Lh Surge Ewcm But No Ovulation

Nancy asks…

So I am confused I had the most abundant EWCM 5 days ago, we had sex a lot during those days and now I am gett?

a positive result on the OPK. So, do you think my chances of concieving are good? I thought the day I had the EWCM would be my ovulation day but the OPK was negative until today.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Sometimes your body can start to gear up for ovulation, but kind of break off the procedure only to start again later.

The sequence to ovulation is to first get elevated estrogen levels, then while estrogen is high you get an LH surge, and that LH surge is what triggers ovulation.

EWCM is produced when you have high estrogen levels. It means it’s PROBABLE that ovulation is near, not certain. Your body probably broke off the ovulation sequence before it got to the LH surge, and now it’s trying again. You’ll probably ovulate tomorrow-ish.

Sharon asks…

I think my ovulation is all wacky, please help?

I was having EWCM last week but didnt get my LH surge until this week after the EWCM had stopped! Did I ovulate last week or this week?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I notice that i have ewcm a few days before i ovulate. Maybe you just started making extra early. I know they say ewcm is better for the sperm to live and swim in so it makes sense it would be happening a little sooner than ovulation.goodluck!

Maria asks…

Take a look at my chart and give me your thoughts, please?

cycle day 14 ewcm, dr. detected lh surge on cycle day 14, cycle day 15 hcg shot, cycle day 16 iui, Chart still showing no clear ovulation day. Any ideas, any suggestions, any thoughts?……

looking for some supportive comments, no smart remarks please.


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Ovulation is not clear, but then you have a lot of open dots (these are inaccurate temps that really cannot be relied upon). It is very important to take your temp at the same time every morning, first thing in the morning, after at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep even if that means setting the alarm clock. If you cannot do this (working night shift, waking up at all hours with a baby, etc.), then temping is not going to be useful.

If I look really, really hard, and ignore the extreme temps on cd 19, 22 and 28, then there is a slight temp shift after cd16 which would coincide with the fact that you had an HCG shot on day 15 with ovulation approx. 36 hours later. But that’s if I manipulate the chart a lot, which one shouldn’t have to do to see an ovulatory pattern.

At this point, all you can do is wait it out and hope for the best! If you had an HCG shot, then you most likely did ovulate, and your two week wait is almost over, Good luck!

Mary asks…

What does EWCM mean after + Opk?

I got my positive opk on Sunday and Monday. My husband and I bd Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. I started having Ewcm on Sunday. I took another opk Tuesday and again this morning, both were negative. However, I am still having ewcm, even though I have already got positive opk on Sunday and Monday. What does this mean. Am I still fertile 3 days after my positive opk on Sunday. Or does ewcm linger after O. Please help me understand this.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

A positive OPK simply means that you’ve had an LH surge and you’re going to ovulate within 12-48 hours. This means that you might have ovulated on Monday night, sometime Tuesday, or even still today. Until you see a temperature spike, you can’t be sure that ovulation has already happened. And it’s completely normal to have EWCM for up to five days. Here, check out these FAQ on Fertility Friend:


Carol asks…

What happens if you get pregnant?

I am on my second month of using the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor, I am on day 20 of this cycle. I have had High reading since day 10 but still no Peak reading. On days 12-14 I have Pink EWCM which I thought was ovulation spotting…however on day 18 I started having more pink/brown blood. I am still testing in the morning and I am still getting HIGH readings…

If I did end up getting pregnant on day 12 -14 and if the monitor did not pick up on my LH surge to show a peak day would my monitor continue to show High levels?

Does pregnancy affect the results of Clear Blue Fertility Monitor? Do you think I have a chance of being pregnant?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

In the first few months of using your monitor, it will indicate quite a few HIGH days before your two PEAK days. Next month, your monitor will refine these days to only a few. I am on cycle 4 with my monitor and now have only two HIGH days followed by two PEAK days. Initially I had about 9 HIGH days which really confused me. Your monitor takes a few cycles to get to know you so hang in there and see what happens over the next few days. You should be very close to your PEAK day by the sounds of it.

Not sure how pregnancy would affect the monitor. Call the helpline or check their website to see if they mention this. Good luck.

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