2 Lh Surges And Pregnant

Sharon asks…

trying to conceive for 2 months only now?

we have a 4 year old and i remember from last time we were ttc i waited till my LH surge and then we had sex the following 2 days and were pregnant. :-)
this time around i had my LH surge on 9/13 about midnight.
we had sex at 10:45pl 9/13
sex 1:00am 9/14
sex 1:00am 9/15
anyone offer some thougths if this may have done the trick while i wait the long two weeks.
or if there is somethig else i should be trying.
i am a 28 day cycle and while i have been charting have my surge on day 17.
i have been off the pill for 8 months in preperation.
thank you in advance…

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It’s hard to say exactly when you ovulate going only by LH test strips. Temperatures are a way more accurate way to confirm if and when you actually ovulate. But if you don’t experience an LH surge until around day 17, then it’s fair to guess that you don’t actually ovulate until day 18 or 19 since ovulation usually follows the surge by up to couple of days later. With your 28-day cycle, that means that your luteal phase (the space of time that your body allows for implantation to happen before you experience a period) is is about 10 or 11 days long. That’s a little shorter than what is usually considered optimal for conceiving. Most embryos implant between 8-10 days after ovulation, but if you only have a 10-day LP, your uterine lining will already be getting weaker and your hormone levels dropping around the end of that window. Taking a B-complex vitamin or a B-6 supplement (even a small amount can help tons, but make sure you don’t exceed 200mg per day) can extend your luteal phase by up to a few precious days. It’s a low-risk, non-invasive way to increase your chances of conceiving from the luteal-phase side of things.

Otherwise, having sex immediately following your LH surge is a generally very good tactic, of course. And otherwise, there’s not much you can do other than to just wait it out another month.

Carol asks…

2 + day LH surge ( still going! ) yesterday right ovary pain, today left!?

Does this mean anything?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Maybe. Some women occasionally release two eggs within 24 hours apart, (that’s how you get fraternal twins). Hard to tell though, unless you actually do get pregnant with twins. Are you baby dancing like crazy???? :)

Good luck.

Sandy asks…

Getting pregnant troubles?

Well, I know getting pregnant takes more time than people thing, and I know that it can be more difficult than it’s made to be believed. But my fiance and I (getting married next month) are trying and have been for around 2-3 months. I think im just getting worried over nothing maybe, but I don’t know. So a few questions, you really only have a chance of getting pregnant around 3 days out of your cycle, is that right? And how often should we be having sex, Ive heard every other day, just so the sperm count can be right and there isn’t as much stress. Also the part that makes me worried is that for maybe the past year or so I’ve have a recurring pain on the left side of my stomach, right below my bellybutton (so like where an ovary would be) but lately the pain hasn’t been there at all, but what I’m worried about is that what if something is wrong with my ovaries, but if there was something wrong wouldn’t it would constantly painful? I’m not sure, I’m sorry I could of jumped around, but if anyone can give me some advice or tips it would be greatly appreciated. thanks! =]
I know there’s two ovaries =] Im just worried something is wrong with the left

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The number of fertile days can vary from person to person. I use the clear blue digital OPK as I can be irregular. It lets you know your day’s of high fertility and your two peak days. The first peak indicates your LH surge and in the majority of cases you ovulate 24-36 hrs after this (however some may ovulate 12 hrs sooner). This is why the monitor shows two peak days as it would mean that ovulation will most likely occur on the second day of peak fertility. The highest chances of conception are as a result of intercourse on these two days.
Check out the clear blue website for more information.
With regards to frequency of sex – opinion seems to vary from the research I have done in the area but most agree that every other day is sufficient – this however can depend on the partners sperm count – for a normal sperm count every other day is fine.
Timing really is the key so it may be useful to use one of the online fertility calenders as they help you chart ovulation, fertile days, symptoms, when AF is due etc and they also give lots of information and tips. I figure there is nothing to lose as it will either help you concieve or at the very least give you all the data you may need ( regarding your cycles) to give to your obgyn should you have issues.
I use www.fertilityfriend.com
The important thing to remember is that the chances of conception on any given cycle when both partners are healthy and everything is timed perfectly is only around ~ 25%
So essentially don’t panic – keep positive
With regards to the pain – if it is causing you to worry or stress you should get it checked out
Best of luck with the wedding and future bump!

Jenny asks…

If I conceived 2 days ago-yesterday, would my OVULATION test be positive? (because LH hormone&PG are similar)?

Did Clearblue ovulation test – showed 2 lines. One very faint, another dark. I just want to know if you do Ovulation test and are already pregnant (but you don’t know it) – before the period delay, would Ovulation test show positive too?


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Generally, even after an LH surge, you could still have LH in your system, and still be getting faint lines on an ovulation test. Right now, it’s waaaay too early to be getting a positive line on any test from hCG. HCG only starts to rise after implantation, and that happens 6-12 days after ovulation. The real trick will be if the line keeps getting darker as time goes by. That means that your hCG is starting to rise, as it should in early pregnancy. However, I think a pregnancy test will give you much better results if used around 12dpo-15dpo. There is generally little ambiguity in pregnancy test results, vs OPKs.

Here’s a link with a bit more information:


Good luck!

Helen asks…

trying to get pregnant…ovulation test….confused…help me?

ok we are trying to have a 2nd child. i have irregular periods so doctor put me on clomiphene to make me ovulate. ok so i took them and started doing the ovulation test when he told me to, which was on friday.
i got a positive the 1st day. which meant i should have ovulated within 24-36 hours after that. so i was excited. but i kept taking the test just to see and i have gotten a positive everyday! so now i am confused and have no idea what is going on with my body.
can anyone help me please?!?!?!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Some ovulation test work like that. When I used the Answer ovulation test it told me I had an LH surge for over a week. Needless to say I didn’t get pregnant that month. I recommend using the Clear Blue Easy ovulation test. Every time I use them I became pregnant that month and they are much easier to read then the other tests. I never had an issue with them giving me an LH surge everyday. Good Luck!!

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