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Mary asks…

Ovulation Calculators HELP?

I`m so confused. I got my period on December 27th and it lasted until January 2nd. So how long is my cycle? Is the cycle day 1 starting on the 27th and than the cycle ends on the 27th on January when i get my period? I need to know what my most fertile days would be and how long my cycle is.
Thanks for the help <3!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Your cycle length is determined by counting from the first day of your period until the day before your next one begins.

Your best bet in pinpointing ovulation, and your most fertile time of the month, is to start charting and watching your fertility signs. Buy a basal thermometer and take your temp first thing every morning – at the same time every day – before you even get out of bed. Before you do anything at all. Note the temp. When you ovulate, your temp will rise and stay elevated above the pattern you will see for pre-ovulation temps.

Charting is so much better than using some online ovulation predictor. Those things don’t know your body – you do. Every woman’s body is different, and the calculators don’t take that into consideration. For giggles, I used one to calculate last month’s ovulation date…it was 3 days off. This month’s…4 days off. So, no, I don’t trust them AT all.

Your cervical mucus will typically tell you when ovulation is coming. It will be watery, or like egg whites. That’s the fertile stuff that keeps sperm alive while you are waiting to ovulate. This is also why you’re fertile for a few days ‘before’ ovulation. The sperm can live and lie in wait for the egg. Your egg will live for 12-24 hours after ovulation. And YES you CAN tell the difference between Egg White CM and leftover sperm if you had sex the night before. In a situation like that you want to do the water test. EWCM will sort of ball up and sink to the bottom and semen will float (with possibly some of it hanging down into the water). Also you can take true EWCM out of the water and still be able to stretch it.

You can also buy the ovulation strips to test for lueteinizing hormone (you’ll have a surge of it 12-36 hours before ovulation), but keep in mind that when you test for ovulation the test line must be *as dark or darker than the control line. * Two lines do not equal a positive on the ovulation tests.

Check out this site:

There is a charting course there that you can take for free, and free software to chart your temps. The first day of your period is ‘cycle day 1.’ I typically ovulate on cycle day 12, but have actually ovulated on cycle day 10 before and as late as cycle day 15. This variation in ovulation days is why some women’s cycle lengths vary. The time between ovulation and your period (the ‘luteal’ phase) will not vary more than a day, maybe two. But the time between your period and ovulation can vary more than that. Chart a few cycles and you’ll see your own fertility pattern.

Good luck!

Sandra asks…

What are my chances?

I had sex on the 14th [the 11th day of my cycle]. According to an online ovulation calculator, my most fertile days were September 14th-September 17th, if in fact my cycle were 28 days this month [it's never the same, which makes this harder.] We used a condom [that even had spermicide on it], and I’m sure that there were no holes, tears, or rips that we could see. Now I’m a day late for my period, and I keep getting crampy–but no actual bleeding. I haven’t spotted, my breasts aren’t sore, the only other thing is that I’ve been really moody, but that always happens the week before I start, and I have hardly any discharge. I woke up yesteraday with terrible heartburn and nausea, but I was also out late and didn’t really eat much. My cervix has also stayed kind of high and soft. I’m waiting for my period to start so I can start birth control, but until then, I guess I just want some peace of mind. What are the chances of me being pregnant?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

The only birth control that works 100% is abstinence. So there is always a chance, even if its a tiny one, that you are pregnant.

However it’s only been one day so I would wait 2-3 more days to see if you get your period, and if not take a home pregnancy test or go to a clinic. There are tons of clinics that will give you free pregnancy tests that tend to be more reliable than the home ones. Good luck!

Helen asks…

Could I get pregnant this way….?

I’ve been on th pill (microgynon 30) since June 2008. I’ve just had my 7 day break and started my new pack Friday. Haven’t took todays pill yet. So I’ve only taken 3 pills in this new pack.
But I’m just wondering can I become pregnant if I don’t take any more pills?? I’m seeing my boyfriend friday till sunday so we are going to be having sex.
I worked out when I would be ovulating which would be this weekend according to the ovulation calculator.
But would there be a chance of pregnancy if I didn’t take no more pills?

Me and my boyfriend have talked about trying for a baby so he’s completely fine about it. He’s always talking about one actually.
We have been together for 3 years and 7 months so it’s not like we have only just met etc. And we hardly have any arguments (part from the usual ones which all couples have)

So yeah if there is any chance of becoming pregnant this month – what would be the chance/percentage?

