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Mandy asks…

Are OPK’s worth the money? Do they really work?

At what time during your cycle do you start using them? My husband are ttc. It has only been 2 months (feels like forever). I think I know when I am ovulating but do I get these tests to make sure? Thanks!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I would highly suggest purchasing the ClearBlue Easy Digital Ovulation Kit which can be bought at Target for $30 instead of $40 which is at most retail shops. This Digital kit has 7 tests which you pee on every morning (preferrably in the afternoon time) and if you’re about to ovulate 12-36 hours, it will show you a digital smiley face. If you’re not about to ovulate, then it will just show you a circle. The test detects LH Surge which is a hormone that is at it’s top peak when you’re about to ovulate (release the egg). Once you see that smiley face, you should have sex within 12-36 hours. Sperm can stay in your body anywhere from 3-5 days. Obviously this depends on both partners’ health also. The reason I would suggest this digital test rather than other tests in the market is because the other aren’t digital. You have to kind of guess yourself by looking at pink lines…if you’re okay with that, then you can purchase the First Response Ovulation Kit. It’s cheaper and has more tests but it’s not digital.

Check out the Clearblue Easy Digital OPK:


Also, I’ve read that before you have sex, it’s good for the male to drink coffee about 15 min because the sperm are more “jumpy” and can get to the egg faster…especially the y-sperm (boy sperm).

Good Luck and baby dust to you!

Mary asks…

When you conceived a girl did you have frequent intercourse or just once or twice?

Just interested to know as I was going to try the shettles method for a girl so ttc every day from day period stopped up until day 11 or 12…. but didn’t detect LH surge so may have randomly ovulated earlier this month….thus potentially being pregnant (with a boy no doubt lol)

If you have a daughter please let me know (if you remember lol) if you had sex and how many days in a row maximum/or if you only ttc the once. Cheers!
Don’t come on here on your high horse and preach about medical c.r.a.p when i’m talking about shettles method and conflict the situation lol, i’m not talking science i’m talking intercourse timing and frequency. My midwife was a medic…and she refused to check me till i threatened to sue her…i was 6 cm dilated when you only need to be 4 cm dilated for an epidural. so kick rocks lady!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You conceive a girl the exact same way you conceive a boy!! Its all down to luck!!

Lisa asks…

Did anyone get pregnant using OPKS?

Ok this is a random question i thought about, Do opks say positive before u ovulate? If u got prenant did u hav a boy or girl? If it only says positve while u are ovulting then acording to other stuff people say u wouldnt have a girl…??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Me me me! Lol. I have PCOS and an irregular cycle so it was very hard for me to pinpoint ovulation. I got a +ve OPK and BD on the day of the positive and for next 2 days. I had a girl. I’m now 11 weeks pregnant, again having used OPKs, and have no idea of the sex.

There is a theory that the closer to O you have sex the more likely a boy, but in all honesty this isn’t by any means fullproof- if it was twins would always be the same sex, either both boys or both girls depending on when ovulation occured. End of the day, you have a 50/50 chance of a boy or girl whenever you conceive.

An ovulation test detects ther LH hormone which surges prior to ovulation. However this surge may occur anytime from 12-48 hours before ovulation, so BD as soon as it’s positive and for the following few days to cover all your fertile period. Most women will ovulate about 24 hours after their positive test.

Good luck!

Linda asks…

I got a positive ovulation strip this morning. When is the best time to baby dance? Tonight?

When is the best time to try for a boy? Thanks!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Unless there’s male issues, having sex every 24 hours is ideal.
LH surges 12-48 hours before ovulation occurs, and the egg can survive for 24 hours, so you want to try to have sex about every 24 hours for the next 3 days.

Best time to try for a boy is as close to ovulation as possible, since sperm that has a greater chance of becoming a boy swims quicker and dies quicker. So for a boy you’re suppose to refrain from sex before a positive ovulation test, and have sex the day before ovulation, and day of ovulation (so probably tonight and tomorrow for you).

-no lube unless its sperm friendly
-orgasming helps get sperm into the uterus
-lay down for at least 15 minutes after sex

Jenny asks…

Im i Fertile or I’m I on my way to fertility ???? OPK user?

Hello all my TTC ladies,

I hope you are all well?

Just a quick question, Last month I think I miscalculated my MC I thought I was a 26day cycle but it looks like I am not, let me expalin and bear with me.

I came removed my Implanon on August the 25th 2009 and had my first MC in Sep 25 2009, Oct 21 2009, and Nov 23 2009. From this you can see that I have had two 26day cycles and one 32day cycle. So now that we are in Dec I am not sure when my MC is due; however I have calculated it using 26days, 28days and 32days cycle to see when it comes again so I can chart it and see the pattern.

On Sat 12th Dec I used a first response OPK and the result line was darker than the test line which means my LH Surge was detected and it was positive that I was nearing ovulation or I was ovulating, also I had really stretchy EWCM on that night, it was really thick and hanging from me and the toilet paper. Then on Sunday in the evening I also noticed the same EWCM when I went to use the loo, and str8 after noticing this DH and I BD’d, (made love. lol) on Monday, yesterday I tested again using the same OPK and it was the same result as Sats.

So the question now is did I ovulate or will I be ovulating now, as I felt some lower abdominal pain this morning, DH and I are planning to BD tonight are we in for a good chance of getting Preggos from sunday and today???? we didnt do anything yesterday because we wanted to get the boys (Sperm) back running, so every other day as it is adviced.

P.s after Sunday I didn’t notice any EWCM or monday or today.

Serious answers please and no insults as we are all hear to learn and assist one another.
Thank you TTC# 1-3months.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi Huni,

A positive OPK means that you will ovulate in within the next 24-36 hours. What time did you test on Saturday?

It’s likely you ovulated on Sunday as I have read that you can still get an OPK after ovulating due to the LH hormones still floating around in your system after ovulation.

Because you had no EWCM on Monday u r likely to have ovulated Sunday. You can tell when ovulation has happened as your EWCM dries up.

The best way to tell if you have ovulated is by charting your temperature (BBT) this is the only real way to tell as OPK’s are tricky to get the hang of, I use both OPK tests and BBT charting this way you can cross check and avoid confusion.

Try this site www.fertilityfriend.com they will give you all the info you need, its brilliant. Good Luck xxx

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