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Linda asks…

What are some tips on helping to get pregnant?

Other than intercourse, what are some tips to help get pregnant?
What dates are best and how do I know?
-Hi Mistress, I am 25 =)
-To the lady who is having a girl named makenna that is interesting I have a friend whose daughter named her girl the same but spelled McKenna.
-Thanks for the answers everyone =)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Well you figured out the most important part already (:

Some other tips are:

- Know your most fertile days. You can work this out with free ovulation calculators online. Try this one: http://www.ovulation-calculator.org/
- Missionary position. Although there aren’t any definitive studies to support this, lots of couples do find this position works best.
- Quit smoking, drinking and drugs. These all can greatly diminish your fertility and chances of getting pregnant.
- Become a healthy weight. Women that are overweight or underweight will both experience difficulties when trying to get pregnant, and more importantly, when you do become pregnant, the baby will be more healthy for it.
- Make the best of your man. Well you don’t want all his best swimmers flushing down the toilet, do you? No masturbation mister! Also, make sure to save his sperm for when you’re most fertile, otherwise his sperm count will be drastically reduced. Make absolutely sure that he’s preserving his sperm for the times when your fertility is at its peak. And when you do have sex, be sexy! The more aroused he is, the more sperm he’ll ejaculate, which will obviously increase your chances of conception.

All these tips should definitely go a long way towards helping you and your partner to conceive.

Also, have you decided what you’d like the sex to be? Little known fact: male sperm are weaker but swim faster, whereas female sperm are stronger but swim slower. How can we use this? Well, if you get him to ejaculate deep inside of you then you’re more likely to have a boy, whereas if the tip of his penis head is barely in when he ejaculates then you’re more likely to have a girl. This has been proven scientifically.

Hopefully I’ve helped. Good luck with getting pregnant – and raising it, because trust me, that’s the hardest part! ^_^

Maria asks…

how to conceive a baby girl naturally?

I have 3 sons and my heart desires a daughter. I am very grateful for the children I have and would gladly add another bouncing baby boy to the family but I really want to give it my best shot to have a girl. From the research I’ve done it says to have sex 3 or 4 days prior to ovulation for the best chance of conceiving a girl. When you do a ovulation calculator online it shows you a 5 day fertility period that you can conceive… so my main question is do I have sex 3 or 4 days before my first fertile day? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I’ve read that the sex position can also help. Laying on your side, allowing your partner to penetrate you from behind can help for a girl and deeper penetration positions help for a boy.

Carol asks…

How fast can you get pregnant after unprotected sex?

me and my husband decided to do unprotected sex lastnight for the first time,. he always use condoms and i’ve never use birth control going on 6 years of marriage next month, so we decided that lastnight we maybe emotionally ready for it,even tho we were nervous lol. How fast can i tell if im pregnant ? or is it possible to get pregnant if you’re not on your fertile/ovulation days? i just finished on my period although only last for 3 days this month. Im excited if i am :) Hoping for a boy if ever :)
hey Mr Ramon C,. i do not care what you are trying to tell me as i am here to find quick answers,. and yes i googled and i made a research but none of them really answers my questions, most of them use birth controls and stuff, i don’t, and this is my first time trying to get pregnant. If you don’t like my question, PLEASE LEAVE and don’t comment. Thats all.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Well implantation would be taking place for about a week or so after you conceive so you would have to wait until a period is at least 3 days late, missed or 21 days after unprotected sex for an accurate reading. You can get support on the trying to conceive or long term trying to conceive forums of http://www.babyandbump.momtastic.com you can also find when your ovulating and therefore more likely to conceive on this link http://www.babycenter.com/ovulation-calculator
Good Luck x

Donna asks…

How do i accidentally get pregnant?

My husband and i have two beautiful boys together that we planned. So this being our soon to be 3rd baby and last. We want to not plan it. but its hard because were always thinking of how this time maybe i’ll be pregnant etc. so we want to be surprised. i guess in a way trick ourselves. we have thought of poking holes in condoms and mixing in a bowl with none poked ones any more ideas? how do accidents happen???

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Just have sex every day and youll never know which one will be the winner!


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Ruth asks…

How to concieve a girl?

My husband and I are trying to concieve our 2nd child, our 1st was a boy so…we really,really,really pray for a beautiful baby girl this pregancy. Is there any way or amy tips that anyone could give me on how to concieve a girl?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hey! Im the exact same as you at the moment, our first was a boy and now we a desperate for a baby girl. Ive been looking around on the net lately and there are so many sites that say different things. A couple of sites were saying to mix up vinegar and water and “douche” yourself, so put it up your vagina, right before you have sex. Apparently it makes your vagina more acidic which is good for the girl sperm. The boy sperm like a more alkaline enviroment.
Also, i have been looking at the chinese gender chart. It worked for a lot of people i know and also for my last baby. The one thing that some sites dont tell you though is that it depends on your LUNAR age and LUNAR month, which is the chinese age and month. This site that ill give you calculates it all for you. And one more thing. Apparently the Shettles method has a high success rate. I have another site that will give you a free ovulation calculator which recommends the days to have sex for a girl. All you have to do is put in your details, its all free. We are trying next month.. The chinese calendar works out to be a girl that month, and also going to use the ovulation calendar method for a girl. Goodluck, i wish you all the best.

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