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Lisa asks…

A helpful website and a question on online calculators/calendars! *please read*?

I posed this question in the Trying To Conceive section too (just some people don’t check both Pregnancy and the TTC sections).

Now, I’m one of those women that really don’t trust ovulation or period calculators.
But the tools in this one really helps more than any of the others:

The period calculator takes FIVE of your last periods (if you can remember, lol) and averages your cycles (and tells you how long each were between periods).

And the ovulation calendar/calculator shows you the whole calendar of your cycle and has labels and suggestions on each day that tells you when to start doing things and your chance for a boy/girl and what should happen on that day.

I don’t trust them completely with my cycle, but it does help me get an idea of where to start instead of having the calculate EVERYTHING myself, which sucks, because my cycles change to any number between 28-32 days.

So, this was mainly a post to help some who are ttc and for my own personal help with your past experiences with them.

My questions are, have you used an online calculator/calendar and conceived?
What one was it? (was it the one I provided?)
How long did it take to conceive?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I used http://www.askdramy.com/ovulationcalc.html
It gives a play by play of what happens throughout the month.

I used it with baby number two, and it took us two months to get pregnant with him.
I also used it with this baby, cause my hubby was in Iraq. He was coming home for a three week R and R. We decided to go on a vacation to Hawaii. I used the website above to make sure when I would be fertile. I gave him some dates, and hoped he was able to get them for R and R. Well…. He was, and you know the rest.
I had a friend of mine use it once, but lost contact with her so I do not know how it went with her.

Laura asks…

scared, worried, confused?

im scared i might be pregnant.. my boy friend and i had sex about three weeks ago. it was unprotected and i found out (on one of those ovulation calculators) that i was ovulating at the time. im a few days late for my period and im usually Always on schedule. i took a pregnancy test yesterday (two days after the missed period) and it was negative. I’m a little confused/scared/worried. any help, advice or NICE comments would be appreciated.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It could just be stress effecting our cycle. Mine does that a lot and I had to take a test 4 times to even make sure I was pregnant with the little boy I’m currently carrying. Just relax and take another test in a few days. If you still aren’t sure, go to the doctor to make certain.

Jenny asks…

Day 14 of my 28 day cycle and OPK keep coming up negative.?

I had a miscarriage in May which resulted in me having to have a d&c. Have had 2 normal periods afterwards. I started doing opk testing on day 10, now on 14 and still negative. Starting to get worried I’m not ovulating. On day 12 I started getting blobs of ewcm so I thought by now I would definately have a +opk. On the internet ovulation calculators it says I should ovulate on day 14 so now I am starting to worry. We are trying for a boy baby this time (have 2 girls already) so really want to pinpoint ovulation so we can try the shettles method, so don’t want to bed before ovulation is picked up. Should I keep testing and keep fingers crossed I will ovulate??? I am testing twice a day 10am and 5pm. Thanks
Now day 15 and still negative! Still have watery cm so still a little hopefull things may still happen this month. How late do some people ovulate? Would surely be unusual for everyone to ovulate on day 14???
Woohoo!!! a + on opk today!! Just ovulated later than I thought I would.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

First off, I am so sorry you had a miscarriage. That is a terrible thing to happen.

I have found that these ovulation tests are unreliable. You are better off taking your temperature and recording it every morning before you get up. Also, look for other signs such as watery, egg white type discharge mid cycle. This is a good indicator of ovulation as well.

Helen asks…

I know it’s early but could I be pregnant?

Could I possibly be pregnant? I have taken the First Response Ovulation Tests and my Lch Surge keeps coming up negative even though I’m in my high fertility days. I’ve checked numerous Ovulation Calculators.
But my Surge is negative, no discharge, had nausea and light fever. I know I’m not infertile I have a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old twins all girls. We are hoping for a boy. Could there be any other signs that I might possibly be pregnant. We have had sex less than 18 hours before my Ovulation time according to the First Response test instructions. And if I am pregnant I am barely 2 weeks and won’t show on a pregnancy test.

Are there any other symptoms or signs I should look for this early. I would appreciate any real advice. Thank you!
I do focus on the children I already have they are my number 1 priority!!!! I made this account before I had children!!!!
All I’m wanting to know if is I could be possibly pregnant. I take care of my children everyday!!! So what I want one more. I can afford it and take care of it. I don’t live off the government.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

A doctor can give you the best suggestion

Linda asks…

Can someone please tell me if I could be pregnant please like now???!!!!?

So I’m 16 I’ve been dating this boy for 1.5 years and we got close and one night we got *really* close and being stupid and in the moment he ejaculated in me, however I chose to prepare myself by getting nuva ring in advance to be prepared for this situation. I waited the 1 week and took an extra week to make sure the nuva ring was effective. This is my FIRST MONTH FIRST TIME using it and the day this happened was october 10 which by googling ovulation calculators is my last fertile day of this month. At this point nuva ring has been inside me for 3 weeks (since september 20 first day of my period) and im using it to skip my period do to unbareable pain. My question: if I had unprotected sex on a fertile day with nuva ring in effect for three weeks (and I know its working I felt EVERY side-effect), and he ejaculated in me what are my chances that I am pregnant? Any questions ill add in details thanks :)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I doubt that your pregnant, I believe youve had it in long enough for it to be effective.

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