Positive Lh Surge After Ovulation

Donna asks…

OPK QUESTION and Ovulation!!!!?

I have a few questions. Are OPK’s really that accurate at predicting the LH surge? I have a 32 day cycle and since I have been tracking my ovulation for the past 8 months I have noticed i ovulate really early (according to positive OPK’s and my temperatures) like on day 10-12. Is that normal? Okay? If an OPK reads positive does that mean you really do ovulate or can you get a positive and still not ovulate? I am worried that maybe something is wrong,we have been trying for 9 months and still nothing :( Any help is welcome, thanks!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes, ovulating on days 10-12 is normal. You can ovulate as early as day 9 and the doctors consider it normal.
A positive means that you had an LH surge. The LH surge matures your egg and causes the follicle sac to rupture thus causing the egg to flow out and be caught by the tubes.
There is a rare situation in which a women gets the LH surge but she doesn’t ovulate but this is extremely rare and often found in older women. The fact that your temp. Is rising shows that you are releasing the egg. The temp rise is caused by the increased production on progesterone which is made from the remaining sac (where the egg was developing in). So I would say your ovulating and you’re ovulating at a healthy time in your cycle.

Lisa asks…

question about ovulation kit?

i have been trying to conceive and been having a hard time. so last time i tried using an ovulation kit. once it told me i was ovulating, we started trying. one of my friends told me that once an ovulation kit says your ovulating, you either already did or are currently ovulating, which means the test tells you once its to late to get pregnant. is that true?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The ovulation test tell you when you have an LH surge which is what causes ovulation to occur. Usually we have a build of LH before because that is what initiates ovulation to start. The test give you a small window so you know when to have sex. It’s usually anywhere from 12-48 hours after getting your first positive ovulation test that you actually ovulate. Once you do ovulate LH levels start to decline and if you were to test again you would most likely get a negative after ovulation. So they are helpful. They helped me conceive my daughter. You just have to test more frequently before and around ovulation to make sure you catch the LH surge.

Lizzie asks…

need help, TTC. positive ovulation test then negative?

hi im 22 and TTC, yesterday (2.16.14) i got a negative test in the morning, in the afternoon i got positive, then i tested this morning and its negative what does is mean? and i had sex last 2.14.14 is there anyways i can get pregnant? please help me.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The ovulation test is testing for your LH surge which happens anywhere from 12-24 hours before ovulation takes place. When the surge is over, the ovulation test will return to negative. This is perfectly normal and indicates that you ovulated sometime betwen last night and today.

If the only time you had sex during your fertile window was on the 14th, you may have missed it this month. You have a chance, but not the best chance. Hopefully you will have sex this evening which will give you another chance.

To maximize your chance each cycle, start having sex every other day while you are testing with ovulation strips. The day you get a positve, have sex that day and every day it’s postive, and for one day after it returns to negative.

Good luck.

Mary asks…

When using a Ovulation Tracking Kit?

Am I more likely to get pregnant right when it says I am having an LH surge or is it 24-48 hours after that? The instructions don’t say and I’m kinda confused.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Your highest fertile day is the day of a positive (lh surge). The two next highest fertile days are the day before and day after.

Your cm is at it’s highest (fertile) on the day of the lh surge and your cervix is in it’s most fertile position–soft, open and high.

You want the sperm waiting for the egg not the egg waiting for the sperm. The egg only lives for 12-24 hours so the sperm need to be there waiting.

Ruth asks…

Positive OPK/LH surge AGAIN–3 DPO?!?

I had a positive OV test on July 7 and 8. Im pretty sure I O on the July 9 because all OV cramps stopped after a sudden sharp twinge. Today I decided (for the heck of it-i’m new to TTC) to try another Ovulation test and it is once again positive!! Is this normal, does it usually stay positive?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes it can be normal to have another positive opk, and doctors recommend to stop testing after the first positive, you can take an hpt around july 21st :) good luck! You can also ask doctors online for free, try fertilityties.com

good luck!

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