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Maria asks…

TTC-No ovulation calendar but your advice can surely do..PLS HELP?

I m TTC.No ovulation calendar can help me because i had a strange cycle this month.I cannot wait anymore to conceive.My last few cycles are:Jan 5th,feb 6,feb 26.My periods came twice in feb.It wasn’t implantation bleeding for sure but regular period.So my question is looking at my last 3 cycles,when would i ovulate this month.I need your help and assure good points to serious reply:(

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

This is a tricky question but i’ll try my hardest to give a good answer :)

i’m guessing the period from Feb 5th to Feb 26 was not normal for you.. That would be a 21 day cycle.. The period from Jan 5th to Feb 6th would be a 33 day cycle… Soooooo

i’m going to guess that you will start your next period anywhere from the 28th of march to the 31st… Which means you will probably ovulate around the 17th of march..

To be on the safe side i’d recomend BD’n the 12th, 14th, 16th, 17th 18th, and 19th..

Good luck dear! Hope its your month :)

Laura asks…

Ok Ladies…Period Question, Kinda Confused! Can You Help?

I went off of Seasonale the second week in September. I got a period from September 19-23. Do you think this was a real period or was it because I stopped the birth control, like when you stop at the end of three months you automatically get a “generic” period? Do you think I ovulated after this period, my Ovulation Calendar says I was to ovulate October 1-3.
Comment to 5 DPO…Care to explain why you say that??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It was withdrawal bleeding from stopping birth control. I did the same thing, I stopped taking birth control and with in 4 days I had “withdrawal bleeding” then around the time that I usually got my period I got it again. But it was a real period.

Its very unlikely that you ovulated so quickly after coming off of birth control, however it is not impossible.

I would give yourself a good month after coming off Birth control and until you get a regular period before ttc. That way you will know when you ovulate and it will be less stressful.

Donna asks…

is it possible to become pregnant 10 before expected period?

I have been trying to conceive for a while now. I have been keeping Track of my ovulation dates but this past month my dates did not make sense. In August my period was on the 8th then 35 days later on sept 12 I got my next period. my normal cycles are 29-31 days. I was told that I should try 8-10 days before my expected period in order to conceive. If this ovulation calendar that i checked is correct my next period should be on the 17th. Is possible to conceive within this time frame?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Technically your high ovulation days start the day your period beggins and they extent to 14 days after that. So if you really want to concieve make sure you start the day your period start and then keep praynig. I tried that for like a good 5 months, following my cycle but it started doing the same thing it happened to you, monthly period with different days. So I just started doing my thing from the day of my period starting, and now I’m 8 weeks pregnant.

Jenny asks…

Could I be pregnant??? Ovulation calendar said this is my ovulation week?

Well I had unprotected sex on Tues. and Wed. and I just checked the calendar online to find out when my next period would be and it said this week was my ovulation week. but it said that Wed. was the third day of my ovulation?? It’s too soon to take pregnancy test but I feel tired, my breast are sore and I have no appetite. Also I’ve been peeing more than usual. And I never even had those symptoms for my period. so someone please help!
Oh and im not on birth control. i know! how stupid!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It would be way to soon to be having any sort of pregnancy sympptoms, your talking a couple of days ago. I doubt implantation has even occured yet. The earliest you can test is once your period is missed

Betty asks…

Mini pill, 2 periods in one month, ovulation?

I started the mini pill in June 2009. I had my period July 13th, lasted about 5 days. Didn’t have a period at all in August. In September, I had a period that started on the 15th, lasted about 5 days again. However, September 25, I had another period, lasted the same 5 days. My question, putting these two different period dates in an ovulation calendar gives me different ovulation dates for October. Which date should I go by for ovulation?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Low dose pills do that….perhaps you need to switch to anther kind…Loestrin and pills like that are bad for break through bleeding……You have given it enough to time to adjust so I would get on a different pill…….

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