Ovulation Signs Cramps

Sandra asks…

Difference between ovulation and period cramps?

What is the difference between ovulation cramps and period cramps?? It kind of sounds dumb but I’m just wondering.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Ovulation occurs between 12 and 18 days *before* your next period. Medical fact, not an opinion..!

For the majority of women there are very little signs of ovulation other than EWCM, however tender breasts and or a “pinching” sensation around the right/left side of your lower abdomen are signs.

It’s not a “dumb” question… ! Best of luck.

Mary asks…

Am I ovulating? What are the signs of ovulation, and that my period is about to start?

I always get cramps around my pelvic area just about a week before my period. Sometimes they can get just as bad at the actual cramps during my period. And I also get this gooey white discharge. Am I ovulating, and is my period about to start?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No you are not quite ovulating, you have in a fase of the menstrual cycle that the doctors call PMS (Pré Menstrual Syndrome) or PMT (Pré Menstrual Tension), its a fase that occurs days before your actual ovulation.
As for the signs of ovulation, there is a rise in your basal body temperature, that is your body temperature at rest, normally you should use a special thermometer called “basal” thermometer, but a normal one is fine too. You have to know your normal basal body temperature and then when it rises it shows that you are ovulating
There are another signs that shows you are ovulating, like Cervical Mucus Monitoring, try looking through the internet.

Carol asks…

Whats the difference between Ovulation spotting and implantation spotting?

I had a tiny spot of blood earlier in the week, I’m not sure if its ovulation or implantation spotting – I’ve never had ovulation spotting before but it can’t be implantation spotting because theres not enough time between BD’ing and the spotting.

How can you tell them apart? Is one heavier than the other? Accompanied by symptoms? Help!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi well when you ovulate they call it spotting when you first come on and then it gets heavier, you dont normally spot for just a few days and then not get a period.

I know that I had implantation bleeding as I had a slight spotting or bleeding if you will that only lasted for 3 days which isnt like my period althought it did start when I should of come on, however it only lasted for 3 days and I didnt really have any period pains much so I was suspicous after 3 days when it stopped, but as we were trying to concieve it didnt matter if I was pregnant, then about a month later I found out I was pregnant and we were so happy.

But usually you dont get the same spotting if on your period as its totally different to a period and you get no cramps of anything really.

I know if its the first time on your period it can take a while to get a full period and you be only light, but usually implantation bleeding accurs around or during 7 days after having sex etc if you are pregnant etc. So if you havent had sex etc then it cannot be implantation bleeding if could be something else, also not all women have implantation bleeding,

If you are bleeding or spotting in between periods it can be a sign of something else so I would get to the doctors expecially if you are not having sex or havent had sex a few days before you had your spotting.

Or wait till you have your next period, or if you dont have a period do a test and see if its postive.

Helen asks…

When do early signs of pregnancy start?

When you the earliest signs of pregnancy start occuring? I know everyone is different, but when did yours start?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Not until I was about 3-4 weeks, when my period was 6 days late, but even then it wasn’t anything that was huge. My breasts were fuller, not really sore. I was emotional and I just felt “different”

The earliest sign would be implantation cramping/spotting. And this can occur 6-12 days after ovulation. Not everyone has it, though. Most pregnancy symptoms start when your period is due, or late, and can easily be mistaken for PMS.

Ruth asks…

What are the signs your period is about to start soon?

Is clear or white-ish discharge a sign? Can you bloat BEFORE it starts? What are some other indications? And how long before your period do you start having these symptoms?

P.S. I’ve been getting my period for 3 years now and I recently became sexually active and realized I haven’t paid attention to the signs my period is coming.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Thick white discharge is a sign of ovulation, ultimately, that happens about a week before your period starts and yes, you can bloat whenever. I start feeling the effects about a week before my period starts, so I get the cramps, the bloating,back and neck pain! Everything before, it depends on the person.

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