Lh Surge But No Ovulation

Mary asks…

Can you still have the LH surge when you are actually ovulating?

I understand what the LH surge is (the hormone that OPK detect. Once it has detected it, you are normally 24-36 hours away from ovulation). However, I have been testing twice a day from picking up the first surge, to see if it could detect ovulation – I tested on the first day and had the LH surge, and also on the second day. But on the second day it was a positive surge at say 5 pm. I then retested at 11.30 pm, and there was no surge. Therefore, does that mean that ovulation has taken place because the surge has gone?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Ovulation happens after the FIRST positive you see. That is the beginning of the surge that will trigger ovulation. The positive OPKs you see after that is the remaining LH still in your system – it sometimes takes a while to work out. I had 3 straight days of positive OPKs when I conceived.

Lizzie asks…

Can you be pregnant therefore LH testing is ineffective?

as in you are pregnant. but the ovulation test can’t tell you and The Ovulation test results are negative or No Lh Surge.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Me personaly, i was interested in that also. So, after i got pregnant i did my ovulation test and it was positive. So go figure…lol

Donna asks…

would you still get you LH surge if you conceived?

Afternoon all been using Tesco own ovulation tests and so far no positive but my question is,

if you conceive then would you get this LH surge still??

My cycle is 31 days and normally ovulate around day 17! Today is day 19 and ive still not got a positive am i just late ovulating? or is it a sign that i am pregnant?

Thanks all

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It could be that you’re going to ovulate late this cycle. Is it possible that you ovulated early this cycle and missed it? (have you been testing every day starting early enough in your cycle to catch it?)

It is also possible that the HPTs don’t work for you. Have you used them in previous cycles and did they work?

If you have already conceived, you would not have an LH surge. However, it is the LH surge that triggers ovulation that makes it possible for you to conceive, so you should have had a surge before you conceived. It is possible to miss it with OPKs.

At this point, its a waiting game. Keep using the OPKs until you see a surge, or wait until AF is expected.

Good luck!

Helen asks…

please help asap!!! no LH surge but stretchy CM? iui tomorrow!?


This maybe too much info, but need help as clinic is not open today.

I am schedualed in for IUI tomorrow morning and have been given OPK to detect ovulation, however I have not surged yet. This morning I done a test and no surge two hours later I have white stretchy cm.

I dont know if am going to ovulate or am i already ovulating???? because of the stretchy cm?

If i am ovulating will the egg last until tomorrow at about 12am???

Please help?
thank you for any answers given

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It needs to be within 12 hours ovulation

Laura asks…

How do can you tell if you are ovulation??? or if you have a Luteal Phase Defect ???

Hi , I am 35 years old and I have a 22 month old and 13 year old and had no trouble getting pg with either of them . But for the past 5 months I have tried to get pg with not luck … up until March my cycles were always 28 days and I was noticing the cervical mucus present at my most fertile time the clear egg whitish.. But as of April/May my cylce changed to 27 I am not sure about luteal phase ??? Maybe mine is to short .. I started using a ovulation kit and I never got the LH surge for the past 2 months and I did not notice any discharge other then yellowish/white kind of creamy not sure if I am ovulation at all … any help advice would be apprecatied

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I would definately see a doctor about this one. You are now 35 which is the older side of the spectrum for getting pregnant. Your gyno will be able to give you specific information about all this stuff and will talk you through the best solution for you.

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