Lh Surge And Ovulation Predictor

Donna asks…

I am using an Ovulation Predictor Kit and starting testing yesterday which was day 14. No LH surge yet but I?

am feeling discharge today…Help. I don’t want to miss it. What should I do. I just tested this morning.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The LH surge happens 24 to 48 hours before you ovulate. Ovulation happens anywhere from ten to sixteen days before you menstruate. Your OPKs should tell you on what day to start testing-if you have 37 day cycle, chances are you won’t ovuate until day 21 at the earliest, and so, you would have a whole week of testing ahead. On the other hand, if you have a 28 day cycle and a 14 day luteal phase (the time between ovulation and menstruation) then you may have missed your LH surge. If you’re feeling discharge, it may be your body getting ready to ovulate, or it may be the sticky, egg white cervical mucous-only you can tell that, by looking at it. Check the instructions for your OPK to find out when to begin testing…if your cycles are irregular, it’s often suggested that you use your shortest cycle in the last six months to determine when to start testing.

Sandra asks…

Clearblue Easy ovulation predictor kits question?

has anyone ever used the Clearblue Easy ovulation predictor kits and NOT gotten a positive LH surge but then gotten pregnant? I’m using the kit because I just came off birth control and am not sure when I’ll ovulate. However, if I only test once a day (I’ve been doing it in the morning), is there a chance I’ll miss the LH surge (ie: I surge about 2 hours after I take the test and it dissipates before the next morning). Has anyone here gotten pregnant without seeing an LH surge on their ovulation predictor kit?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I’ve always gotten a pos. LH from Clearblue Easy OV predictor kits, and I’ve used 3 of them. Don’t know how long it has been since you stopped taking BCP, but I’ve heard that your LH levels can be off for at least 2 months. You can use OV calculators on-line to help you predict when you should be OV. The average is on day 14, but that’s not always the case.

Good Luck!

Lizzie asks…

Period due 1/12;still nothing;Ov.pred.tst Positive for LH surge, some say this is indicator of preg?

I have 28 day cycle. Ovulation Predictor Kit positive on 12/29- so ovulation should have happened within next 24-36 hours. Period was due friday 1/12, still nothing- 2 days late. Home pregnancy tests are negative…. one site said LH surge like shown on Ovulation Predictor Test could mean pregnant…. I still had one from kit, took it this morning and came up Definately positive? Could I be pregnant??? Anyone have any experience with this??? Thanks. Oh yeah, and if I am pregnant- would low #’s of HcG be reason for concern??? I wish the doctors office was open today. So many questions…. thanks.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I am not familiar with the test you took but with this pregnancy I was 6 weeks late before my test came back positive. If you are pregnant it is still too early to worry about hcg.

Betty asks…

Ovulation Spotting – have you ever experienced it?


My husband and I have been TTC for months now, and we finally feel like this is the month. I was having some issues and was put on Provera to get my cycles back on track. This week is when I am supposed to ovulate. We bought an ovulation predictor kit and my LH surge wasn’t today, however when I was done taking the test and wiped, there was a small amount of pinkish/brownish blood and mucus on the paper (sorry for the TMI haha). Is this an indication that I WILL ovulate? Since the ovulation predictor said that I haven’t yet had my LH surge, I am assuming that this means that ovulation will occur soon? Obviously everyone is different, but can anyone tell me when they experienced this, how long after the spotting did your LH surge/ovulation occur?


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Actually, you have already ovulated. The small anount of pinkish/ brown blood is the blood that flows after the mature egg is released from the ovary. Brown simply implies that the ovulation has occured a day before. Blood gets brown if it is old.
I have observed ovulation spotting once in 3 months or so. I remember seeing it last month. Before i saw it, there was this terrible mid-cycle head ache which is very common for me. I have read that this headache occurs due to the sudden drastic fall of estrogen level just before ovulation. Few hours after headache i had this ovulation spotting.
Well, this month i got the head ache but no LH surge and no spotting. I am not sure if i ovulated this month 🙁

All the best!! Baby dust to you!!

Helen asks…

had sex day after positive test for LH surge, but had egg white cervical mucus the next day, pregnant?

So I used an ovulation predictor test, and I followed the directions and a little more than 24 hours after I got a positive result for an LH surge, had intercourse. Now almost 24 hours later I am having the stretchy egg white cervical mucus. Did we have sex too soon or could I get pregnant?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Egg white mucus is good, means ovulation is near or happening. Sperm can live for a few days, so looks good. You may want to BD again to increase your odds.

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