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Jenny asks…

So frustrating!!!!!?

Ok, so my husband and I are TTC(Trying to Conceive) and according to my online ovulation calendar I am supposed to ovulate on June 3rd which would be tomorrow. Last month I ovulated right on time when I was supposed to. I am using the ovulation predictor kit’s(Clearblue Digital) and I have been testing now for 4 days and I was sure I would get a positive today, but no all I got was a big BFN!! They ovulation test are supposed to tell you 24 to 48 hours before you ovulate and I swear I am having ovulation pains, but the tests still say negative! Maybe I am ovulating late?? Has this happened to anyone?? Its sooooo frustrating!!

Baby dust to everyone who is TTC!!! Send some to me too!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Don’t be frustrated hun…..remember, I ovulated two days early. It varies month to month….I’m sure you’ll get your +++ (or smiley face) tomorrow or the day after. Don’t forget that stress can really mess everything up, so take your own advice and RELAX! LOL!! Let me know if you get your smiley tomorrow!! Deep breaths…….we WILL get through this together! Baby dust momma….baby dust!!

Nancy asks…

Long Post with Possible TMI?

I’m currently on cycle day 20. I miscarried in October and through my best guess my cycles are running around 34 days ever since. I’ve been testing with ovulation predictor kits either every day or twice a day since day 11. I’ve been taking my BBT every morning. I’ve been monitoring my cervical mucus and there’s been no indication that ovulation has happened or is on its way.

According to an online ovulation calendar my most fertile time should be this past Sunday through Wednesday. My husband and I have been “trying” during this time anyway just to make sure but I feel like we’re setting up false hopes.

I know this isn’t the rational response but ever since I received yet another negative on the OPK I’ve been extremely angry. We didn’t even BD last night because I’m so mad at the world. We’ve been trying for a year with only a traumatic experience to show for it. We can’t go see anyone right now because my husband’s employer has changed insurance companies and somehow all record of me being included has been lost so who knows how long that will take to correct.

I know it takes other couples much longer and I’m not trying to be insensitive but I really feel that if i don’t get some of this off my chest I’m going to explode.

If I have to ask a question I guess it should be this: Is anyone else going through something similar? How do you deal with a month where it appears you’re not ovulating?
Thanks to those that posted helpful responses. Baby dust to all of you.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I am in a similar situation. I just try to let out the anger and frustration when and where I can and then pick myself up and keep trying. I know that I want a family and I know that I want to make my husband a father and I will do anything I can to make that happen.

Keep in mind that the more you stress yourself out the more difficult it will become to get what you want. And my last advice is to make an appointment with your doctor or RE once you get your insurance situation sorted out. If you need someone to vent to or a shoulder to cry on feel free to contact me.

Carol asks…

Really how long is it going to take to conceive at 36?

My BF and I have been trying to get knocked up for 4 cycles now. I am 36. So far we have had no luck and I am worried that time is running out. I had NO idea it would take more than a cycle or two to accomplish pregnancy. I have a friend just two years younger that was pregnant in two months and a friend two years older that had her first at 37 and having her second now at 38 with no problems conceiving. I have used the ovulation calendar, I have monitored cervical mucous, done everything that I feel I should be doing to optimize chances. Can it REALLY take a year to conceive? I am going to use an ovulation predictor kit this cycle (start testing tomorrow) but my though it that if we are having sex during the days that I technically “should” be ovulatiing (and I have a very regular cycle), then what is the point of the kit? We have sex at LEAST 4 times a week regardless of ovulation or not! I mean, we like sex so why is this not happening – and the part about “stop worrying about it and it will happen” that I read everywhere is driving me mad, because quite frankly, when we are intimate, it is the last thing I am thinking of. It’s the day my period shows up that I start thinking about it! How can I have better chances of conceiving? We are both healthy and able….
I have not been on any birth control for about 10 years (have been using condoms since) but nothing for the past 6 months.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

