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Susan asks…

Question about ovulation and mature follicles!?

I have PCOS and had an ultrasound done on Nov. 4th. I started my LMP on Oct. 15 so on Nov. 4 I was about half way through my cycle. I had 2 maturing follicles in my left ovary measuring 2cm each (20 mm). The next day I had fertile mucus and now am 9 days late if I did indeed ovulate. What are the chances that I actually got pregnant, what are the chances of twins, and if my lab technician said maturing, does that mean ovulation was close? He said, it looked exactly like what he wanted to see! Any advice you can offer would be great!

I can’t seem to find any information online at all….. if you have mature follicles, does that mean that you will indeed ovulate or could you still see mature follicles and not ovultae?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Maturing follicles is a sign of impending ovulation, but you need that LH surge to ovulate. Only a blood test or ultrasound (or pregnancy) will confirm that ovulation did in fact occur.

If you are 9 days late, you should get an accurate result on a HPT by now so go ahead and take one!

Good luck!

Helen asks…

Clearblue Fertility Monitor & Ovulation?

Ok.. so starting to consider ALL the reasons why after 2 yrs we havent gotten pregnant….
now wondering if its me!

Im using the CBFM…. it shows lows, highs & 2 peaks…. so seems to be fairly normal.

Seems like a stupid questions but, this monitor is definiately registering ovulation isnt it? So it would be pointless a doctor doing tests to see if I am ovulating yes?

I know….its me, getting all worried & im sure stating the obvious.. bare with me….. I’ll get over it!
Hubby had sperm count done.. all ok just slower than average motility.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The CBEFM only registers the LH surge that triggers ovulation. It does not actually guarantee ovulation. It is important to get CD3 b/w done, the doctor can see if you’re not only ovulating, but also see your hormones levels to see if there is something keeping you from ovulating a healthy/viable egg.

Personally… I got PG on my first cycle with the CBEFM after having tried for a year with PCOS. I have high faith with it.

Nancy asks…

Ovulation Predictor Kits?

Can anyone recommend a good brand of OPK’s?
Also does anyone buy their kits online for cost effectiveness, if so from where?
Thanks Ladies,
Baby Dust to everyone…
I did wonder, I tested for 10 days last month and nothing, even whilst I had ewcm.

All comments are gratefully received as everyone has different experiences.
Thanks Ladies, and okay from what i read maybe I was doing it a little wrong. I’ve never been good with instructions, I was using FMU. I think I will invest in the Clearblue digital for the next go!! Thank you!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I LOVE clearblue easy digital. I got pregnant the first time using those. I like them because you don’t have to figure out lines which trust me is confusing (I was using lines in conjunction with the digital one). You just get a smiley face for ovulation or a circle for no ovulation. They work in about 87% of women. The other 13% do not have a high enough LH surge to trigger a positive. They are also not indicated for women with PCOS.

***You also may not get a positive if you are testing at the wrong time. Don’t use first morning urine – LH is not synthesized into the body until the afternoon. Most people have best luck using them between 10am and 4pm. I have never gotten a positive in the morning, but I have in the afternoon. I also did them 2x per day. Once in the morning and then in the afternoon. I would get a negative in the morning and then a few hours later in the afternoon i would get a positive.

Linda asks…

Whats PCOS? What are the signs? What brings on PCOS?

Okay I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff about pcos and how woman have this,i dont know much about it,but i went to some site and they had some symtoms that i dont have..so i dont think i have it, my periods are regular every month around the same time, no pains no heavy bleeding, just regular every month, but can someone please tell me what this is more specifically,thanks

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Actually pcos is the bodys attempt to make you ovulate(you still get positive opks) but you do not release an egg. You can get an LH surge so then it looks like you ovulated on an opk but indeed you do not ovulate. I have gained weight over the years(after depo) also i had a normal 28 day cycle and then after my loss it went to 35-37 day cycle then after my hsg i havent had a period since december. PCOS is the buidup of the attempt at making an egg, it isnt actually cysts it just looks like tiny little bubbles all over your ovaries. Also i have pcos but do not have any hormonal issues and no other signs. Alot of women do not know that they have pcos because they have been on birth control which suppresses ovulation but once they come off then your body tries to ovulate and then the buildup starts and then you will gain weight and then your hormones will get out of whack(eventually could take years) then you will have abnormal hair growth, acne, weight gain etc. You will have to get a vaginal ultrasound to see if you have pcos. EVen women with normal body weight and regular periods have pcos, it is sometimes left undetected for years.

Carol asks…

Day 12. 1 follicle 11mm big. Ovulation?

I’m on clomid. First month of treatment as I have PCOS.
I had an ultrasound yesterday and he found 1 follicle on my left ovary. It was 11 mm in size. All others were still very small. Is this a good sign that I’m going to ovulate this month or can it grow to eg- 15 mm then stop and do nothing?
Question 2 – he has told me to do ovulation test everyday. I did one today and it came up poisitive but yesterday the follicle was only 11 mm so that means its still quite a little bit off ovulating if it’s going to… So why did the test say positive?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Follicles grow 1-2 mm per day.

LH surges up to 2 days prior to ovulation.

Follicles are ready to ovulate once they get to about to about 18mm (though doctors numbers will range between 16-20).

Ultrasounds accuracy in measuring is about +/- 1-2mm.

It’s possible that your LH is surging, and you will ovulate in 48 hours.

It’s also positive that the clomid is causing a “false positive” on your lh surge test, which is very common with clomid.

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