Lh Surge Negative After Ovulation

Mandy asks…

Has anyone had negative ovulation test but still got pregnant?

Hello! Just wondering… Has anybody ttc, used Ovulation sticks. Which turned out negative and then got pregnant?
My ovulation sticks said I wasn’t ovulation, but I must of! My period is now late but Im thinking if I didn’t ovulate, could I be pregnant. Or maybe my ovulation sticks didn’t work!
Im confused:o$

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:


Yes some woman can still fall pregnant with a negative opk.
Sometimes the LH surge is only around for a few hours at a time, and woman don’t catch it in time.
The best times to test are 11am and 5pm and taking two tests a day for a more accurate result.

You could possibly be pregnant, best of luck and hope you get the results you want xx

Betty asks…

I’m confused about my ovulation, can someone please help?

I ovulated on the 28th, but today i have a “egg white wetness” what does this mean?
My husband and I have been ttc #1. I ovulated this cycle on May 28th. Today I am feeling wet down there, so I checked it and it is a eggy white mucus, What does this mean? Should we have sex tonight to help increase our chances of becoming pregnant?
My LH surge was on the 26th and 27th, when should we have sex? Is it to late?

No negative answers please.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If you ovualte dthe 28th you should have had sex for days befrore and after, it never hurts to have sex now to increase your chances

Sharon asks…

If my digital opk went from positive to negative within 4 hours, could that mean I didn’t ovulate this month?

Usually I get the smiley face (positive) for at least a day, not just one time then it goes away. Also, I haven’t got any CM this cycle at all, which I usually do, and my hormones haven’t gone crazy like they usually do. Are these good indicators that maybe I didn’t ovulate this month? We are ttc after a miscarriage. So please, mature answers only.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Your LH surge can be as short as 12 hours, and how fast the hormone metabolizes out of your system varies from woman to woman. So if you got a positive at all at any point, then that’s good… And even if you don’t get a positive one month it doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t ovulate, only that you didn’t happen to catch your surge before the hormone passed out of your system.

If your first positive OPK was this morning, then have sex today because you’re ovulating either today or tomorrow. Also, you don’t have to wait until you get that positive to have sex (unless your husband has a long refractory period and can’t have sex every day), because you’re actually more likely to conceive if you have sex 1-2 days before ovulation rather than ON ovulation day itself! The ideal scenario is that when the egg enters your fallopian tube, there are already sperm there waiting. If you wait until ovulation day to have sex, then you might miss it because the egg only lives 6-24 hours. But also have sex the day AFTER ovulation if you can, because some women ovulate 2-3 days after their LH surge begins so there’s still that chance!

Nancy asks…

Is it normal to get a positive opk and then 3 or 4 hours later it be negative? Did I miss my window?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes, that’s very normal. The OPK detects the LH surge that triggers ovulation and that surge can be as short as 24 hours. If you’re testing once a day, then its very possible to only have one positive OPK.

The positive doesn’t mean you are ovulating at that moment, it means you are having the LH surge. Ovulation should be expected 12-48 hours after your first positive. So, you didn’t miss your window, but you’d better get busy for the next few days. Have fun and good luck!

Ruth asks…

Is it possible for an ovulation test to “lie”?

is it possible for an ovulation test to say you ovulate when you don’t?
not a possible miss read either because it was the smiley face clear blue for easy reading

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Those tests are pretty good they are the most accurate of all the opk’s but to explain something.. An ovulation test kit doesnt tell you that you have ovulated. It detects the LH surge that triggers ovulation. This is the best time to BD so that you catch your egg. A positive opk means Ovulation is coming or is trying to happen in the next 12-72 hours usually 24 hours from a + opk.
So no they dont lie they are a simple diagnostic tool. If they detect the right level of LH in your pee then they read positive. If they dont they read negative. The only way to confirm ovulation is to temp and chart but its likely you are ready to o very very soon so get bd-ing. I found those tests to be very very accurate.

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