Sex 18 Hours Before Ovulation

Nancy asks…

Ovulation test confusing?

I am ttc and this morning I tested with fmu at what I thought was 9dpo but I’m a bit confused.
I did an opk on cd 17 in the morning and it was neg. The test line was darker than the previous day’s test but was still lighter than the control line. Later that day just after lunch I started to feel an ache on the right side like ovulation pain, so I tested again at 9pm that evening and both lines were the same colour so I took it that this would be a positive.
The next day on cd 18 I did another opk in the mid morning and the test line was slightly darker than the control line and later on that evening at 7pm the test line was a lot darker than the control line. The right sided pain was also a lot worse than the previous day’s but the ewcm wasn’t as bad. The ovulation pain on this day was so bad I had to take two paracetamol and go to bed early.
The next day on cd19 I tested again in the am and opk was back to neg. The ovulation pain also wasn’t as bad although it was still there to some degree. So to recap:


I usually get a pos hpt at either 9 or 10 dpo. Is it possible that I ovulated on cd19? If this is the case I would only be 8dpo today. I thought you got ovulation pain as egg was being released but have read today that it usually occurs before as the follicle is developing. cd18 was the worst day for pain and also the day of strongest opk so surely I actually ovulated on cd19?
I have had a few pregnancy symptoms such as hunger, tiredness, stinging cervical pain, and sharp shooting pains in boobs. Also have a constant ache in right side but af pains seem to have disappeared and there isn’t much cm either. Just a little bit of white but not loads. I was trying for a boy and was trying to have sex as close to ovulation as possible, but if I bd on cd18 at 1am and I didn’t actually ovulate until late cd19 I think I may have mucked up my chances.

Let me know what you all think?
Thanks for your reply. Just a quick update. I’m now 9/10dpo and got a positive on clearblue and first response this morning. Turns out I didn’t have sex too far from ovulation!
Baby dust to all that are trying xx

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

A positive ovulation test doesn’t mean you are ovulating that moment. It means you are having the hormonal surge that triggers ovulation anywhere from 12-48 hours later. Even using OPKs, you can’t predict ovulation any better than to within 48 hours, so, don’t worry about mucking up your chances for one sex vs. The other – your chances are still only about 50-50 because 12-48 hours is plenty of time for either X or Y sperm to get to the egg.

As an average, it is said to expect ovulation the day after your first positive OPK, but to continue having sex until 2 days after the OPKs turn negative again. Since your first positive was cd17, ovulation could have been as early as cd18, however since you had the strongest positive was on cd18, you could have ovulated on cd19 or even 20. While ovulation pain is another sign of ovulation, it is hard to pinpoint what the pain actually is – whether its a swollen follicle that has not yet burst or the egg bursting or whatever.

Charting your temps would also help to pinpoint ovulation retrospectively, but it doesn’t help much to predict ovulation.

Good luck!

Sharon asks…

Conception and ovulation question?

Hello. Before I post, I would like to ask for respectful and serious answers only, PLEASE. Im going through enough. Im pregnant. The father could be one of two men. Im on a strict 28 day menstrual cycle and its like clockwork. The first day of my last period was May 9. I had sex with guy 1 on May 18 one time. I had sex with guy 2 on May 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26, multiple times in each day. I believe i ovulate the 12-14 day during my cycle. Could anyone please tell me who they think could be the father and how they came up with it? I know they calculate your due date based on the first day of your last period but obviously you dont get pregnant dduring your period. They have me at 11 weeks currently based on my ,last period but I just dont know how to figure who is most likely to be the dad. Thanks so much for your help

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

That’s just too close to call. The ovulation calculator says fertile days 5/20-5/25. The squigglies live for about 48 hours in you, so that just makes it for both guys.

The only way to settle this is a paternity test.

Helen asks…

intercourse before positive ovulation?

hi we did the baby dance friday night and again early hours sat morning we got a positive test today what are the chances or fri and sat getting us pregnant? does it count? x

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I am presuming “baby dance” means you had sex? Sperm can live for quite a while as they journey towards the fallopian tubes. Having sex every 2 days from day 11 – 18 (presuming you ovulate around day 13 or 14) is the best method for successful fertilisation. There should still be sperm from Saturday but if you have sex again today they could still meet the egg before it enters your womb.

Mandy asks…

sex before two days of Periods starts?

i had sex with my girlfriend on 16th Apr night,i didn’t ejaculate inside. her period date was 18 Apr, to avoid pregnancy she takes unwanted 72 to next day after 18 hours, still her periods are not started, today is 17 may, is she pregnant?
Thanks for the proper guidance, but i am worried why her periods are not started yet?
she is going through mental stress due to her job change and clashes with her boss. does this mental stress and also weakness in body cause to delay of periods?
she is physically not strong , could this be reason for her period extension? up to what time do we need to wait for pregnancy test? please suggest.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Due date was 18th april means u had ur period on 20th march
so ovulation took place on 4th April
ur fertile time was 1 to 6th April
u had sex 0n 16th
U r not pregnant

Mary asks…


can you become pregnant when you are not ovulating. i had my time of the month on july 18th and had unprotected sex this past thursday on august 7th. i have a normal period and noticed i ovulated the last week of july. so again is it still possible to become pregnant?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The only time you can become pregnant is during your ovulation window. Your egg will live no longer than 36 hours, and his sperm can live up to 5 days. So, doing some math – if you had unprotected intercourse 5 or fewer days before your ovulation date, you can become pregnant. Outside of that window, pregnancy is not possible. When women get pregnant at odd times, it happens because they ovulated earlier/later than expected, or in the very rare case, they ovulated 2 times in one cycle.

It doesn’t seem likely this month, but every person is different. Hope this helped!

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