Can Lh Surge Stay Positive After Ovulation

Sandy asks…

ovulation test positive and then negative and positive again?

We have been trying to have a baby for about 3 months. I started taking opk this month. About 5 days ago i got a positive and then about 4 hours later i tested again and it was negative. I kept testing because i didnt think that i had ovulated. It stayed negative until today which is 15 days from the start of my period. I tested when i got home from work at 3 pm, it came positive and again at 8 pm and it was negative. this is the first time that i have used opk and i am a little confused. I am using the answer brand. Thanks for all the help

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It could be either a faulty, defective test OR user error. I know from personal experience that interpretation of those tests can be very subjective. Sometimes we see what we want to see. If you’re 100% positive you know what you saw, then maybe you had two surges? Sometimes our bodies gear up for ovulation, release the LH surge, then something happens and we don’t ovulate. So it is possible to have more than one LH surge in a month, but it’s not likely that we can ovulate more than once in a month. LH surges don’t always equal ovulation. Also, if you have PCOS that can affect the outcome of those OPK tests.

Sharon asks…

Is this a positive ovulation test?!?!?

I’ve been testing for 2 weeks to make sure I do not miss this LH Surge!! Finally today I think i got a positive! It started showing up after a minute so i stayed in my time limit! I have heard of people never getting the same or darker than the the control line though and becoming pregnant, It also told me to wait two hours before urinating and i didnt, small blatter, so it may have been diluted. Should I wait and take another in a couple hours or could this be positive and GET BABYMAKING
And the picture is also a little blurry, the lighter line is actually a little darker than shown here.
I also had a gush of eggwhite CM today also, and I know that im most fertile during that, right?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Not yet. But nearly there. Go ahead and get started, as you’re fertile before that thing even turns, most times!

Egg white cervical mucus can be present for a day, two days, or several days leading up to ovulation. I typically have 5-6 days of it before I ovulate. That doesn’t make your OPK positive yet, but it does mean you’re fertile. That is the stuff that can keep sperm alive for up to 5 days in wait for ovulation.

Nancy asks…

Ovulation test and pregnancy! Please clear this up for me!!?

Im just wondering, we are ttc and 4 days ago i took an ovulation test and it was positive, and its still positive now. Now on the first night it was positive we had sex and then this morning we did aswell. Now because it is still showing that its positive, does that mean that the egg has not been fertilised or does the test stay positive until the egg either implants or not?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You might very well be pregnant because of the timing. Once you got your LH surge (Luteinizing hormone) then your brain has told your ovaries to secrete Estrogen also and to release the mature ovum (egg). This is 12-36 hrs. After you had your LH surge. Once the egg is release and fertilized or not, you are on your Luteal Phase . Your ovaries are now secreting high levels of Progesterone (which prepares a womb for a baby, rises your Temperature). So even if your egg was fertilized, that has no intereferance with your Ovulation sticks. It’s normal for your ovulation sticks for all 4 to still be Postive O. Though, if your pregnancy is successful, probably on the day of your expected period that hasn’t arrive.. You take a pregnancy test..positive..take a ovulation test…also two dark lines..why?? Because your body has Really HIGH Levels of Progesterone hormone. Necessary for your pregnancy.

Helen asks…

Equate and false positives?

I took an equate pregnancy test (the pink dye) on sunday and got a positive. I went to planned parenthood on tuesday and got a negative. They said it was more than likely that the test was picking up LH and that I was more than likely ovulating. I was curious so I bought another equate test, (I was kind of low on money) and took it wednesday at 2 in the morning. It came back positive again. I was a little curious and I had a first response early result test at home. I was staying at my friends house at the time but when I got back home on friday I waited till this afternoon to take the first response (I was sleeping all day) I took it and it came back negative. For the equates the positives showed up really quick in less than a minute. This first response negative took like maybe a little over a minute to show up. I’m going to the doctors regardless, but I just feel cheated. I want my money back and I’m just wondering if anyone else has had bad luck with the equate tests?

I know I’ve already posted in here about the equates but it was before I took the first response, I was wondering then if I could be pregnant, since false positives are extremely rare but now that I’ve gotten yet another negative I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the equate brand and if it received many false positives.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I took an equate test (pink dye +/-) when I was a week late (I am now 15w 3d along). I waited 2 more weeks. Then went to planned parent hood and took a test. And it came back positive. Maybe the equate one was more sensitive planned parent hood and first response. False positives are more likely with the blue dye than the pink dye. I’d wait a couple of weeks (if you haven’t started by then) and go back to planned parent hood and retest. Good luck!

And equate pregnancy tests only detect hcg (not the LH surge). It is only if you use an ovulation kit it detects both the LH surge and HCG. So obviously they didn’t know what they were talking about.

Lizzie asks…

Basal body temp up .6 degrees but ovulation test negative?

I’m trying to conceive. My last period started on 2/14 and today is 2/24. I noticed yesterday that my basal body temp went up by .6 degrees and has stayed that way today. I have always gotten a positive ovulation test ~14 days in to my cycle. I took an ovulation test today because of the temp and it is negative. This is the first month tracking my temp…is it possible to have the temp go up like this without having ovulated yet? I’m thinking I should be ovulating around 2/28.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

An ovulation test should be used BEFORE you expect to ovulate. If you’ve already ovulated (the temp shift) you won’t get a positive because you missed your lh surge. Your surge should happen 12-36 hours before ovulation.

That said, a lone temp does not mean you definitely have ovulated. If it’s a sustained temp shift (3 days or more) then ovulation is indicated. So keep testing and temping – and babydancing – just incase!

Good luck!

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