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Donna asks…

EWCM but Negative OPK?

Why is this? If I have EWCM, shouldn’t I get a positive OPK? I’ve been testing daily and still haven’t had a positive OPK. Should I assume that I’m about to ovulate?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

How do Ovulation Predictor Kits Work?

Depending on which ovulation predictor kit you buy, most of them will detect an LH surge 24 to 36 hours before ovulation occurs with a darker line than the sample line on the test stick.

A line that is lighter than the sample line indicates that you are not within 24 to 36 hours of ovulation.

How do I use the Ovulation Predictor Kits?

You will need to read the instructions on the box for details on how to use the specific type of ovulation predictor kit that you bought.

Generally, you urinate directly on the test stick and then wait about 5 minutes for the results. One line will be the test line (sample line to go by) and one line will indicate whether you are near ovulation. Most OPK’s will detect within 24 to 36 hours of ovulation (LH surge).

The line will be either lighter or darker than the test line. If the line is lighter, you are not within 24 to 36 hours of ovulation and may need to retest in a couple of days. If the line is darker, you are ovulating, near ovulation or ovulation has already occurred.

How to increase your chances of pinpointing ovulation with ovulation predictor kits:

To increase your chances of conceiving while using the ovulation predictor kits, you should try to use other methods of finding your ovulation times along with the ovulation predictor kit. This way you will have two methods to rely on and it may reduce the costs of buying ovulation predictor kits.

Some of the other methods that you should try to use in conjunction with ovulation predictor kits are the CM (cervical mucus) method, temperature method, and/or the Tes Tape method.

I recommend using the CM method along with ovulation predictor kits. I have found it difficult to use the temperature method and the tes tape method is a little more expensive now than when I used it.

Using the CM method along with Ovulation Predictor Kits:

You will first need to read the information on the CM Method. Then once you have become familiar with the CM method, you can use it in conjunction with an ovulation predictor kit.

When you begin to notice that your CM is getting clearer and somewhat stretchable, you should use one of the ovulation predictor tests. You should try to use the test before ovulation has occurred. This way when you test again, you can have some margin of days when ovulation may have occurred. Write down everything on your calendar about your CM and the OPK results. Most ovulation predictor kits will read a lighter line than the sample line that you go by when ovulation is not within 24 to 36 hours.

After your CM has became slippery, very stretchable, and resembles an egg-white, use another one of the ovulation predictor tests. This test should read a darker line than the sample line given on the test. This would indicate that you are ovulating now. You should plan to have unprotected

intercourse at this time to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

**By testing before and after ovulation, you will know the range of days that you more than likely ovulated on. **

Now, you have 3 tests left on your 5-day test kit rather than using an entire kit in a one month period of time. You can use these remaining tests during the next month of testing if you have not already become pregnant.

If the first test you took resulted in a darker line or showed an LH surge already, try to test earlier the next month. You want to try to find the earliest day possible that indicates NO LH surge or indicates ovulation is NOT within 24 to 36 hours.

Carol asks…

am i pregnant?

I definantley ovulated on cd13 bcoz clearblue OPK told me so. I had sex on cd10 cd12 cd13 and cd14. My boobs are very soft but with no pain. Slept the whole day yesterday but then again, i woke up early. My cervical mucus has just increased after 1week of the OPK being positive. After ovulation, no sperm from my partner was coming out of me anymore. Did it all come out? Could i be pregnant? Its been 7days since it came out positive. Had a miscarriage 20days ago at 5 and 1/2 weeks but ovulated like a normal cycle. I know dis bcoz the other times i tested with an OPK, twas negative to my LH surge.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You could be. All that you can do is wait though. Wait ATLEAST a week (prefferably two to give the HCG time to build up so you don’t get a false negative) after your missed period to take an HPT.

Lisa asks…

Could I be pregnant?

I have been taking ovulation test for 3 days. The first day it should 1 dark line and a very light other line. The second day only 1 line, and today there is nothing. What could that be.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Wait, are you testing for ovulation right now or pregnancy? If you are testing for ovulation, the first two tests are negative ovulation results. The dark line you referred to from the first test is the line you want to compare against. The very light line is the level of LH in your urine. That line should be as dark or darker than the other line. Since it was lighter, it’s a negative result.

The second test you only had the one line, so that is also a negative result. The third test you had no lines, which means the test didn’t work, and you should retest (the one line should always show up!).

I would guess that you had your LH surge maybe the day before you started testing, since you at least showed a light line the first day. When you get a positive LH surge ovulation test, it means you will ovulate in the next few days. Also, for ovulation tests, it’s best not to use your first morning urine, but an afternoon urine (and try not to pee or drink a ton of water for at least a few hours before you test).

If you were testing for pregnancy, you should probably use a pregnancy test. Though you CAN use ovulation tests, they are generally not recommended for testing for pregnancy.

Sandy asks…

Positive or Negative HPT?

I took a OPK on Saturday and this is what it looked like!!


Would you say its positive or negative? Its gotten lighter as I tested yesterday and today, and they were both lighter. So I dont know what to think. Let me know.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

That is an OPK or a HPT?

If it is a HPT, then you’re pregnant. If it is an OPK, then you have not yet had your LH surge if the test line is the one on the left. If the test line is the one on the right, then you had your LH surge and should be fertile.

Jenny asks…

If I got pregnant the first day i ovulate?

If I got pregnant the first day i ovulate then i take ovulation test would it still show I am still ovulting or would it stop showing that I am ovulating

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You only ovulate one day, the ovulation test picks up the surge in the LH (hormone) this is in your urine before you even ovulate. So conception has no beaing on the ovulation test, the test would show negative after you ovulate.

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