Lh Surge But No Ovulation Pcos

Betty asks…

Could I be ovulating without medication?

I have had pcos since I was 13, went through too many to list procedures and surgeries, infertility treatments, etc. I have not been to a doctor or been on any kind of medication now for 2 years and last August out of nowhere, I started having normal periods and like clockwork, every month at age 33 now. I have an appointment for the 28th of this month to find out for sure, but in your opinion, if I am having normal periods, does that mean I am probably ovulating as well?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

That’s great news about your new regular cycles. Depending where you are in your cycle right now, you could consider doing OPKs. It would give you some data to take to your doctor on 28th. Normally you’d start testing with OPKs daily (mid-morning) starting on CD10, so if that would fit with your cycle, I’d recommend it. That way you might have a positive result on the LH surge and that gives your doctor lots of info they can use. It’s not proof of ovulation, but it’s darn close! Good luck :)

Linda asks…

Why did My Ovulation prediction test fertile 5 days in a Row?

i am trying to concieve and this month i decided to try OPT’s, days around the time i suspect ovulation i started using the kit, well i am on day 5 of the kit and every day i get two pink lines telling me i am fertile or having my LH surge. have this happen to anyone else or is this possible? maybe something was wrong with the tests….

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

When it gets close to the surge time, there will always be two pink lines. What you are looking for is for the test line to be as dark or darker than the control line that comes with the test. When the test line reaches that point, you will be ovulating in the next 12-36 hours and you can stop testing.

If, however, the test line has been at that point for all 5 days, it may be time to go to a doc and get checked for PCOS. Women with PCOS have a much harder time with opk’s because of the hormone imbalance!

Sandy asks…

I havent gotten my period for about a month in half?

Last time I have sex was Dec 18 like four time that night. I took a test this month but it came back (neg) I have my nipples big and the around part is dark brown I feel tired . I get cramps but no period I being trying to get pregnant

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I would request a blood test. I was 8 weeks late for mine and had to finally be put on Provera to start my period. If your trying to get pregnant, I would suggest ovulation kits. You need to have sex every other day (once a day) and the day that ur test says your LH surge has arrived. My husband and I have been trying for 4 years. I was misdiagnosed with PCOS for 2 years and thought that I couldn’t use ovulation predictor kits. I am using them now. Good Luck!

Lisa asks…

What is the relation between LH:FSH hormones ratio and fertility?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

LH = Lutenizing Hormone, and FSH = Folicle Stimulating Hormone. Typically during the early part of the cycle (before ovulation the ratio is 1:1. A higher ratio is indicative of a hormonal imbalance. For example Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is often diagnosed when the LH to FSH ratio is equal to or greater than 3:1. FSH stimulates the follicles to grow, and LH stimulates the release of the egg. Ovulation occurs after an LH surge, therefore if LH levels are too high to begin with your body doesn’t recognize a surge, and no egg is released. The only way for a woman to get pregnant is if she ovulates, without an egg conception can’t happen.

Hope that makes sense to you.

Laura asks…

If LH test shows positive does that guarantee that ovulation takes place.?

if not,what is the conclusive test that can tell if ovulation takes place.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No. They indicate when your body surges which is prior to ovulation. The lh surge is the last hormone to peak before the egg is released.
It is possible to gear up, surge and then not ovulate although this is not common unless you have pcos.

I recommend you also chart and temp with fertility friend to confirm ovulation.

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