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Sandra asks…

Ovulation test… is this considered a LH surge?

I took one of those ovulation tests this morning when I woke up. The test line was almost as dark as the reference line (awfully close in color)… but when I looked closer the edge of the test line was faded a bit (looks like it was evaporated a bit). I am definitely going to take another one tomorrow morning. But what I want to know is… do I consider this as my LH surge or should I wait ‘til tomorrow’s result?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I would go ahead and try today and tomorrow and the next day.

My fertility doctor said unless your husband has a low sperm count, you can try every day, infact it helps the sperm to swim faster. If that is an issue go today, and the day after.

Sperm can live for 3-5 days (unless your husband has a motility issue)

Do you have cervical mucous?


Jenny asks…

More information on Ovulation prediction kits please….?

This is new to me…please clarify. I hear that opks detect the LH surge? When does the LH surge happen in relation to ovulation? I seem to read that ovulation is 24 hrs. So basically sex more than 24 hrs after the start of ovulation is useless. Please clarify! Thanks so much in advance!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Your LH surge happens 24-36 hours before ovulation. So when you get the LH surge on the OPKs, have sex starting the following day for 3 days just to make sure. If you chart using BBT also, it can show you when your temp rises so you can know when you can stop having sex.

Linda asks…

Ovulation tests…..?

Do ovulations tests tell you when your ABOUT to ovulate or when you ARE ovulating, and once your actually already ovulating, is it too late at that point to conceive, or are they just used to help find a schedule…

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Ovulation tests tell you when your LH hormone has surged. LH surges about 12-48 hours before ovulation takes place.

So in this sense it is a forewarning.

You will ovulate 12-48 hours (average is 24 hours) after testing positive.

Your 2 most fertile days are the day before ovulation and the day of ovulation. The day after ovulation is too late for some women and a less fertile day for others.

To maximize your chances for pregnancy, you want to have sex 3 days before ovulation, the day of ovulation, and the day after ovulation. This will cover all your bases.

Good luck!

Sandy asks…

yesterday afternoon I got a positive LH surge?

Just to be sure it wasn’t a false positive a few hours later I tested again it was positive.. before i went to bed still positive. . All night long i had painful ovulation pains. They finally stopped today around noon. I tested again around noon still a positive. I had sex a few hours later. What do u think the odds are I could have conceived. I know your supposed to do it days prior. So I’m kinda worried. If i test tomorrow afternoon and my LH surge is still positive and if my temp doesn’t go up does that sound like good timing. What if my temp does rise in morning? ?? Help

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Forget about the temping stuff if you don’t understand how it works because ovulation testing is quite easy and understandable. If you got a positive OPK it means you had a LH surge and that ovulation will occur in 1-2days, so you have sex the day you got it and 2 or 3days following that day you got the positive-as simple as that. But if also you’ve been temping and you had a shapr dip followed by a quick rise, then it implies that you’ve already ovulated. Having sex during your ovulation week or day itself doesn’t always guarantee that conception has taken place(chances are 20-25% depending on your ages and if you both are healthy) and you can only know you concieve in a particular cycle if only you have a positive pregnancy test at the end of the day not when you had sex- doesn’t matter. So relax and see what happens, test if you are 1week late for your period.

Apr 1 at 8:57 PM
Note that it takes an average of 6months and 20-25% each month (depending on your ages) for every healthy couple to conceive if they are actively trying to conceive. There is a book called “Taking charge of my fertility”, several women have gotten pregnant within 6months of reading this book, you can get it and read too. Now with your age you have to do everything humanly possible to maximize your chances of conceiving before things get out of control. In order to do this, according to NHS you’re most fertile when an egg is released from your ovaries (ovulation). However, for the best chance of getting pregnant, have sex every two to three days throughout the month. Although you’re most fertile during the days around ovulation, if you’re trying to conceive, you don’t need to time having unprotected sex to match when you’re ovulating. Trying to plan sex around the time you’re ovulating can be stressful. If you’re stressed you’re less likely to have sex as often, which can affect your chances of getting pregnant. Ovulation occurs roughly half way through your menstrual cycle, usually around 10 to 16 days before the start of your next period. If your menstrual cycle is 28 days long, this would be around days 11 to 21 of your menstrual cycle.
More tips:

-Start taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid to prepare your body for pregnancy. Even your partner also needs multivitamins as well.
.Eat a healthy well balance diet-both of you .
-Do some little exercises
-Quit smoking or drinking if you are-both of you.
-Limit caffeine-both of you .
- Men are advised to wear breathable boxers and loose-fitting pants, avoid soaking in hot baths or hot tubs and sitting in saunas, and even cut back on bicycling and rough sports.
-Be stress free-both of you don’t need this now.
-Use OPKs , fertility awareness-checking cervical mucus and BBT temping along with ovulation calendar to tract down your ovulation days and have sex those days. For pregnancy. You can go to http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ for guidance on this.
-Ask your partner not to ejaculate for at least 2 or 3days prior to your ovulation window to have good quality sperms thus increasing your chances of conceiving each month. The chances of conceiving each month is 20-25% for every healthy couple.
-You can use the sheetle method for gender determination if possible.
-A man’s testosterone levels and sperm count are highest in the morning, so sex may be most productive then.
-Best sex position is the missionary and doggy position to allow deep deposition of semen very close to the cervix.
-Enough foreplay is necessary for easy penetration and possibly you reaching orgasm too is good since there will be an alkaline medium necessary for sperm surival for up to 5-7days in the vagina.
-Continue to lay down after sex with your butt lifted by a pillow for like 15-30mins to prevent sperms from gushing out.
-Always make sure to test after a missed period at least 3-4days to 1week late if you are patient enough (the TTW is not easy but you have to wait for accurate results)for accurate results(testing before a missed period may lead to a negative-80%accurate?)with a digital HPT and follow all steps especially timing. Use first morning urine:http://www.peestickparadise.com/Peestick_Basics.html
¤Pay a visit to a doctor for medical check up before you ever start with TTC and if need be for some herbal supplement pills to help you get pregnant. Fortunately, there are pills you can take that can help you get pregnant, but you should use them only under the care of your doctor. Some include:
—Clomid-to induce ovulation, Bromocriptine or Parlodel reduces the size of tumour if present in your pituitary gland
—Herbal supplements for women. Black cohosh and Siberian ginseng can help regulate your cycle and cause you to ovulate, while chasteberry works to improve the pituitary gland. Although herbs have been used in native populations, you should note that the FDA does not regulate them the same way that it does pharmaceuticals.
—Herbal supplement for men. L-carnitine, vitamins E and C, Coenzyme Q10 and folic acid have been shown to help male fertility problems.
Some that you can get over the counter
—conceive easy, ovulex, vitamin B6


¤¤¤Lastly if you have been trying for 1 year and no luck, then see your doctor for him to refer you to a reproductive endocrinologist if you are the cause or both of you to a fertility specialist.
You should relax and think positive, it will happen when the timing is right. You cant possibly command nature but you can take actions for it to happen just in time…
The following links might also be of help:





Hope this helps.

Lisa asks…


ovulation kits can only tell if you’re ovulating right?? B/c 1st thing in the morning if that’s when you test for ovulation, and it says yes, it’s not saying yes for something else right being that first morning urine usually is the highest LH surge??

~No rude answers please!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

When I was doing the ovulation thing I was told to use the test in the afternoon, around 2:00 becuase you can usually catch your surge better. But yes ovulation test generally just tell you when you are ovulating. Although I have heard you can use them as pregnancy test, but I don’t know how accurate that is.

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