Lh Surge And Ovulation Chart

Lisa asks…

ovulation test/conceiving question?

is it true it’s harder to conceive on your ovulation day and you should try the day before.If thats true why have ovulation testing kits? Am asking because someone had said it in one of their answers.Thanks:)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

In general you need to TTC during ovulation b/c the sperm need to be in place when the egg is dropped. If the egg drops and there’s no sperm to greet it, then its very difficult for you to get pregnant.

Because its hard to tell what exact day the egg is dropping, a lot of people try to do the deed right before ovulation to make sure the sperm are in place for the egg.

Ovulation predictor kits help because your body releases whats called LH hormones in your system right before you ovulate. So when your test gives you a positive then you want to do the deed b/c the egg will be dropping within the next 24-36 hours of your positive OPK test.

For OPKs I used the Clear Blue Easy Digital kind. It gives you a smiley face when your LH is surging and and empty circle when its not. A lot of people use OPKs where a second line will appear and you have to determin if that second line is “as dark or darker than” the control line. That’s a little too subjective for me, so I used the other ones.

On my 4th cycle of using OPKs and doing BBT charting, I got pregnant! So! Worked for me!

Linda asks…

Question about ovulation and OPK’s.?

I tested positive for ovulation on the 17th and 18th, which is when I should have been ovulating. It was negative on the 19th. I usually like to keep testing even after I ovulate. So, after it being positive then negative, it is positive again today. And looks like a very strong positive. The darkest I’ve ever seen since I started testing. What could be causing this? Last cycle it showed as positive for 5 days straight, but prior to that I didn’t have anything out of the ordinary and I had been using opk’s for almost a year. I use Answer, btw…

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Try using a different brand.opks just detect lh surge and shows us that our body is getting ready for ovulation and it will happen within 12-36 days.however if in between if you have stress or illness then you body will fail to ovulate and the body will start trying to ovulate again after a few days when everything goes back to normal.mebbe that is the case happening with you.so just BD during the time when you get a positive and keep checking.however i would recommend charting also along with opks because then you will know for sure whether you ovulated or not.after ovulation you temps go up and will stay high.so if you chart along with opks then it would give a better idea of whether you ovulated or not….good luck to you..and lots of baby dust

Mary asks…

First Response Ovulation Testing?

Hi All

I`m after some advice. heres the story. I started testing from the day after my period ended and had no line to start with, over the next week I began to get a very light line. Last friday we went on holiday to america and I carried on testing. The test line gradually got darker altho never became darker than the other line, I just thought it would gradually get darker and darker. however,We travelled back on wednesday and since then ( i tested twice on wednesday and twice each day since) i have gone back to having very faint or no test line at all. Does this mean that I did ovulate but my surge wasn`t strong enough to make it as dark as it was supposed to be? I didn`t notice any ewcm tho. We did the baby dance a lot on holiday and since then I have got a bit of thrush (sorry too much info) but I have also read that this can be a very early sign of pregnany. any help at all will be greatly apreciated!! i`m so confused!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Sometimes with ovulation tests you don’t get a true positive even though you’ve had your surge. It depends a bit on the sensitivity of the test and the amount of LH that you produce.
If the lines got darker and then light again then I think there is a fairly good chance that you have ovulated. But keep testing and BDing just in case you haven’t.
I’d recommend charting your temps because then you can confirm what you think your ovulation tests are telling you.

I didn’t get anywhere near a positive test the last month I used ovulation tests but I must have ovulated because I got pregnant!

Sandy asks…

lh Surge on the 25 and o the 29?

so i got a + ovulation test the night of 25th and it was still + all day the 26.
i mixed up the luteal phase of my chart to 16 days and it came out i would of Oed sunday the 29.

so could that be right? can you get a lh Surge on the 25 and o the 29??

or am i way over thinking this lol

oh and we bd on the 26 at like 8:30 and havent been able to fit it in this weekend

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Umm…. A chart can’t tell you when you ovulate, it can only estimate. Your OPKs are right. You probably Od between the 26th and 27th. GL!!

Nancy asks…

Ovulation test kit was positive yesterday..But, Not today?More details from my last question?

Yesterday i got a positive on my ovulation test stick (clear blue easy) and this morning no LH surge.. MY temp chart at fertility friend is still saying Ovulation not detected..But, That i am in the green..Most Fertile days…LH surge yesterday…None today..When will i ovulate? I baby danced yesterday..Could be i got pregnant? why no LH surge today?…My temp dropped this morning from yesterday morning..Yesterday 97.50 this morning 97.44…I am on cycle day 16… yesterday when i recorded that opk was positive on fertility friend..It said I should be ovulation on the 15 16 and 17 cycle..So i should have been ovulation yesterday today and tomoorw..Thanks


I hope it worked
How do i show my whole chat…
I mean chart..


CHELS have you seen anything on my chart that you can share with me?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

When you get a positive result on your opk that means you will ovulate between 12-36 hours after that positive. So if you took another opk the next day it’s ok that it wasn’t positive. That just means your LH surge has passed, it doesn’t mean that ovulation passed. Your chart will show ovulation when your basil body temps remain elevated for 3 days. That’s when the “crosshairs” will show up on your chart. If your temp dropped today, that could mean you are ovulating today. Usually your temps will drop on the day of ovulation and then begin to rise. So if you did ovulate today, then your temps should continue to raise and stay elevated until you get your period. If you are pregnant they will stay elevated instead of dropping like when you get your period.

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