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Nancy asks…

i have been trying for a while..?

to get pregnant. I became pregnant with my 1st child very easily. Almost as soon as we decided to try I was pregnant. That was 7 yrs ago, about a year ago we decided to try for # 2 and have had no luck so far. I will admit that I am terribly confused by the whole notion of charting and temps and ovulation times. Now for my question..

I started my period on April 3rd and it ended on April 9th, my husband I were together on April 12th (he works away a lot). I have an 18 to 20 day cycle and according to the ovulation calculator I looked at online my last day of ovulation would have been the 12th. Do I have a good chance of pregnancy on the very last day? I have had symptoms since then – irritability, headaches, warmer than usual at times, sore breast, tiny bit of lower back pain – all pretty much period symptoms, yet I know they are signs of pregnancy as well. It’s to early for the period symptoms, but is it to early to be having those signs if i were pregnant? It’s only been 10 days, and the symptoms started like yesterday.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I read your question and I understand your frustration, my dear.

Believe it or not, my husband and I tried to conceive for more than 8-months. We tried to refrain from sex for days and even weeks but it didn’t help.
Worst part is, there were empty hopes – I thought I was pregnant but in the end I wasn’t. It’s really frustrating and I understand that.

I was in Yahoo Answers and in this section quite some time ago and I ask a question similar to yours and a person recommended me a book. It’s entitled “Getting Pregnant Bible”. I swear it’s like a gift from God!

It teaches stuffs like the seven things you need to do before even you try to get pregnant to ensure a healthy pregnancy; the appropriate diet to conceive; how to increase your husband’s sperm count; the ovulation cycle and many others!

I am already having my 4th child now! I really recommend that you try reading this book out. Also, they are currently giving free bonus books like fertility secrets and choosing your baby gender! It’s for a limited time only!

Learn more about it here:

Sharon asks…

ovulation calendar?

i wanted to know if anyone has used a ovulation calendar to try and get pregnant, if so was it an accurate calculation of when to try and conceive?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Your best bet in pinpointing ovulation, and your most fertile time of the month, is to start charting and watching your fertility signs. Buy a basal thermometer and take your temp first thing every morning – at the same time every day – before you even get out of bed. Before you do anything at all. Note the temp. When you ovulate, your temp will rise and stay elevated above the pattern you note for pre-ovulation temps.

Charting is so much better than using some online ovulation predictor. Those things don’t know your body – you do. Every woman’s body is different, and the calculators don’t take that into consideration. For giggles, I used one to calculate last month’s ovulation date…it was 3 days off. This month’s…4 days off. So, no, I don’t trust them AT all.

Your cervical mucus will typically tell you when ovulation is coming. It will be watery, or like egg whites. That’s the fertile stuff that keeps sperm alive while you are waiting to ovulate. This is also why you’re fertile for a few days ‘before’ ovulation. The sperm can live and lie in wait for the egg. Your egg will live for 12-24 hours after ovulation. And YES you CAN tell the difference between Egg White CM and leftover sperm if you had sex the night before. In a situation like that you want to do the water test. EWCM will sort of ball up and sink to the bottom and semen will float (with possibly some of it hanging down into the water). Also you can take true EWCM out of the water and still be able to stretch it.

You can also buy the ovulation strips to test for lueteinizing hormone (you’ll have a surge of it 12-36 hours before ovulation), but keep in mind that when you test for ovulation the test line must be *as dark or darker than the control line. * Two lines do not equal a positive on the ovulation tests.

Check out this site:

There is a charting course there that you can take for free, and free software to chart your temps. The first day of your period is ‘cycle day 1.’ I typically ovulate on cycle day 12, but have actually ovulated on cycle day 10 before and as late as cycle day 15. This variation in ovulation days is why some women’s cycle lengths vary. The time between ovulation and your period (the ‘luteal’ phase) will not vary more than a day, maybe two. But the time between your period and ovulation can vary more than that. Chart a few cycles and you’ll see your own fertility pattern.

