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Linda asks…

Skipped Ovulation?

I few years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I also only have one remaining ovary, after the left one was removed due to a benign tumour growing on it.

I have been BTT charting for 3 months. For some reason, I did not ovulate this month. I have ovulated the past two months successfully, but without concieving.

I have been taking my basil temperature and an OPK daily. I have until now ovulated on CD12. It is now CD22 with no sign of a temperature drop or a positive LH surge. My standard cycle length is only 25 days.

Is it usual – if suffering from PCOS – to skip ovulation? Is there anything that can be done about this?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

YES. That’s the reason women with PCOS have fertility problems!!!

“Excess male hormones produced with PCOS affect the production of female hormones necessary for ovulation. A woman with PCOS does not produce enough hormones to cause any of the follicles to mature. They may grow and collect fluid but none become large enough for ovulation. Some of these follicles may develop into cysts. Because ovulation does not occur, progesterone is not produced. Progesterone is what causes the lining of the uterus to thicken. A woman’s cycle will be irregular or absent without progesterone.”

If you follow this link it will tell you what kind of treatments are used. Http://www.justmommies.com/articles/pcos-and-infertility.shtml

Best of luck!

Maria asks…

i’m confused & frustrated…please help.?

I’ve posted many questions on here about getting pregnant and I feel that I am constantly asking and reading the same things, but I get old answers and I’d like to get recent ones. SO, please answer if you have any ideas as to what is going on, or can share a similar experience of yours or someone you know.

Trying to conceive with my hubby actively for 6 months, but been inactively trying for 12 months (I was off pill & no protection).

1. My last menstrual cycle was JULY 28, 2008 (cycles are usually 28 days in length)
2. OPK detected LH Surge on August 14, 2008 & We bd’d before, during, and after the LH Surge was detected…the “fertile time”.
3. Brown Streaked CM when wiping (only on t.p. 2 times after bathroom use): August 20, 2008
4. August 25, 2008 EXPECTED period, but nothing…took HPT & BFN
5. August 28, 2008 First Response HPT with FMU, and BFN
6. Tuesday, September 2nd: Beta Blood test, also negative
7. Today, September 5, 2008: STILL NO AF 🙂 but also NO BFP 🙁

*I’m not stressed, so please don’t say that.
*I go to Dr. on Wednesday to discuss my options…he mentioned Prometrium to ‘jumpstart’ my period, but I was wondering if I should request another blood test first (just to be sure…) OR even an ultrasound.
*Also, if you don’t know what the abbreviations mean, they are TTC terms (so you know…it isn’t another language or anything! haha!)
*I just wanted to see what other experiences you may have had…I will be going to see my Doctor next week.
Thanks in advance!!

Thanks 🙂 I was planning on asking for a blood test…I just hope it shows that I am pregnant. My aunt didn’t find out she was until she was 9 months! and drs were baffled…thought she was only 6 weeks, and a week later after finding out, she had a full term healthy baby boy!! so they were off like 16 weeks!
**Correction: they thought she was 6 months based on all her tests…not 6 weeks.**
I will have to see about my iron…I will mention it Wednesday. Thanks 🙂
I definitely don’t want to go on a med that induces my period. you don’t think it is irrational, even after a negative blood test to request an ultrasound? I just want to be 100% sure I’m not before we go that route!! Thanks alot!
BTW: HEre is a bit about my cycle lengths:
May 25th Period
July 2nd Period (38 day cycle)
July 28th Period (26 day cycle)
and still waiting…on day 38 now. Before May, I was every 28 days…almost even BY THE HOUR! 🙂

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I don’t know how anxious I would be to start a new med, especially if it’s to bring your period on. What if you ARE pregnant?? Many women NEVER get a positive on an HPT, even through the whole pregnancy. I would wait about another week, then if still no AF or BFP, I would definitely request another blood test and probably even an ultrasound by then. I for sure wouldn’t go on a period inducing med. Best of luck and baby dust!!

Add:: No I don’t think it’s irrational to be thinking about an ultrasound already. It’s your body and there is a possibility you could be pregnant…..until AF shows or a BFP comes up, I think ALL avenues should be exhausted to give you the most clear answer possible. If I was in your position I wouldn’t expect or accept anything less. Could you imagine if you didn’t do the ONE thing that could give you a definite FINAL answer, started taking meds to induce your period, and turned out you were pregnant and miscarried? I couldn’t handle it, therefore, I would do whatever it took to MAKE SURE!! It may sound a little extreme to some, but I take even the possibilty of being pregnant very seriously, and having experienced a miscarriage in March, I won’t take any chances.
There is also a possibility you didn’t actually ovulate. Just because you got a positive opk, doesn’t mean your body actually went ahead and ovulated. There are reasons this could happen (stress, illness, change in diet etc….) It’s called anovulation and can happen to anyone. It could also be something to talk to your doctor about. The best way to determine ovulation (IMO) is to use an opk to prepare for ovulation and to chart your BBT to confirm it.
In the end, it’s ultimately your decision. Whatever you decide, I hope you get a clear answer SOON so that you can either celebrate a BFP or get AF going so you can get back to TTC.

Betty asks…

when should I be testing?

I have been ttc for about 4 months, I found my LH surge on the 4th of this month…AF is expected on the 13th of this month, because my cycle length is 34 days…when should I begin PG testing, is it too soon, am I going to have to wait because I have such a short LP (luteal phase)? P.S. today is my 5 day past ovulation.
last cycle was the 9th of September…
Have a 34 day cycle…
LH surge detected on the 4th…
Have a 10 day Luteal phase
Next menses expected on the 13th…

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes, it is too early. You should test on the 1st day of your missed period. Some tests can show positive results about 4 or 5 days before your period is due, but make sure you follow the instructions for ‘early testing’. Good luck.

Laura asks…

Any success stories within 3 months on clomid?

We have been ttc for about 6 years. I recently went to my ob/gyn and he put me on 100 mg clomid. He gave me a higher dose, and only gave me 3 months to conceive before ivf due to my age (I am 37). I just finished my first round and I had an LH surge so I think I ovulated. I don’t feel any different, and had no side effects. I didn’t have any known fertility problem, and my cycle length is extremely regular (25 days, LH surge on day 11), I just never seem to conceive.
Anyone in the same situation have any luck conceiving with clomid?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I had ttc for a year before I went on clomid. I had an irregular cycle, and I was not ovulating on my own. I took three rounds of clomid and I got pregnant my third round. I am now 21 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

I would suggest using opk if you are not already. An opk will tell you for sure when you are ovulating. I would also buy some preseed. It is a lubricant that creates a friendly environment for his boys to swim in. You can buy it at www.preseed.com. I used it my third round of clomid when I got pregnant and really think it helped.

Good luck and lots of baby dust you!

Lizzie asks…

do you think we had sex at the right time to conceive?

my last period was on the 12th august and i normally ovulate around day 16 and cycle lengths are 30 days. we had sex on the 24th,25th and 26th and i had lots of egg white cm. i have been using opks for last month and this month and my lh surge was 26th/27th. so i crossing my fingers as we have been trying for 9 months for our second.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Sounds promising, Good Luck to you, sending you *Baby Dust*

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