Ovulation Symptoms But No Ovulation

Lizzie asks…

How many days after period starts does ovulation begin?

My last period began June 21st and lasted 8 days, I am slightly irregular. I had cramping 2 days ago and today my breasts are very sore. Would this be signs of ovulation occuring or that it is over? I never had ovulation symptoms before I had my girls.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

About 2 weeks

Jenny asks…

How did you feel 13 days after ovulation?

Im still trying to conceive and I dont want to get my hopes up but I’m so anxious about getting pregnant again.

I just wanted to know if you remember, how did you feel 13 days (doesnt have to be exactly 13 days) after ovulation? Symptoms?


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Right now iam 6 days past ovulation , I feel slight cramping on and off , frequent urination , a lil nausea , fatigue , milky cervical fluid , high basal body temperature overall I feel “different” , …… This is my 3rd month ttc, but my first time having sex before and during ovulation ….. Good luck and blessings to you !!!! Hope this helps

Laura asks…

How soon can you notice pregnancy symptoms after conception?

Period ended on 7/18 husbnd and I have been ttc since that date. Feel tired, cramps and tingles in Breast. Could this be ovulation symptoms or early preganancy symptoms?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I think ever women’s body is different so what i notice and what you notice may be totally different….. I was about 5 weeks prego when i started feeling the simtoms. Im now 33 weeks and if kinda hard for me to remember the exact # of weeks i was but i know it was early. Good luck Oh yeah and get a few different kindas of test to take and TAKE THEM IN THE MORNING… The prego Harmon is supposed to show better in the first morning teetee. Hehe one more thing i gave my mom and dad the clear blue test as a gift to tell them i was prego!!!! Fun fun.

Mary asks…

Who gets tender breasts around ovulation time?

I would like to know if you get tender breasts around ovulation? Can you please tell me when you experience this (after ovulation, during, or before)? Also, where is the tenderness? Is it just really sensitive nipples? I am having trouble tracking my ovulation even though I have a very regular cycle and would like to know others experiences so that I can see which ovulation symptom to believe!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

When i ovulate i got very tender breasts and mild cramping on and off and it lasts till a couple days after i finish ovulating. Try researching and joining sites like babycenter.com…the really help and are supportive of ladies TTC

Mandy asks…

how to find out accurate ovulation days?

how can i find out accurate ovulation days? i tried the ones on the enternet nut they all give different answers.Also its said that different people ovulate at different times, such as some people before there cycles,some after,and some during. so what to do?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Is your period regular? If so, I’d recommend http://www.ovulation-calculator.org/

If your period is irregular, you’ll want to watch out for your ovulation symptoms. The most common ovulation symptoms include mild abdominal cramps and changes in cervical mucus. You can also measure your basal body temperature (basal body temperature will raise when you ovulate) or use an ovulation predictor kit, which is based on your hormone level.

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