surge, and the positive was an accurate result. Good luck to you!

Carol asks…

Is it possible to ovulate on day 8 of your cycle when taking clomid?

I was not ovulating, so I was put on Aygestin to induce a period and now I’m on clomid (taking it on days 3-7 of cycle), and I’m doing the ovulation prediction tests. I’m now on day 16 of my cycle. I didn’t test for ovulation on days 8,9,&10 of my cycle. When I did start testing I was getting light lines on the tests, but according to the test instructions this is considered a negative. Now the line has completely disappeared. Now I am wondering if I ovulated on the days I didn’t test. Is it really possible to ovulate that quickly after your period?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No it’s not your eggs would not have been mature enough to have been released. I took clomid I’m 13 weeks preg. I had to get 2 rounds of insemination done because they could not find my ovulation window. I ovulated on day 18 so you may still have time they told me that 10 -14 days after you take your last clomid pill you should ovulate so you still have time. Also ignore the test you will have many LH surges during a cycle only one of those surges will be high enough to trigger ovulation so getting a close to positive test means there is some LH and getting a negative LH means the surge dropped the only test you wanna pay attention to is the test that looks EXACTLY the same as the control line. I timed sex way way off one month thinking a light line meant i was close to ovulation when i wasn’t. And when you do get a positive test it means you egg will drop in the next 24 hours so the clock starts as soon as you get that first reading have sex only once a day so hubby’s count has time to go back up. Good Luck and hang in there your doing fine =)

Laura asks…

How can you tell when your ovulating with PCOS?

I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and while im not completely infertile as I thought I was until i conceived my daughter i do not ovulate regularly at all. If im trying to conceive again does anyone have any tips on ways to possibly know when ovulation can happen or tips on ways to increase the chance of conception with my condition?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The best way to detect ovulation is to track your basal body temp and use opks (ovulation predictor kit/test). The opks detect your LH surge (lutenizing hormone) in the middle of your cycle. Once you get the positive opk, you ovulate about 24 hours later. On an opk, the test line has to be as dark as or darker than the control line to be positive.

BBT won’t predict ovulation, but will confirm it. You’ll notice a temp that your body will stick close to, that’s the coverline. The day you ovulate your temp will dip well below that coverline. After, it will spike. If it stays elevated for at least three days, this confirms ovulation.

Used together they’re the best ways to track ovulation. If you don’t get any positive tests or bbt confirmation after a few months, you might have to see a doctor for fertility meds. Most likely you’ll start on Clomid before trying others. A good site to check out is fertilityfriend.com- it even has a tutorial for tracking your cycle.

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