Lh Surge After Ovulation Pregnant

Donna asks…

How does Hypothyroidism negatively affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It can affect your ovulation (anovulation,no ovulation), irregular periods.With no egg to fertilize, conception is impossible

Thyroid dysfunction can halt ovulation by upsetting the balance of the body’s natural reproductive hormones. One way to tell if you’re ovulating is to test the level of a pituitary hormone called LH (or luteinizing hormone) by using an ovulation predictor kit. LH stimulates the ovaries to release an egg. The kit will show you if you have that surge in LH that indicates ovulation. If there is too much or too little thyroid hormone, ovulation might not occur. Remember…even though you may be menstruating regularly, you may not be ovulating – and may never know that fact until after years of infertility

hope this helps.. Good Luck

Mandy asks…

Does this mean I could still get pregnant?

If I was on my first month of birth control pills and on the 13th day tested positive on an ovulation test, does that mean I could still get pregnant and the pill isn’t working? Or is it normal to get an LH surge (test positive on an ovulation test) without ending up ovulating?
Ellie – but the last week are sugar pills right? so what difference does it make to take them or not?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

They suggest to use other contraceptions you’re first 3 months of using birth control ..
My doctor told me it takes about 3 months for you’re body to be used to it.

Helen asks…

Will the LH hormone still be secreted while on Birth Control Pills?

I’m getting on the pill to regulate my periods, but would still like to get the hang of this whole OPK thing. Figure practicing then would be ok.


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I don’t think so. Since the pill fools your body into being pregnant I don’t think your body goes through the rythm of hormones that lead to ovulation, including LH surge. Good luck!!!

Mary asks…

When is the biggest chance/days of me getting pregnant?

i have a 25 day cycle. How many days after i started my period would i ovulate and when would that egg die?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Given a normal 14 day luteal phase, you could backwards that many days to determine when you would ovulate. You would also buy OPKs and start them on CD7 (cycle day 7 with CD being the first day of your period) in the afternoons to determine when you have you LH surge. Ovulation may occur 12-48 hours following the surge. An egg only survives about 12 hours if not fertilized.

Linda asks…

If i have pcos, and got a smiley face on the digital clearblue ovulation test, how acurate is that?

should i trust it or is it a false positive?

Also, If i got a smiley face yesterday and had sex twice the day of the smiley face what is the chance of me getting pregnant? because im not able to do it today or tomorrow because i am out of town.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hard to say, false positives are common in women who have PCOS.

Keep testing for a few days. If the tests don’t stay positive for more than three days, I would assume it’s a real LH surge (prompting ovulation) instead of the result of constantly elevated LH levels (blocking ovulation).

Sex on the day of the smiley face is perfect. If it was not a false positive that gives you about 20% chance of conceiving.

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