Ovulation Calendar And Possible Due Date

Sharon asks…

I have a year and a half old Chihuahua who is in heat I am seeing a marked increase to her licking her private?

Also she isn’t eating as much as normal I am just wondering if these things are normal.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It is hard l know if you are not either a dog person or ever had a female dog as it gets a little confusing,
When a female comes in season or heat as some people call it in the States and elsewhere they will furiously lick and lick and lick as they are as a rule very clean animals.In some cases you cannot even see any discharge(blood)at all they are so clean SO do not be worried this is the way Mother Nature intended it.l would be surprised if she had not had a season before a year and a half but l have come across only a few cases where a female for what ever reason does not have he first heat till 18 mthss very very uncommon.
Females when they are coming into heat may act differently they can become over affectionate if there is such a thing,they can get grumpy,go off their food for a few days b ut they will bounce back in no time at all and it will not continue (the not eating) l mean.
All females are different l can always tell with nearly all my females the signs they are due to come into season or heat as they Display different signs let alone l usually am told by my male studs who are nowhere near them as most of mine are consistent ones with a heat every 6 months usually to the exact month and within a few days of the last one so l have a Calendar esp for the females with marks all over it just in case my husband or l are doing something and it is forgotten although not un noticed.
Keep you chi away from ALL dogs.
Do NOT walk in her in the Park or on the pavements.She will be followed by her scent
Do not leave her unattended in your yard as males will know when she is ready to mate and can smell her from miles away and you will have several either trying to climb your fence,jump over it dig into it or if a wire fence they can mate through that,all is possible let me assure you.
The heat lasts usually around up to 25 days although the norm is a little less.l take no chances and my females do not go near my stud males for 28 days as have had one mating on Day 24.needless to say l took no chances although conception(having puppies) most unlikely would not have occurred l took her immediately to the Vet and she had a shot to stop any conception as l did not want that mating.This was in my early days of breeding so learn.
No female is really the same the days she is able to mate and it is not right through the whole heat is when she goes what is called ‘clear’ usually around the 13-17day but this is a generalization and NOT a hard fast rule and if anyone tells you it is they are lying.l have had females mate And conceive on Day 19 and that was shown up on a Special blood test the Vet can do so you get the correct date for peak ovulation and conception so she would have puppies.By the way she was still bleeding NOT clear!
L even had one female which was imported from overseas you could not tell when she was in heat at all and the only way l could tell wa a fantastic stud male who knew exactly when she was in heat and ready to mate.
Obviously your chi is your darling baby and you are concerned about the lack of eating she will come good do not worry and if you wish give her a little more affection and pats as she is going through a stage that may be something she does not really understand IF it is her first but animals are animals and she knows that the urge to mate wil come on her when she is ready and receptive to a male.
If you do not want to go through this for the rest of her life the only course is spaying (fixing)if you do not intend to breed her ever,be kind and have her de-sexed before she is got to by accident .YOUR CHOICE ENTIRELY
You can get Special panties and stuff an petco and pet shops or you can make then yourself.By the way they do not make that much a mess and really there is no odour as she is so tiny you will hardly notice the discharge.
Try and not give her a change of food like special human food which she will expect after her heat also l know it is hard but than l mix dog and human food so do not have this issue.
Good luck and spaying is YOUR choice so do not be upset if many people tell you have her spayed as it is not their Business but yours solely.By the way some Shelters offer free de-sexing if that is your choice.Remember it cannot be done when she is in season and it is a full operation.PS Any further info e-mail me,you are welcome

Mandy asks…

What are my chances of getting pregnant?

Back ground info:
I’m 18. My period started 1.25.13 and ended 1.29.13 (yesterday). I have an ovulation calender that has been keeping track of my period for about 4 months (including this one). According to my calendar, I start being fertile 2.7.13 (7 days away from today).

I just had sex for about the 3rd time in my life this morning. It was unprotected (never done that b4) but he pulled out before ejaculation. I accept the fact that pre-ejaculation is possible and sperm does exist in it. How high do you believe my chances of pregnancy are?

Answers are MUCH appreciated and please don’t nag me on my age, out of everyone in my family I held my virginity the longest. I lost it about a week ago.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If your dates are correct then your chance of conceiving is pretty much nil because his sperm will be dead long before you ovulate in 7 days time. During your period your womb lining is shed & there is no egg developing in your ovary. After your period ends your womb lining builds back up gradually & an egg starts to ripen in your ovary ready to be released mid cycle, about 14 days BEFORE your next period is due. This is when you can conceive. 3-4 days before you conceive his sperm could live long enough to fertlise your egg but not at this early stage in your menstrual cycle.

You don’t get medals for hanging onto your virginity. Nobody cares a hoot when you have sex as long as you use a reliable method of contraception & protection & don’t have an unplanned pregnancy that you expect the taxpayers to pay for.

Linda asks…

when is the best and most accurate time to take a home pregnancy test?

is it better to waite a few days after a missed period,.. or do those “test 5 days before your period is due” howm pregnancy test really work (accurate)?

I missed my period last week (Friday), and i did take a test the dat after but it was negative, i still have not gotten it,.. should i take another one? If so, when? how long should i waite?
We have been trying to get pregnant for about 4 months now,.. just incase you are wondering i am 25 almost 26

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You can use webmd.com ovulation calendar and it can tell you when you are trully late (if you’ve had regular periods). It will give you a last possible date when you period might arrive.

Don’t stress about it, you’ll get your answers soon.

Ruth asks…

Doesn’t normal cycle discharge increase right before your period starts?

My husband and I are tying to have a baby. I have noticed a few changes over the past week or so. But I’m not sure that they are pregnancy related. Could be just pre-menstrual. But I haven’t had barely any discharge for like a week and a half. My period is due to start on Thursday. Is there some other reason for this? I know that discharge increases when you get pregnant, but is it possible that it’s not happening yet?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You are fertile during ovulation, To calculate the date of ovulation you can use this ovulation calendar:

Mary asks…

is it possible to get pregnant when you’re not ovulating?

Just wondering because lately everything i see is ovulation kits and dates, and i wonder do you really have to be ovulating to get pregnant, or can you get preg, when you’re not?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No. You cannot fertilize an egg (conceive) without an egg presenting itself (ovulation). It is possible, like the other response said, to keep sperm alive for up to 5 days (usually 24-48 hours though) inside of you and and actually conceive 2-5 days after you have unprotected sex during your ovulation period (which can happen anytime of the month but usually has a pattern that doesn’t fall during your period). This is why they say that it is important to chart your temperatures so that you can more or less predict when you will ovulate and have sex EVERY OTHER DAY for the few days leading up to ovulation, the day of and possibly the day after (your egg will be good for 12-24 hours). I am not sure why you have irregular periods but i have experienced that before due to stress. Even though i have gone for 7-8 months without a period i still ovulated like clockwork (i know because i usually spot when i ovulate) so don’t let your irregular periods discourage you from charting your information. On that note, however, even though i was ovulating my hormones (estrogen and progesterone) were completely messed up and they provide a delicate balance that is necessary to conceive and hold an implanted egg during your luteal phase (time from ovulation to period). I know that this is a lot of info but if i were you i would get familiar with my ovulation cycles by charting, go to www.ovulation-calendar.net and see if it helps, and make an appt. At the doctor to have your hormone levels checked in advance to avoid getting frustrated at something that could be easily tweeked by your Dr. Good luck to you…hope this helps and doesn’t take all the fun out of baby making! :)

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