How Long After Lh Surge Does Ovulation Happen

Carol asks…

2 lh surges in one cycle Pregnant?

What could cause 2 surges in 1 cycle with no period in between?

If I were to be pg this month how long should the okp stay positive?
it was 2 weeks late i had the 2nd surge and it was on my cbfm so couldnt have read it wrong!
so confusing!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If the surges were close like 2 days in a row that is normal. You cn surge for 2 days, the ovulation happens sometime after the first surge is detected. Now you have to understand that surges can happen and that doesnt actually mean you for sure ovulated. It just means your body is trying to. LH surge is the hormone you body produces to make you ovulate. You may be reading the test wrong, or you body is trying for round two. So try anytime you get the positive. If you have PCOS you can have multiple LH surges. Test 9- to 12 days after the positive test! Goodluck

Susan asks…

Would like to know more about HCG, if possible in detail.?


Can any body say what is meant by HCG in blood? I understand it’s a hormone count to know if one is pregnant or not. But what I wish to know is how this test helps one to identify whether one is ovulating or not and when should this test be conducted etc.

Thanks in advance

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

HCG is the pregnancy hormone. A blood test for HCG is used to determine if you are pregnant.

To determine ovulation, you are looking for another hormone… LH. The LH hormone is what is used in ovulation kits to detect when ovulation is about to happen. Right before ovulation, LH surges and ovulation kits are designed to detect this.

Ovulation kits (OPKs) should be used starting around Day 10 of your cycle . This will vary depending on how long your cycles are. For a shorter cycle, start testing a little sooner, for a longer cycle, start testing a little later.

Good luck.

Donna asks…

Why would I have a positive opk at 8dpo?

I have already confirmed Ovulation 8 days ago with opk’s bbt and cm. So why would the opk still be positive 8 days later?:)
I have been reading that sometimes opks can turn + and pick up hcg and I figured I’d give it a try just for fun:)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You mean 8 days past ovulation??
Usually OPKs are for detecting your LH surge before ovulation…but there are times when opk’s have read the pregnancy hormone HCG,therefore it would tell you that you are pregnant…Although 8dpo seems a tad bit early to tell,it could happen.
I would wait and test with a hpt in a couple days and if it’s + congrats!!
If not..wait a few more days and see if you get your period on time,if you don’t then test again.
Also,there are other things that can give you +results on opks such as delayed ovulation (but you know you ovulated already from tracking and temping) and PCOS.
I would call your doctor to discuss what should be done if you get your period and keep getting + opks long after ovulation.
Good luck:)

Sandy asks…

do you ovulate before or after your period?

i’ve been off my period for about 8ish days now i don’t remember the exact day i ended. and my boyfriend came in me twice..two nights in a row.. so i was wondering the chances of me being pregnant

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It depends on when you ovulate. How long are your cycles? If you have a 28 day cycle or less, then yes, it’s likely you had sex on your fertile window. But the good new is that women only have a 25% chance of convieving each month.
Day 1 is when bleeding starts. This is the beginning of a new cycle. By day 3, your body release a hormone called fsh. This hormone is responsible for making the follicular (eggs) to grow. As the eggs grow, they make estrogen which builds up the lining of the uterus. By day 9, a egg (sometimes 2 eggs) are selected to be the ones to ovulate. It (they if there is two) continue to grow. The smaller ones die off but before doing so, they support the growing egg by making more estrogen which causes more fsh to be made. When the body detects the egg is a certain size, the body surges high amounts of a hormone called LH. This hormone matures the egg and softens the lining of the egg sac were they egg comes out and is picked up by the Fallopian tubes. The egg sac collapses and begins making a hormone called progesterone. This keeps the lining so that it can accept a fertilized egg. If the egg implants the placenta signals to keep producing progesterone and also makes a hormone called hcg. If no egg implants, the egg sac dies/shrinks and the progesterone and estrogen levels drop and the lining is shed (af).
The lh surge (ovulation) can happen anytime after cycle day 9 and is usually 10 to 14 days before af arrives (if you don’t get pregnant). If you want to know when you ovulate, just keep track of your periods and count 10-14 days back.

Linda asks…

How accurate are OPKs?

Okay, I am TTC and I was wondering if OPKs are accurate and can they really help?

Thanks for you advice.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

OPK’s don’t work for everyone – most women will have a positive opk before the LH surge but may not experience a line as dark or darker that the control line – but this is ok, it is what is the darkest for you that is important here, if you have really light results and then a dark line that will mean that ovulation is about to happen and they it’s time to ‘go for it ‘ – but if you never get a positive opk then it can mean that they are just not working for you and maybe you should try the thermometer for a month to confirm that you are ovulating. As long as you are ovulating then you stand a 20% chance each cycle of getting pregnant.

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