How Long Is Your Lh Surge Supposed To Last

Jenny asks…

Trying to get pregnant?

My husband and i are trying to get pregnant for about 4 months now. I have been tracking my cycle now for 6 months and i am very regular 26 day cycle and i start right on the day i m suppose to. I know that women normally ovulate around 10 or so days after there periods but i was thinking that i ovulate early so i took a ovulation kit test and i think it i had a positive test 8 days after my period. Is this normal and what ovulation kit works the best.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Your cycle count should start at the first day of your period. Most women have a lh surge about 12 to 18 days from the start of their period. So yours is normal depending on how long your period lasts. Having sex every two to three days is the best way to fall pregnant. Knowing your cycle is a good idea to but having lots of sex around your ovulation might not always work. You can have too much sex. Sperm is at its peak every two to three days. You can weaken it if you are having sex multiple times a day. Most of the chemist brand ovulation kits are very accurate. If you are having problems conceiving after six months to a year try a fertility Specialist!! Hope that helps.

Sandra asks…

I really need help with this im TTC#1 and I am not sure! ?

right I haven’t ovulated in 9 months but this month I did on CD21! so I am expecting to come on my period in 14 days after that which is the 8th Dec I can take one of my early preg tests on the 4th tho. Well I had the positive ovulation test on the 23rd which was last Sunday. Me and my partner had sex on the Thursday, Friday nd the Sunday night we also had sex on the Monday and Tuesday after. Just wondering because we didn’t have sex on the Saturday the day before I got the positive ovulation test it will lower our chances of conceiving?! My ovulation test line was a lot darker than the other liner making me think that the egg had already been released! Also do any of you got a burn sensation down below when you are ovulating, or can you explain it to me please? Lastly my nipples are really sore and they usually go like that when I am about to come on my period but seen as I have just ovulated I wouldn’t say I was going to come on my period yet and I think it is to early to have pregnancy symptoms so what other reasons could there be??
Please help I am so confused and I am getting fed up now if I don’t get pregnant this month it will be 10 months of trying!
Thanks xxxx

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi Hun

All this stuff can be sooooo confusing and get you down! But try to hang in there!

If your ovulation test was showing a darker positive on the 23rd then it means that you were probably having the major LH surge on that day. Once the LH surge is identified, ovulation usually happens within 12-24 hours. As soon as the egg has been released, the LH starts to drop. So, I’m pretty sure that you ovulated on the 23rd (Sunday) or possibly Monday. If you had sex on Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday your chances will be great!

Don’t worry about not having had sex on the saturday. As long as you did it on Friday and, more importantly on Sunday, your chances are very good. Many people also believe in having sex only every other day to maximise sperm production. SO, by not having had sex on saturday, you can be sure that your partner’s production was full!

Ovulation pain is usually a slightly sharpish (although not severe) pain on either the left or right side (depending on which ovary is releasing the egg). It can come and go for a day or so, or it can be pretty consistent for a few hours and then usually fades away.

Sore breasts and nipples can be caused by quite a few things. As you say, it is unlikely to be pain from either ovulation or pregnancy yet. However, many women swear that their breasts start getting sore WAY before they find out they’re pregnant – so who knows?

I would really try and relax if you can (stress does crazy things to our bodies and will just muddle you up more). Wait until AF was supposed to arrive and, if she doesn’t show up, take a test and see!

Remember, many perfectly healthy couples TTC for a year or more before they’re successful so hang in there! If you want to try and increase the number of cycles that you ovulate, speak to your doctor about possible medication.

Wishing you tons of baby dust!

Mandy asks…

i dont think i am ovulating?!?

i started my period on the 13th june and it ended on the 18th june. i have been taking ovulation tests every 2 days for about 2 weeks now as ur supposed to ovulate about 14 days before your next period. trouble is mine have been all over the place with no regularity about them, even allowing for my longest cycle in recent months/ever i should have ovulated by now! but the tests show no surge at all! even if i ovulated tomorrow that would mean this cycle is going to be about 36 days! why am i not ovulating? is it possible to not ovulate? what causes a woman to stop ovulating? any advice would be helpful! thanx all in advance! xXx
p.s my hubby and I would like to try for another baby thats why i am testing! xXx
mommyo, just a quick question, what did you have boys or girls or one of each? x

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You can’t expect OPKs to work if you only do them every two days. The LH surge only lasts for 12-24 hours so there’s a very high chance that you simply missed it! And anyway, OPKs are notoriously unreliable; the only way to know if you’re ovulating is to chart your morning BBTs (temperatures) every day. Whenever you see a temperature rise, then you’ll know that you ovulated. I would try that next month, which will most likely set your mind at rest. It’s very likely that you are ovulating normally and simply missed the LH surge. Or, next month, start using the OPKs every day starting 5 days before whenever you’re expecting ovulation until you get a positive followed by a negative. And DON’T skip any days :)

Nancy asks…

Need to know more about OPK testing?

