How Long Lh Surge After Ovulation

Mandy asks…

Ovulation Test Question….?

I’m using the ovulation digial clearblue….I know they say to pee later on in the day to detect LH Surge and also not to drink liquid for 2-4 hours….They also say to hold your urine/don’t go to the bathroom for 2-4 hours. What if I ate something, is that okay? Like a cookie or chips…just solid…no liquid…Would that be okay?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I think that as long as what you ate was dry, it wouldn’t affect the test. Something juicy like watermelon or grapes would definitely put more fluid into your system, but a cookie seems like it would be fine. Good luck! If you end up spending a lot of money on these ovulation predictors, you might want to try Ovulite (an ovulation microscope that lets you see if your saliva dries in a fern pattern, indicating ovulation, about $35 and reusable).

Linda asks…

Dollar store ovulation test?

I took a dollar store ovulation test. I’ve taken them before with no line showing up in the test field. But today there’s a definite line in the test field. It is lighter than the control. The picture on the box shows that with positive under it. Then there is another picture with no line that says negative. So that leads me to believe a dark control line with even a faint line in the test field means positive…

ok, so THEN the actual instructions say that if the test line is lighter than the control line there is no LH surge.


Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It HAS to be as dark or darker than the control line.

However, it can be tricky to find a brand that works right for your body because some women surge lower or higher than the brand is set for. I had to try 3 brands until I found one that worked for me (the internet brand worked the best for me… I hear most people have luck with the strips that are light green, not dark green). You also may have to test 2 times a day to make sure you catch your surge. Some women surge for a long time, others have very brief surges. has tons of information on HPTs and OPKs. The woman who runs that site took OPKs several times in one day. 8am it was negative, 10am it was positive, 4:30pm it was positive, 8pm it was negative. I tend to get my super dark positive at 11am, by the evening its only the same color as the control line.

Incidentally, the brand I used before the cheap ones would get noticably darker than my previous few day’s tests but not quite positive. That test has a high threshold. I chart my temps so I know I ovulated around when those ‘darker’ but not positive tests were taken.

Mary asks…

delayed ovulation…….???

well i have been ovulating on cycle day 20 when i use the herb vitex. it works great. this cycle things are different though. cycle day 20 was 6-8, negative lh. my lh was negative yesterday as well, cycle day 21 on 6-9. (i use the clear blue easy digital ovulation predictors) i was pretty sick a week ago and spent some time in the hospital with an infection. i am still on antibiotics for it. could that have something to do with the delayed ovulation? my cm is getting watery and i have had the ewcm stretchy stuff the last few days. so i know it should happen any day now. any suggestions? thanks girls!! :)
ya thats true. my body is like clockwork. exactly 15days from the day i get the positive opk i start my period. that is at least one good thing. :)

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The follicular phase is the part of your cycle that changes from month to month, if there’s any variation. The luteal phase is more regularly around 14 days long. So if you’re sick in the follicular phase it can absolutely delay ovulation. I reckon if you’ve got EWCM you’ll get the LH surge in the next few days. Good luck!

Donna asks…

Ovulation times?

Okay so I have a period that pretty much hates me, and never comes at the same time ever. I will get it on the sixth one month, and the tenth the next. And then I will get it on the third of the following month, and the fifth the next. It’s never the same. Also, it never lasts for more than three days and is sometimes as short as one.

I want to get pregnant sooo badly ( I’m married ). When the heck do I ovulate? And how can I plan properly with my periods being so irregular??

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

A fertility monitor might be better for you because of your irregularity. They are a little more expensive than an ovulation predictor kit, but you get way more test strips, which in your case, you will need, this way you can test the whole month if you need to in order to find your LH surge. Clearblue makes an awesome OPK but you only get 7 test strips, and they also make a fertility montior and you get enough for up to 3 months, depending on how long you have to test for.

Sharon asks…

Help with ovulation tests,pics included?


I only started doing ovulation tests yesterday, as its mid cycle for me cycle day 16 to be exact.
this first picture was taken last night cycle day 15

his second one this morning and then one just now, which is cycle day 16

is this picking up a surge? we bd day 8,10,12,14,15

is it possible this is the lh ending, I didnt do any tests before yesterday

we bd every 2 days before and last night

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It looks like you missed picking it up with an OPK, seen as you have caught the surge on its way down as long as you BD the days prior you should be covered.

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