How Long Is Lh Surge Before Ovulation

Laura asks…

question about cervical position and ovulation?

today is day 14 of my cycle. i noticed on day 12 that my cervix was really high to where i couldn’t really reach it. now, on day 14, it has lowered some. it’s still kind of high but, i can reach it. would you think i ovulated earlier than day 14 according to this? how long after ovulation does it drop back down? one day? two days?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Don’t put much into the cervix position. What’s important is that it feels open and your cm is water, slippery or stretchy during lh surge (1-2 days before ovulation).

Helen asks…

a question about ovulation tests and ovulation – Im confused?

I have been testing for my ovulation with ovulation tests. However, it is not clear on the instructions exactly WHEN u ovulate? Is a positive result indication that you are about to ovulate or you actually are ovulating? How soon do you need to do the deed when you get a positive? how long do you have before the shop closes for the month?? Im so confused. Help!!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Most of the ovulation tests detect the LH surge which increases 36 hrs before ovulation. So when you get the result positive then expect your ovulation day will be 36 hrs ( +/- few hours can happen) after the result day.
Though there is +/- possibility of exact ovulation time ,it is ideal to try on the day of result or within 36 hrs and on the day of ovulation. If you closely monitor your body secretions ( related to ovulation ) in those 36 hours you can make out the day of ovulation. After ovulation you have only 24 hours window open , after that the egg dissolves. The chances of conceiving are greater if you try on the day of ovulation and 24/36 hours before ovulation because sperm can survive for max 72 hrs in female body. Hope this info helps. Best of luck.

Carol asks…

will a home ovulation test always be correct?

my husband and i have been ttc for 3 1/2 years now. i have taken home ovulation tests and i was wondering can i get a positive ovulation if im not ovulating? also i have gotten a positive and it stayed positive for a week then i stopped taking them. so who knows how much longer it would have been positive. why did it stay positive so long? this is very confusing for me???

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If used correctly, OPKs are accurate in detecting LH surge in your body. I’ve never heard of anyone testing positive for a week, but if your OPKs are sensitive enough, I guess it’s picking up trace amount of LH in your system.
If you test positive for a long time, then OPKs might not be useful for you, since you can’t be ovulating for a week. I suggest that you try charting BBT. After charting a few cycles, you can see a pattern as to when you’re ovulating, It dips and rises dramatically before and after you ovulate.
Also, FYI, if you’re pregnant, the OPKs will also test positive. Good luck!

Susan asks…

do ovulation test really work?

me and my fiance are ttc and we ordered some ovulation test to try and determine when i am ovulating since its hard to tell b/c my period is alil what are the chances i could get preggo right after my period or during and how accurate is ovulation test and how can you read them?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Ovulation prediction kits (or OPKs) detect the LH surge in your urine which happens shortly before ovulation. So, yes, they do work. However, if you have an irregular cycle it may take a long time for you to get a positive OPK which could get expensive.

I would recommend that you start charting. There are lots of free sites for charting, but I like Your basal body temperature is the only free way to confirm at home that you did in fact ovulate, and cervical mucus is typically as accurate as an OPK for predicting ovulation.

Your fertile times are based on when you ovulate. Most women ovulate 14 days prior to starting their period. That said, with your having an irregular cycle you may ovulate sooner or later in your cycle. The best way to determine your fertile time is with charting.

Sandy asks…

Poss opk yesterday and neg today?

Hi all ttc i got a poss opk yesterday and neg today.Does that mean i have ovulated?I cant get to bed today and im just bit worried that i have coverd my ovulation.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The Lh surge is very brief.. You shouldnt see a positive opk for more than a day or two at most before it returning to a negative.
This indicates that it is likely that you have ovulated, but the only way to be sure of this is to confirm with your chart by seeing a sustained thermal shift for 3 days or more.
Dont worry that it has returned to negative this is normal. So long as you bd’d before you saw the positive and on the day of the positive you are in with an excellent chance.

Good luck

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