Lh Surge Day Before Period

Carol asks…

was that the big O………..?

yesterday, ireally had bad cramping that it’s like a period cramp..and the day before that, i felt twinges on my left side..

And today, the cramping is gone…

was that ovulation?

got no predictor kits here , so i have no idea if i have LH surge

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

That sounds like the big O. I would say that you did ovulate and hope you bd. You can babydance today too and maybe that will help you conceive. How is your cervical mucous? Was it white and creamy and strectchy? If so, then sounds like you ovualted. If it wasn’t like that yet then keep watching for it and hopefully you will get pregnant. Good luck.

Mandy asks…

a question about ovulation!!?? READ CAREFULLY :) ?

so i use a website that tracks my cycle for me, my period, ovulation, fertile days etc. I am also using the OPK at home. This month based on my recent cycles, the website said june 8th would be my ovulation day and on my OPK it says if you test pos for an lh surge you will ovulate within 24 to 48hours. On june 4th and 5th i tested pos for an LH surge, so does that mean i ovulated around the 5th, 6th and the website if off or few days or is it poss i tested pos on the 4th and 5th and will not ovulate til june 8th. I got cramp yesturday and the day before a little bit so i feel like i already ovulated. I basically wanna know if i came up pos for an LH surge two days in a row june 4th and 5th have i already ovulated. Thanks :)
yes i had sharp pains yesturday and cramping so i assume i already ovulated :) and the site i use is mymonthlycycles.com if you get confussed ask a question about it and i’ll see it and post any answers i have. LILY is a gorgeous name. I will consider it if i get lucky this month. xoxo

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I was having the same issue with the OPK! It is very vague, my kit said I could have ovulated 12-48 after I got a positive but I also got a positive two days in a row??? I have sharp pain when I ovulate so I went off of that indicator along with the OPK and I got pregnant. I think that you ovulated on the 6th or today. You should have sex ASAP!!!

Linda asks…


My dr. started me on clomid on day 5-9 of my cycle. My period started on 1/7/07 and I started taking clomid on 1/11/07. I detected an LH surge on day the 21, 22, 23, 24, and I had intercourse on does days.

My question is, how long before I know if I conceived.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Wait until your next scheduled period and take a test. Be careful about testing too early as many women who do end up getting false negative results because their hcg level is too low yet to be detected by a home test. It’s always best to wait until your expected period to test. I usually wait until 3 days after my missed period to test and even then I only got faint positive lines. I have conceived 3 times on Clomid. The first time I conceived the first month. The second time took 8 months and the third time took 6 months.

Susan asks…

pms or pregnancy?? question for all pregnant mommies..?

hi everyone.. my fiance and i are ttc.. my last period came on 8/3 and ended on 8/8.. i used an opk and caught my lh surge on 8/18 so we did the good deed..
around 4dpo, i started to have heavy breasts with tender/sore nipples.. right now, i have some slight but painless cramping and i have lower back pain.. i alos feel like my kidneys have been kicked into overdrive because it seems like i can actually feel them working.. i dont neccesarily feel bloated but i do have fatigue during the day.. i dont have any food crevings or aversions but i can smell different things from far away.. also, my fiance had morning sickness one day.. he actually threw up!! and i dont usually get any kind of pms symptoms until a week before af is suposed to show..

so what i would like to know is if any of the mommies out here has had any or all of these symptoms && got a BFP?? or am i just experiencing pms??
also, i even ‘feel’ pregnant this time around..

thank you && i hope && pray you all have happy, healthy pregnancies && babies

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No way to tell unless you take a test. Pms and pregnancy symptoms mimic each other. When is your period due?

Jenny asks…

OPK’s are not helping me out?

I used OPK on my 20th day after my periods stopped. I know I shud use it much before, but as i never used it before, just tried it…from then all the 5 days it showed LH surge. BFN…TTC but not sure of my ovulation, i have very irregular periods…vary from 31-45 days…and sometimes even 60…

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Because your periods are so irregular you need to start a charting system.



I use this website and it is great!
The OPK system is up and down! You just about have to be religious with me ;) Sorry for the pun!
Once you know the expected date of ovulation and fertile days start testing then. For me the lines will get darker and darker as my ovulation nears. For the most part, they are accurate – it varies for some women. If you know the exact start date of your last period then use the website I gave you to put that information in… If your periods vary in time 31 to 45 … Put an estimated cycle length in… Once you record a few periods.. It will show a pattern. This may help if you are TTC.

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