Ovulation Calculator After Miscarriage

Helen asks…

False Positive on Digital Clear Blue Ovulation Test?

So my period came on December 15. And on Monday December 17 I got a positive ovulation test while I’m still on my period. I had unprotected sex that day and 2 days after.
Then I went and did an Ovulation calculator and it says that I don’t ovulate till the December 28, this Friday.
So did I get a false positive or am I ovulating twice our something is wrongwith my body ???
Any experience, knowledge & Advise is highly appreciated.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You didn’t by chance have a miscarriage recently did you (sorry if you did)? I had a d&c in may and started using the clear blue as well and got positives for 5 days. My nurse told me that my hormones are still out of wack and those are false positives. You can’t ovulate twice in a month. The calculators don’t work well w/someone trying to conceive because you don’t ovulate the same day every cycle. I’ve been using clear blue since march and besides the month of may it’s never been wrong

Nancy asks…

I had a misscarriage at 5 wks/2days and trying again when will I ovulate?

I began bleeding on Feb5 (didnt experience the clots and such until Feb7) ended on Feb11. I tested for ovulation until Feb 18 but no positive response. Just wondering when I will ovulate and when I should start trying again. We started trying on Feb 14 but I am a little confused.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If your bleeding on feb 5th was from the miscarriage you should wait untill you have had a normal period before trying again. I had a miscarriage in july of last year after about 5-6 weeks to and it took me about a month before things got back to normal… We started ttc again this month… I took it pretty hard so thats why i waited for so long. In fact i would have been due yesterday :( ….. Just to be safe i would wait till you had a normal period and then count up 14 days from the first day of your period. It also helps to get on some sort of a web site calendar so that it helps you keep track of everything. Try www.mymonthlycycles.com they have calculators for period, ovulation, and pregnancy. Good luck and lots of baby dust!

Maria asks…

Have online ovulation calendars or calculators ever worked for you?

I know there are more accurate ways to know when you are ovulating but just wondering if these have worked for any of you?

Thank you and baby dust to everyone!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes they have worked twice for me out of 5 times of using them! I started in December and got pregnant that month, but I had an early miscarriage. Then I have found that I usually ovulated around the times it said, and this month I used one again and bingo! I got my BFP last saturday – ovulation calculaors is all I have used to get pregnant, thenat and looking for ewcm.
Www.babycentre.co.uk have a good one, but I liked www.askamum.co.uk as it highlights the very best and most fertile days to the least fertile.
Baby Dust to you!

Linda asks…

how soon after conception do your breasts start hurting?

also, when they start hurting, where do they hurt? when you have implantation, is it sharp pains in your lower abdomen closer to one side or the other?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Its different for all women. With me personally either my breast hurt a week after or they itch really bad that is how i know im pregnant. I have all miscarriages but i know that is when im pregnant and it has been so so learn and know your body look at every inch of it. Do you have a line running down the middle of your stomach? Are you sneezing alot all of a sudden? Has your vision changed all of sudden: these are symptoms i always get but if you look online or ask a doctor they are never mentioned in the top 3-5-10 but those are the symptoms i always get the first 1-2 weeks after conception but this is me. Just to give you other symptoms to check besides the norm. Good luck. Also go take a test or go to dr and get blood test. Also with one pregnancy cramped the whole time always thought i was going to lose it wasnt sharp until i lost it though. Just normal im about to start my period cramps. Learn your body record your period every day every pain feeling mood discharge and then you will know when you are ovulating menstruating and so forth. Took me a long time but i have been recording since 2006 and now i know my body and when im pregnant cause i keep track also record every sex act as well. Go to mymonthlycycles.com they are free and help you record and gives you a free ovulator calculator and when you will start after you input your period information will track and remind you of periods and ovulation days. Now those days are not gaurantee cause we can ovulate before or after no one can really tell without a doctor doing test if you get my jist but good luck and i hope all works out for you

Carol asks…

We plan to start trying to have a baby this time next year?