Best of luck to you!

Sandra asks…

What does it make you successful make you pregnancy?

With my first son (who is one year old now) I was already pregnancy with him by the first time TTC with my husband.

Now we are TTC # 2 since 3 months. I don’t know why it’s keep me wait so long be pregnancy again. Anyway how do I successful be pregnancy again? because I want to have another one so bad and want my son can have sisters/brothers. Is there any ovulation calendar online that do make you successful pregnancy?

I never had been on birth control or any other stuff nothing but natural. What does it make you successful make you pregnancy?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You got lucky the first time. It can take up to and beyond a year for a normal, healthy couple to conceive. There is only a 20-25% chance of conception each cycle – and that’s with perfect timing.

You should visit and sign up for their free online charting course. It will teach you how to pinpoint your most fertile time of the month. The online calculators aren’t so accurate. I steer WAY clear of those.

Susan asks…

how to stay positive …yet alone during the two week wait?

my last two periods was may 7 and june 4 of 09 and they both last 6 days and i believe not sure but i have a 28 day cycle i checked online for the ovulation calculator and it sad i would b fertile fom 13-18 and had sex two or three times a day from jun 9 till jun 20 being i wont see him cause he goin back to being deploy for another 9months also i think it would be a gr8 news to know we are pregnant yes i also have a secure job as he does and we both mature and finished school and everything own place and all the last time i was on birth control was the ending of january and we thought we concieved in feb casue my period was a 2weeks late but it came down 🙁 heavy probably cause i came off the pill within 6 days n took other medications while on it but this time we know i aint on no kind of birth control i had to regular periods on april 10 , may 7 , and my last jun 4 i hope the calcuator was right this time ….what do u think

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi! First of all I would like to wish you and your hubby the best of luck. I am assuming he is in the military thank him for me for protecting our country.
Secondly, I tried to get pregnant for 3 years and was doing “it” every day several times a day and the doctor said to not do that cause it doesn’t give the sperm anytime to mature and become strong enough to penetrate the egg. Some people say everyday some say every other day.Who knew…You def timed it right. There are sites you can go on to read other women’s symptoms during their tww. Its called You can also join fertility friend tho i don’t believe that’s free anymore. I don’t know what kind of insurance you have but there are a few plans that will pay for your hubby to freeze his sperm so that you can go in for IUI while he is away. 9 months is a long time to be without someone you love and the best gift of all would be a baby to help those 9 months go by. I wish you the very best of luck and lots of baby dust.
G-D bless you and your family!

Sandy asks…

Possibly 4 weeks pregnant?

We have been trying for a long time now. According to the pregnancy calculator I would be about 4 weeks and 3 days. I know sometimes we can imagine symptoms but I feel more sure that ever this time. I’ve been feeling nauseous and dizzy all week, have sore boobs, constipated. I thought I was getting the flu because of the nausea and headaches but because it goes away and comes back I think I may be pregnant this time. My period is due in just days but I am going to test today. What do you think?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

“My period is due in just days but I am going to test today. What do you think?”

I think you’re wasting your money.

Getting pregnant is harder than it sounds. The average healthy couple that is TTC only has around a 20% chance of success in any given month. That means each month the odds are stacked against you.

While the makers of HPT want to you test as early and as frequently as possible, the true is that you can’t really expect and HPT to detect a pregnancy earlier that about the time AF is due. Add to the fact, you can never trust a negative HPT until the result is confirmed by AF. After all, you never know when ovulation might be late.

So simply playing the odds suggests that you save your money and give AF at least one shot at giving you a definitive result for free. Once you know AF is late, then it’s worth investing in an HPT.

Even better would be if you learned to properly take your basil body temperature. For many women, if they do indeed get pregnant, their basil temperature will rise a 2nd time and do so days before the most sensitive HPT could ever tell you that you are pregnant. Additionally, your basil body temperature can also announce the impending arrival of AF when the temperature drops near the end of your period.

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