Ovulation Symptoms Bloating

Sharon asks…

How many days after ovulation does one start their period?

Last month I used the ovulation kit to see my ovulation date. I started my period 14 days after ovulation. This month again i used the ovulation kit. I ovulated exactly 20-21 days after the start of my period (which was same as last month). Now it is however 18 days after my ovulation date and I have not started my period. I get abdominal pain and i feel like I will start my period any moment. I do not want to get too hopeful about being pegnant. But can anyone tell me what would be the duration after ovulation to start my period. Does it remain constant month to month? Other symptoms I have are only tenderness in my breats and i feel a bit bloated.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Normally, the hormones that cause you to ovulate also cause you to start bleeding 14 days after ovulation. Take a pregnancy test. You can test as early as 14 days after ovulation. Sounds like you may have gotten lucky!

Helen asks…

What are the symptoms when a woman is ovulating?

I am trying to get pregnant, but don’t know the symptoms of ovulation other than the temperature

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

During ovulation, you’ll experience symptoms such as:
* Cervical mucus changes
* Increased sexual desire
* Body Basal Temperature Changes
* Changes In Cervical Position
* Breast Tenderness
* Bloating and water weight
* Swollen Vagina or Vulva
* Ovulation pains
* Moodiness or increased energy
Hope I helped! :)

Laura asks…

Implantation bleeding or start of late period?

My period will be 5 days late tomorrow. Took a test today, was negative. But when i went to the bathroom i had very light pink discharge on my underwear. not a lot at all. And when i wiped there was some on the toilet paper too. Am i starting my period or is this implantation bleeding? And i was ovulating around the 1st. My symptoms are cramping, bloating, and sore and bigger breasts.
Thank you.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi there :)

My understanding of implantation bleeding is that it happens about 7 days after ovulation has occurred… So if your experiencing this bleeding 5 days after you were supposed to get your period, it would not make sense to call it implantation bleeding…as that’s about 3 weeks after ovulation…if you were going to get that, it would have been around the 7 day or 8 day mark.

…however, if it is not normal, it might not be implantation bleeding, but if you are indeed pregnant, it could be spotting during pregnancy…which would make more sense at this point…some women get something like a period their first month of pregnancy… Or at least some form of spotting.

I would wait a few more days, and take another test, if it’s still negative and still no sign of a period, I would make a doctors appointment to get a blood pregnancy test done, just to make sure..

I hope this helps, and you get the answer your looking for.

Linda asks…

Can having PMS symptoms 2 weeks before my period indicate early pregnancy?

I have regular periods. My period is not due until June 19-20 so it’s still too early to test, but I keep having PMS symptoms really early. I did have unprotected sex with my husband and I was just curious if any of you when you got pregnant ever had what felt like PMS symptoms but just a bit early? Hope this makes sense! Thank you!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

No, that is more likely to be signs that you have just or are about to ovulate. After ovulation, your body releases progesterone, which is responsible for PMS type symptoms, like tender breasts, cramping, and bloating.

Jenny asks…

Can implantation bleeding happen about 15 days after ovulation?

I am now officially 4 days late for my period, and yes… I am trying to convince. I have never spotted before Ive received my period in the past, but I have spotted lightly after using the restroom today. TMI (but it was a very light color, a little brownish-pink) The only things I could recognize as symptoms is feeling dizzy, bloated here and there, and Ive been super moody lately. I want to be pregnant, but I dont know if this is spotting blood, implantation, or whatever…. or if it is unfortunately my period.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I did the same thing 11 dpo, then 3 days in a row before expected period, today woke up and actually started. Take a test, and good luck! I know how stressful it is to ttc and not succeed.

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