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Mandy asks…

when do i know i’am ovulating?

first of all i have irregular periods 28-40 days. So because of this i can’t use ovulation calendars and calculators. i do not want to start taking tempertures and things like that. I can’t afford £100 for an ovulation predictor kit. So when does your body tell you that it is ready to release an egg? What are the signs of ovulation. My discharge can be white and clear for a good couple of weeks sometimes and i have sex during this time but i’am no closer to having another baby. So when is the time right? So many people have some many different answers i’am so confused. Any answers are welcome as long as they are honest. Thank you in advance.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If ur cycle falls on d 28th, u ar suppose to ovulate on 13/14. If 40days cycle or whatever d days, divide into 2 i.e 19/20. Ur sex days should be 2days to the time n 2days after. All the best

Sandy asks…

Please read, when will i ovulate?

I am starting a fertility calendar to detect my ovulation days but was just wondering how I would work it out. I have just had a miscarriage and it was uncomplicated and stopped bleeding yesterday. Would i say that is the last day of my period? My last period was on the 27th September. Do you think the best way to work this out is by Ovulation Predictor tests?


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Go to babycentre.co.uk and enter your cycle detail into thee ovulation tool and it will tell you your fertile dates, its free and really easy to use. Good luck :)

Carol asks…

Ovulation confusion! Any opinions?

I calculated my O day to be last saturday (5th)…verified by calendar and O predictor.

Side note about OKPs – they aren’t that great…for me at least…I never got a real positive…i’m assuming it was saturday based on other symptoms (i.e., cm) and the calendar

So, we did our thing on saturday (and a few days before).

Now, today and yesterday (mon/tues) – I’m having some usual O symptoms again!

My question: what’s up with this?! Can I have predicted wrong, and I am really Oing now? I am due for AF on the 16th…ish.

Thanks in advance!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

This makes no since at all .

Laura asks…

Is it good to use ovulation predictor kit?

Is it good to use ovulation predictor kit?
When should I start? soon after day 5 or Day 11? We are TTC

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Oh my yes! Especially if you are having problems conceiving.

Using the opk you can pinpoint your fertile days and optimize your chances

also try this website http://www.babyhopes.com/ovulation-calendar.html

Linda asks…

What are the best days to have sex if you’re trying to get pregnant?

I have been using OPK (Ovulation predictor kits) in order to predict when I ovulate, and got my first positive test yesterday, and one today. My husband and I have had sex the three days before ovulation. So, I am wondering if the best time is before ovulation instead of on the day of ovulation.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Try to use this ovulation calendar tool http://www.ovulationcalendarsoftware.com/ to find perfect time to conceive a boy or a girl.

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