Lh Surge But No Ovulation Cause

Jenny asks…

What is the role of FSH and LH in human males and females?

Can you please support your answer with a picture or a diagram.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I can’t really ‘support’ my answer with a diagram/picture, but here is my explanation anyway..

FSH/LH’s role in females;

FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) stimulates the follicle to secrete the hormone oestrogen. It also helps toward regulating the menstrual cycle.
LH also plays an important role in the menstrual cycle.
During this cycle, LH (Luteinizing Hormone) levels rise. This causes the egg in the ovary to complete Meiosis I. About two weeks later, LH levels surge; this sudden rise in LH triggers ovulation.
LH also turns the follicle into a corpus luteum; this corpus luteum will then release progesterone.

FSH/LH’s role in males;

FSH, along with testosterone, is needed for spermatogenesis (production of sperm). It stimulates the process to occur.
LH triggers the Leydig cells of the testes to produce and secrete testosterone, which is essentially needed for sperm production.

Hope that helped! :]

Mary asks…

What else can cause an OPK to be positive besides ovulation??????????

Am confused – i think i am ovulating late

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Absolutely nothing – they only pick up on your LH surge indicating ovulation and nothing else. Seems that you are just ovulating later than usual so even expect your period to be a little later than usual due to your delayed ovulation..

Susan asks…

is there any chance of not ovulating 36 hours after taking ovildrel shot?

does it defanitly make you ovulate 36 hours after? and if i had more than one egg would all eggs release regardless of size?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

HcG shot (ovidrel) causes the LH hormone to surge which signals the mature follicles (not eggs) to release the egg i.e. Ovulate.

It obviously depends on whether you have mature follicles (in the ideal range 18mm – 22mm) and even so, it is also possible that the mature follicle does not have egg to release (became cystic too early). So ovulation is not 100% guaranteed but there is a very good chance if you have a mature follicle.

The smaller follicles won’t be mature enough to release an egg. Size matters. So, timing of the hcg shot is very important.

Also, if you ovulate with the HcG shot it is usually “within” 48 hours. It can be easily be before or after 36 hours. It is important to obviously TTC before you ovulate and maybe even a day afterwards in case you ovulate later.

Good luck.

Lisa asks…

The adenohypophyseal hormone that triggers ovulation is estrogen.?

True or False

*I said false because I thought the Luteinizing hormone (LH) causes ovulation.

Any help would be great.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:


Yeap, ovulation phase is caused by a surge in LH, after an estrogen peak build up in the follicular phase in the ovarian cycle.
LH is needed to activate prostaglandin to regulate proteolytic degradtion of the ovary cell, so secondary oocyte can then be released. But to a certain extent, because the ovray left-over follicular cells (thecal and granular cells) still got to form your corpus luetum later,

You got it right.

Nancy asks…

Has anyone ever used the Fertile Focus saliva test?

I’m just curious if anyone has every used the Fertile Focus saliva ovulation test? Or any other kind of saliva test for that matter I suppose… I’m just wondering how easy they are to interpret and how accurate they are. Any info???

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

They work for most people, but not everyone, though they do work for me.

They test for a surge in estrogen which happens before ovulation. Use saliva when you wake up before you eat, drink or brush your teeth, and give it time to dry. It takes a few days to get used to it, and figure out what you’re looking at, but when you see your first estrogen surge you’ll have no doubt (very clear crystallized ferning pattern).

I find them really helpful cause they actually give you a heads up a few days before you ovulate, unlike BBT and LH surges which only tell you right before or right after ovulation.

Try it out, often they cost as much as a single pack of ovulation tests, and can be used indefinitely.

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