I have a clock work 28 day cycle. My last period started 2nd Dec and due on on 30th Dec.

According to I am supposed to be ovulating today which is CD 14. Since CD 11 i have been testing at least twice a day with OPK (ovulation pee on a stick) and right up until half an hour ago i saw no second line.

The last test i did the test line was definately there, just a little bit lighter than the control line.

I know for ovulation its supposed to be the same as or darker than the control line.

We BD-ed yesterday and day before. Will be doing again later tonight and tomorrow and Tuesday to make sure!

I know i’m on the right track.. Its just my 2 month of serious trying, actually knowing what the right days of fertilisation are and first month using the OPK.

I’m guessing that as today moves into tomorrow, and i keep testing, the line will darken. Is this the right idea?

Basically i just want some reassurance that i got all the bases covered!
I’m not so hot on the not drinking and i wee more often than most anyway, whether i drink or not.

But i’m quite hopeful that tonight is the right time.

To go from no lines for 5 days then quite a strong line today. All with the same (slightly hit and miss) method of testing. I work shifts so none have been at same time.

Plus the text book ovulation would be today as i have the text book cycle length.

Fingers crossed. Not looking forward to the TTW this time!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Keep testing I had a fade in effect on my last round, but only one positive, the very next day I had the classic ovulation pinching/cramping….just pay attention to your body’s symptoms CM, BBT and so on and keep up the BD!!

Even if you manage to miss your positive LH surge, so long as it happened and you BD’d you’ll be covered!!

Lots of luck to you!!

Lizzie asks…

Next Choice Pill and my period?

The day before I was suppose to start my period I had protected sex with my boyfriend, but the condom had ripped and we didn’t notice till moments later. He did get c u m in me but it was more so pre c u m, yet it was still c u m all the same plus it was a lot. So about 8 hours later we went to get the “next choice” morning after pill. I took it automatically and practically slept all day because the pills made me exhausted. I took the second pill 12 hours later.

My problem is I’m afraid I don’t know when I’m suppose to start my period. And that’s freaking me and my boyfriend out. I had started last month on either the 13 or 14th. This month I had sex on the 12, a day before I was suppose to start my next period. I wasn’t ovulating, it was one of my infertile days according to my calendar.

The pill is suppose to stop you from releasing an egg, correct? So if I wasn’t ovulating as it is and I took the pill as a precaution, would it prolong the time of the egg I was suppose to release, from being release? Is that why my period is late, is it extended? I’m two days late and idk, I need help. Some serious help. PLEASE anybody with knowledge.

I don’t believe I’m pregnant. It’s a gut feeling thing and though you can’t always depend on that I know my body and I don’t feel any different from before. I’m still afraid though, the only reassurance I can give myself and especially my boyfriend is my period.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No, chances are you’re not pregnant. Moreover the morning after pill can throw off your cycle. Whats more, stressing about it can delay your period even more, so relax (i know easier said than done). If you’re worried, you can always call your doctor, nurse or clinician. You did the right thing in getting the emergency contraception (EC). You took it as soon as you could. Besides waiting the only other thing you can do right now. The only other thing you could do would be to get the copper Paragard IUD inserted as EC. That would take care of your birth control needs too haha. But that’s almost pointless because you went by the book on this one.

Talk to your doctor about starting the pill. You might be able to start before your period (but it would throw off your cycle, oh wait that’s already done). Here is Planned Parenthood’s web page about starting the pill. You . You can start the pill at any point, but you would need to use back up for at least a week (your doctor will probably advise you wait till you finish your first pack before going bareback).

And yes, you are correct. The pill is suppose to stop you from releasing an egg, but that not the whole reason why you’re late. Here is a cool little flash animation explaining the cycle (maybe it’ll help stuff make sense).


The pill works by blocking (more or less overriding) the FSH and LH surges from the pituitary gland; these tell the body to ovulate. The EC pill must contain at least 1.5 mg levonorgestrel (a synthetic progestogen). So long as the progestogen level stays high, the body thinks that it already ovulated. Estrogen is only added to “stabilize the pill” and make it mimic your normal cycle.

Best of luck, hope this helped clear things up.

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