Sex 18 Hours Before Ovulation

Sharon asks…

I had sex 7 days before ovulation, can I get prego?

I did the pee strips for ovulation and i had sex the 12th and the line was dark on 15, and 16th and lighter on the 17th and 18th… did i have sex the right time to get prego?

my period started on april 2nd and i have a 29 day cylce… Please let me know what other questions there are. Not that it matters but I am 27 and I have 2 boys already. They were not planned, so I do not know the whole ovulation cycle prego routine.

Thank you ahead of time. :)
A lot of ladies say prego…

but just to make you happy… Pregnant…

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You had sex on the 12th and had a positive on 15/16. You would have ovulated 36 hours after the first positive (or so). I would say you ovulated on the 16/17th. You want to have sex 3-4 days before and up to one day after. I think you missed much of the window. That would be sex from 12-18. Good luck

Mandy asks…

Why do people say have sex 2 days before ovulation so the sperm would be there waiting for the egg?

I found out that the sperm dies off within 72 hours. But why say have sex during your fertile period because that eggwhite discharge helps move the sperm faster to meet the egg when full well you should have sex on ovulation day because that`s when the egg is being released from the ovary I am so confused please read on.
This is what my ovulation calender showed:
17th little bit fertile
18th fertile
19th very fertile
20th time to ovulate
I had sex the 18th and my partner cum in me but now my nurse told me that since i had sex the 18th and ovulated the 20th that the sperm had already died off before my eggs were release which would have the 20th and i think she`s right since on the 20th i started having pains in my ovaries so i guess no sperm was present at the time the eggs came down so I guess what they say about sperm living in you for 3 – 5 or 7 days isnt true is it?
All dates are dated for march 2008
Also my next period is not due till the 2nd of april and i am having my normal pms so i am thinking that the nurse could be right

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Sperm can live up to 72 hours in the right conditions. For the best odds of pregnancy you should have sex every other day around the time of ovulation–optimal would be 2 days before and then the day of ovulation. The nurse has no way of knowing whether you had sperm still in your reproductive tract on the 20th–this is completely dependant on how fertile your cervical mucus was at the time of intercourse and how strong your husband’s sperm are–there were very likely some sperm left.
The reason you should have sex every other day instead of every day is to that his sperm count can build back up a little bit between ejaculations.
PMS and early pregnancy symptoms are the same–and really it’s quite early for either.

Maria asks…

Having sex before and after ovulation. What are pregnancy chances?

I got my period September 19th ( this past Monday ) and my period is now over, so technically, I should be ovulating 14 days from the first day of my period, which would be in a week and a half..

So if my boyfriend and I start having sex next Friday, and than every day from there, what would be my chances of conceiving

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Normal trying to conceive date starts on CD (10) to next 14 days where calculate CD (1) as your period (menstruation) start day. It is suggested to try everyday (within 24 hours) during CD (12 to 18) days which is said high fertile days and at least once in every 48 hours during rest of CD (10 to 24) days.

This is because not all women in their every cycle ovulate on CD (14). Remember, normal couples (age between 25 to 35 years) generally take 4-6 months for getting success however it may taken up to 1 year (as per medical books)! After that, you should be contacting a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RN) or Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN) for Infertility Treatment.

Lizzie asks…

sex 2 days before ovulation TTC……?

Me and Bf have been trying to conceive for 9 months this month we did a few different things we used pre~seed as my cm is not fertile but it worked great anyway and i layed with my bum propped up for half an hour… i was due to ovulate on the 21st we had sex using the the pre~seed on the 16/17/18 and the 19th of may but i was away with work on the 20th and 21st .. i just wanted to know is there any chance that i might have got pregnant if i had sex on the days before as we were using pre~seed it would have been great CM….. ive read that having sex 2/3 days before ovulation makes having a girl more possible i dont mind what we have aslong as its healthy i just wanted to know what you think thank you..!!
Bf has great sperm count by the way and i am also definatly ovulating….
***Baby Dust to Every1 TTC***

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi, I used pre-seed when we conceived. We had sex on the 2nd April with pre-seed, got a positive ovulation test on 3rd and then had sex again on the 4th. The sonographer believes we conceived on the 6th april – either 4 or two days after sex. So yes it is totally possible.

Laura asks…

ovulation . does anyone know?

i had a positive ovulation test testerday does this mean i am ovulating today? i had sex 4 3 days prior . hoping this is the right way? i have been ttc since sept .. last resort was buying an opk to see if all is working properley . i had the marina coil removed sept 18th still no luck .. please help !!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

When you have a positive ovulation test, sex should be WITHIN 12 hours to achieve maximum results, 24 hours max. Before or after positive result. Grab your partner and get some fresh swimmers in there! LOL!

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