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Mary asks…

ttc wondering if this was my month?

hello all i am new to this. To start out I will say that my name is keisha i am 20 years old, i am engaged to a wonderful man named michael we have been together 4 years in january. We have never had a break up or anything so please dont be mean to me because we r young and trying to conceive.I was on the nuvaring for 2 years and got off of it almost two months ago. we waited for me to have a normal cycle before trying to conceive. I was fertile from aug.13 till aug.18 and we had intercourse 3 times a week and i would lie down for about 30minutes after each time. According to the online ovulation calculator i was supposed to ovulate the 16th, i had ewcm on sunday. Anyways i was wondering if it would be to soon to be feeling any symptoms already. I have had minor cramps l8ly like im going to start af but nothing has came yet. My boobs r becoming pretty sore mostly my nipples (sorry tmi), my back aches,headaches and im very tired.I have not been thinking o im pregnant and causing these issues to myself i have tried to keep my mind off of it michael says i am but what does he know lol. My boobs look like i have a sports bra on with no bra i have large breasts so that is unusuall.So what do you all think? Let me know..O yeah one more question can the father experience things that the mother would be experiencing? Like headaches and tiredness? Cause michael keeps complaining bout headaches and he is tired and he never really whines like he is now about it and it all started with him like 2 dasy after me…Thank you for all of your replies…Keisha

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It sounds like you are expecting. What you are describing is exactly like pregnancy. I would go to the dollar tree and pick up some 1 dollar pregnancy strips and start testing in a few days, use early morning urine, its more concentrated. Yes the father can experience sympathy symptoms too.

Linda asks…

OK what are my chances of getting pregnant this month?

So me n my husband have been trying for 3 months now but haven’t really put that much effort till this month ok so basically i have a 30 to 31 day cycle that lasts 8 days on my prd . I just got off my prd on the 27th of november n i used an ovulation calculator to see when were the days that i would be fertile so we could try on those exact days. N well i also did research which let me to find out that when you have more very clear n wet slippery discharge is when ur ovulating or about too so as soon as i saw this happen to me i had intercourse right away n this was saturday on monday i was really really dry which they say this happens after you ovulate. So i just wanted to know if my chances r good enough to be hopeful? Im happily married and have been for 4 years i have my own place and car n im 20 years old and my husband is 24 and we are financially stable so please help me out to not get my hopes up people thanks very much for your help.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You have a good chance hun xx

Lisa asks…

Could there still be a chance? Can you work this out for me please?

The first day of my last period (LMP) was 12th March.
The past 3 monhts I have had 28/29 day cycles. This Is currently CD31

Accoring to the numerous ovulation calculators I went on (I do not temp YET!) They said I would be most fertile between 23 – 27th March.
So I had sex 21/22/24/25/27/28 March. I saw a small amount of EWCM on 26/27 I also had some mild cramping around this time.

On 1st April I had a large glob of cloudy ewcm on the paper when I wiped. Since then I hae bee having alot of white cm which is sometimes stretchy and also some ewcm as wel. Today my cm is a yellowy cream colour.

I have also had, af type cramps since 2nd april which changed about 3 days ago to srt of sharp stretchy pulling type cramps that run into the tops of my thighs. Have a lower backache on and off, boobs seem bigger and heavy, dry areolas and sore nipplesand shooting pains in them on and off. Need to urinate a lot more. Hungry a lot more. Have gagged a couple of times at smells. etc

If I ovulated when I thought that would make me about 15 dpo and today being the 2nd day late. Tested at 12 dpo and 15 dpo BFN

There is no sign of AF the cramps I am having are not like my usual achey full/heavy uterus type cramps, and I have had no spotting.

Do you think the glob of EWCM I had on the 1st may have been when I ovulated (ie Late) and if so, would the BD I did still hold the possiblity of me getting pregnant? Ive read that sperm can stay alive for 72hrs also 5/6/7 days!

I really do feel different this month to other months – If I did ovulate late the I wouldonly be 12/13 dpo which might explain the BFN’s.

Help and Thoughts and Experiences Ladies Please!

TTC#1 for 11 monts with 2 mc’s

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Take a pregnancy test, it’s very possible you’re pregnant. Good luck!

Sandy asks…

How many days of your cycle can you actually get pregnant?

I know the most fertile times is when you are ovulating, but is it still possible before or after that? According to a ovulation calculator my most fertile days this month would have been from the 16 to the 20th. My husband and i have been planning on ttc after summer and its getting close so were not too worried and recently had unprotected sex, the first time was the 25th and then again since then.. i’m just curious if i still could have gotten pregnant at that time. My period is due the 5th of Sept, and i cant even wait that long to find out! 🙂 Apparently my family is very fertile.. i dont know if that would make any difference.
This might be a dumb question.. but i’m just curious.
Thanks 🙂

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Your fertile window is about 5 days a month… 3 days before ovulation, the day of ovulation, and the day after ovulation. That’s about it.

If you were supposed to ovulate on Aug. 20, you would not have been fertile on the 25th. An egg only lives for 12-24 hours after its release. That’s why it’s more important to have sex BEFORE ovulation than after.

I would suggest you learn about your fertility. The more you know, the better your chances of getting pregnant sooner. The book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” will teach you many things about how your body works. For some women getting pregnant is as easy as tossing out birth control, for others it’s not. So a little information never hurts.

Good luck.

Carol asks…

Had sex 2 days before expected to ovulate, good chance I could become pregnant?

Me and my husband are trying to conceive and an ovulation calculator said I would probably ovulate on the 22nd-27th. We had sex multiple times on the 20th, 21st and the 23rd. I also slept with a pillow under my hips which I believe helped me to get pregnant last time. Is there a good chance I could conceive?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I wouldn’t use the calculator.. It’s hardly ever correct. I tried using that and never got pregnant in the 3 mths i tried. I started tracking it w/an online program and conceived in 3 months. Not every women ovulates @ the normal 2 wks after the start of their cycle and even w/a regular cycle women can ovulate @ diff times every month. If you start to feeling very wet (watery/eggwhite CM) you’re in your most fertile window so have sex! If you’re having more and more creamy Cm then start having sex every other day. Sperm stays in your cervix up to 6 days max in ideal conditions. I use fertilityfriend.com. It tracks BBT, cm, ur cervix and everything in between. It’ll take 2 cycles to figure it out but at least it won’t be a guessing game. It’s a great tool! Don’t have sex every day as that lowers sperm count – every other day is good 🙂

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