How Long After Lh Surge Detected Do You Ovulate

Lisa asks…

how long does??

how many days b4 u actually ovulate do u get pain in your lower abdomen???or do u actually get that pain when u are actually ovulating….i use opk’s as well….i am supposed to ovulate but since yday been having pain in my left lower abdomen.when i do opk’s they are negative

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It is hard to say and varies for each woman. Most get it the day they ovulate, but some get it for a few days before ovulation and some don’t get it at all. So you will just have to wait and see. Also opks don’t detect the LH Surge on all women. Visit the website to find out more info on them. Best of luck ttc!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon asks…

Question about OPK and long irregular cycles?

ok so i have a 41-46 day cycle its a bit irregular but anyway, ive been testing since day 16 just incase, im now on day 21 of my cycle, still no positive, but today i got a very light 2nd line on my ovulation test, is this 100% negative or could it be that ovulation is coming up soon? please help

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If the test line is not as dark or darker than the control line, it is 100% negative.

A faint test line does not necessarily mean that you’re getting ready to ovulate. It simply means that a small amount of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) was detected on the OPK. Your LH levels can go up and down dramatically throughout the month.

I suggest you keep testing every day (but it is not recommended to test first thing in the morning) and be consistent with the time of day you test. That’s very important.

If you finally get a OPK that has a test line that is SO close to being +, keep testing that same night! You don’t want to miss your LH surge!

Good luck!

Linda asks…

Those using OPKs…..What CD do you ovulate??

I using OPKs to detect my LH surge and I’ve been testing twice a day with Clear Blue Easy Digitals and have not yet received a positive. I started testing on CD 13 today is CD 16 and I have a 28-30 day cycle I’m starting to worry that I’m not ovulating or that I ovulated really early =/

So if you don’t mind can you let me know what CD you ovulate and how long your cycle are. Thanks ladies!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I heard the digital tests work good, I used the regular ones this past week and ov on day12 with a + opk test. I usually have around a 28 day cycle.

Jenny asks…

opk help!-am i not ovulating!!!!!?

ok, so my lmp was dec 22-25, i usually have a 26 day cycle, so i figuured to start my opk on day 11-today. ive only seen the control line and a faint test line. when should i be ovulating? i feel crampy but not so much cm. im really confused. i recently had a pap and blood work and my dr said im normal by all standards. am i not ovulating, or maybe its just that i ovulate at a diferent day of my cycle? please help me understand! thanx!
the line is darker than previous days, but still not as dark than the control line. im so frustrated, i feel like im never gonna concieve!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hey there,
I see a fertility doctor and he has told me that some woman will NOT get the same color on the test line as the control line. That is what happens to me. When the test line gets darker (usually a shade lighter than the control line for me) that’s when my LH surge has been detected. Not all women but he did tell me that they don’t work as well as the box makes them out to be. Ovulation usually happens in the middle of your cycle so you were right to start testing on day 11.

If you didn’t ovulate this cycle you should try testing next cycle starting on the 3rd day after your period ends. I would recommend using the Answer test strips, they come in a box of 20 and you can test all through your cycle. You may have ovulated early or you may just ovulate late this cycle. Try not to stress to much, you have a good regular cycle so it will be easier for you to track your ovulation.

How long have you been trying? On average it will take a healthy couple to be successful within a year. So if its been less then a year keep trying. If it has been more than a year you should go and see a fertility doctor. If you are having problems with ovulation there are ways to fix it. Your doctor can give you Clomid to induce ovulation if ovulation is an issue.

I was told for many years by my OBGYN that all my paps were normal. Me and my husband have been TTC for 3 years with no success so 8 months ago I fianially went to see a fertility doctor. He did and ultra sound and blood work and sure enough turns out I had PCOS (Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome) and therefore was not ovulating. But now I just started on Metformin and Clomid so Im keeping my fingers crossed. This month was my first month on Clomid. AF was due today but nothing yet, I hope she doesn’t show up!

I really think you should see a fertiltiy doctor, they know what there doing when it comes to the reperductive system. Your OBGYN doen’t know much about all that stuff. It took me finally going to see one and now I have a better chance of concieving.

Good luck to you

Carol asks…

TTC Opk- When did I Ovulate?

Hi. Any help/advice would be appreicated.

Its my 1st month of using OPKs and I test around 1pm everyday. Yesterday (CD15) I got my 1st positive line. I tested again that night and it was faint again.
Could I have Ovulated on CD14 night or will I be OVulating today (CD16) even though the test is now negative?? Sorry tmi, got 1st snotty cm today also!

Thank you!!
I BD’d on CD 11 and CD12, is this too early or could I have caught on?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If you are using the type of test which requires two dark lines they are not always easy to tell. It sounds like you ovulated late on day 15. The LH surge the tests detect happens just before ovulation but usually remain positive throughout ovulation. Having sex on day 15 would have given you the greatest chance. There is still a small chance that you can get pregnant on day 16 and that chance will be minimal by day 17.

These types of tests are really easily affected by the amount of fluids you’ve had to drink. Too much and they can show negative even if you are ovulating and too little can mean they show positive when you are not. Even clearblue’s version can do this.

If you want to test very accurately then try using the clearblue digital version. They’re excellent as long as you don’t use them with your first urine of the morning. They’re very accurate and give an easy to read answer rather than having to use your own judgement. They cost about £20 for a 7 day supply but will be worth the money.

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