So my husband and I decided to start trying to start our family this time next year. Is there anything I should be doing to kind of prepare us and my body for the change?
I know in the following year we’re going to be replacing floors, cabinets, showers, sinks, painting, and possibly building a new deck on the back of the house. But is there anything I should be doing to prepare for pregnancy?
I’m at the ideal weight, but I just want to tone up and get in better physical shape, and I am taking vitamins.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi there,

The thought of getting pregnant really makes one excited and sometimes stressful. Try to relax yourself when it comes to getting pregnant. Let me share with you a inspiring story on getting pregnant, simply go to the link below to read this true story how this lady manage to get pregnant fast.

What you really need is not just knowing the chances of getting pregnant, but also the ways to get pregnant as fast as possible.

We faced the same experience when we are having our 1st baby 3 years ago, until we met with some obstacles and we are quite blessed that we are able to compile some useful information on how to manage to get pregnant as fast as possible.

Here is some ideas I would like to share on increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

When considering get pregnant fast, did you established the usage of a fertility calculators. A fertility calculator can help you pinpoint when you’re next going to ovulate.

What is a fertility calculator, you ask? It’s not a technical gadget that requires a degree to operate… It’s a simple online calculator that lets you plug in a few numbers to work out the best time to conceive.

Another method is to single out your basal body temperature, and pay attention your vaginal secretions they will change during ovulation. If you can narrow this down and find the exact day of ovulation it will make using a fertility calculator to get pregnant a much more reliable source, increasing your chances of conception greatly.

If you haven’t started this, you need to start taking preconception vitamin and mineral supplements. This is a boring basic that so many women wish to bypass. You really can’t afford to bypass this though.

The investment into your ‘fertility bank account’ needs to be consistent, excellent in quality and unrelenting. There are so many things that ‘withdraw’ from your fertility bank account every day so you must consistently make deposits into it to offset these.

Magnesium and vitamin B6 along with herbal remedies could help in regulating your hormones. Some herbs that are renowned for assisting female fertility and PMS are Chastetree, Passion Flower, Cramp Bark and Red Sage.

Rosemary extract has also been linked with the beneficial breakdown of estrogen to help create a more balanced ratio. You should speak to your local natural health store consultant who will be able to determine some good quality supplements and herbs that will help you.

One note on Chastetree, this should NEVER be taken with the fertility drug CLOMID, they have been shown to cancel each other out.

Regulating the menstrual cycle on the other hand is among the many medicinal properties of the Siberian Ginseng, a revered Chinese tonic that promotes energy and enhances overall systemic functioning.

Using the extracts of traditional fertility herbal remedies that are expertly combined in a therapeutic solution of primary and support herbs, modern day herbalists have concocted fertility herbal supplements intended to treat various sexual disorders ranging from the loss of libido, hormonal imbalance as well as failed ovulation leading to amenorrhea.

Now these treatments won’t trigger the side effects typical with contraceptives nor cause multiple births in case continued herbal supplement use concludes with a successful pregnancy.

Learning how to get pregnant fast is simple if you are already healthy. If your health could be improved then work on living a healthier lifestyle. Cut down on smoking and drinking alcohol as these are linked to low sperm counts and increase the risk for miscarriage.

Both partners should increase their vitamin intake and be cautious of environmental toxins. Males should avoid wearing tight underwear and excessive exercise. Caffeine slows down the sperm regeneration process and can increase the risk for miscarriage.

Being overweight can also cause lowered sperm counts in males and may produce high levels of estrogen in women. Maintaining a healthy weight can really help you to get pregnant fast.

Monitoring your body is another way to prepare for pregnancy. It involves monitoring your body signs for ovulation, and then having sexual intercourse on the days when this occurs. Ovulation means that your ovaries are releasing an egg down your fallopian tubes and into your uterus, where the baby will stay for nine months once it is conceived.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle also can help to get pregnant naturally. Healthy eating habits can greatly improve fertility. Eat a well-balanced diet including plenty of whole grains and three to five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Many trying to conceive are found to be deficient in vitamins and minerals, the most likely deficiencies being vitamin B-12, iron, zinc, and folic acid. You may even want to take a multi-vitamin to improve overall nutrition.

Get the best intercourse positions. It is the missionary with the best results obtained by placing

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