Ovulation Calendar And Due Date

Linda asks…

Ovulation and conceiving help please ladies?


So me and my fiance are trying for a baby.we have been together nearly 9 years now and really think were ready.

Im 22 he’s 25 we are both healthy weights and eat pretty good,we both have reduced our alchol dramatically. Neither have had 1 drink in nearly 2 months.

I have just begun my period (Yesterday) and I written my dates all on a calendar. By my calendar I worked it as im ovulating on 25th Jan.

Please can anyone give me any advice on how to conceive meaning eating ECT.

Also are ovulation tests accurate and worth buying.

Thank you in advance.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

As you’re only starting now, just have a lot of sex and think very positively! You didn’t mention birth control, but if you were on the pill and just stopped, it’ll take a few months for your body to regulate to prepare for pregnancy. Also, keep high intensity exercise to a minimum. I read a study that said women who do high intensity exercises are less fertile due to the egg not being able to attach itself to the uterine wall if the woman is much too active. If after a few months you are still not pregnant, you can look into other methods like the ovulation test.

Mary asks…

How to know i’m ovulating & how to calculate my ovulate date?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No one can tell you when you are going to ovulate. They would only be guessing. (and that goes for ovulation calendars as well). The day of ovulation is different for everyone. Even if two women have the same cycle length, they could be ovulating on different days. The day of ovulation can change each cycle. Anything can affect ovulation: stress, illness, travel, hoildays, exercise, anything different. You need to observe and learn about your body.

Read the book: Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. The book explains your cycle, charting and how to get pregnant. It is a great book and a must read! Check out the website: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ Buy a basal thermometer at the drug store. Start charting your waking temperature so that you can get an accurate picture of what is happening in your cycles. This information can aid you in having sex at the correct time.

The only day you get can pregnant is when you ovulate. The day you ovulate, your body releases the egg. The egg lives a maxium of 24 hours. However, sperm can live up to five days in fertile cervical mucus but most live three days. Your fertile phase are the 3-4 days prior to ovulation and the day of ovulation. In order to maximize your chances of getting pregnant, you would have sex every 24 hours during this time. Unless you think your partner has low sperm count, then you would have sex every other day during your fertile phase.

In order to know when you ovulate and when you are in your fertile phase, chart your waking temperature and observe your cervical mucus.

In order to get pregnant you need fertile cervical fluid/mucus. The cervical mucus consistency varies through a woman’s cycle. The consistency of your cervical mucus changes during the cycle due to hormonal fluctuations. You are considered most fertile when the mucus becomes clear, slippery, and stretchy. Many women compare mucus at this stage to raw egg whites. The amount of this thin mucus will steadily increase until you experience your ‘mucus peak’. This is the last day of this phase where the chance of conception is high. It is closely tied to ovulation. During this phase, the sperm’s survival rate is higher. Here is some information of cervical mucus.

Stages of Cervical Fluid: Post Menses
Stage 1: Lasting 2 – 3 days CM is Sticky or Gummy
Stage 2: Lasting 2- 4 days: CM is Creamy, Milky, Lotion Like – Beginning of your fertile period
Stage 3: Lasting 1-5 days: Egg white Cervical Fluid – At this time you are very fertile.
Stage 4: Dry, Moist or Sticky (Infertile)

Here is a more detailed description:


http://www.fertilityuk.org/nfps401.html – this one has pictures

Lisa asks…

Can an ultrasound be off by 11 days?

I was with two different men in July. First one was July 13th and the other one on July 19th.

According to my 38 day cycle length and my ovulation calendars, I would have ovulated on July 21. So based on that information, I calculated my pregnancy on my own. I had my first ultrasound on Nov 5th. They said I was 18 weeks, 5 days pregnant and not my estimated 17 weeks, 2 days.

Can anyone give their opinion on who they think the father is?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I just had an anatomical survey ultrasound performed today, and when I asked the technician if my estimated due date was still April 7th or if it had changed from the previous ultrasound, she would not give me a straight answer, stating that ultrasounds can vary by up to *two* weeks.

Based on how far you are along, your estimated conception date was July 6th through the 12th, so I’ll say the first man you slept with is most likely the father.

Laura asks…

What’s the best fertility charting website?

I used Fertility Friend and had success with it, but it (FF) now wants me to subscribe to continue using it past the free trial. I don’t mind paying a subscription fee, but…are there any other charting sites out there that are worthwhile and possibly free?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I use fertilitygal.com. It’s free, and you are able to adjust and record menstruation, BD, ovulation and luteal phase on the calendar. Once you become pregnant you can record your due date and doctor’s appointments too. It also gives you a little bit of info. Each day of your cycle (or pregnancy) with what is going on inside your body. Then there is the BBT chart and you can even record symptoms along with it. I would definitely recommend it.

Mandy asks…

When am I going to ovulate or when did I?

I’m a teenage girl. I had unprotected sex I mean for literally 10 seconds yesterday.
My last period was on the 4th of July. Due every 28 days as usual.
I’m not sure when I ovulate. Have I already? Or? When am I going to?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Try to use this ovulation calendar tool http://www.ovulationcalendarsoftware.com/ to trace your cycle and find the date of ovulation.

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