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Donna asks…

Did anyone try, read or research any methods specific to having a boy or girl baby?

I am just wanting to do a little research on having a girl. I already have two boys and going to try for a girl pretty soon. Just trying to get as much info as I can.

If your answer consists of – I cant determine this… just dont write anything! :)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hey im trying for a baby girl too and was reading that less sex for a girl and more for a boy.

Find out what day you are likely to ovulate and have sex 3 days before ovulation day.

If you are not sure on tracking your ovulation day go to mymonthlycycles.com there is a calculator on there that can help you work it out

Laura asks…

I am father of 2 girls now. However wish to make my last attempt for 3rd baby. But I want third baby to be boy?

I am father of 2 girls now. However wish to make my last attempt for 3rd baby. But I want third baby to be boy. Is there any way to know why I got 2 girls in a row and the possibility to get third child a boy or not? Please advise.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi… Have a look at the info below and go to http://www.ovulation-calculator.com/shettlesmethod.htm for the full article.

If the boy sperm are faster but have a shorter life span, then the Shettles objective is to time lovemaking in nearest proximity to ovulation – right before ovulation takes place or the day you ovulate. The concept here is that Y-chromosome sperm will swim quicker than the X-chromosome and more of the Ys will reach the egg sooner. Therefore, the chances of having a boy are increased.

Remember, the egg can survive for only 24 hours following ovulation. Only one sperm can fertilize the egg (out of the millions who start the journey), so timing intercourse close to ovulation would favor quicker Y-chromosome sperm, even if their lifespan is short.

Shettles advises that to increase the odds of having a boy, do not have intercourse during your “transitional” fertile days four to five days before you ovulate. Rather, time lovemaking directly prior to and during ovulation. The Shettles Method also suggests deep penetration in order to get the sperm closer to the cervical canal, closer to the egg, and more likely closer to the abundant cervical mucus that should be present during your most fertile days. As for sexual position, Shettles recommends rear entry or “doggy style” for deepest penetration. According to Shettles, women should try to have an orgasm at the same time as the man; purportedly, orgasms increase endocervical secretion and increase the alkaline level of the vagina. Men should avoid wearing tight cloths and hot showers, etc, prior to intercourse as heat will more likely weed out the Y-sperm than the X-sperm.

Very best of luck.

Nancy asks…

are there things men can do to increase the chances of having a boy?

the male is the sex determinate, so is there anything that can be done?

is there anything that men can do to produce more x chromosome carrying sperm?
to increase the chances of having a boy?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I don’t know if this really works or just a coincedence but I tried this and I now have a boy and a girl. Go to babycenter.com and do the ovulation calculator..it tells you to put the 1st day of your last period and then it will tell you the days that you are fertile..once you get that estimate, try to conceive the 1st 4 days for a boy and then the rest is supposed to be for a girl……like I said, i don’t know how accurate it is but i tried it and I have 1 of each.

Mary asks…

Is it possible for pregnant women to have a choice over the babys gender?

apparently it is, but how do women make it happen and also would they want that sort of power do determin the babys gender

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

For some people it’s 50/50 but I have 2 boys and wanted my last to be a girl we bought the book shettles method and I used babyhopes.com gender predictor ovulation calculator and got my baby girl so yes you can choose the sex of your baby its a lot of planning, tracking and only having sex on certain days but it was worth it for a girl you have sex 3-4 days before ovulation girl sperm swims slower but lives longer for a boy you have as close to ovulation as possible boy sperm swim faster die sooner.

Mandy asks…

Any advice for a girl sway whilst trying to conceive?

Hi there, so my partner & I are hoping to try to make baby number 2 near the end of the year and think it would be fun to maybe try and get our beautiful boy a little sister as I can’t have many children, but obviously we would be ecstatic either gender! My heart just yearns for a daughter so it couldn’t hurt to try & tip the scales towards pink :)
I was just wondering if anybody has any old wives tales or tips on how I could maybe have a bigger chance for a pink bump? Like I said, this is complete harmless fun if I were to be blessed with a second beautiful son I’d be over the moon too, thanks! :)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

“According to the Shettles Method, to have a girl, we simply reverse the terms. Instead of timing intercourse directly prior/during ovulation, make love during the transitional days and two to three days before you ovulate. Try to avoid sex when your cervical mucus is most fertile (when you have egg-white cervical fluids). Shettles suggests that women avoid having an orgasm and recommends shallow penetration to make it more difficult for the male sperm to make the big journey. Hence, missionary position is advised, or any shallow-penetration strategy that deposits sperm further from the entrance to the cervix.

The principle here is that these integrated methods will favor the slower, more resilient sperm. Female X-chromosome sperm can endure a more acidic environment, live longer, and swim further than their male counterparts.

So that’s the Shettles Theory behind choosing the sex of your baby. Now, let’s look at practical aspects of actually implementing the method by using a fertility chart, ovulation calendar, and by monitoring natural fertility signs

Have a look at http://www.ovulation-calculator.com/shettlesmethod.htm for more info…. Very best of luck.

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