Timing Between Lh Surge And Ovulation

Maria asks…

whats good time to have sex before or after period?

The reason why i am ask you this because i am try to get pregnant

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Okay, here’s the real deal – your best time to get pregnant is around the time you ovulate. Most people assume a day 14 ovulation for a 28 day cycle, but the fact is – you could ovulate almost any time! You can determine if you’re ovulating and when by charting using the Fertility Awareness Method or as another person said you can use ovulation predictor kits, however they are expensive! About $25. Bucks and you only get 5 or 7 strips. And with OPK’s they can be deceiving…. Lots of time our bodies gear up to ovulate, produce the lh surge that the opk’s look for, but then not release an egg. Your body can do this many times before actually releasing an egg….. This could cause you to time sex too early. However, they MAY work for you. The best option in my opinion is getting Toni Weshlers book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” and chart. It’s inexpensive and can be quite fun. It can also rule out certain conditions that a doc would test for if you go in for an fertility workup. That can save LOTS of money. The best reason though, is that it can tell you IF you’re ovulating, WHEN you generally ovulate, and if your luteal phase (between ovulation and period) is long enough for implantation to occur……… Goodluck!

Sandra asks…

got a positive opk on thurs, then negative fri ……….?

does that mean that the egg was already released and it is too late to conceive? or is there still time?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

An OPK predicts your LH surge, not ovulation. Your LH surge happens anywhere from 12-48 hours BEFORE ovulation takes place.

If you tested positive on Thursday, you would ovulate ANYTIME between Thursday and Saturday. Hopefully, you’ve been having sex this whole time. Have sex on Sunday as well.

Once you get a positive, STOP testing. There’s no need to keep testing because only the first positive counts. Eventually, your LH level returns to normal, which has nothing to do with when ovulation takes place.

Good luck.

Linda asks…

if i use OPK every other day during the ”ovulation window” and i never get a positive does it mean i didn’t?

ovulate or the test is not accurate? btw i use the NEW CHOICE OPK from dollar store.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You have to check everyday to see if your ovulating if not you may miss your surge. The best time to check is between 12p-8p. Most people usually ovulate 12-48 hours after the LH surge.

Lisa asks…

ovulation test whens the best time to use it?

when in the day is the best time to use an ovulation test??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It’s best to do OPK’s between 11am until 3pm. Most women get there blood lh surge when they are sleeping and the urine surge 12 hours later. If you test too early in the am, you risk missing the beginning of the urine surge and will end up with a positive the following day (24 hour after the surge begun. Most important, you want to try to test around the same time if you are testing once every 24 hours.

Pregnancy test you want to do with first morning urine when the hcg is most concentrated.

Donna asks…

Late LH surge. Ovulation date confusion. Can anyone help?

I have been using ovulation tests for the first time this month, today i got my first positive for the LH surge, but I’m on day 16 of 28 which means i’ll be ovulating in the next 48 hours (CD17-18). I just wanted to know if it was normal to ovulate so late like this? Would this cause any problems? We have been TTC #2 for 4 months.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

That means you have a shorter luteal phase (time that lapses between ovulation and period starting). I had a 27 day cycle and would get a positive on the ovulation predictor kits on day 15. I ended up getting pregnant on a month when my opk never turned positive (I think I ovulated really late that month b/c I finally quit testing). I think you should be fine. I’ve always read that as long as your luteal phase is 10 days or longer, you can still have a viable pregnancy. There are things you can do to try to lengthen your luteal phase such as taking vitamin B6 along with a prenatal vitamin. Just google it. Good luck. Oh yeah, it took us 7 months to conceive this time.

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