Lh Surge Negative After Ovulation

Linda asks…

Positive Ovulation test 2 days in a row?

My doctor gave me clomid to take clomid for 5 days …5 to 9 of my cycle it was yesterday in my day 10 today it’s my day 11. Is It normal to get positive in my ovulation test yesterday and today when i just finish the clomid and 2 days in a row???

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes it is normal. Due to the LH surge you may have tested right when you spiked thus the positive opk
you ovulate 12-24hrs after the surge! So you most likely will get possibly 1 more before getting negatives
the egg lasts for 12-24hrs. So baby dance tonight,tomorrow and the 30th possibly the 31st to catch the egg :)
good luck & baby dust!

Lizzie asks…

How do OPKs work?

Is there a good time of day? I have yet to see an LH surge on these and was wondering if I am doing something wrong?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I do mine when I get home from work (4-5 pm) and have gotten accurate results. Definitely do not use them in the morning because your urine is too concentrated and will cause more than one day of positives. Also make sure your urine is not too diluted before you test. If you drink too much and hour or 2 beforehand you will consistently get negatives.

How long have you been testing? Many people don’t ovulate on day 14. I personally ovulate around day 18. Try to look for watery or egg-white cervical mucus to alert you that ovulation is near.

Good luck and Baby Dust!

Mary asks…

When your Ovulation Test is +, WILL you or ARE you ovulating? Read more..?

I know a positive ov. test means you will ovulate in the next 12-36 -ish hours. But when you ACTUALLY ovulate, would a Ovulation Predictor Test still come up positive? Or is it negative by then (because the LH surge is gone?)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Well when I ovulated I would get a positive opk for 3 days it is up to 36 hours after the first positive it just depends on your body

Susan asks…

can a person start to ovulate then stop and miss ovulation?plz help!?

My ovulation test changed (seemed like it was getting close 2 ovulation) then the next test went back to how the beginning tests resulted..

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You can have any kind of line lighter than the control line at any time of your cycle except during the LH surge, which is when the test line will be at least as dark as the control line. What you describe as ‘getting close’ was just a series of negatives. LH levels simply fluctuate throughout your cycle, which can cause such a fade in fade out pattern without true positive.

And no, you can’t start and then stop ovulating. Ovulation is a moment, not a process. You either ovulate at a particular moment or you don’t.

Donna asks…

Help!is it normal to get a positive opk 2 days in a row?

Me and my husband have been ttc since our m/c 6 months ago.i tested for ovulation on saturday and it was negative.i tested yesterday and it was positive so me and hubby had sex 3 times yesterday lol!i tested again today and got another huge positive.is this normal.i dont usually use opk.xx

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes it is normal you will get a few days of positives in a row the tests read your LH surge which is just before you ovulate. So get to BD with your husband and have fun.

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