As you know it all depends but to answer your question yes it can absolutely take a year or longer to conceive. I’ve read stats that say 85 percent of all women trying will conceive within the first year. I’m 34 and I read about these girls at 20 and trying for less than six months who are ready to give up. Not to take away from their frustration but for us “older” ladies I think the time issue is much more pressing. My friend got pregnant at 36 quickly (two or three months) by having sex every other day. Unfortunately, that is not possible for us b/c of our schedules and frequently out of town. Another got pregnant with her 4th at 39 fairly easy using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. I got pregnant on our honeymoon when we didnt really try but stopped protecting but unfortunately miscarried. For me personally, because of my age I took a more active role when we started actually trying after the miscarriage. I use the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor and chart my basal body temperature (BBT) and I enjoy the process and it has been very helpful for me to know when I’m most fertile. I’m a big planner and this is great for me. I enjoy the process and I’m not one of those people that freaks out about the whole thing (yet) despite my age. You might want to consider doing the same. The reason is because even though you know when you should be ovulating does not mean that is when you are ovulating and in fact it is often wrong. I know women who started using the monitor and were totally surprised about how early they actually were really ovulating and how they totally misjudged it.

I too am not a fan of the sentiment of stop worrying/or trying and it will happen. I guess b/c I don’t worry and know it wont happen unless you time it right and then you still only have a 20-25 percent chance each cycle. Also, if you are not taking prenatal vitamins make sure you start. After 6 months of actively trying and still not pregnant see your doctor. They usually won’t do anything unless you have been trying for at least 6 months for over 35 (1 year for under 35). Good luck!

Susan asks…

Three weeks of negative OPK tests??

I’ve been using an ovulation predictor kit every day since August 11th and I haven’t gotten a positive reading yet. My last period started August 6th.

*** Some back story — I had surgery in February to remove a fibroid from my uterus that my doctor said was about the size of a cantaloupe. Everything went well and I healed fine. At the end of July I had an HSG x-ray done. My tubes are open and there seemed to be little to no scarring on my uterus from my surgery.

I used an online ovulation calendar which said my fertile days would be between August 18th – 28th (my boyfriend and I have been having sex every other day since the 16th).

I don’t understand why I haven’t gotten a positive reading from the OPK tests. Is it possible that I get my period every 29 – 30 days, but don’t actually ovulate?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I don’t get a positive unless I test twice a day. However, I prefer charting temps and CM since it seems to be more accurate for me. When I do get a +, my temps and CM also verify that I did indeed O

Sharon asks…

I am trying to concieve with no luck and would like to know what other methods everyone is using.

I am getting so frustrated and just losing hope. We have just started ttc and still no luck. I am going on 3 months. I have tried ovulation predictor kits, and concieve plus lubrication and trying to follow the calendar. Does anyone have any suggestions, besides TRY not to think about it, I have tried. It is easier said than done. I just wanted to know what other methods are being used. i will appreciate ANY advice. Thanks

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Aww…I know how frustrating it can be. My husband and I are going on 3 years of TTC. I went through a really hard time a year ago when 5 babies were born at our church. But now I have a peace about everything and feel that when it’s supposed to be, it will happen. I have unexplained infertility, so my DR has me on Clomid. It is usually the first thing that is prescribed for unexplained infertility. Not only does it work for women who are not ovulating, it produces a great enviroment for the egg.
For an average fertile couple, I’ve read it can take up to one year. If you’re really worried, call your DR, and maybe they can do something. I know most DR’s want you to try for at least one year before they start any kind of treatment, but you may be able to get blood work done to check your hormone levels, and an ultrasound to check your ovaries. If your husband doesn’t want to see a DR, you can do a sperm collection at home. Talk to your DR about it. He/She will give you a container, and will instruct you on what to do. You then take it to a lab, and they can tell you if the sperm is of a normal count.

Have the ovulation tests shown that you are ovulating? You could try taking your basal body temperature. There is a FREE chart on the internet that I love using!! The website is,


You can keep track of everything. Your temp, CM, when you make love, meds, and ovulation predictor results. It has really helped me to keep track of when I am ovulating. Another thing I will suggest is the Pre~Seed lubricant. It is sperm friendly, and won’t kill sperm like other lubs.


I buy the 25 Ovulation Predictor Test Strips + 6 Pack Pre-Seed Lubricant.

Whatever you do, don’t lose hope!! :) You’re not alone in this.
Hope all goes well, and BabyDust to you!! :)

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