Ovulation Signs Cramps

Lisa asks…

Is it still too early to get a positive?

I am 4 days late on my period and I feel as though I am pregnant. I have taken two tests (one before my missed period and one this morning) both negative. I have been showing signs (cramping for 2 weeks after ovulation, sore breast, frequent urination, and a little nausea). Could it still be too early to get a positive. I have estimated that if I am pregnant, that I am 4 weeks???
I have also been spotting for 2 days now very light. But no period.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Wait a couple days or a week then take the test , thats how i was to , it always came up negative even after i spotted it was still negative ! Til now i went to the doctor ! The most accurate is a blood pregnancy test

Betty asks…

When did cramping start before a positive?

My husband and I had sex the day before ovulation and all the signs looked great for a good cycle. I’m a week past ovulation now and have started getting dull achey cramps. I’m trying to compare. I really feel like it’s still too early for any signs but I’m hoping. : )
It might be worth noting that I usually do not get cramps until after my period starts.

I know you can’t definitely say I’m just looking for personal experiences. : ) Thanks.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I am currently going through this stuff myself, lol, I know just great huh? The dull achey cramps have been coming and going for me off and on now for the past 2-3 days. I did have some achey feelings before that too, but nothing really worth noting. So far I am in 8dpo, so its too early to know anything yet anyhow, but I do know I dont normally feel this way (the achey cramps) until about 2-3 days BEFORE AF comes, but that is still almost 1 & 1/2 wks away. Go figure I hope you get a BFP soon. Baby dust.

Helen asks…

Can you get itchy boobs around ovulation?

Aftr using ovulationg charts on the internet…my peak ovulation is to day. But yesterday and this morning I have very itchy boobs. I noticed this last month.

So could this be an ovulation sign?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It could be all women are different. Sometimes my breast are sore and itchy and sometimes i have real bad cramps like period and feel like i’m about to start. So yes i would say if you get itchy boobs every month around your ovulation times are then i guess that is one of your signs. Hope this helps hun.


Sandra asks…

When expriencing ovulation cramps, does this mean that you are ovulating NOW or you will ovulate the next day?

Yes I am one of the rare to get ovulation cramps and it sucks. Yesterday I had ovulation pains. Yestrday I also had sore boobs and an increase in clear slippery discharge, lots of it. Does this mean I had already ovulated or I havent yet?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I would say go have lots of sex right NOW if your trying to conceive lol!! Cause most likely you are ovulating right now, the discHarge is a sign of ovulating and the cramps. Good luck, and baby dust ur way :)

Jenny asks…

Period due today but no signs of it arriving?

Today I am due for my period but I have no signs like cramping, sore breast or anything. Me & my fiance are ttc & we BD for the whole week of ovulation. Two days ago I took a pt but it was negative, how much longer should I wait to take another test?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You can take it now. But if you are trying really hard to get a baby and stress about it, it can cause your hormones to get out of whack, which leads to missed or late periods, but no baby. Good luck!

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