Thank You
I’ve just started my new packet of pills so I’m no where near the end of the month.
I’ve been ready for a long time. It was my boyfriend who wasn’t but now for the past few months he’s been saying he’s ready.
Yeah I’m ready for a baby. I did child care at school, looked after my neighbours kids. So yeah I’m ready for a baby.
Im 19 and my boyfriend is nearly 21. So we aren’t that young.
I think we are fine and ready about having a baby. We both have family which will help us out if ever needed.
I have a few friends who has managed to have a baby and either they don’t have a job or they are a single parent. They are all coping fine.
We aren’t working due to the recession at the moment but we are both looking really hard for work.
I just can tell I’m ready for a baby.
It’s what we feel that counts not what anyone says to us..if you know what I mean
I don’t spend all time with my friends. They live far away from me. Or they are busy with there own lives etc.
So it won’t be no different to what it’s like now apart from looking after a baby.
I won’t be giving up seeing my friends anyway. I will take the baby with me to hang around with them.
It’s not all bad when you got family supporting you.
someone whos 2years younger than me had her baby, none of them have jobs and they don’t find it as hard as they thought.
I don’t mind if I’m not married and have a kid. It don’t bother me as I know for sure my boyfriend is the one I’m going to marry as he’s gunna be proposing soon.

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

As you read of all the comments below/above your probably thinking am I ever going to be old enough. Every birthday you have, you still get spoken to like a kid. It probably feels like your never going to be officially an “adult”. I know how that feels so I’m not going to speak to you like that. At the age of 19 I was out with my bf I have been with since the age of 13 (Yes yes yes I know true love! Lol) And friends having a good time, being free and creating unforgettable memories. I’m not telling you what to do by the way. If you and your bf feel ready then that’s your decision. I ask one thing, please make the right decision not just for you both but for your future baby. Life is to precious and pregnancy is a gift/blessing.I’m sure you both would want to enjoy your baby without worrying about what the future may bring.

Sandy asks…

When will I ovulate? Help?

I normally have a very regular period. Every 26 days for 4 days. I was due for my period on march 10th but it came on the 5th till the 9th. It was pretty heavy but not as painful as
Usual. I spotted the 3&4th but it went away. When should I be ovulating?

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

I recommend babycenter ovulation calculator and charting with fertility friend. You get 30 days free.
Also if you have a smartphone you can download my days app and p tracker. Their very accurate. It can take up to 2-3 months before it gets to know your cycle well. But for me it took about 2 cycles

You would be ovulating around CD13 but your required to have sex from CD10-16.

The spotting you had on the 3&4 could of been implantation bleeding.

Good Luck

Jenny asks…

I need help! Irregular periods, Abortion, Wanting to concieve SERIOUS ANSWERS PLZ?

Ok where do I start? Im 24 now. When I was 15 years old I was forced by my parents to get an abortion (I wanted to hav my baby). Well after my abortion I had irregular periods sometimes I get non stop periods that last up to 7 months with a variety of heavy and not so havy at once I was amditted to the hospital because I had non stop bleeding real bad they nevrfound out why? Ok to make this short my husband(my boyfriend AT 15) and I have been trying to conceive non stop since I was 18 but I never get pregnant. Now we are really hoping for a baby since for us its still hard to know we would have had a 7 year old. I got my period last in December spotted in January and no more period ever since. Is there anyway to know if I ovulate or could it be that due to the abortion I can no longer have babies?? Im really scarred but praying to God I can concieve. I know I need to go to the doctor but the problem is all they do is give me birth control to control my period and thats it. Someone pleseeeee help me!

Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:

Hi faith marie. I went through the samething. I was 17 and had my baby and now been trying for almost 5yrs to conceive. I got preg last yr but miscarried in sept at 8wks. The reason they put you on bc pills is bc they trying to regulate your period.. With irregular periods you’re not ovulating. Now what i did for my second preg is took the pills for 2 mths just enough to get to regular periods then missed 2 or 3 pills boom got preg. I took the pills from may- july due to a month of bleeding. Had my last period in july 14. Came aug 19 i was 5wks preg. But miscarried due to stress at 8wks. Just do what i did. Take the pills slip up a few times in the 2-3 mth of taking them along with having lots of sex. Once you have your first period go online to get an ovulation calculator to find out your ovulating days and have sex on those days to. Eat healthy, exercise, and take prenatual vitamins. Feel free to email me…

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