Positive Lh Surge And Pregnancy

Lizzie asks…

Will an ovulation test be positive if i have got pregnant this month?

So, since i only had sex four days ago, and sperm would still be alive in me, if i took an ovulation test and i was ovulating, would it be positive even if i have already became pregnant in the past 4 days? Is there a chance I could still become pregnant?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

LH does surge when you become pregnant so sometimes they will be positive when you are pregnant but ovulation tests are not reliable pregnancy tests. Also, after the egg is fertilized it takes 7-10 days to travel to your uterus and implant. Only after implantation would you actually be pregnant and able to detect it and feel symptoms. Sperm can live in your body for up to five days under ideal circumstances so yes it is possible to become pregnant but you wouldn’t get an accurate reading on a pregnancy test for about ten more days.

Sharon asks…

does it help to use first morning pee for an ovulation test?

I just dont want to waste money and use an ovulation test at the wrong time of day. Does it help to use first morning pee for an ovulation test (i know the pregnancy tests are best in the morning). Oh and does it detect that you are currently ovulating, or is it jut saying that you are about to ovulate?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No, using them with FMU may cause either false negative (LH is synthesized during the day) or false positive (too concentrated urine may cause false positives since there is always some LH in your system).

There is no test to see if you are ovulating. Ovulation itself only lasts a second, it is the moment the egg is released. Ovulation tests detect the LH surge, which starts BEFORE you ovulate. If you test daily the first positive means you will probably ovulate at least 12 and at most 48 hours later.

Jenny asks…

My doctor call and said that my progesterone level is a 42 after 50mg of clomid which indicates ovulation?

My only concern is I that did OPKs for 2 weeks and never got a positive result. Has anyone had a negative OPK but still ovulated?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes, it is possible to never test positive on an OPK and still ovulate, and it’s also possible to test positive on an OPK and not ovulate.

OPK’s measure LH (leutinizing hormone) which generally surges prior to follicles erupting. LH is very close to HCG structurally, which is why some doctors give an HCG trigger shot to force ovulation. It is possible that your surge just wasn’t high enough to register on the OPK.

Progesterone levels over 20 do indicate that the follicle erupted and the corpus luteum is generating enough progesterone to support a pregnancy is conception occurs.

Helen asks…

What is happening inside my body? Anyone had a similar experience? ?

It has been eight days now since my first positive digital ovulation test. It has been positive everyday since Friday. I normally have only two positive ovulation test days during my cycle. I am not on any hormone treatments. I did a pregnancy test on Wednesday which was negative. I have scheduled a doctors appointment for Tuesday but this is soooo long to wait for an answer. Please help!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If you fail to release the egg your body will continue surging until you successfully ovulate. However, if you have more than 5 positive OPK then generally you have not ovulated but have elevated LH levels. I myself have just had 10 positive opk, 3 days after they went negative AF came!

Best thing is to just keep temping. Keep BDing every other day so you dont miss it just incase. Best of luck!

Linda asks…

Having positive OPKs for 6 days straight What does this mean?

Hi i ovulated May 31st but my opks are still positive and i am taking them right i read directions carefully they are the dollar store brand so i hope they aren’t faulty and i also heard that i could be already pregnant that’s why i keep having a surge because of my hormones but it is only two dpo does hormones happen during pregnancy that fast? I have been testing positive form May 28th-June 2nd..Please help!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I do know that you can use ovulation tests as pregnancy test, but you can’t use pregnancy test as ovulation tests. Because the LH surge is always in your body if you become pregnant, but the HCG is not in the LH surge.So I would say you might be pregnant, but it is to soon to tell yet. I would keep charting your BBT’s if you do that to see if your temp stays elevated, and on the first day of your missed period take a HPT test. Good Luck, Venessa.

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