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Ruth asks…

pain in lower abdomen….is it symptoms for ovulation?

my last period was july 20th. today am having pain in my lower abdomen. is it symptoms for ovulation? i never feel like before… i had clomid 50mg tablet for five days… is this normal? or something else? expecting your answers…thanks alot….

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

That is not unusual to feel ovulation pains while on clomid. If the pain increases or last more then a few days let your dr know because that could be a sign of hyper ovulation which is not good. Best of luck to you sending tons of sticky baby dust your way!

Jenny asks…

Does breast pain post ovulation feel different than during pregnancy?

I always get very sore breasts right around the time I ovulate up until my next period starts. And by sore, I mean it hurts to run, hurts to lay on my stomach, etc. I know that breast pain is an early pregnancy symptom. I am 7 dpo and waiting to find out if I am pregnant. I have major breast pain but wondering if it is possible to differentiate between ovulation pain and pregnancy pain??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I don’t think there is a clear answer to this hon. With my first two pregnancies, mine were sore off and on. Sometimes after ovulation, mine start to hurt and even then I have months where there’s very little tenderness all the way to extreme pain! When I got pregnant the third time, they were kind of medium sore from about 10 dpo forward, but I miscarried at 8 weeks.

My point is, it’s not a reliable pregnancy indicator. Hormones cause the breast pain and because they flucuate so much throughout your cycle, it’s really hard to tell the reason why.

Best wishes for a BFP this month!

Donna asks…

Pain and PMS symptoms from ovulation – should I be concerned?

I have PMS symptoms when I ovulate – and not within a few days before and after a period. Symptoms include slight cramping of my cervix, some cramping where my ovary is, bloating, and some mental symptoms (sometimes depression, anxiety). I start to crave chocolate for a few days after these symptoms end. A week ago, when this last happened, there was a lot of mucus/fluids when it ended.

These symptoms have been going on for a couple of years now. About a third of the time, these symptoms don’t manifest. Another third, these symptoms are very slight/barely noticeable. The other third of the time would be, of course, what I described above.

Should I be concerned? I am due for a pap smear about now, though I don’t have an appointment scheduled yet. Last time I had one done was last year and they found nothing wrong.
Additional Note: The “pain and cramping” I noted earlier isn’t particularly painful. But the fact that I have it AT ALL makes me wonder.
The emotional symptoms I get right before ovulation concerns me too. What normal people get from PMS, I get from ovulating. Last week, I was having a lot of anxiety when I realized it was hormonal.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I get these symptoms from ovulation from time to time but not very often – usually light pink spotting, slight cramps, sometimes cravings. After it happened to me the first time I started looking into it and found that these symptoms can be normal – mentioned it to my doc during a routine visit and he said it was fine and after a pap he said everything looked ok.

There is probably nothing wrong with you but since you are going in for a pap soon just mention it to your doctor – if for any reason, to ease your mind. Take care.

Lizzie asks…

is this ovulation pain?

it seems every month i get lower cramps ….also i get a very sharp pain if i sit down to fast or stand up ..if i walk for long it feels sore too
i have mild pain around where my ovaries are…..please someone help me
i have googled my symptoms and ovulation pain sounds like this so im thinking thats what it could be
does anyone else get these symptoms??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I get them 2 !! Imagine some day i went to hospital because i thougt it was appendisitis!! For some women its normal.. So dont worry its ovulation pain!!

Betty asks…

Have you been on clomid and what were your ovulation symptoms?

Hi, I’ve bn TTC for about 7 months. I’ve PCOS and now gyno has put me on clomid. He instructed me to take it from CD2-6 which I did. I had a lot of symptoms such as hot flushes, what felt like ovulation pain a few times each day for a week (CD12-17) and moodiness. I’m on CD20 atm and having blood test tomorrow to check progesterone levels to see if I’ve ovulated.

I’m just wondering if you did ovulate on clomid, what were your syptoms that you ovulated? (can’t go by CM because of all the BDing lol).

Thanks in advance.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi im jo and also on clomid 50mg, its my 3rd round 2day and i have the same syptoms as you its very normal with clomid, i take them b4 i go to bed now cause had so many bad syptoms in the day, so why dont you try and take them at nite b4 you go to bed??? Yeh i ovulate every month with clomid so dont worry i think it will work for you darling best of luck xx p,s when i ovulate i get pains in my sides n lots of cm soz tmi lol xx

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