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Jenny asks…

Ovulation tests that work with PCOS?

I am ttc and taking Clomid. This is my sixth day after taking my last pill. I am having weird cramps in my lower area. I have read this may mean I am ovulating. I took an at home ovulation test and it said I was going to ovulate with 24-48 hours. The problem is I have PCOS and all the tests say that having PCOS might make the results misleading. My doctor did not recommend any particular one even though I asked. I am just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with these tests and what kinds work best? I took the Clear Blue Easy one. Any help would be appreciated.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I also have PCOS. I use the Ov-Watch. It tests a different surge than LH. LH can vary from women with PCOS to women who have normal hormone ranges, as you probably already know. This was my first month using Ov-Watch and am now in my 2ww. I hope this helps you :D

Lizzie asks…

Ovulation Predictor Kits – Help please…?


Hubby and I have been TTC for a year, been diagnosed with PCOS so we are on clomid and I am on a strict diet and losing (finally) so far 5% of my total weight YAY

We are using the Lullaby Conceptions Ovulation Prediction Kit (which is a urine test)

We are 9 days past our clomid cycle and still neg ovulation.

Does anyone have experience with this brand of Ovulation Kit? if so was it good?

Does anyone have any suggestions for other OV kits?


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No experience with it. My favorite is Clear Blue Easy Digital Ovulation Test. It isn’t lines. It gives you a circle for no LH surge and a smiley face for an LH surge. I use that one and a line one in conjunction with each other. That one is able to pick up my LH surge about 12 hours before any other kit with lines.

Susan asks…

PCOS and ovulation tests?

I just found out today after a year of TTC that I have PCOS and not ovulating. I’m going to take a pill to start my period then take Clomid. My doctor said I should use ovulation tests so I can chart. I noticed on like EBay they have cheap ovulation test strips, and since I’ll be using a lot, well, I think they are the way to go over the normal let’s say, pee on a stick ones. So do they work just as well as the normal ovulation stick ones?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Another place to get them is http://www.early-pregnancy-tests.com . Ovulation test strips are all pretty much the same, though. If you insist upon going this route, then those test strips are as “good” as the other kind.

I personally wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, though. 1) Tricky to interpret, especially since they almost always have a second line, unlike pregnancy tests. A positive and negative ovulation test strip both look very similar, with only slight differences. 2) They’re only testing for the presence of a certain hormone known as LH for short, but they can’t verify whether you do or don’t ovulate. 3) A positive ovulation test means that you have high LH levels, but sometimes you can fail to ovulate even after an LH surge. It’s not uncommon, especially in women with PCOS. 4) A negative ovulation test can also mean that you either didn’t take the test during the right window or time, or it could mean that your body ovulates with a smaller LH surge than most. I know that I ovulate, yet ovulation test strips never turn positive for me at the right time, no matter how often or when or how I test.

Fertility charting (tracking your cervical mucus and daily morning temperature) is the only truly accurate way to know when and whether you ovulate. I find it rather disappointing that a doctor is recommending a test strip but calling it “charting” (incorrectly) instead of recommending that you chart your cervical fluid and temperatures. But then again, most doctors who recommend “charting” have never actually charted a cycle themselves, so they have little understanding about what makes a chart reliable or not. Just click on my links below and you can tell from a glance how my temperatures show you a clear and unarguable difference immediately after ovulation. That’s why temp charting works better than iffy test strips.

Good luck finding something that works for you.

Ruth asks…

if you get a positive OPK, can you not ovulate?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes it is possible to get a positive OPK and not ovulate – especially if you have PCOS. The kits only check for an LH surge (which usually occurs 24-48 hours before ovulation) but ovulation can be delayed, you can get several “mini surges” leading up to ovulation, or with PCOS cycts can cause an LH surge but no ovulation.

Checking basal body temps is the most accurate way to assess for ovulation, in conjunction with OPKs.

Lisa asks…

Ovulation, Irregular periods and miscarriage.?


I have PCOS which was discovered after i had a miscarriage. I have not had a period for over a year. How will i know when i am ovulating?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Same boat apart from pcos, i use ovulation dipstick predictors off ebay every day, dirt cheap and they work. Got my first lh surge thursday, so fingers crossed xx

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