Ovulation Symptoms On Birth Control

Nancy asks…

After getting off birth control was your period a regular one?

I’ve always had an irregular period before getiing on birth control. I was on the pill for over a year and last month was my last month on it. (1st month off pill). I’m just wondering how peoples periods were once getting off birth control.
My last period was December 15 & not until this week did I feel some ovulation symptoms & clear mucus in the toilet paper. If I were still on the pill I would expect my period this Tuesday but I highly doubt it will come.
My boyfriend & I had unpretected Friday night.

I’m curious to know about other peoples experiences.

I appreciate everyones answers. No rude comments please.
Thank you in advanced.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

My cycle went right back to normal after going off the pill. But it was pretty normal before going on it, so that probably made a difference. Most people take 2-3 months and some even longer to get back to normal.

Lisa asks…

I’m on the birth control Ortho Evra, or “The Patch”, and I think I might have a yeast infection or something.?

I’ve been having a lot of discharge these past few days. I’ve been reading about symptoms and things, and I have no burning, redness, or itching. The discharge is white, milky, and stretchy. Some things I’ve read suggest this is ovulation, but I thought birth control stopped ovulation, correct me if I’m wrong. So I’m pretty confused on what this could be. Any advice or anything of the sort would be much appreciated.
Its really stretchy with its coming out, then when it falls into the toilet it looks clumped together, like it got thick? Its quite confusing, since it looks liquidy then it clumps together. That’s what’s making me think it’s an infection. But I’ll just hope its ovulation. :P

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Discharge with a yeast infection should have more of a “cottage cheese” consistency to it, and should also have a bread-y smell to it. I’d definitely say it’s more of fertile mucus, which is what you were reffering to when you were talking about ovulation. Just because your body isn’t releasing an egg, doesn’t mean your body still won’t produce the hormones. If it gets clearer, and you can stretch it more than an inch between two fingers, that’s definitely what it is, and you have no reason to worry. =)

Susan asks…

Would an ovulation predictor test sense ovulation even though I’m on bc?

Hey everyone, wishing everyone a happy new year…my question is: I am on the birth control method Nuvaring, however during the last couple of months I have had some ovulation symptoms and I wanted to know if I test for ovulation if it will pick it up? I don’t want to get pregnant now so I’d like to know for sure if this birth control is working for me or not.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

It should – the Nuva Ring does contain hormones that are supposed to suppress FSH and LH. LH is the hormone detected on an ovulation predictor kit so if you are getting a positive LH surge, I would use a back-up method like condoms and consult the doctor.

Best wishes!

Sandra asks…

On birth control, still have ovulation symptoms?

I’ve been on the birth control pill for quite awhile, and I get ovulation symptoms every month around ovulation time. My boobs hurt badly, I get that mucus stuff, I get slightly crampy. I thought b/c stopped ovulation from happening. Why do I still feel like I ovulate every month?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You might still be ovulating every month, if you’re on one of the very low-dose pills.Those work by thickening the cervical mucus and thinning the uterine lining, not by suppressing ovulation.

Jenny asks…

What is the best brand birth control for regulating periods that won’t make me gain weight?

I have horrid period symptoms and my periods come every 14 days and they are so heavy and I get crazy cramps and breakouts and my breasts hurt.
The only solution I’ve heard is birth control, but people say you gain weight from it?
Sp what’s the safest birth control for me?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hormonal birth control does NOT regulate periods.

Hormonal birth control works by stopping ovulation, by doing this it suppresses your menstrual cycle on the whole and so you do not menstruate – the bleeding women get on birth control is caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when they take their week break, this is withdrawal bleeding and is not the same as menstruation. Bleeding occurs regularly because of how you take the birth control, not because it’s regulating your menstrual cycle or periods.

Many women believe birth control regulates periods because they assume this bleeding is the same as menstruation, they also don’t consider how the cycle as a whole works. Many doctors perpetuate the myth of birth control regulating periods because often it’s easier for them to give women the pill to hide their problems than go through testing and treatment.

If you have problems with your period and menstrual cycles as a whole then you need to go to your doctor for tests to find out what is causing this and get appropriate treatment – birth control is a quick-fix, it won’t treat the underlying cause of the problem. Even if there is no serious health problem causing all these symptoms, all the symptoms can be dealt with by methods such as dietary changes and herbal treatments, which are far healthier and more effective options.

Birth control will not treat the problem, at best it may cover-up the problem short-term, but this is not a good way to deal with health problems and you risk various side-effects ranging from possibly worse menstrual problems, through to stroke, headaches, effect on bone development, etc. You don’t really gain weight from hormonal birth control, any weight that is gained is minimal and down to water weight. This is the least of the possible side-effects you need to be concerned about.

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