Signs Before Lh Surge

Linda asks…

come on I really need an answer please!!!!?

Ok so I took the LH Surge on sunday Oct 4th and been having sex everyday since that day even the before i took that test. so today I wake up and my boob are like hard and they feel heavy my nipples arent sore but my breast hurt a little when i touch them. Also I been peeing a lot like every 2 or 3 hours and Last night I felt something on my lower left side it felt like i was ovulating and then I didnt feel it again could this be the egg being fertilized or implantating? I know its early to test I still have about 10 days to wait but just for fun what do you think?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi:) It sounds very promising that you could be! When I was first pregnant with a couple of my kiddos, I DO recall the cramping that I was sure was ovulation or AF coming early. After I tested and it was positive with each one, I realized those ‘cramps’ HAD TO HAVE BEEN implantation. That was really the only sign I had before my missed period, as everything else like the funkie boobs and fatigue is what I usually got just a period. I’m excited for you and good luck!

Lizzie asks…

Positive & Negative OPK on the same day?

I did my OPK at the usual time this morning, and got a really strong positive. I was expecting it ot be positive today, going on my cycle & other fertility signs. It wasn’t first morning urine. Tonight I did another one, just to be sure, with a different brand, and got a flat negative….I’m very confused!!!! Which one do I believe????

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:


you should believe the first one, as this indicates your LH surge and you will be ovulating in the next 12 – 48 hours after your LH surge:

It’s best to have intercourse the day of the LH surge and the two days after. Also consider “insurance” sex for one more day in case you ovulate late. Perfect timing would be to have had intercourse the day before the LH surge as well, but that can be hard to predict for those with an irregular cycle. If you don’t know when you might ovulate, having sex every other day from cycle day 10 through a positive OPK.

Hope this helps

Betty asks…

so confused about opk results?? pic included………..?

im so confused, im on cycle day 18!!! and before this day ive had mainly really faint lines but this morning i had a line that was ALMOST as dark as the control line and the darkest line i have gotten……….so i took another one this afternoon expexting the line to have gotten really dark!!! but its not its fainter than this morning…have i had an LH surge or not??///…………ps i did one last night too and it wasnt was dark as this morning so i didnt really ‘miss’ anything……..


one of these should work
ps sorry the one i took this afternoon isnt on the pic….just the one from this morning against all the others…but the one i took this afternoon is definatly lighter than the darkest one from this morning if this makes any sense! …..also does this look like a positive OPK?
ive had ewcm…about 2 days ago…and cramping on the left

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Those things can be so hard to read. That is why I started charting my BBT too. It is not as hard as you may think. If you have an android (or probably an iphone) they have apps that will doing the charting for you. All you have to go is get up first thing in the am and take your temp with a BBT.

I would also recommend getting the OPKs with the smiley faces, they cost a little more but they leave no room for head scratching.

Has your body shown any other signs of ovulation?

Mandy asks…

No LH surge, cycle day 17?

I’ve been using OPKs since day 11, and I still not seen my surge. On days 12 and 15 my results lines were very dark but not quite the colour of the control line. On all other days my result line was very light. I have regular 28 day cycles. Is it normal for the results to jump around like that? I am also trying to monitor my cm, but I don’t have much of it. Right now it is moist but no sign of egg-white. Any advice or thoughts?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Personally I would use the clear blue easy OPK’s. They give you a circle if you are not ovulating and a smiley face if you are. It makes it so much easier to figure out, rather than looking for lines and and colors. How long is your normal cycle? I had a positive OPK on CD 20 and 21 before so it could be that you ovulate later than you think. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Laura asks…

Have you been pregnant more then once? Experienced implantation bleeding?

Hello Ladies!

Ok, in January ’08 I became pregnant with my daughter. I actually didn’t know I was pregnant until about 6 weeks because I was on the BCP and had a lot of spotting/ first trimester bleeding. Looking back, after doing some research shortly after I found out I was pregnant, I realized I had experienced implantation bleeding that was followed by bleeding starting around the time I would’ve started my AF and it kept up until about 11 weeks.

In August of this year I found out I was pregnant again (we were trying this time). I caught my LH surge using an OPK for the first time, had implantation spotting exactly 7 days later, positive hpt 2 days after that. Ended in M/C at 5 weeks.

SO!!! Onto my question!! (Thanks for sticking this out!)

This is our last month TTC and then we are putting it on hold until I finish nursing school in 2012. I have been having increasing cramping since 2dpo. Today is the worst day yet at 7dpo. I was hoping to be seeing some implantation spotting but nothing as of yet! So, if you have experienced more then one pregnancy and experienced implantation bleeding at some point, did it occur in all your pregnancies?

I normally do not have cramping this early! It usually starts the night before AF or just after AF has arrived.

Thanks for reading this ridiculously long question! I appreciate your input!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I had bleeding in both of my pregnancies, around the time my period was due. First time it was a little bit of dry brown blood, 2nd time bright red which they tell you is a bad sign but my baby is nice and healthy!

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