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Helen asks…

SO torn. Go off birth control but be careful? Ovulation calculators?

I am 30. I have been with my BF for 15 months, he’s 28. Recently we have been talking about marriage, he insisted on looking at rings with no pushing from me AT ALL. The problem I am having recently is I am worried about birth control.
I have been on BC since I was 16. Three months ago I switched from the patch back to Ortho-Lo due to the blood clots scares with the patch. Ever since I switched back my period is abnormal and the bloating is CRAZY. I want to know what it feels like not to be on BC. What side effects will go away (bloating, headaches, abnormal bleeding). I feel like I’ve been on it for so long, I don’t even know my body anymore in it’s natural state.
No, I do not want a child now, I’d like to be married. I thought about going off and using an Ovulation Calculator, as well as “pull out” method, and condoms if he wants to…what are your thoughts? I’m also scared that 14 years on BC is screwing me up for when I DO want kids…that many years of artificial hormone cannot be GOOD??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I have to be honest with you, when I was on birth control I felt like such a whale! Ive always been a pretty small girl but found it difficult to keep my weight down without massive diet & exercise (esp after a switch from the patch back to ortho-tri-cyclen-lo) when I got closer to my 20’s because of all the hormones

I got off the birth control a few years post meeting my husband (then boyfriend) like you I had been on some form of b/c for years made a switch and was tired of the extra 10 pds As soon as I got off the pills I literally lost 15 lbs effortlessly because all the nonsense from the pills was flushed out of my body

At the time we didnt want children either, & we did use the pull out method (I know dangerous) as well as condoms sometimes & we did not fall pregnant, even with ‘pre-cum’, the entire time We used this method for 2 years (without the ovulation calculator) until we got married Then when we were ready & he let a few loose I did fall preg *yay*! Maybe i was just lucky in that dept lol

The only thing is that there is a possibility that you could become preg, & you guys should talk about what you would do if that were to happen My experience overall was very positive I did not like the side effects of the medicine, and my body felt fantastic when I stopped the hormones All the best

Laura asks…

Help! Ttc a baby girl?

Has anyone any tips on how I could improve my chances for instance what to eat etc?

I know it’s 50/50 chance and all old wives takes but it’s worth a try 🙂

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Men determine the sex.. But have a look at http://www.ovulation-calculator.com/shettlesmethod.htm

Very best of luck.

Sandra asks…

When is the window of opportunity a girl can get pregnant?

Is it (generally) right before or right after her period? I know all the little workings, so no need to explain that. I just can’t remember if it’s before or after.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The window she get pregnant is from day one of her period until confirmed ovulation (through charting or an ovulation test). After ovulation has been CONFIRMED – not just guessed at or estimated by some stupid online ovulation calculator, then and ONLY then through they day before her next period is she safe from becoming pregnant.

HOWEVER, keep in mind that women can ovulate more than once in a cycle and this has been proved and documented by women who have had twins who were not actually conceived at the same time, but sometimes weeks apart. Also, remember that as soon as her next period starts, she could ovulate, even on the first day of her period, and if you have sex unprotected right before that period, she could become pregnant.

Mary asks…

Girl’s I need your help!!!?

My (LMP) was on oct.11 and ended on oct. 17, I have a regular 28 day cycle my ovulation calander said that my most fertile days were going to be on the 24 and the 25 , but just a few minutes ago hen i went to the rest room I noticed (CM) The worst part for me is that we’re ttc and my husband does’nt get home until wednesday. I always get ovulation cramps pretty bad and right now there not that bad at all. Does it mean it’s happening right at this moment or is it just in the process of begining in the next couple days? Please help…… And wish me baby dust as I do to all of you who are trying to concieve!!!
I meant the word went!!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The way to know is if you are charting your tems or run and go get some opk’s. I got a + opk two days in a row and temps read that I O’ed on the second which was day 15 of my cycle. NOW….The catch was that with my 31 day cycles ovulation calculators predicted that I would O on day 17.
Had I only went by the calculator alone I would have missed it.
I know what you are going through.
My husband was out of town and got back the day I O’ed and we didn’t get alone time til 2 am. I am a little worried that I may have missed it. Time will tell.
I hope that egg will wait til wed!!

Mandy asks…

can a girl get pregnant 11 days after her period?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Probably VERY likely, as it sounds like that puts you right at her FERTILE time.
Here, come educate yourself:


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