Ovulation Calendar

Nancy asks…

What chances out of what are there to get pregnant on the day that says VERY FERTILE on the ovulation calendar

I calculated my ovulation days and they were from the 17th through the 22nd and the very fertile days were the 19th and today the 20th. I had intercourse three to four times on the first day that was a “Very Fertile” day and ejaculation took place two to three times. What would be my possibilities and what and when would be the very first thing i would notice?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Yes, you’ve got about a 20-25% chance each cycle, even if you ‘do everything right’. Bear in mind that ovulation calculators, as with everything on the web, are entirely subjective and not fully reliable. But if you were BD-ing a bunch, you’ve got excellent chances all the same!

Implantation occurs between 8 and 10 days after ovulation for 84% of pregnancies, and only after implantation has happened does the body even know it’s pregnant. At that time, it slowly starts to make hCG which is the pregnancy hormone. This is what you’re testing for with an HPT and it’s also the thing that gives you symptoms, but it can take 2 weeks or even more to build up in your system. So I wouldn’t bother testing until after your period is officially late. Good luck!

Betty asks…

Trying to have a baby wonder if Ovulation Calendar work?

I have just passed my Ovulation day yesturday and we were wondering what the chances are of getting pregnant when you are Ovulating.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I think they work quite well but what really works is ovulation tests that u urinate on. It worked for me after trying for monthes unsucessfully. Get a package of 7 at wal-mart for like $12 and u will be preggo in a few monthes

Susan asks…

Has anyone ever had success from using an online ovulation calendar?

I tried it last month and now I’m late for my period. Just curious to see if they predict it accurate or not.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I’m sure some people have success this way. However, the best way is to either have sex every other day all month (to cover all of your bases), or to chart your cycles (to know the exact day).

Online calculators can work for some women- the ones who are in the ‘average’. The ones with a 28-day cycle. Not all women ovulate on day 14. Some do on 10, some on 20, some on 30, if they have a long cycle.

Good luck.

Jenny asks…

Can i use an ovulation calendar to prevent pregnancy?

SO lets say i chart out the days that im ovulating. can i then just not have sex during those days as a form of birth control? or is this not effective?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

NO NO NO! This is NOT an effective form of birth control, because you can ovulate at any point in your cycle. Usually it is at a certain time, but not always, and you don’t want to be stuck (unless you really aren’t trying not to get pregnant). I learned all about it when I was TRYING and charting my periods and ovulation. Your body will do what it wants. Much better to use something more reliable. Good luck!

Sandy asks…

I have been using a ovulation calendar to see when i am most fertile and i was most fertile on the 15th?

It is now the 24th and I have been taking the at home daily ovulation tests everyday just because it says to and because it was kind of a habit and it says i was fertile. If I got pregnant on the 15 then a home pregnancy test wont work until the 1st or around then. But going by the ovulation test could that be a sign of me being pregnant ?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

There has been some debate over whether or not a OPK can be used as, or in place of, a HPT – the general consensus seems to be that you can use one, it may not be accurate though, but – some women have used them.

Ultimately it is best to take a HPT to confirm the OPK’s results.

There is a “study” done by www.poas.com or Pee On A Stick – you can just search it…

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