Lh Surge After Ovulation Possible

Sandra asks…

When using OPKs, is it possible to get a DARK positive one month, and a normal shade positive another?

Last month I got such a dark positive that it was no question.
It was almost twice as dark as the control line. But this month, I got some results for a couple of days, where the line looked liked the same shade as the control
Or had to tell if it was. And then it faded back to faint, and has been faint ever since.
Did I miss my ovulation, from thinking the positive should have looked like last months? Thanks

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Most OPK will say if the line is as dark or darker than the control line then it is positive. If the line is the same colour next month take it as a positive and try for a baby. Also the darkness just shows how high the LH surge is at the time.

Mary asks…

Ovulating one day not the next then ovulating again the following day ?

According to the ovulation test thats not possible any ideas?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If you’re referring to having a positive ovulation predictor, then a negative, then a positive again what probably happened was that there was a LH surge but for some reason an egg got stalled and didn’t get released. When that happens the body gears back up and tries again, resulting in another positive ovulation test. The test only measures the hormone that precedes an egg being released, the only way to know if it actually happened afterwards if by checking basal body temperature to see if it rises afterwards.

Helen asks…

Does a light opk mean you will proabably ovulate?

This is, as opposed to no line? I have never seen no line at all. The reference line is always their, meaning I dont have to squint to see it. CD 17 and I got a light line again. Im just trying not to worry because I still do not have a temp shift. My cycle is always 27-29 day cycle. For that lengthn cycle, it seems as though it is getting late to not have ovulated?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hey there,

OPK’s can be tricky to interpret. They say if the line is not as dark as the test line, then it’s not quite an LH surge…. BUT I have heard from several women that used both OPK and temp, and found that the temp monitoring was much more accurate.

I’ve also heard from several women that even though they got a light OPK line, they were certain they ovulated (either by temp shift or feeling the ovulation).

If both you temp shift and your OPK are not showing you ovulated, then I know it just totally stinks but it’s possible you didn’t ovulate. It’s completely normal for a woman to not ovulate once out of 12 cycles. It happened to me twice in 2 years (and I’m totally regular). It was just SO frustrating.

Keep tatking the OPK for day 17, 18 and 19. And try taking it twice a day. You might just have a short LH surge window.

Good luck!

Donna asks…

Starting IVF Need to know as much as possible?

Have a up & coming Dr appiontment with a IVF specialist & need to know as much as possible about the process. Dr said something about Injecting Sperm in to my tubes. But requirInformationfrmtion.

Can any body please fill me in with more information.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

With what your doctor has said, it sounds like you are doing iui not ivf this procedure is usually the first treatment given to couples at a fertility clinic in some circumstances.

Iui is where they may use drugs to stimulate your ovaries to produce mature follicles, they then trigger ovulation or use your own natural lh surge, then inject your partners/donors washed sperm into your uterus or cervix in the hope of the sperm meeting the egg.

It is alot less invasive then ivf and success rate depends on the problems with each partner.

Laura asks…

If the Clearblue Easy Monitor has given me a peak every month, is it most likely that I am ovulating?

Can the monitor be wrong? I’m starting Clomid next month and am curious what the chances are of conceiving?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The monitor evaluates your LH surge. When your body prepares to ovulate, your luteinizing hormone will surge about 24 hours prior to the egg releasing. What the monitor can’t tell you is whether or not you released an egg. It is possible to have an LH surge, but no ovulation. Clomid should make you ovulate, I’ve heard good things about it. Good luck!!! :)

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