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Susan asks…

Did I miss my ovulation period?

My period is not the standard cycle and it never comes at the same time. So I have no idea when my ovualtion time is. I was taking the ovulation test last week and my LH surge was a dark line just not as dark as the other line so I wasn’t ovulating. Well things got hectic over the weekend and I didn’t take the test on Saturday or Sunday and I took the test today and the LH surge line is barely there. Did I miss it?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The best resourc to track your ovulation that I have found is babycenter.com It even gives you the next five or so months of ovulation and expected birth dates. Best of luck sweetheart.

Carol asks…

Ovulation day before period starts. Is pregnancy possible?

My husband and I are trying to conceive. I purchased an Ovulens, which was successful when we tried to conceive our second son. I got pregnant the second month I used it. I purchased another one (3 years later) and have been trying it for the past couple of months again. Since having our second son my period has been “screwy” and comes at different times. Therefore, I purchased the Ovulens to see when I was ovulating. Last night it definitely came up that I was ovulating. The fern pattern was VERY much there. My husband and I had sex but then this morning I got my period! Is pregnancy possible in that situation?? Thanks for the help!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Saliva monitors check for estrogen surges, not for LH hormones, and generally tell you a few days before ovulation. It’s common to have a few estrogen surges between ovulation and your period, you must have caught one of those. It is very very very unlikely that you got pregnant the day before your period.

Nancy asks…

Ovulation, no period?

is it still possible to ovulate with my period being MIA? my last period was feb 25 and ive taken pregnancy test it was negative. but today i noticed when i wiped the discharge was a bit stretchy, i know too much info. but isnt that supposed to mean you are ovulating? so am i ovulating? if so i should be expecting my period soon after right?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

You need to buy the First Response ovulation test. This way you will never wonder when you are going to ovulate. It lets you know 24-48 hours before you ovulate because it senses the LH surge in your urine. So it always gives you peace of mind knowing that it will tell you if you ovulate early, on time, or late. It has helped me out alot! I would suggest you go buy one! There are 30 that come in a pack and make sure you read the directions! Good luck!

Sandra asks…

False positive ovulation test?

I just start tracking my temp on the 12 (Sat). So I don’t really know awhole lot about it yet. I took an ovulation test today (about 40 mins ago actually) and it was positive!!
But my temperature has stayed almost the same
04/12- 97.25
04/13 – 96.95
04/14 – 97.56
Did I really/am I going to ovulate? Or is the test a dud?

Oh yeah. I haven’t had a period since Jan, probably because I went off my birth control pills.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

An ovulation test tells you that you will ovulate soon (it picks up the LH surge). So the fact that your temps. Are the way they are is okay. And it probably was a true positive ovulation test. I would have sex the next three days. Your temperatures should rise once you have actually ovulated.
Are you charting your temps or just writing them down as you did on here. It’s easier to see the changes in temps if you are charting them and can look at the big picture. Use the website fertilityfriend.com if you aren’t already. :) You can chart your temps on there.

Good luck and baby dust.

Ruth asks…


I have been taking ovulation tests for the past two days. This is my first time taking them and I really hope this works!!! But The test line of the ovulation tests are really dark. I know the test line has to be as dark or darker then the control line (which it is not) but I was wanting to know why the line would be as dark as it is. It is almost the color of the control lline. Also those of u that have taken ovulation tests…how many days after your period did u start testing? Did the tests help you get preg? I hope this is my month…my husbands b-day is this month and I would love to wrap up a positive preg test and give it to him!!! Please pray for us!! Baby dust to everyone!!!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

If it isn’t as dark, then it isn’t positive. But it sounds as if it’s very close. I would test again later today to see if you have a positive. (I test twice a day because sometimes your lh surge is shorter than 24 hours and have missed mine before.)

I usually begin testing on cycle day 8. My average ovulation day is cycle day 12, but I have ovulated anywhere from cd10-cd15.

Wishing you luck! Sending babydust!

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