Lh Surge And Ovulation Same Day

Betty asks…

anyone using first response ovulation kit?

i have bought the first response ovulation kit and used it for the first time today two lines appeared almost the same colour one just a touch lighter? how similar do they have to be or does the test line have to be darker? or if it has not detected is the line very faint??? bit confused! thanks p.s anyone had any luck using these kits? if so how soon dd it happen?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I’ve been using the Answer OPK, but as far as my online research shows, they should all work about the same — the line should be as dark as or darker than the control line. If your test line is almost as dark, you may be very near your LH surge. Try again the same time tomorrow morning, and if it is as dark or darker, you are probably within 24-36 hours of ovulation. I had an increasingly darkening line over three days until I got two in a row that were darker than the control line. So (obviously) I’m hoping I ovulated and that this will be the month. Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

what is the best ovulation predictor when ttc?

is dollar tree ones ok? i want something that wont break my pocket either thanks also any other tips on how to get pregnant fast

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I alternated between the target brand and the brand called answer, a cheaper brand sold at wal-mart. All the tests test for the same thing, the lh (leutenizing hormone) surge, and so a cheaper one isn’t really anymore better than an expensive one, except where you get into the ones that also test for other hormones (i think clearblue is the one that does that in their expensive fertility monitor…but it’s like over $100). The biggest thing is to stay consistent, don’t test one brand one day and switch the next because you need to be familiar with what the test looks like so you will recognize the positive result. The one’s i felt were much clearer and accurate were the answer brand…even used them to find out i was pregnant! (well, the answer brank hpts, lol).

Good luck to you

Carol asks…

Can you still ovulate even if your cervix is low?

…Im on CD13 of my cycle & I got a very strong Positive today on a ovulation test strip but when I was in the shower just before I felt my cervix & it was like 2inches up. . . . so my Q is, can you still ovulation even though your cervix is low!? cause I heard that when you ovulate your cervix rises to the point where your finger cant even reach/ touch it :s

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

This is kind of a funny question to me, not really becuz its funny…but becuz of my personal experiences with trying to locate my cervix..lol, if i only had a picture of me trying to find it!! Ugh, i laugh just thinking about it!! Squatting, one leg up on the tub, sitting on the toliet…i could go on believe me!! And yannow what? I never could positively say that i felt that it was higher, lower or inbetween?? Or even that i was feeling it at all? I think youd need to be examining yourself several times a day to notice a difference..or maybe thats just me? Idk.

So, all that being said, are you obsolutely sure that your feeling your cervix? I dont think it has much to do with when you actually ovulate, mostly becuz you could be wrong about your cervical position very easily…id trust in your opk’s.
I would get some cheapies and some digitals. I always got a 30 day pack of the cheapies and tested on those everytime i had to pee, and when one looked dark enough id use a digital opk (bring both kinds with you everytime, and a cup so you can use the same sample) i always liked the clear blue digitals, the ones with the happy face?! Lol, now thats unmistakable!! And after you get a positive, you dont need to test anymore so save those expensive digitals just incase youll need them again. Your Lh surge can last for several days in some instances, dont be alarmed, its very normal, chances are if you caught your surge early enough, which you prolly will like i did, testing so often, you can actually see your lines get darker and lighter after your surge peaks!! Neat huh?! In that time, you will have ovulated at some point, most likely in the time your opk directions tell you, so have fun with your baby dancing and take it easy!

Good luck, hope this helps.

Also, i wasnt a fan of checking my cerical position as it can put you more at risk for an infection or bacterial vaginosis, just be careful to wash your hands well…you could irritate your cervix too if your checking it too much and it could become painful.

Sandra asks…

i have been trying to get pregnant for 6 month and nothing has happen. should i start worrying?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No you shouldnt worry. Its all about timing and not so much sex. Now im not saying dont have sex but sex everyday won’t help. Sperm need time to mature so the more u have sex less and less mature sperm go inside hence the least likely they are to survive and meet up with the egg. Theoretically there are only 6-12 hours to get preg in a month so u have to take into consideration other factors. For instance how is his sperm count and motility(the way the sperm move) or are u producing enough fertile cerivcal mucus.

U need to find out when u ovulate. Don’t listen to everyone that says have sex 14 days after ur period because u can ovulate anytime plus not every woman has the all american 28 day cycle and if u do like i said before doesnt mean u ovulate the same day every month. Buy some ovulation test so u know for sure because guessing its’nt goin to help u..

Here’s some knowledge just incase you didnt know. Sperm typically needs to be in the vagina before ovulation happens since they can live in the vaina for 3-7 days but they have to go through a process thats gets them ready to penetrate the egg. The egg can live for 24 hours but usually dies after 6-12 hours. So using ovulation sticks tell u when u ovulate 3 days before u ovulate by detecting an LH surge(which is the hormone that stimulates the ovaries to release an egg) and gives you enough notice to have sex.

Also u can use pre-seed which is a moisturizer that mimicks the fertile cervical mucus that guides the sperm to the egg. You can order both the sticks and the pre-seed online for pretty cheap. With the combonation of those and someof the knowlede of conception u should be preg in no time!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria asks…

Do i still have a chance i couldnt baby dance enough….?

I have a 29 day cycle and i got a positive lh surge on tuesday and wednesday but only baby dance yesterday (thursday) i believe yesterday was the day of ovulation but i had sex at night. Do i have a chance?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You and I apparently have the exact same cycle (I got a pos lh surge tues and wed as well and believe yesterday was ovulation day). Even though the days before your ovulation days are good days, it is also recommended to BD the day you ovulate and also the day after to cover all bases. You still stand a shot. I was the opposite. We were able to Tues and Wed but not last night. We may still try tonight just to play it safe.

Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!

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