Lh Surge During Ovulation

Carol asks…

boobs hurt during ovulation?

my breast have been very soar i had a miscarriage two weeks ago i got a lh surge yesterday and had some ovulation pain this afternoon. the only thing i find very odd is that my breast hurt worde then when i was pregnant could soar breast be a sign of ovulation. i know i cant be preg yet it has only been two weeks since my miscarriage and i only started having sex one week ago.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

After 2 or 3 weeks of miscarriage you might have ovulation and period will come about 4 to 6 weeks.If you have spontaneous miscarriage is ok to get pregnant next month but most of DR say should wait 1 regular menstrual then try to get pregnant again..my boobs all so sore after 2 weeks of miscarriage too,good luck for your next pregnancy!!!
(i have same problem like you..but i had really bad pain and i went to see my DR after 2 weeks of miscarriage,my Dr said i am just ovulation 🙂 )))

Lisa asks…

Bleeding after sex, during ovulation?

I have been TTC since February, and this has never happened.
I detected my LH surge, via Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation test yesterday.

DH and I BD’d yesterday and today, but today, I was bleeding after. Not much blood, but it was enough to make me worry a bit. It was bright red, and watery (We were using preseed).

Both the DH and I are healthy, my gyno told me last month that I am go to go as far as TTC.

Can someone help me understand this bleeding?

The sex was kinda rough also.

Anyone else experience this?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Ovulation spotting/bleeding is quite common, especially after sex. It’s actually a very good fertility sign. So relax, it’s fine.

Have sex again tonight, and tomorrow, since the LH surge happens 12-48 hours before ovulation.

Good luck.

Maria asks…

How early can a urine pregnancy test detect he pregnency hormone?

Will it detect before a missed period, if you had sex during your ovulation time (LH surge)?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It depends on the test. I took a test 5 days before my period was due and it was positive. The doctor confirmed I was pregnant. Just make sure you read the box. Not all tests are the same.

Betty asks…

Those of whom are familiar with TTC a specific gender.. my LH surge?

Is Very high right now I just took the ovulation test kit about 10 minutes ago. We are TTC our 2nd and I am just curious if anyone is familiar with TTC a specific gender. We have 1 child and are wanting another – my husband would like the opposite gender but would be amazing happy with either a boy or girl.. as far as me I Love what I have now and would like another – what gender doesn’t make any difference to my question. I am just wanting to know..

If you have sex the start and toward the end of ovulation you are said to be more likely to get a what? And if you have sex right during your LH surge your said to more likely have what? It’s all in good fun I just don’t remember which is which. (I am in no way interested in opinions of what I am asking and why) Thanks for the help!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If you want a girl it is said you should BD up to 5 days before ovulation, if you want a boy the nearer you BD to ovulation the higher the chance

Linda asks…

What should be the cervix position after ovulation…during TWW?

I am 4 DPO and counting down the days to test…I have been checking my cervical position for the past few months and have always found that after I ovulate it comes down low and hard, not long (usually less than 1 day) after I ovulate. Here I am 4 days PAST ovulation and it is high and very soft, squishy almost (TMI SORRY!)…could this indicate early pregnancy? I have been having several other symptoms as well, mainly very sore breasts and headaches…today add nausea and backaches. I know I have already ovulated, I used OPK’s this month and the LH surge was already detected. I have been trying every day since then and all have come out negative, so I know I already ovulated!!

Another question, it says on the OPK once the surge is detected ovulation should occur within 24-48 hours…does this mean since I only got 1 positive, that I caught it right as it was happening? (I only bought and started using them at CD 17, so I was a little late in starting, but got lucky I guess!)
Cycles are average about 30 days long (recently been 29, 28, and 27 also though)
CD 5 cervix still high soft and closed…had a little bit of spotting this morning just once, now nothing! Good sign?? Let’s hope so!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It could be that you are still close to your ovulation and it could just take a while for your cervix to firm up. During your fertile time it is high and soft and wet and open. It should be the opposite when not fertile whether you are pregnant or not. Remember to check your cervix at the same time each day and in the same position whether it be standing, sitting, one leg up, etc because it makes a difference. I would just wait until you are close to your period and then test. Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!

OPK’s detect your LH surge and most women only get a day or two of positives. You surge of LH can last less than 12 hours but that doesn’t mean you have ovulated yet. You will ovulate 12-72 hours after the LH surge is detected. You should definately start using opk’s about cd 10 or 11 and continue until you get your first positive and then you know you should be ovulating soon.

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