Lh Surge After Ovulation

Lisa asks…

If you have a faint line on a ovulation test dose it mean your hormones after birth control are normal?

This is the first month off of birth control pills. Dose a faint line on ovulation test mean my hormones are back to normal?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No. It means that you haven’t ovulated yet. That’s all that the test measures – it’s looking for the Lh surge that occurs with ovulation. BCP simply mimics the surge so that you won’t actually ovulate, but when you get off bcp the hormone is no longer in your system. This does NOT mean, however, that your hormones are back to normal. It can take up to 6 months for the body to “remember” what is it supposed to be doing and start ovulating on it’s own again.

Susan asks…

Is it possible to ovulate twice in 1 month?

I tested positive on cycle days 14 and 15 for ovulating. I have been expecting my period any day now as it is cycle day 34. I just took an ovulation test “just for fun” and it came back positive. What? Is that possible? I am waiting to have to pee again so I can take a 2nd test just to make sure. Or do you think it might have been dipped in urine too long so both lines showed up?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I believe OPKs detect LH surge so it doesnt actually show you when you ovulate, just when you are preparing to. And it can be positive for a few days .

Jenny asks…

Just found out I ovulated on 25mg of Clomid first round, But why did I keep getting repeated ovulation tests?

…I got my first very strong Positive ovulation test on CD12, then I kept getting them for like 7days in a row, why!? I thought after you ovulated, the test should be Negative since the LH surge is over!? :S

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Do you have PCOS? OPK’s don’t work very well in some women with PCOS because they can have elevated levels of LH for extended periods of time. Normally, the LH surge lasts about 24-48 hours, but in women with unbalanced hormones it can last longer. Your doctor knows your medical history so I would ask him for a more detailed explanation and how it relates to your situation.

Good luck!

Sandra asks…

My ovulation strip tells that I am ovulating today?

When would be my fertile days? And generally, what’s the overall span of ovulation period?
(number of days)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Go have sex now! And tommorrow and the day after. The strip detects the LH surge in your urine, meaning that usually predicts ovulation will happen in the next 24-36 hours. BUT dont wait until then as sperm can live in a girls body for a couple days esspecially with fertile cervical mucus.

Betty asks…

Question about those cheapy ovulation test strips?

I bought some online and the directions say that a negative result is one line OR two lines (one very faint)
a positive result is two solid lines

so my question is that if there are two lines (one solid one faint) does that mean that you’re getting close to ovulation?

I’m not sure how that works – any advice would be great!


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The 2 lines in the result window are:-
1.Test line (result)
2.Control line

1. If test line is equal or darker than control line then only the result is positive. (means LH surge is high and ovulation will take place within 36 hours and you have to make love for 3 consecutive days to conceive)
2. But if test line is less darker (faint) then control line then result is negative.

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